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Candy Crowley (Aidy Bryant) moderates the 2012 Town Hall Presidential Debate as Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) and Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah) answer questions from undecided Long Island voters (Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Tom Hanks). [Season 38, 2012]
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Sep 23, 2013




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Comments 80
Mogshade 56 minutes ago
Is Tagg a real name? George Carlin wasn't wrong. 👯
Dim Jong Un
Dim Jong Un 2 days ago
"why don't you go sit down before I beat you to death with my paycheck" 😂
Monika Ciapala
Monika Ciapala 2 days ago
This debate is brutal. 😂
Monika Ciapala
Monika Ciapala 2 days ago
‘That’s how much I pay my cats’ He has to pay his cats 😂
Kevin Gandhi
Kevin Gandhi 5 days ago
Who here is from Long Island and thought this was the most funniest shit? Lol
Tharindu Krishan
Tharindu Krishan 6 days ago
Funon Thebun
Funon Thebun 6 days ago
Even snl was smarter back then.. never mind the politicians
Harrison McKinney
Harrison McKinney 19 days ago
Back when we would have two totally viable options for President as opposed to zero coming up on two times in a row.
Jackson 22 days ago
Back when these debate skits were funny
Jack Wiesman
Jack Wiesman 23 days ago
also his gavin newsom impression
Antown George Mansour
Bill Hader looks like Michael Shannon, In this skit.
Dina Kay
Dina Kay 29 days ago
The 5 & 1 point plans are gooood plans
Dina Kay
Dina Kay 29 days ago
I love this
zlaoejjdjdjakskdioeqoixjs osjdjjwjeje
Fun Fact: Aidy got poked in the eye while having her make-up done (apparently Lorne thought she "looked too young"). This was also her first time saying the iconic "Live from New York" line. She was later on congratulated by both Hader and Hanks after the skit. Love you Baby Aidy. ❤️
NewProvidence32 Month ago
This is a #GoodOne Sudeikis even looks like #Romney! 😆
Only here and now you will see Obama dropping the mic.
revalesq Month ago
gotta love sh*t ram me.
K Johnson
K Johnson Month ago
this was aidy's first time saying live from new york and first time opening the show!
Bryan Edward Tan
As much as there area bit of insults with each other and this is a parody why is it this feels more civil than the real debates these days.
Addie Alexander
Addie Alexander Month ago
“Anytime Casper!” Ha! I’m going to call my ma that now. Shes white (I’m mixed).
Soph side
Soph side 2 months ago
Candy... candy please
Matt Jamison
Matt Jamison 2 months ago
7:10 🤣
RavenBerrry 2 months ago
Ok who is that guy sitting behind Kate? I looked out of the corner of my eye at first and thought it was John mulaney but when I saw it wasn't him I got curious lmaooo
RavenBerrry 17 days ago
@Anna ohhh ok ty! That's actually really cool they pulled that off well
Anna 17 days ago
He's a cue card guy - because of the shape of the set, there wasn't a place for someone to hold Aidy's cue cards so she could see them and they wouldn't be on camera. The guy would flash the cue card to Aidy when the shot cut away from him.
john smith
john smith 2 months ago
That was so funny it broke a hole in my mind and blew my soul.
Sebastian-Benedict Flore
Cecily Strong had one line and delivered it perfectly.
Sebastian-Benedict Flore
Cecily Strong is too funny.
!Zombeee 2 months ago
Candy looks like a recently cured drug addict
B K 2 months ago
I'd still take this caricature of Mitt Romney over what we actually have in Trump right now. The real Mitt Romney even more. That said, I'm voting for Obama 2.0, sorry I mean Biden this November.
The 'simple' problems are missed these days
Artys Arryn
Artys Arryn 3 months ago
In 2020 this debate looks normal
Grandpa Mao
Grandpa Mao 3 months ago
They thought 2012 was messy How cute
tracy raak
tracy raak 3 months ago
Mr Rogers brings the SARS
FamousSnatcher 3 months ago
Kate could do a spot-on Greta Thunberg from what I see here.
mrfrenchalps 3 months ago
I was just listening to the video and could tell it was Bobby Moynihan when the fumbling of the papers began
Chinmay Purohit
Chinmay Purohit 3 months ago
Sudekis is brilliant.
Mats Finckenhagen
Mats Finckenhagen 3 months ago
Dude’s even got the members only jacket
Celeste Mannel
Celeste Mannel 3 months ago
bloomberg and biden look different here
pdxjacob 3 months ago
Tom Hanks pre virus
keepcalmandstudy 3 months ago
So sad watching this now after Tom Hanks passed away from Coronavirus 😔 RIP 3/15/2020
Danny Thompson
Danny Thompson 3 months ago
shut the fuck up
Kai _
Kai _ 3 months ago
This is gonna be Gen Z presidential candidates
Indy Studios
Indy Studios 3 months ago
I miss turning on SNL and watching Jay as Barack and Jason as Mitt, this was some of the best election stuff they have ever done
Dawson Wilcox
Dawson Wilcox 3 months ago
RIP Tom Hanks :(
Funny, but needs more Ken Bone. XD
This is sea level 😂 That was pretty good.
m K
m K 4 months ago
Wow back when threatening the president was actually taken seriously, it’s crazy how much 8 years changes. Literally everyone threatens Trump and gets away with it smh
deansusandylan 4 months ago
And just like CNN there was no documented use of the term by President Obama
Katie Volz
Katie Volz 4 months ago
Oh back when debates were civil...
Envious122 4 months ago
"That's what I pay my cats!"
Syedinator 4 months ago
Google User
Google User 4 months ago
How did the republicans go from John McCain to Mitt Romney to Donald Trump. Like, wtf happened.
DJ truf
DJ truf 4 months ago
man SNL has really gone down hill. New episodes are nowhere near as good as these
BoldWittyName 4 months ago
Shout out to 28 yr old Kate McKinnon looking FINE out of character. Girl is very pretty but tougher to appreciate as HRC n Warren 24/7.
Mernerwastaken 4 months ago
lol remember when our biggest problems were romney
catlaw1997 4 months ago
Omg, best Obama impersonating ever. lol
The ill will
The ill will 4 months ago
Did they just take a punch at going to college? Nice.
SERN 4 months ago
*"Libya."* The buildup & execution of that joke sometimes makes me laugh randomly when I'm trying to fall asleep.
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson 5 months ago
If i ever have a son I'm naming him tag
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley 5 months ago
Sat Night Live= good times real debate = nightmare
johniboz1 5 months ago
Trump will be a behemoth on stage against one of those ankle biter democrats!
Joseph R
Joseph R 5 months ago
Trump is a fat clown
Deepansh Chaudhary
Deepansh Chaudhary 5 months ago
Cecily's question was the most substantial and it took the least time to answer..... Perfect imitation of Reality
Proud Canadian
Proud Canadian 5 months ago
This is 2016 for sure ;) the bickering
MrPickledede 5 months ago
SNL hasnt been funny since the 1990s
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 5 months ago
Candy! Candy! Candy!
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 5 months ago
These guys look like choirboys compared to Trump.😂
60silva 5 months ago
Aidy Bryant 😍😍😍
Freddy Richards
Freddy Richards 5 months ago
Unlike 2016's debate sketches that were just on two numbskulls, 2012's were nice wisecracks and berating from (at least) real politicians
Aleksandra 5 months ago
damn it Aidy is a pro, got poked in the eye just second before they went on air
David Josiah Berryann
Who's here from Aidy Bryant's Stories from SNL?
lion man
lion man 5 months ago
The real debate was similar.
Gale Gibbs
Gale Gibbs 5 months ago
I liked the first guy better.
Pre-Debut Era
Pre-Debut Era 5 months ago
You can tell this is bias in favor of Obama by MILES.
Pre-Debut Era
Pre-Debut Era 4 months ago
@Sela Hanany No, its not that funny. The fact that it's painfully bias detracts from the humor and it feels more like a campaign ad honestly. I'm not even a Republican and it's just annoying.
Sela Hanany
Sela Hanany 4 months ago
ok. so? do you find it funny? why does anything else matter?
MrPickledede 5 months ago
SNL is a DNC sponsored propaganda show
Private 5 months ago
1st time watching is too funny
Xombiticus 5 months ago
Jay Pharoah was so good. I think he was a big loss to the cast.
Xombiticus 5 months ago
@Freddy Richards He's nowhere near as good I think.
Freddy Richards
Freddy Richards 5 months ago
At least there's that other skinny black guy, Chris Redd
Shaner The Grey
Shaner The Grey 6 months ago
God in 2020 this is still great! Hahah
UK8864 6 months ago
These aren't the real presidents. These are actors.
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson 6 months ago
3:56 4:55
Edward Sayers
Edward Sayers 6 months ago
Mitt was and still is a MORON. Thank God for TRUMP
TheDLitch 6 months ago
Edward Sayers anybody but dump 2020
Clement Chishimba
Clement Chishimba 6 months ago
Jeremy son of a bitch .......kikikikik
TheMt45 6 months ago
The actual 2012 town hall debate was almost as hilarious.
bucklaw 6 months ago
Boxers or Briefs?
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