2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - SOUND!

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We recorded this Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 707 bhp! In this video you can hear the Hellcat with stock exhaust revving and accelerating!
Car: Dodge Challenger Hellcat (6.2 V8)
527 kW (717 PS)
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 3.7 seconds
Max Speed 320 km/h
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Comments 80
blues nspire
blues nspire 7 hours ago
Alemão Capixaba
Alemão Capixaba 14 hours ago
Coisa linda
Lucas de Lucas
Músicas para os meus ouvidos
Maciej Baran
Maciej Baran Day ago
Copy bmw e30
Lone Okami
Lone Okami 5 days ago
Even though i'm an Mustang guy i fucking love the Challenger 😍
Halfthekgb 5 days ago
I'm here for that supercharger whine
Js Outdoorz
Js Outdoorz 5 days ago
Absolutely one of the meanest imports on the streets of America
Rodrigo Da paz ferreira
Shahz Albaloushi
Shahz Albaloushi 7 days ago
My dream car one day
MrVitka1 8 days ago
My dream!!!
Haris Supian
Haris Supian 10 days ago
1:15 meowww incoming
Haris Supian
Haris Supian 10 days ago
Look at this beast look very angry
Haris Supian
Haris Supian 10 days ago
Ohh yeahh angry beast will be king on street. Your worst nightmare is here who challenge this hellcat beast this beast will be say this sweet nightmare. This beast will conquer any car hahahahaha.
Mr dark man
Mr dark man 13 days ago
Amybody else gets the feeling that the challenger hellcat's muffler sounds "muffled a bit" while the charger sounds more raw and clear
Hasnain Karan
Hasnain Karan 16 days ago
I’m going to buy this car one day.
steve SIMA
steve SIMA 16 days ago
That is a car should be built
Richard Burns
Richard Burns 18 days ago
Those are some sissy boy shoes tappin that pedal
abdou himou
abdou himou 21 day ago
So sexy car
Dojun Sintar and the Rockatansky
Judging by the shoes, it isn't his car or he's scared of it. That was just about the most pathetic try at making car noise I've watched, take the car back.
Dr Saturno
Dr Saturno 22 days ago
Rory Cummins
Rory Cummins 22 days ago
That car is a fanny magnet!! 👌Start selling them in the U. K.!! I'd bankrupt myself to have one.
swearnetgaming716 23 days ago
0:53 🤤🤤🤤
Str8DV8 24 days ago
Call me bias, but 🖕Mustangs.
Sandeep Aulakh
Sandeep Aulakh 25 days ago
what would be the approximately lease per month for this car for 2016 model?
Andy Mendoza
Andy Mendoza 26 days ago
I could sit here and listen to an hour+ of that engine
Roman Emphire
Roman Emphire 27 days ago
Its MY dream car And one day i will Buy This Car
Corolla 2018
Corolla 2018 9 days ago
Roman Emphire hell yea !!!
Saeed Bader
Saeed Bader 27 days ago
Does this sound come with some modifications or it comes with the car as you but it instantly?
swsthebest1994 27 days ago
This car is stock, so this sound comes from the dealer/manifacturere ✌🏻
بدر القطان / bader qattan
Kia rio faster than that shit
Jonathan Méndez Ortiz
Hermoso puta madre hermoooso
Kuo. ii
Kuo. ii Month ago
سجودي Month ago
My dreams drive car Dodge Charger srt hellcat
arther musialike
Anni Hilatrix
Anni Hilatrix Month ago
instant goosebumps !
Молекулярный Человек
Mi Maya
Mi Maya Month ago
I'll own this car!
Abu Mathloom
Abu Mathloom Month ago
هاي كير عادي !!!
rickydavis1051 Month ago
Loving every minute of my Redeye
Gedeon S
Gedeon S Month ago
john week
john week Month ago
This car in black always reminds me to F&F
swsthebest1994 Month ago
Yes, indeed!
جرح الذئب
شبابيه هاي
ViniByte Month ago
A real pantie-deleter.
M.L. Crow
M.L. Crow Month ago
I love this car it's just I don't like all the technology (displays) that much...too disturbing imo. Just my opinion ofc.
yassine Mugma
yassine Mugma Month ago
Csni rd rni
مهدي نعيم
ماتطنياه بروح الحسين
Warlord Serj
Warlord Serj Month ago
Holy shit i have a fucking erection!!!!!!!! Anyone willing to donate 1 for me????😂
sulis wanto
sulis wanto Month ago
mobil paling aq suka.
Yo Han Chris Tian
Dream car
Gerald Walls jr
Gerald Walls jr 2 months ago
That why I love Dodge the best in class
Yasser Martinez
Yasser Martinez 2 months ago
My wife yes .my dog maybe .my Dodge never .
Liana Nurka
Liana Nurka 2 months ago
My dream car
DenyZ 2 months ago
1:34 that deep "momomomomomo"
Stimulants i like
DenyZ yeah love it, got a v70 t5 straight piped, the idle sounds absolutely amazing
blvk_thomasino Month ago
Cdfu perfect way to describe
lindalva silva santos silva
😍😍😍 i love this car
GrayGamingPS4 2 months ago
I'm not usually one for American cars, I prefer GTs but I have a soft spot for this one
Neon Light
Neon Light 2 months ago
What kind of loafers?
Adarsh Gowda
Adarsh Gowda 2 months ago
Эдди Франциско
reminds me of vin diesel,
Rishu Mishra
Rishu Mishra 2 months ago
I wish I could knock my screen and grab this car.
owl5053 2 months ago
just turn off f... torque... only atmo we trust
Cisco Lopez
Cisco Lopez 2 months ago
Bro that sounds cute af
Fran Vrabec
Fran Vrabec 2 months ago
dodge: lets create a super car but not low designer: why dodge: they gonna be scratching them cars then designer: ok :)
Мария Билдуева
Jhony silva
Jhony silva 2 months ago
Aaaaa gozeeei !!!
Khin Ninson
Khin Ninson 2 months ago
Between this and the 2016 Mustang GT which one should I go for ? I don't mind the BHP.
swsthebest1994 2 months ago
The Hellcat!
Nupus Rodiansah
Nupus Rodiansah 2 months ago
My dream car
mike80449 2 months ago
I’m getting rid of my 2009 gtr for one In plum crazy
mike80449 2 months ago
swsthebest1994 yea I saw it and needed it I’m getting it with the red eye trim not wide body and my gtr is having to many problems
swsthebest1994 2 months ago
That's an amazing color for a Hellcat! 🙌🏻
IBl4me_G4ming _
IBl4me_G4ming _ 3 months ago
*This is a nice song, whats the name again?*
Islam Islam
Islam Islam 3 months ago
My dreams car ☹️☹️☹️❤️🙏
swsthebest1994 3 months ago
Lol, that's true 😂
Islam Islam
Islam Islam 3 months ago
@swsthebest1994 But it will separate you because it uses a lot of fuel 😂😂😂
swsthebest1994 3 months ago
It's also one of my dream cars! Keep on working bro 👊🏻
Jadden 3 months ago
That supercharger ;)
Peter Carpowitz
Peter Carpowitz 3 months ago
There is no need to have any audio system in this car...
Himanshu Rock
Himanshu Rock 3 months ago
Sexy 🔥
Steve 3 months ago
0:15 You: but I went to rev over 4K... Computer: this is an automatic transmission designed for beta males. You will submit. You are not in control. I am in command and I will decide what will be done, and when it will be done. Your job is to sit there, take it, and say yes sir like a good beta. You: But I- Computer: What did I just say. You: ...yes sir Computer: good beta. Remember, I am in control. Not you.
Cart Mass
Cart Mass 2 months ago
I bet you drive an automatic
swsthebest1994 3 months ago
Lol, that sums it up, really good 🙌🏻
ابو السعود
ابو السعود 3 months ago
Stixs. 3 months ago
I thought porn wasn't allowed on RUvid
Tony S
Tony S 3 months ago
What a lovely sound!😍
Mustafa TURKISH 3 months ago
Lpg ?
swsthebest1994 3 months ago
No LPG, petrol :)
ShogunZ RBLX
ShogunZ RBLX 3 months ago
Yeah this is son of dodge charger rt 1970
Ansh Singh
Ansh Singh 3 months ago
Screams like hell..
rxboy 3 months ago
This thing is brutal
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