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If vehicle design were a baseball game the MKZ would represent an all-out swing for the fences. With the design box checked the real question is how the Lincoln MKZ sedan works as transportation. Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio examines that question in this video.
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Jan 30, 2013




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Comments 371
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 2 days ago
I have a 2014 MKZ with 3 miles away from 100k. So far so good and the ride is fantastic. Also great gas mileage if you can drive conservatively. I get 23mpg city. 30 on the highway with the 3.7L
Assegai Assassin
If this video came out in 2013 how the hell do you have a 2016 model
Senshi Bat
Senshi Bat 2 months ago
crystal ruby slipper.. its not the Connie LSC intec 292 8 cyl anymore -MK VIII we miss you.. also the Thunderbird...
KroneYT 5 months ago
I test drove one of these a few days ago. Leaps and bounds better than my 2003 Shitsubishi Galant, and regardless of me wishing it were sportier, I think it will wind up being the car I buy. My only gripe with this car is it's (relativelly) poor fuel economy, at a combined 25 mpg (22 city, 33 highway). However, since it's AWD, it's expected.It's still better than my Mitsubishi, which manages 21 mpg combined (19 city, 25 highway) for a 2.4 liter I4 which is only front wheel drive. However, in the Mitsubishi's defence, it's older and in turn, poorer fuel economy is expected. Even if I feel like it still should be better than what it actually is. But also, the radio and climate controls in the Mitsubishi are actual, physical switches and buttons as opposed to the clunky touch sensitive panels in the MKZ which feel like more of a failed gimmick than anything. So yes, this car isn't perfect. *However, you can find these for under $20k now, in the range of 45k miles or so.*Given how much the car has depreciated over such a short period of time, considering how new it is and how nice the ride feels, if you come from a shit car like mine into a 2016 Lincoln MKZ like this one, you can certainly appreciate this car more than any KBB journalist probably ever really could.
JC 6 months ago
So does KBB have a time machine or what? Title says a 2016 MKZ but this was published in January of 2013. Awesome car none the less. I just can't decide if I would want the V6 or eco boost. Turbo's concerns me for mechanical reasons unless they have become much more reliable than much earlier turbo's. Any informed inputs is greatly appreciated as this is in my top choice along with the Lexus ES350.
Chryiat 200
Chryiat 200 6 months ago
Butt ugly front
Chris 7 months ago
Editing the title doesn't change the fact that this video was uploaded in 2013 And it seems all this guy does is complain too.
miporsche 7 months ago
My 2012 model is holding up well. 66K odo
John m
John m 8 months ago
How’s the dependability I like how it looks but does it break down a lot or not the discontinued Town car was very dependable some at a limo company had 500K miles on it can anybody answer how’s this one
Diego Bautista
What is the price in the 2018
D best
D best Year ago
Great techs but ugly exterior uhhh...
John Medley
John Medley Year ago
Can we have a review of the DeLorean used to review a 2 year old vehicle 5 years ago?
David Klimmek
David Klimmek Year ago
Own one it's terrific car. Lincoln is back! Bought new 2yrs ago been flawless so far.
Brian The Explorer
I disagree, that car is a piece of shit
mh92 2012
mh92 2012 Year ago
it looks like a ford style of touch radio or any but idk any
JReid2K Year ago
Ultimate frustrating drive to the mechanic
Dennis The Menance
I like the Hybrid- Thank you.. Bought one sued for a Very good Price and we only ave local Driving ( Computer says ave 20 mph per tank of gas) so why own a Bigger motor or a 4 clyl. that gets the same as the V6? Lincolns, Cads, Mercedes, BMW's, Lexus for More Power are for the Upper Class , not the Average Income People.. SUV's with Families is what they need..Thus the Upper class either Lease or only own them for upto 50k miles and get rid of them before High Maintence Cost start..
Elijah Whitehead
Elijah Whitehead 2 years ago
Hideous exterior but nice interior
Aurelius Archer. Jr.
Aurelius Archer. Jr. 11 months ago
No style.
styldsteel1 Year ago
Sales are up 16.9 percent would disagree with you
Mike Parker
Mike Parker 2 years ago
Drives much better than other pony cars, more reliable and cheaper than most german foreign competetors. Better than my previous fav car, the mk8.
styldsteel1 Year ago
Do you mean Mark VIII? the "MK" designation came along decades later. There is no such thing as MK8.
thatamerican550 2 years ago
Lol, to those who say Lincoln is making a comeback, buy their cars once they can actually compete, not when their still trying to follow the "American luxury" concept which ended up getting Lincoln's and Cadillacs ass kicked by European and Japenese luxury automakers.
Connor McNicol-Day
Connor McNicol-Day 2 years ago
Doug Stamper's car
iconoclast 2 years ago
My wife owns a 3.7 l MKZ while I drive a 2017 Mustang GT. She bought it for one of the best power plants in the industry, but had she had a chance to use it for about a week with the option to return it, she would've done so. The sensor and swipe controls are a piece of shit - distracting, inconvenient, and unreliable. Cars shouldn't be designed by futurist computer nerds but by designers who have their customers' everyday use in mind, where you often have to adjust climate and radio controls multiple times during the drive without having to take your gaze off the road. Fortunately, the corporate listened to the complaints and went back to your regular knobs, buttons, and dials for the 2017 MKZ's. I totally disagree with Kelley's guy about the relative merits of this car's performance and handling. I've had a chance to drive thousands of cars as a member of my company's car club (almost everything on the road), and the MKZ has some of the best accelerations I've seen in a long time, especially in the sports mode, which can be adjusted in several ways: by the push of an S button and by further refining it in the menu. A driver's car's response should be instantaneous, forceful off the dime, and smooth across the power range. This car has it. You blow on the gas pedal, and it flies, unlike so many glorified turbo sports cars, where you mash the pedal all the way to the floor and nothing happens for a second or two. The handling is not cushy or floaty. It reflects a rigid chassis and a firm suspension, which have been a staple of luxury cars in the past 5-10 years. The low profile 19-inch tires add to the great road grip feel. I've had a chance to drive the 2017 V-6 versions of the MKZ, which are even better than the 2016 3.7 l. Both are equipped with twin turbos - another welcoming feature that seems to eliminate turbo lag. One has 350 horses while the other is an AWD with a sweet 400hp rating. BTW, all those that judge people's character by the cars they're driving are envious, low-life nitwits themselves.
Matt561 3 years ago
The fusion had the touch buttons, but changed them to cheap physical buttons for 2016 up
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
Beautiful inside and out. Quiet. Reliable. Well made. Sales are up 15.9% and they are planing to open 60 more Lincoln stores
Barry White
Barry White 3 years ago
Lincoln is a piece of shit. I wouldn't even like this if it had a Mercedes badge.
Dennis The Menance
All I can say is my 08' v6 MKZ maintence speaks for itself in 65k miles now.. Other R&R tie rod , only other is its Reg. Oil change and brakes and 1 set of new tires at 50k miles.. and can be serviced at Either a Lincoln or Ford Dealer..and a lot lower cost vs Cad, BMW or Lexus for Maintenance.. Buying a used 16' MKZ Hybrid now since my ave is 22 mph per tank with my 08' V6 and thus don't need the V6 anymore..If still working and on the Hwy? Get the v6..
Principe Raphael
Principe Raphael 2 years ago
I think they are very good looking cars. Hope to see them in the flesh at the Philadelphia Auto Show.
jim l
jim l 2 years ago
They are Trolling Do not Feed the Interwebz Trolls
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
You couldn`t afford a Pinto.
Mr Savage65
Mr Savage65 3 years ago
@Linsey Redd oh.
John B.
John B. 3 years ago
my 08 got total,but I will get one again
¡Un Gato!
¡Un Gato! 3 years ago
Nice car!
godblesschild808 3 years ago
this car ugly I choices Mercedes Benz not ford found on road dead lol
David Klimmek
David Klimmek Year ago
godblesschild808 Ford is an iconic Amer brand manufacturing fantastic vehicles. All my family will buy!! Reliable , safe & American!
Raghunandan Reddy C
lol. patriotism on cars
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
You blind-Mercedes foreign crap. You support terrorists.
John B.
John B. 3 years ago
USA made
dygardion 91
dygardion 91 3 years ago
It's essentially a Ford fusion, Lincoln tends to be lazy with designs and just re badges ford's
styldsteel1 Year ago
Yes. That's how they keep the prices down too, don't forget. If Lincoln Motors designed a car from a fresh frame up, you'd be paying "S" class prices. And that's NOT!! what we want.
Brian Rupp
Brian Rupp Year ago
dygardion 91 you have no idea what you're talking about
Dennis The Menance
Buy your Lower Priced Fusion, but go 3 yrs back on Fusions Prices.. Rental Car Co.'s have saturated the market with Fusions and they depreceitate by 25% after 1 yr and 50% after 3 yrs ! But Get the V6 AQD Lincoln, the 4 cycl get only the same milage but not the same Power from a 50 mph punch..If going to get the 4cycl? Best get the Elec. hybrid..instead.. and it doesn't need 19" wheels either.. and get the AWD if live in Winter Climates.. If want a sport car? Fusion Sport v6 , not the Lincoln..
henry ford
henry ford 2 years ago
ford fusion is a great starting point..add nice styling v6 and i love the push button trans.selection.
RS1 2 years ago
harris3693 right and wrong. on the one hand lexus has more dedicated platforms then toyota and acura almost as much. which in my opinion is why lexus has a more upscale persona than acura and infinity.
Jerome H
Jerome H 3 years ago
Love it.
BMW Ultimate driving machines for mechanic$
Jordan L
Jordan L 3 years ago
I always wondered if Lincoln is a luxury brand, I mean real luxury like Bmw, Mercedes etc? Not just an entry level luxury. But if it's an luxury brand why does so little people drive it? and why do so little people talk about it? is it because it's an American brand?
Dwight Robinson
Dwight Robinson 6 months ago
Cars are like clothes....the richer you are the more foreign the name has to be....Billionaires dont wear Levis and Wranglers or any other American made clothing...they'd go for Italian wear...so when they want luxury cars...they will not think about Lincoln or Chevy...they would go for BMW or Mercedes...but to each its own....as long as it gets you to where you want to be and you feel great when you drive it.
styldsteel1 Year ago
Precisely. Caddy like you mentioned, Buick as well, now Lincoln wants nothing to do with Grandpas car. They already know what people want.
RS1 2 years ago
Jordan L I think it has more to do with in the past lincoln would simply change the badges and interior a little. but looks as if lincoln is finally changing their ways. similar to how kia and cadillac have changed their ways as well as buick.
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
Bullshit. Sales are up 15.9%
John B.
John B. 3 years ago
I think because people want to drove a hypebeast car.i own a 2008 and didn't have one problem for seven years total it was total.i love it,and will get this one soon
Dennis Xu
Dennis Xu 4 years ago
Lincoln needs to redesign their MKZ and MKS sedans. Their new MKC and MKX are actually pretty good looking. It's refreshing to see a car that actually has a unique design.
Dennis Xu
Dennis Xu 3 years ago
@Glen W. Ford It's okay.
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
My bad.
Dennis Xu
Dennis Xu 3 years ago
@Glen W. Ford​ I wrote this comment a long time ago..
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
They already did.
James Davies
James Davies 4 years ago
Yeah in not America.
Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson 4 years ago
My brother just purchused a MKZ and it is fantastic. Stunning modern exterior collides with a comfortable smooth and simple interior and its hybrid engine gets 45mph and has quite a lot of power. This was a great BMW comercial but KBB should give the MKZ a lot more credit. Be happy that a classic American company like Lincoln is trying to come back and be competitive with BMW and Mercedes with true luxury vehichles like the MKZ and new Continental which should be amazing.
CK Year ago
Brian The Explorer he meant mpg, I think you must be from 1970 when 45 mpg was a lot
CK Year ago
Raghunandan Reddy C MPG!
Brian The Explorer
That car is a piece of shit
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
AKASH--I know. Duh!
Akash Singh
Akash Singh 3 years ago
Glen W. Ford i am pretty sure he meant mpg
Blake Bias
Blake Bias 4 years ago
What lincoln needs to do is compete with cadillac and use v8 from the Ford Mustang
styldsteel1 Year ago
True, the 2.0 eco boost with the bi turbo is much more than people think they need.
styldsteel1 Year ago
Not neccesary. The 3.7 is much more power than people need. The 2.0 Bi turbo that comes optional is even more than you need!
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
You never rode in a Town car harris.
Glen W. Ford
Glen W. Ford 3 years ago
You must love gas stations.
Daniel Camp
Daniel Camp 3 years ago
+Blake Bias Or just a 400 hp 3.0 v6 in the 2015 Lincoln MKZ. That car is going to be true fun
Don Kite
Don Kite 4 years ago
Can't wait for a test drive!
Anna Stangl
Anna Stangl 4 years ago
Ohh so excited to drive it
derickj1976 4 years ago
Did you actually get one, cause I drove this beast and its truly exceptional. I'm not saying it doesn't have its shortcomings (all man made things do) but those issues are things you can definitely live with.
Felipe Corleone
Felipe Corleone 4 years ago
This is very nice, I wonder if it is reliable though.
bighand69 4 years ago
+adrian alfaro BMW have a bad reliability reputation. I know owners whose heart were broken with them.
adrian alfaro
adrian alfaro 4 years ago
+Laquan c that's a lie bro we all know it
Laquan Johnson Bey
Laquan Johnson Bey 4 years ago
It will be more reliable then any german car and that's 💯
C Wu
C Wu 5 years ago
ugly front!!!!
Aurelius Archer. Jr.
Look good to me.
Sara Tharpe
Sara Tharpe 11 months ago
C Wu strongly disagree
Aurelius Archer. Jr.
Aurelius Archer. Jr. 11 months ago
I disagree.
styldsteel1 Year ago
of course he's wrong. He has no clue about original styling cues. That split waterfall grill is reminiscent of the 1930's lincoln
Brian Rupp
Brian Rupp Year ago
You're wrong. The front is aggressive, beautiful and unique
Mario Torrez Quant
Mario Torrez Quant 5 years ago
I like its design
Sylvio Fleurant
Sylvio Fleurant 5 years ago
Fantastic plus. Wow i love so much.
Yahachazaq Yasharahla
Very innovative, and quite sexy, might I add !!
Steven Vincent
Steven Vincent 5 years ago
Rather have a Buick
Kaleb 4 years ago
+Steven Vincent Pretty sure Buick is pretty entry level, Lincoln is more or less "not bentley but still yea we're luxury" more or less equivalent to Cadillac if we're talking GM, if less sporty.
Cullen Edward
Cullen Edward 5 years ago
I like the Lincoln MKZ. Wait till u c the MKS.
Ibliss 5 years ago
Lincoln is a great make, but I gotta say this car has a hideous design.
Marcel West-Bailey
Marcel West-Bailey 5 years ago
The problem with this car is that they tried too hard to make it affordable. Thus cutting corners and overall ruining the car.
styldsteel1 Year ago
Exactly. I'm taking delivery of my 2015 MKZ (today is 3-5-18) in a few days 20K miles and cost is low 20s LOL!
tonya blandford
tonya blandford 3 years ago
i agree and thats why im getting one used lol much better bargain
bighand69 4 years ago
+Marcel West-Bailey You pay for what you get with this car. If want the top spec you will pay for it.
Landon Combass
Landon Combass 5 years ago
How did they cut corners? It's quite pricey
TheRentony 5 years ago
Ну вот почему Lincoln нет в России ((
Jarnetti Fritjof
Jarnetti Fritjof 5 years ago
oouuh my lordyLord.. Sure it *dont* looks *like* trad usa made than more like in people's *Republic* of ..china? or at least in Korea (north part of it..) *Feel* so *bad* about it. Cos in my opinion: *nobody* UNDER 60years of age will buy.. 'NEW' luxus ford.. Ever in my lifetime.. oldAmericanCarsLiveForever - *Look* for 50-60s era though
styldsteel1 Year ago
LOLOL!!!! for real
Landon Combass
Landon Combass 5 years ago
Ummm what?
Aaronix4 5 years ago
Is it me or did this review seem to highlight a lot of negatives about the car? It was a lot of the car is this BUT something else is better. I thought that was very rude.
styldsteel1 Year ago
I even posted to the author..yea...you are entitled to your opinions.
GregoCatal 5 years ago
This should've been based on the Taurus chassis not the Fusion. Holy hell...
Landon Combass
Landon Combass 5 years ago
The MKS is Taurus based....
Michael Woodall
Michael Woodall 5 years ago
Love it
chltmdwp 5 years ago
Why is the LCD screen so smudge? That is a bad material choice Lincoln. That's gotta be annoying in sunny cities.
Michael Y.
Michael Y. 5 years ago
*1950s voice* A push button transmission smartly integrated into the dash! *Ahem* LOL
Donny Ausby
Donny Ausby 6 years ago
All these people that commented, got some class... ;)
Donny Ayye
Donny Ayye 4 years ago
@Moby Dick np dick.
FrancoFile6 6 years ago
I couldn't agree with you more. BMWs are looking decidedly piggish these days, and by no means observe conventional stylistic precepts of proportional elegance. Audi and Mercedes have, for my part, also lost their desirable sheen in the face of a wonderful new breed of Americans. I'm from and I live in Europe, but if I lived in the USA (and actually had a lot of money to spend) I'd be looking at a Cadillac ATS or a Lincoln model, as opposed to what is offered in the German forecourts, for sure.
Daniel Blaney
Daniel Blaney 6 years ago
you don't have to swipe. you can actually just put your hand on the right edge of it and it will go up. My hp laptop has the same kind of volume control.
Joe Spina
Joe Spina 6 years ago
all this tech is going to cost you a fortune and make this car unusable when the electronics go bad and the warranty expires. $45k for this is way to much of a reliability risk.
styldsteel1 Year ago
It's called progress.
خالد عيسى
خالد عيسى 6 years ago
سياره رائعه
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