2017 World Taekwondo Championships MUJU _ Final match (Men -68kg)

World Taekwondo
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[FINAL] Men -68 kg | LEE Dae-Hoon(KOR) vs HUANG Yu-Jen(TPE)


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Jul 4, 2017




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Míster Saitama el desmarcador de ruptura
Taekwondo is an underrated sport
Dave May
Dave May 19 days ago
so.… there will never be tkd in mma
driaodrums 20 days ago
huang just standing still and taking punishment. He didnt really change his strategy despite losing more and more points. Maybe he was gassed
Texas Toast
Texas Toast 22 days ago
A gracie jiu jitsu martial artist would grab that leg, take u to the ground and ruin ur day real fast
Lynn Tang
Lynn Tang 25 days ago
I swear somebody farted
Jimmy Chu
Jimmy Chu 28 days ago
Side jab.....wtf
Grxdy 28 days ago
I’m a black belt in taekwondo and have taken more of an interest in BJJ now. I remember going all out doing a bunch of kicks on my friends in class during sparring. Olympic sparring has changed so much that now they do little front leg kicks to tap the opponent and get easy points. So disappointing.
saisri Padhi
saisri Padhi Month ago
Is taekwondo & yaun wo duo r same or different
DemiRonin Month ago
This is boring, looks like leg tag. The Chinese guy didn't even use his arms at all.
Matheus Santana
Matheus Santana 2 months ago
Que luta horrível,esses gerações perninhas é foda
유현지 2 months ago
Hello, as part of our school project, we're going to produce a video introduction to Taekwondo. Can I include some of the parts of the stadium in an introductory video? (about 1 to 2 seconds) The source will be revealed and used only for submitting school assignments.
Mary Grace Bitting
Mary Grace Bitting 2 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks they’re both kinda cute? How old r they?
eqsrt sergt
eqsrt sergt 2 months ago
The chinese one has such a manbaby face, and such a warm smile. Quite contrasts with your typical idea of a martial artist.
Me Nature
Me Nature 2 months ago
Foot tapping
Pero Juric
Pero Juric 3 months ago
It really hurts me to see what they have done to a taekwondo by the World Taekwondo Federation. This tip-tap shit is not even a shadow of the oldschool North Korean taekwondo. And all because they didn't want to lose their Olympic sport status because of the brutality of the real taekwondo. The politics destroyed one of the greatest sports ever. Pure sadness.
Jimmy's Obsession
Jimmy's Obsession 3 months ago
wow... TKD is embarrassing to watch now..
justineGaming 3 months ago
3:34 (random noise) (crowd screams)
Agna Azkia
Agna Azkia 4 months ago
Kok yang chinese taipei kiyut banget ya ♡
Bimbim Alfa
Bimbim Alfa 3 months ago
Little Grass
Little Grass 4 months ago
Can anybody tell me plz ,the difference between yuanwudao and taekwondo I searched alot but didnt got any information
ham sandwich
ham sandwich 4 months ago
Looks like chickens dancing
Navid Shaikh
Navid Shaikh 5 months ago
ACHo 5 months ago
Boring asf
Gustavo Gabriel
Gustavo Gabriel 5 months ago
Que luta horrorosa.
Junior High
Junior High 5 months ago
You guys should watch old taekwondo...
Bacon Burrito
Bacon Burrito 5 months ago
bring back violent and fast tkd
D Cents
D Cents 5 months ago
It's amazing that this is what it looks like at World Championship level...a low level TKD match must be an awful sight
Johnathon Jostar
Johnathon Jostar 6 months ago
This is gay
eminem e seu dia a dia
meu deus nao perco mais meu tempo assistindo uma luta de tkd nuttela veio kkkkkkkkkkkkkk cabo bons tempos na minha época
someone no one
someone no one 6 months ago
I'm tired of hearing mean comments to really explain why tkd use foot sensors, they use foot sensor to make the players think about their tactics. In old school tkd, less the defense more the offense. What if you are both offensive fighters and both use old school. One must be dominant. In the new rules, WTF encourages players to have tactics to fight
the hash slinging slasher
Thank you
Ahmed Baouahi
Ahmed Baouahi 6 months ago
Zone Herry
Zone Herry 6 months ago
Hiba Jafat
Hiba Jafat 7 months ago
Wait all they do is side kicks seriously 😂
the hash slinging slasher
@John Brotto yeah especially if you kick when there kicking and your legs smash into each other it hurts soooo bad
John Brotto
John Brotto 2 months ago
Then try to bear one of those side kicks you'll be suprised
Sarang Kim
Sarang Kim 7 months ago
So its actually called 2017 WTF World Taekwondo Championships MUJU
Fan Anime setsuko yamada
Đấu võ thôi có cần đẹp trai vậy không😍
Christopher Morales
Christopher Morales 7 months ago
Their just babies with balckbelts
Marajo Original
Marajo Original 8 months ago
What is that? World champion like that?
Elliot J
Elliot J 8 months ago
The rubber spaghetti leg guy was pretty useless.
mark barlow
mark barlow 8 months ago
Jahen Arias
Jahen Arias 8 months ago
I could'nt watch the whole fight for obvious reasons i was falling a sleep... 😴💤 this Is like watching white belts with elasticity very sad Situation What has become of this sport i don't recomend to watch it to anybody anymore I honestly don't want people to asociate me a blackbelt un tkd from México with these prima Ballarinas! AND by the way the electronic device favours always Dae hong it's no longer coincidence
vEn om
vEn om 8 months ago
olympic TKD is soooooooo gay
Palomitas Tas
Palomitas Tas 8 months ago
You are gay
Sahil Thakur
Sahil Thakur 8 months ago
I am black belt and national gold medalist
Sailenthot Carathot
Sailenthot Carathot 8 months ago
matkasim 9 months ago
What the fuck happened to tae kwondo ? Wheres the turning kick, reverse hook, axe kick? These fighers are bullshit
Electrizante FCC
Electrizante FCC 9 months ago
Pelean muy mal
neer जाट, पहले हिन्दू
New tkd rules comletely ruined the taekwondo. Old school taekwondo was the best. Old taekwondo was having both things like power and speed. But this new teakwondo is just waste and non-sense.
foxling19 9 months ago
this was at best the quality of the green belt.In the 1980s!Fighting Taekwondo is dead
Yesu_Desu 10 months ago
Korea is obviously cheating yes?
Co co
Co co 10 months ago
The Korean one us so cute omg
san teez
san teez 3 months ago
aww I think they are both cuties
Matt Pasquinilli
Matt Pasquinilli 10 months ago
Ugggg. They are killing Taekwondo. So heart breaking. When did this happen? It’s not a fight anymore. It’s just silliness. Greed and arrogance did this.
Ravi Menon
Ravi Menon 10 months ago
Meaningless fight.
Bagas Vidyan. uari Nur Alamsyah
Sudah ketinggalan poin sebanyak itu tetep aja gak semangat nyerang
Bagas Vidyan. uari Nur Alamsyah
Yaelah gak ad gregetnya
Erick Gunther #ContenteTV
So I watch some videos about really cool flying rotate advanced fast kicks and come to see more, Ive got a leg tapping, its not even strong. This is a fight or what?
Amalia Mora
Amalia Mora 10 months ago
Eso no es taekwondo que aburrido verlos !!!
Wael Blox.
Wael Blox. 10 months ago
Iam a yellow belt in taekwondo.
Wita cha pin Amk
Wita cha pin Amk 6 months ago
Wael Blox. And?
Ria Robinson
Ria Robinson 10 months ago
Allan Ray Lopez
Allan Ray Lopez 11 months ago
like beginner... lack of energy .bwiseet lang
Francisco Jimenez
Francisco Jimenez 11 months ago
I've seen better matches in my local area
Amora kourani
Amora kourani 11 months ago
Nahida Karimi
Nahida Karimi 11 months ago
At the Olympics level, I expected much more from this fight. They were mostly doing leg tapping. Winners would want to be in short range distance, and beginners would want to be in long range distance. This fight was in between, and the female division was much more entertaining and fast.
moury and mikhail cute
I'm made in indonesian i like taekwondo
Bruno XYZ
Bruno XYZ 4 months ago
I'm made XD
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order online Year ago
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