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Can you beat this ultra special Disney challenge.


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Jan 23, 2018




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Marked E. Snow
Marked E. Snow 2 months ago
1. Beauty and the beast. Evermore, Best is singing (3) 2. Frozen, Let it go, Elsa (3) 3. Moana, You're welcome, Maui(3) 4. Hakunna mattata, Tomone and pumba, Lion king (3) 5. Nope (0) 6. Pocahontas, Colors of the wind(3) 7. Bear necessities, Blu, Jungle book (3) 8. Be our guest, Lumiere, Animated Beauty and the beast (3) 9. Zootopia, try everything, gazelle (3) 10. Little mermaid, Ariel, part of your world. (3) 11. Make a man outta you, Mulan, Shang (3) 12. Muses, Zero to hero, Hercules (3) 13. A Whole new world, Aladdin(3) 14. All most there, Princess and the frog, Tiana (3) 15. Bippity Boppity Boo, Fairy Godmother, Cinderella(3) 16. A spoon full of sugar, Marry Poppins (3) 17. Currella de vill, 101 Dalmatians....I forget the dudes name(2) 18. Tangled, I see the light, Rapunzle(3) 19. Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, Once Upon a Dream(3) 20. Can't wait to he king, Simba, Lion king (3) 21. Gaston, Beauty and the beast (Animated), La fou(3) 22. Didn't know this one. (0) 23. I wanna be like you, King Louie, Jungle book(3) 24. Someone like me, Tarzan, Phil Collins XD(2) 25. Never had a friend like me, Aladdin, Genie(3) 26. No Idea (0) 27. Thomas, The Aristocats Don't remember the name of the song (2) 28. Hellfire, Hunchback of noterdame, Frolo(3) 29. Sebastian, Little Mermaid, Kiss the Girl(3) 30. Mulan, Reflection, Mulan (3) 31. No Idea (0) 32. Love is and Open door, frozen, Princeas Anna and Prince hans(3) 33. Little Mermaid, Sebastian, under the sea(3) 34. No clue 35. I don't know the name, Lilo and stitch (1) 36. Go the distance, Hercules(3) 37. Mother gothel, Mother knows best, Tangled(3) 38. Don't know who sings it. Why should K worry, Oliver and company(2) 39. Whistle while you work. I thought it was Cinderella tho XD (1) 40. Eye to eye, didn't know the movie XD (1) 41. Fixer uper, Frozen, The trolls (3) 42. Other side, Shadow man, Princess and the frog (3) 43. No clue (o) 44. I recognized it but couldn't name it (0) 45. One jump ahead, Aladdin(3) 46. Lady and the tramp(1) Bonus 47. Nope(0) 48. No idea(0) 49. I'm still here, Treasure planet(2) 50. Nope (0) 51. No clue. (0) 103 points I think XD
Emma Pugh
Emma Pugh 2 months ago
I got like none of these cause I haven’t watched pretty much all of these movies
Isabella Murguia
Isabella Murguia 2 months ago
94 with my dad
Elena Unknown
Elena Unknown 2 months ago
79 points.
I won it was very easy
Hannah Contreras
Hannah Contreras 2 months ago
142 points bonus rounds murdered me
Minnies Dream centre
The second one is so Obvious🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Ninjaturtlegirl13 2 months ago
You did 2 different number 12
noemi negrete
noemi negrete 3 months ago
my uncle is going `to gueese
Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy 3 months ago
110 points
Alanalee Kellar
Alanalee Kellar 3 months ago
I got 31 points
mystic wolf
mystic wolf 3 months ago
ik that copyrights were probably an issue at one point and that’s why you used covers of these songs but it really bothered me that they were just slightly off
Michaela Frye
Michaela Frye 3 months ago
I got 90! Yay lol
&CindyJoan 3 months ago
60 points!!
Anime JT
Anime JT 3 months ago
Challenge Expected
hgirl11 _Heather
hgirl11 _Heather 3 months ago
I got to 140 points total, I feel this was super easy.
Lil Dump
Lil Dump 3 months ago
Team echo
Kylee Lea
Kylee Lea 3 months ago
When Eye to eye cake on I died a little.... best movie ever
Gabriela Price
Gabriela Price 3 months ago
I lost track of the points because I was singing everything out loud
Gabriela Price
Gabriela Price 3 months ago
How dare you put a cover of bare necessities I feel so offended 😫😤
Ron Riggs
Ron Riggs 3 months ago
Did any one else have there kids beat them by like 70 😂
Nini Duval
Nini Duval 3 months ago
Kinda easy ... funny thing: I really dislike the beauty and the beast, but I could tell every song. I kinda dislike myself for this.
Sander Skorge Nilsen
I managed many of them because I know many of the Disney songs. Because I love Disney
Megan Larsen
Megan Larsen 3 months ago
Megan Larsen
Megan Larsen 3 months ago
Megan Larsen
Megan Larsen 3 months ago
4 loin king??
Megan Larsen
Megan Larsen 3 months ago
3 wowana?
Megan Larsen
Megan Larsen 3 months ago
2 elsa
Jeanette Lipp
Jeanette Lipp 3 months ago
This is impossible
Jeanette Lipp
Jeanette Lipp 3 months ago
Gacha Owl
Gacha Owl 3 months ago
Shang: Let's get down to business Me: tHaT's WhAt ShE sAiD
rachballerina 3 months ago
i got them all correct
solly_nz 3 months ago
Eww Disney marvel is waaaaaaaay better like 999999999 million times better like 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (99999999999999 times better
San Juana Espinoza
San Juana Espinoza 3 months ago
gqefo8ihgfougiuhuofgh0piyghvoifboefwiuhoiuhepiuvhe you that ok
Coco5432123 3 months ago
good quiz though
Coco5432123 3 months ago
Why are most of the songs from remakes? The originls are so much better.
Cos we are
Cos we are 3 months ago
I got every one right
Aysha Al Mahmoud
Aysha Al Mahmoud 3 months ago
I know all of them I swear
Aysha Al Mahmoud
Aysha Al Mahmoud 3 months ago
It’s sooooo easy I know all of the I swear
Gehaskashikuka Kapangewla
Gehaskashikuka Kapangewla
Leo Scoles
Leo Scoles 3 months ago
It much more fun to do this as a contest with an friend to see who geta the most points I did that and me and my brother where literary staggering each other
Chonky Demon so spoopy
Emilie B.
Emilie B. 3 months ago
You can’t say it’s impossible and put in hakuna matata
Kenzie Game/Sing
Kenzie Game/Sing 3 months ago
On number 9 does it count for Shakira
Kenzie Game/Sing
Kenzie Game/Sing 3 months ago
I got only two right for the first one because I didn’t know song was called
Danny pig Lilly
Danny pig Lilly 3 months ago
I didn’t even guess the songs I just sang 😂 Then started crying 😂
Heylee Reicks
Heylee Reicks 3 months ago
it is not impossible they were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy
Hatem Aebor
Hatem Aebor 3 months ago
Well laugh bully I knew them all
diznerd LA
diznerd LA 3 months ago
im 11maaan i dont know songs from the 20th Century dude (I LOVE DISNEY but not these songs I know like the modern stuff)
esperanza lares
esperanza lares 3 months ago
11 21 23 24 25 27 30 33 35 39 43 and all bonus rounds are the ones that I missed
Crystal Dannenberg
Crystal Dannenberg 3 months ago
76 points
Crystal Dannenberg
Crystal Dannenberg 3 months ago
Love the theme song guy
Cali dancer
Cali dancer 3 months ago
I actually find these videos very useful when picking my daughters dance solo music
Alfonso Cisneros
Alfonso Cisneros 3 months ago
It’s ya boy lewlew Gaming
I got number 24 straight away btw I’m a hardcore genie and Aladdin fan
BøTFuzxy 3 months ago
PRINGLE MAN 3 months ago
I got 302 points yee
Becky Ann
Becky Ann 3 months ago
I took this quiz down big time like it was nothing, totally a piece of cake
Thomasena V. Campbell
I love Disney
Lado Moja
Lado Moja 3 months ago
Ha Ha Impossible to get wrong
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