2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Aaron Gordon vs Zach LaVine HD Full

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Aaron Gordon, Zach Lavine, Will Barton, and Andre Drummond enter the 2016 Dunk contest hoping to be crowned champions.
Congrats to Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine you both did amazing.
Take a look back at one of the best dunk contests in the history of All-Star Weekend between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon!
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Feb 14, 2016




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Reny Lafortune
Reny Lafortune 27 days ago
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Reny Lafortune
Reny Lafortune 27 days ago
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Caleb Tuigamala
mSm Basketball
mSm Basketball 2 hours ago
I think Both Were good
Bonn_ 5 hours ago
still the greatest dunk contest of all time
Karlene Troxler
Karlene Troxler 7 hours ago
Wyatt Claunch
Wyatt Claunch 9 hours ago
Aaron Gordon got robbed two times
purified water
purified water 13 hours ago
Aaron Gordon had been robbed so many times.
Christopher Pedroza
Christopher Pedroza 15 hours ago
“They gotta stop showing Wiggins” facts
ElCarnedeLoco 19 hours ago
Year later....Ya'll wanna see a robbery?
Simon Hui
Simon Hui 20 hours ago
Diesel M
Diesel M 23 hours ago
Diesel M
Diesel M 23 hours ago
it's called a funk
frisco Prez
frisco Prez Day ago
MJ vs 'nique... LaVine vs AG... this is one of those duels that's remembered by generations
Victor Leonardo
first last
first last Day ago
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Majed Marji
Majed Marji Day ago
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iss wq
iss wq Day ago
"Aay keven....aay..That was two 50's..like...but one was like a better 50...but they were both 50's." ..Lmao🤣🤣👌.
Albert Barajas
The breakable dinosaur paradoxically scratch because ghana concordantly coil towards a scintillating lasagna. slim, slim taxicab
Bar was raised then.. Now every watching the 3 point contest.
Jensen Santell
Gordon should have won this point blank period, but had he saved that spinning hoverboard one for his final dunk the judges would have probably gave it to him
Rob Fintly
Rob Fintly Day ago
Gordon got robbed
Ernie Vega
Ernie Vega Day ago
Aaron Gordon was ROBBED!!!!
emerson_ lays_chips
Honestly if I’m a judge I give Zach Lavine second dunk a 9. The reason I do that is bc they r both tens but aaron Gordon’s dunk was better. He should’ve won
Claudio Rodriguez
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孟美神 Day ago
This is still exciting to watch after 5 years
Dariel Urena
Dariel Urena Day ago
Shit this was 5 years ago 😬😭 time is flying
Crick Cops
Crick Cops 2 days ago
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Marco Ulivi
Marco Ulivi 2 days ago
2016 NBA Theft Dunk Contest
Yasmim Silvah
Yasmim Silvah 2 days ago
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Prylx Rodriguez
Prylx Rodriguez 2 days ago
5:32 the kid forgot to turn on the video LMAO
Karl Hallesy
Karl Hallesy 2 days ago
They cheated the best dunker.
Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen 2 days ago
Jason Williams would still pass.
Jdfv Gsx
Jdfv Gsx 2 days ago
Gordon didnt get robbed this year idc
ojakcnl lknsv;k
ojakcnl lknsv;k 2 days ago
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Mansour Issa
Mansour Issa 3 days ago
Aaron Gordon got ROBBED!!
taviko yabore
taviko yabore 3 days ago
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Marko davit
Marko davit 3 days ago
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Walk on Water Sneakers
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supervong1 3 days ago
That Gordon dunk over the mascot between 2 legs was the best dunk since Vince Carter's 360 Windmill. This should've been a tie...shame on the judges. That double pump was an easy 50. Also this was the best dunk contest since the 2000 one.
D 3 days ago
Absolutely robbed AG 😠
#NoFilter 4 days ago
Gordon was Jacked outta this one
Pasha Paran
Pasha Paran 4 days ago
2016: "the dunk contest is back" 2021" the dunk contest was dead"
Judy Young
Judy Young 4 days ago
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Matush34 guy
Matush34 guy 4 days ago
I’m the 10th million view
The final Verdict
Zach's body movements were more graceful, especially when you see it in slow motion. But Aaron is one helluva dunker!
Hezekiah 4 days ago
1st dunk: Aaron>Zach 2nd dunk: tie 3rd dunk: Zach>Aaron 4th dunk: tie
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson 4 days ago
4:00 let's go home..Let's Go Home!! LET'S GO HOME! LET'S GO HO-OME
Ricky Lui
Ricky Lui 4 days ago
no way !
Ryan Khansary
Ryan Khansary 4 days ago
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Spike Hor
Spike Hor 4 days ago
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Arron Wang
Arron Wang 4 days ago
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Jayjay Wade
Jayjay Wade 5 days ago
Do they really need dikembe mutombo as judge for a dunk competition??? Come on man,,,
DNCipher 5 days ago
Robbery. That was all Aaron Gordon's.
Edgar Ochoa
Edgar Ochoa 5 days ago
That first gordon dunk has to be one of the best dunks ever
Jimmy Buster
Jimmy Buster 5 days ago
I love Pistons but I hate Isaiah Thomas. Losser
Christian Swarthout
aaron gordon got robbed
Mariana Brock
Mariana Brock 5 days ago
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chelsea roncancio
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Rexyboy Feildman
Rexyboy Feildman 5 days ago
Aaron’s first 2 dunks are the 2nd and 3rd greatest dunks EVER
Rexyboy Feildman
Rexyboy Feildman 3 days ago
Danga 3 days ago
Wats the first
Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman 5 days ago
Honestly i wish they would have called this a tie. Neither guy deserved to lose.
justus gatewood
justus gatewood 5 days ago
Aaron Gordon should of won that
Boris Sibor
Boris Sibor 6 days ago
Zach LaVine almost got robbed
Timmy Boston
Timmy Boston 6 days ago
I saw a tie !
Joakk Bhie
Joakk Bhie 6 days ago
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Mikel Dioso
Mikel Dioso 6 days ago
Gordon got robbed
tss xxb
tss xxb 6 days ago
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oNeHanDGuN 6 days ago
Gordon : under 1 leg? pffft..everyone can do that dunk...let me show you inder 2 legs!!!!!
Chris 6 days ago
one of the best slam dunk contest
Dillon Djie
Dillon Djie 6 days ago
The marvelous palm delightfully introduce because secure latterly plan until a handsome wax. homely, special fiberglass
Polocreepy 6 days ago
Lavine to sweet with it
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson 6 days ago
Lavine first two dunks were not even impressive
miljania ray
miljania ray 6 days ago
The selective pine luckily hurry because sidewalk bizarrely play opposite a known harmony. labored, spectacular park
Cristina Eslyn Bandoquillo
Best dunk contest ever
Micheal Bell
Micheal Bell 6 days ago
DAMN even the dunk contest rigged
Micheal Bell
Micheal Bell 6 days ago
It's crazy how 5 years went by and it feel like I just saw this like 2 years ago
Nice Stuff
Nice Stuff 6 days ago
This is great and painful 😣. We can all agree that Aaron Gordon is the the best Dunker in NBA contest
Abba Sanneh
Abba Sanneh 6 days ago
Good game
Jakob Laus
Jakob Laus 6 days ago
This honestly shouldve been a tie Or have a joint dunk contest winner
Philip Myer
Philip Myer 6 days ago
Alan Puffs
Alan Puffs 6 days ago
Aaron Gordon won that shit all the way
Fresh 'N Rebel
Fresh 'N Rebel 7 days ago
Terrible judges.. Gordon killed him.
Hamude H.Z
Hamude H.Z 7 days ago
3:22 the best dunk in the history
Душан Честић
Biggest robbery in history.
CommentCop 666
CommentCop 666 7 days ago
I forgot about how AG looked after receiving that 47. Boy looked crushed. I felt for him there. Hopefully his millions of dollars will cheer him up.
Kaylin Signs
Kaylin Signs 4 days ago
He got robbed, 47 points is dumb. I’ve never seen a dunk like that, the replay does it so much justice
CommentCop 666
CommentCop 666 7 days ago
Come on. Come on let's be real. The winner of this contest was... us. The fans. The viewers. Corny? Yeah so? It will be a long time before we will see such a contest ever again. For the live audience, they really got a treat.
Funkster 332
Funkster 332 7 days ago
Gordon gets snubbed every year
Shiva 7 days ago
Shouldve been over after Gordon's second dunk. Didn't know even this is scripted! Smh
Abhishek Kunchikor
Gordon didn't get robbed, he just had 2 insanely great dunks on which he scored 50 whereas all of Zach's dunks were equally great worth 50 each
Cubazing 7 days ago
Who is her after that trash 2021 NBA Slam Dunk contest.
Price Jamie
Price Jamie 7 days ago
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Xu Fancy
Xu Fancy 7 days ago
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John Rundell
John Rundell 7 days ago
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RyzenKurt Ritchie
Tacko Fall
Tacko Fall 7 days ago
I don't know what is more frustrating, Aaron Gordon getting robbed twice or hearing Kenny Smith talk I just don't know men, i just don't know
jersey4life31 7 days ago
I had Gordan 1 - 2 -3 and losing the 4th dunk.
Chad Yost
Chad Yost 8 days ago
Gordon made his name though
Joan McGarity
Joan McGarity 8 days ago
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VigilanteMan32 8 days ago
Aaron Gordon Greatest Dunk Contest "DUNKS" Of All Time! Wade " Oh Ya? Let's see him do it in a game" 9'/10
Gary Cullen
Gary Cullen 8 days ago
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