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David Lee stops by the garage to show Jay his special edition 730 horse power 2014 Pagani Huayra.
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2014 Pagani Huayra - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

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Feb 19, 2017




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Comments 100
octane 2 days ago
i cant luv paganis...the amg sounds like diesel trucks,,, their bodies look too much "nike shoes" ... i know its made with the best bits, but its just me... i think a F40 has more soul and lust , raw passion for motion, than all paganis combined...
john carrington
john carrington 5 days ago
Why don't America push the design limits like this anymore it's not all about mass production.
Kevin Donis
Kevin Donis 7 days ago
You must hate your life and yourself, if you’re hating on David lee or Jay 🤦‍♂️
Josue Ruiz
Josue Ruiz 8 days ago
Damn who let lenno drive drunk his all over the white lines
MEGADRAGON 88 11 days ago
Ahuevo el pagani de mi buen Salo
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 12 days ago
This is just the most beautiful car ever its one of those cars that just gets more and more gorgeous every time you see it . If buy chance I ever have the means to own one of these I will to be honest I would rather have one of these rather than a La Ferrari or a Lamborghini Avantador SVJ .
Fossil Life
Fossil Life 13 days ago
David is awesome. He took his life and made it very prosperous and he enjoys his cars...which he is entitled to with his financial well being. In person he is friendly and he uses his cars. He lets everyone enjoy them with him. Hes just an all around decent guy. Love his collection (super jealous of a few of his cars.)
Rob Bennett
Rob Bennett 16 days ago
Strange looking eyelash Jay...mmmmmmm
Rob Bennett
Rob Bennett 16 days ago
To be honest I'm not that impressed with supercars but the interior gets me on this one, it's fantastic, wow what a place you'd want to be.
Oilhaze 17 days ago
“If you don’t know what Pagani is well it doesn’t get anymore Italian than this!” -Jay Leno talking about a car with a German designed/hand-built AMG engine, a German Mercedes-Benz transmission, and a German Mercedes-Benz differential. 😂
Alessandro B
Alessandro B 9 days ago
The transmission is from Xtrac, british.
B Muns
B Muns 18 days ago
I dream of owning this car and that rare Singer 911. Both expensive and worth every penny.
Vee Gee
Vee Gee 19 days ago
If you like seeing stock cars pushed until the break and burn outs until tires blow up check out the you tube channel Neutral Drop. Tell um vinnie sent u
Snapchat Snacks
Snapchat Snacks 28 days ago
I heard someone claim that to this day pagani will still build you a Zonda. Is that true ? I am expecting alot of money in the coming years. I have always wanted a pgani ever since I read about the zonda in a book all the way back in the 2000s.
Snapchat Snacks
Snapchat Snacks 28 days ago
The zonda specifically.
Grazi Anop
Grazi Anop Month ago
The owner is Chinese American and has an Italian soul.
Grazi Anop
Grazi Anop Month ago
What an elegant car. Wow! That's all I can say.
Mr.D Mr.D
Mr.D Mr.D Month ago
lovely car and really like that there is buttons and leaver's for the driver to use, too much automation takes the fun out of driving..! Good to see this Guy is doing well for himself and enjoying his hard work....Jealousy is for very sad people. Thanks for a great show. Paul UK
John Pick
John Pick Month ago
Thanks Jay and David !
Frank Burns
Frank Burns Month ago
Love the red white and green on the brakes. Nice patriotic touch.
runifuceeme Month ago
Krick La Salty
Krick La Salty Month ago
I am just trying to pay rent......did tax cuts for the rich pay for this beast?
Tracy Grady
Tracy Grady Month ago
salomondrin old huayra🚫🧢
Roger Alaniz
Roger Alaniz Month ago
Pagani is Argentinian/ Italian 🤦🏽‍♂️
Fer Fab
Fer Fab Month ago
Yes Jay very Italian, Horacio Pagani (nacido en Casilda, provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina, el 10 de noviembre de 1955)
J Lm
J Lm Month ago
Pretty sure Jay regrets not buying Huarya when the man himself brought it to his garage, missed opportunity.
Vikkor Heel
Vikkor Heel Month ago
zonda r is my FAV
zippy5081 Month ago
I can never understand why? people get jealous because some people own these super-cars. Many of these people were not born with the silver spoon in their mouth's they came from a poor working-class background and made some correct decisions in their life like starting a business etc. I have been to many car shows globally and these people love chatting about these beautiful cars and many of these supercar owners have done acceleration runs for the pubic on a track and donated all the money to charity. I ask you, how would we ever see these cars in real life at car shows if people never owned them this can only be a great thing and remember Jealousy is a very ugly trait. I remember a guy that restored a very old classic Porsche and he was far from wealthy or rich and boy did this guy put the work and labour into restoring this car in his own driveway. When this Porsche was finished and completely restored by this Gentleman. He drove the car to his work-place and the envy and jealousy were unbelievable all this gentleman did is restore a classic sports car using carefully spent money he saved and did all the hard work himself. It is (not) always about being rich or money, it's about the love and passion of owning-restoring a beautifully engineered car and that can only be a great thing. Jealousy is indeed a very ugly trait.
Paddy Mcdoogle
Paddy Mcdoogle Month ago
Colouring scheme is horrid, kinda matches the guy's age though I guess.
steve O
steve O Month ago
Not gonna lie I’m not a fan of the side view mirrors but it’s a beautiful car
Nick Brouwer
Nick Brouwer Month ago
This is The old Pagani of @Salomondrin
Pritesh Ruthun
Pritesh Ruthun Month ago
I don't know why, but whenever I see this guy (Dave), I feel like there's a dodgy business deal about to go down.
AlexVids 2 months ago
English is the standard language of the world. This guy needs to learn.
Mase D
Mase D 2 months ago
Jay don't get mad at the shade...it's not good for you and the fans don't care the haters have to say
M I T O 2 months ago
I knew it! this is salomondrin's huayra :O
Artu Idoyaga
Artu Idoyaga 2 months ago
"he's italian"... dude, you talked to him and you don't even know where he is from?
Elvio Benitez
Elvio Benitez 2 months ago
I cant wait to see a collaboration between Horacio and Elon. Would be a masterpiece of electric cars if those two work together.
Ariel Rodriguez
Ariel Rodriguez 16 days ago
Juan Carlos Romero Thomas
Yo he pensado lo mismo
Volcano - Potato
Volcano - Potato 2 months ago
Wasn’t this Salomondrins pagani?
Eliteguille 2 months ago
I remeber when alejandro owned that huayra :(
Diego Gerlach
Diego Gerlach 2 months ago
This is Salomondrin car?
Paolo Cardenas
Paolo Cardenas 2 months ago
That is the pagani of salomondrin ?
Alex Portelada
Alex Portelada 2 months ago
Now I see who purchased Salomodrin car
dAiLy LiFe vS. eXoTic
Moe Sab
Moe Sab 2 months ago
Is this Salamondrins old car?
Trippin Ninja
Trippin Ninja 2 months ago
I miss the turbo noises of the original Huayra. It sounds fantastic still but the symphony of turbo spools and splashes was my favorite part of the sound.
Imperial Diecast
Imperial Diecast 2 months ago
Combining artistic vision with engineering skill, all by a small company of talented individuals. I think Pagani, McLaren and Koenigsegg share the same drive and motivation. Europe's finest.
David Small
David Small 2 months ago
Looks like a big female spider
Cc B
Cc B 2 months ago
Huayra comes from quechua language and it means wind.
Mr. Micky Mouse
Mr. Micky Mouse 2 months ago
That interior is beautifull.
Ryan Hoffmann
Ryan Hoffmann 2 months ago
Little known fact Horacio Pagani can speak perfect English. That is the ultimate subtle flex.
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell 3 months ago
David Lee is a really nice guy! They really seem to have a great friendship.
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 3 months ago
Hands down my favorite car. Thanks for sharing David and Jay.
Boston SAM
Boston SAM 3 months ago
David has a lot of money. Pease welcome David to the show
22vx 3 months ago
Jay wants the car.
UnleashTheGreen 3 months ago
seems 95% of expensive sports cars look 95% alike.
Victor 3 months ago
15:32 for sure that’s not a stop light. It’s the fog light.
J S 3 months ago
what a car
fab 3 months ago
It’s plastered with the Italian flag and the Pagani “factory” is in Italy! So the constant it’s not Italian from the German car fans is wrong, they want to claim Pagani and Lambo as German now out of pure envy! This happens in all videos of Pagani and Lambo and it’s ridiculous
Victor 3 months ago
It’s an Italian car that borrows some stuff from Germans. Nothing wrong with that.
rideordieguy rideordieguy
Mercedes engineered some guy body design
Erik W
Erik W 3 months ago
I believe the mirror is designed to look like a leaf. The car is named after a wind god. Hence it's a "Leaf on the Wind".
lawlaw1 3 months ago
not carbon fibre....carbon and titanium mixed weave ...
TestTubeBabySpy 3 months ago
The cop on the onramp is such a contrast to what we have in Chicago. In Cali ppl shoot onto the expressway, Here in Chicago, ppl get onto the expressway doing 30 mph. no joke at all. No need for onramp speed traps here.
Ivan Kontra
Ivan Kontra 3 months ago
Those mirrors wouldn't last 10 minutes in an urban area.
Eric Anton
Eric Anton 3 months ago
One time I had to pee and David Le wouldn't let me use his mouth, real jerk.
Chester McDaniel
Chester McDaniel 3 months ago
David is just the epitome of a cool guy. Could afford air conditioned and heated socks but chooses not to👊
mereclander 3 months ago
A piece of art madre by a true artist. The owner is very cool, he always shares his cars and knowlegde.
Tony 4 months ago
this car belongs to salomndrin previously
Tony 3 months ago
MICHGO1 everyone except you
MICHGO1 3 months ago
gonzalo verde
gonzalo verde 4 months ago
Horacio Pagani es Argentino
Terry Breedlove
Terry Breedlove 4 months ago
This is an older car but still maybe the best looking car of them all. Just a real master piece of Artistic car design.
Live Wire
Live Wire 4 months ago
This guy hasn't learned English ?! What's up with that ? We have low IQ illegals in this place who speak very good English
Imperial Diecast
Imperial Diecast 2 months ago
imagine being so talented that you dont need to learn the world's most spoken language to be successful...
samuel lopes
samuel lopes 4 months ago
way out of my budget, I'll just stick to having my thrills on 2 wheels lol
Joel Bouchard
Joel Bouchard 4 months ago
Pagani Huayra Crash Test : ruvid.net/video/video-IyC9xMbhs2U.html
M16 A4
M16 A4 4 months ago
17:35 “Thats all the Italians need is a pack of cigarettes.”😂
xSawl 4 months ago
Ah the white pants again. 😂
Bhargav Bandarupalli
Salomondrins pagani
Bhargav Bandarupalli
MICHGO1 @solomondrin this pagani belongs to him
MICHGO1 3 months ago
That is a very shiny forehead
Yuri Vanetik
Yuri Vanetik 5 months ago
Matthew Treptow
Matthew Treptow 5 months ago
Jay would’ve ordered in denim if he could
l00katy0utb3 5 months ago
I wonder if Alejandro regrets selling that car, what an amazing car, stunning and a work of art.
Juan Carlos Romero Thomas
He broke the key and he had starting battery problem plus he is an idiot
Alberto López
Alberto López 5 months ago
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster 5 months ago
Even though he doesn’t speak a word of English I understood exactly what he was saying. That’ll be the translator then 🤣
SIMUL nation
SIMUL nation 5 months ago
pagani owner a former lambo employee "horacio pagani"
Bootes Void
Bootes Void 5 months ago
Why isn’t Horacio speaking Spanish? He has an Spanish accent when speaking Italian
hockeymann88 5 months ago
Steam punk interior. Cool. That rear view with those exhaust tips, that is the money shot. I get weird for exotic exhaust systems. Holy good God that is spectacular.
vanilla Gorilla
vanilla Gorilla 5 months ago
The New Ferrari ! For our Generation...
CDM192 5 months ago
What a cool retirement hobby! Jay has it made.
Gaara 5 months ago
You know what this needs? Hermes
Ajan mathew Philip
Ajan mathew Philip 4 months ago
See ur a man of CULTURE...also a fan of manny
Ankit Biswal
Ankit Biswal 6 months ago
This car was made for Salomondrin
Bbearhug Thomas
Bbearhug Thomas 6 months ago
How beautiful is this car!?
zacarias fangueiro
zacarias fangueiro 6 months ago
It's funny Jay Leno saying "he (Horacio Pagani) doesn't speak english" he forgot to tell that he/I (Jay Leno) don't speak Italian also 🤣
zacarias fangueiro
zacarias fangueiro 6 months ago
Beautiful car
Little 6 months ago
Eh, Tesla didn't build it 🥴
Symbiorg 6 months ago
It reminds me of a flower. Except the front, which looks like a fish
Dan Flak
Dan Flak 6 months ago
Awesome, thanks David and Jay!
NewBeginnings [ThePunchNews]
I thought the Agera was the prettiest car until I saw this car.... wow...this is a piece of work.
areis 6 months ago
1:35 well, yeah... you had an interpreter there... lmao
j o n a t h a n b e r d u g o
This car was built for salomondrin Pagani huayra 730 s
Darrylizer1 6 months ago
My absolute dream car.
Rpicquendar Tyui
Rpicquendar Tyui 6 months ago
Is it me or does 730 HP out of a TT 6.0 V12 seem grossly underpowered?
Talos 6 months ago
It looks like steam punk meets Rodger Dean plus Ferrari......
Henry Pancake
Henry Pancake 6 months ago
David is super cool car guy, but selling watches??? I'm a dentist, drive a vette...
Md Ashiqur Rahman
Md Ashiqur Rahman 6 months ago
Just remembering Jeremy Clarkson pronouncing it Hurarara or something! :'D
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