2019 Brazilian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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An incredible race with an epic finish!
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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Stewart Richards
Stewart Richards 13 hours ago
0:24 Nando Norris
tj t
tj t 2 days ago
Quite an exciting race!
Hammer Bro 19
Hammer Bro 19 2 days ago
A lot of you guys came back because Hamilton and Albon collided in Austria again right?
Rainville Creative
The crash with Hamilton was completely Albon's fault, he left the door wide open then slammed it on Hamilton. Absolutely nowhere else Hamilton could have gone. Can't blame him for going for a gap that exists.
Ethan Surman
Ethan Surman 2 days ago
Dumb idiot
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 days ago
And to hear the biased comments from the English guy the door was open... the hell man!
Irma Savitri
Irma Savitri 3 days ago
Who's here when mclaren gets a podium each time hamilton collides albon🤣
Zrob8 3 days ago
Who's here after Austria 2020?
Tubleros 3 days ago
4:15 man i fucking love the enthusiasm in his voice!
Marcos Marques
Marcos Marques 3 days ago
Bruno da Silva Brandão
San 20
San 20 3 days ago
왠지 나중에는 F1도 수소전지차로 대체될듯
SaxoBoi 3 days ago
Albon fans... Cry more HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Raldhiya 3 days ago
Who's here after seeing austria 2020?
Сериалы 3 days ago
Who's here to see the "First" Albon x Hamilton Crash? 5:41
Vineeth Sagar
Vineeth Sagar 3 days ago
Anyone here after the Austrian GP 2020?
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar 3 days ago
Who's here after Albon Hamilton Deja Vu at Austria 2020 and a McLaren Podium?
Jacob begeman
Jacob begeman 3 days ago
Who's here after Hamilton cost Albon another podium
MrYoumitube 4 days ago
Hamilton and Vettel masters of stuffing up another one race.
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 3 days ago
You will find it was Albon who are masters of stuffing another one races. Go watch all albon wheel to wheel races and you will find plenty of contacts unlike hamilton wheel to wheel races with others
Ðark Łight
Ðark Łight 4 days ago
Here after Lewis vs Albon
NeVrO45 4 days ago
Months later..... Alex has Deja vu
xD4rkridex 4 days ago
who is here after austria 2020? 5:43 yw
Menachem Simon
Menachem Simon 4 days ago
Anyone watching this after the first race in Austria 2020 poor albon
Wahyu Setiawan
Wahyu Setiawan 4 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I know what are u looking at It’s on 5:42
Felipe Da Silva
Felipe Da Silva 4 days ago
*F for Albon*
Marc26 4 days ago
Who’s here after Hamilton vs Alex in Austria?
Rishabh Purohit
Rishabh Purohit 4 days ago
Who's here to watch the same thing which happend in Austria 2020
Arvin Khodayari
Arvin Khodayari 4 days ago
Who is here after Albon and Hamilton crashed again in the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix?
Football Fanatic
Football Fanatic 4 days ago
and then,hamilton did it again today!!!!! shame on him
Bismo Adi Utomo
Bismo Adi Utomo 4 days ago
I'm sure you guys watched this video after watching the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix.
George Wallace
George Wallace 4 days ago
Why does this crap always happen to Albon?
Akshay Gawade
Akshay Gawade 4 days ago
Today history repeats again!!! Alex Albon vs Lewis Hamilton....
Clement Lim
Clement Lim 4 days ago
who is back here to see hamilton take alexs podium again
Hammer Bro 19
Hammer Bro 19 2 days ago
You read my mind! What a rivalry.
Jamie -_-
Jamie -_- 2 days ago
Yeah, me
Erlind Haxhiaj
Erlind Haxhiaj 2 days ago
Hydro 2 days ago
Daim Çağlayan Derindere
Yeah me
Yan Kai
Yan Kai 4 days ago
Who came here after Austria 2020
Kern 4 days ago
Who is here after 2020 austria? Hamilton vs albon
Abdallah Memo
Abdallah Memo 4 days ago
Who is here after hamilton and albon just crashed in the 2020 grand prix
Rudiger Engler
Rudiger Engler 4 days ago
Who is here after Austria 2020?
Philipp Zorn
Philipp Zorn 4 days ago
Who is there after Albon spun in Austria 2020 ?
mrtn 4 days ago
When Hamilton overtakes everyone HAS TO make space for him, but when someone else overtakes he just doesn't care. Frickin hate this guy, Albon deserved that podium today.
Niteesh Menon
Niteesh Menon 4 days ago
I hate hamilton
Ralph Christian
Ralph Christian 4 days ago
Who's here after Hamilton and Albon collision at Red Bull Ring.
Kamerad Franz
Kamerad Franz 3 days ago
@iAZUZ Albon was already ahead of Hamilton at the exit of that corner in Austria, yet Lewis understeered, he should've backed off
iAZUZ 3 days ago
LOL.. Both collision is not Hamilton Fault.. I just wanted to remind myself how it happened.. and Albon opened the door so wide and tried to close it on the 12th hour.. too late mate.. and in Australia he is trying to overtake a world champion on the outside and expects the lead car to get out of the way like he has blue flag.. give me a BREAK
Mauricio Prieto
Mauricio Prieto 3 days ago
Brazil: Albon's fault. Austria: Race incident.
林泰平 4 days ago
who came here to see albon's crash after seeing another one in austria 2020? damn i feel bad for albon
Toady & hugbatnat
Antonio_11 4 days ago
Who’s here after Austria where Lewis denied Alex another podium
Hammer Bro 19
Hammer Bro 19 2 days ago
Norris finally gets podium in Austria at least. But we need Albon's podium or even the top at some point!
laurentiu teodor
laurentiu teodor 3 days ago
Perhaps a victory :-))
Raj Tiwari
Raj Tiwari 3 days ago
Faseegh Marcus
Faseegh Marcus 3 days ago
Gasly got this one. Now Norris. We're making History!
Can Sky
Can Sky 4 days ago
Ralph Christian
Ralph Christian 4 days ago
林泰平 4 days ago
albon brazil 2019:i will never forget him! albon austria 2020:i'm gonna end this mans career
林泰平 4 days ago
albon: crashes albon 2020 in austria:crashes AGAIN with hamilton
Furkan Seyrek
Furkan Seyrek 4 days ago
After first race of 2020 Albon and Hamilton
WongLembi 4 days ago
BlogVomMax 4 days ago
Whos here after the hamilton albon incident in spielberg?
ZANDERBeT 4 days ago
mrtn not only that, but brundle and crofty are sure to tell u how Hamilton was driving great and it’s the other guys fault
mrtn 4 days ago
When Hamilton overtakes everyone HAS TO make space for him, but when someone else overtakes he just doesn't care. Frickin hate this guy, Albon deserved that podium today.
Ralph Christian
Ralph Christian 4 days ago
5 seconds is a yoke! A YOKE!
EAGLE Ashid 4 days ago
Who is here after AustrianGP 2020 haha Edit: I actually felt really bad for Albon. He deserves better for sure.
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome 3 days ago
Jonatas Arcanjo 2 in 3 races
Mauricio Prieto
Mauricio Prieto 3 days ago
Brazil: Albon's fault. Austria: Race incident.
Amrith Suresh
Amrith Suresh 4 days ago
@Micaela González hey
Micaela González
Amrith Suresh
Amrith Suresh 4 days ago
We are starting to see Hamilton crack under pressure! Boy did albon deserve a podium!! Great strategy by Red Bull after Max's DNF!
y tyndale
y tyndale 5 days ago
Vtec Lewis, you diss Honda but you have been proven wrong. Apologize for your diss or max will 3 peat today at red bull ring.
Yunus Şirin
Yunus Şirin 5 days ago
Overtaking Lewis Hamilton on the out-side, simply fantastic. 04:10
helixworld 6 days ago
5:15 The move that may have ended Vettel's F1 career.
Pempekmersi Jatibening
Hamilton goblok
Miguel noemi e antonio Abacate
Melhor dia de todos !!!
Jazmi Hamizan
Jazmi Hamizan 11 days ago
Janelle Boyd
Janelle Boyd 11 days ago
I love how the moment the replace Gasley with Alex, is the moment he wins. There is so much potential with Gasley, Redbull just needed to be patient
Alejandro Cañas
Alejandro Cañas 12 days ago
The day we saw a Honda unit defeating a Merc unit...
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 7 days ago
And then ppl say max is the best overtake and then refer this race as a proof but forgeting it was the honda who mashed merc not hamilton. If you look when hamiton overtook charles. Max was like 0.8 sec behind but he finished hamilton just ahead of the start line let alone the first corner! we know in brazil if you are 0.8 sec behind and if a car in front pu is just as strong as you then overtake is impossible. it need to be like 0.5 sec
Raph Walker
Raph Walker 14 days ago
Mercedes using every trick in the book to secure a Hamilton win.
BAKER 13 16 days ago
Vettel is an egotistical bastrd. Not the 1st time he done that. Glad Ferrari have fkd him off
Moses Ade
Moses Ade 16 days ago
We have bottas to thank for this great race
cheryll espiritu
cheryll espiritu 17 days ago
gasly takes 2nd place in formula 1
SamsamA380 20 days ago
I have a message for gasly in frenche is all thanks
Nancy Cheatham
Nancy Cheatham 24 days ago
02:26 05:29 06:25
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 25 days ago
Favourite quote: Mein Gott Mus das Sein So in Bockmist Uber Auch?!! 😂😂
Jazmi Hamizan
Jazmi Hamizan 11 days ago
Nice job
RJTofuChipmunk 25 days ago
Torpedo of the day: Lewis Hamilton
Ferguso Gamerz
Ferguso Gamerz 26 days ago
Red Bull almost got a 1-2 finish but Hamilton just sent Albon spun away with no reason
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 7 days ago
No if lewis didnt spun albon lewis would beat albon on the straights ending 1-2 rbr
Carlos Ivorra Domenech
Sainz P20 to P3
tAkuyA 28 days ago
Sara Braxton
Sara Braxton Month ago
06:09 02:37 0:55
Paula Bacher
Paula Bacher Month ago
05:06 03:15 02:30
Margie Tomaszewski
02:29 05:22 02:43
Tom you know what that was?
How was Carlos not the driver of the day?
Raul Frierson
Raul Frierson Month ago
03:00 04:52 04:43
Zilla Month ago
Can't wait for the Lewis VS Max battles this season..
Manish Reddy
Manish Reddy Month ago
Similar overtakes by the redbulls after safety car restart.. verstappen on hamilton and albon on vettel.. 2 young guns overtaking multiple world champions in a similar fashion.. that should cheer up the redbull boys.. they do like their drivers to be heros..
supaahflyy Month ago
Was the Mercedes slow? Seemed like Hamilton was getting overtaken by verstappen for fun?
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 7 days ago
Yes it was very slow. That pu was on the final end of its life. Honda had brand new pu than merc oldest engine. There is nothing Hamilton could do. I kept on laughing Max fans say much better than Lewis when its clear that Honda was just much better that weekend. High Altitude also wiped merc horsepower. In abu dhabi merc wiped the floor with honda
GreyDerp Month ago
00:24 Fernando Norris lol
Tanvir Alif
Tanvir Alif Month ago
It would have been 3 redbulls if Hami didn't hit Alex.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Month ago
Hahahaha i love the moment when inuyasha says "MEIN GOT MUSS DAS SEIN?!!" to fiona mayfield and mizuki kanzaki 😆😆😆
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