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Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. 2012 is an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

Directed by Roland Emmerich. Written by Roland Emmerich & Harald Kloser.

Produced by Mark Gordon, Harald Kloser and Larry Franco

Cast includes John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton with Danny Glover and Woody Harrelson

At UK Cinemas November 13th


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Jun 22, 2009




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Comments 6 893
Faqih Jakha Juantomo
Faqih Jakha Juantomo 58 minutes ago
what the heck happen in here.
ASIT CICI Hour ago
I thought world will really end in 2012. I watched in 2010
Renzo 18 hours ago
0:47 "The Mayans knew about it" "The Bible" "It's the end of the world my friends" Damn, Idk why but that guy's voice is somewhat satisfying
100 Subscribers With No videos
Anyone watching this trailer in 2020? 🤣
mama danish
mama danish 2 days ago
Already 2020 “LOL”
jesse white
jesse white 8 days ago
Hanz Ajiez
Hanz Ajiez 11 days ago
Who else survived in 2020
Gurungni Renu
Gurungni Renu 11 days ago
Now headline must be,2020 again world is about to end(ww3)😰😰
Rim z
Rim z 12 days ago
I am watching this when the real end of world 2020
Aj Vlogs Tv
Aj Vlogs Tv 6 days ago
What is the tittle of the movie
Gurungni Renu
Gurungni Renu 11 days ago
Rim z here me too
Sushil kc Official
Sushil kc Official 13 days ago
2020 Anyone ?? 😂😂😂
Gurungni Renu
Gurungni Renu 11 days ago
Sushil kc Official 😁✋🏻
faizal maulana
faizal maulana 14 days ago
2020 ..
The Valenzuelas
The Valenzuelas 16 days ago
Worst. Movie. Ever
Edi Radu
Edi Radu 16 days ago
2020 and i'm still here
Yanidara Rozze
Yanidara Rozze 13 days ago
Name film ?????
xKolt 16 days ago
eat my gurke!
DoMnIsOaRa2o11 16 days ago
CHEAM 16 days ago
And here we are. 2020 y'all!!
100 subscribers no video
Yes but is a bigger problem. Ww3
Sadashiva Panda
Sadashiva Panda 16 days ago
Please give me full movie
TJ Wap
TJ Wap 16 days ago
I look back 2012 and I am laughing😂😁 in 2020 and end of the world is still not here, not in our lifetime
TJ Wap
TJ Wap 11 days ago
@Gurungni Renu yeah possibly on that one.
Gurungni Renu
Gurungni Renu 11 days ago
what about world war 3...?
Mecha Zord
Mecha Zord 17 days ago
Its 2020 and we're still here
Raging Gamer271
Raging Gamer271 17 days ago
Michael Bay is responsible for this
Mel O
Mel O 18 days ago
I survived this
Hacı Babanın Mutfağı
vibe 18 days ago
...2020 now bitches😂
RoseElixer 21 day ago
Scariest thing everrr
im2ster 25 days ago
Best movie ever ❤️😢
I'ts ART pro
I'ts ART pro 28 days ago
Aya A
Aya A 29 days ago
now 22 dec 2019 and still alive
Sajan Khatri
Sajan Khatri 29 days ago
1.45 sardar ji
Srishti Singh
Srishti Singh 29 days ago
Omg, I survived 😂
Chilicookie Month ago
Rip Sasha 😭✋
Mobile gamer Alvin
Did they save the earth because today is 2019!?
John John Guico
John John Guico Month ago
Katakot baka mang yari yan dto sa pilipinas
RJ Conde
RJ Conde Month ago
What if we already died, we just don't know. We are all reincarnated.
Dare To Live
Dare To Live Month ago
අද තමයි දවස 😆😆
Sachin Paingwal
Sachin Paingwal Month ago
Plz 2 part
NuีTTAPAT Golash24
Sharma Ji Ka Launda
one of the best movie in Universe
Medi Gallapeni
Medi Gallapeni Month ago
This is fake this didn't really happen
shaun humphreys
shaun humphreys Month ago
ah the accuracy of prophecy.. give or take a few hundred million years.
Akram a ansari
Akram a ansari Month ago
Plse. Send 2012 hindi dubbed movie
EliSha AbarqueZ
EliSha AbarqueZ Month ago
Watching this from Mars
VashTheAnimator Month ago
Who else survived?
Go Ku
Go Ku Month ago
Can’t believe I actually survived this 😏
modern house64
modern house64 Month ago
Top 10 anime batrayals
Athanasius Atha
Athanasius Atha Month ago
May I ask how long does this movie goes on?1 hour 30 or 2 hours +?
ETHIO Films 2 months ago
2012 is by Ethiopian calendar stupids. And it is coming.wait and watch !
Thunder 05
Thunder 05 2 months ago
10 Years ago today, This Shit Scared us.
RT Josyula
RT Josyula 2 months ago
Bible? Hahahhahhaha I know Islam and bible are lies...
RT Josyula
RT Josyula 2 months ago
What science infront of god?
Moh'd Bilal
Moh'd Bilal 2 months ago
best idea to make money...😂.. creating movies like this...
My Lady
My Lady 2 months ago
People.really need to read the Bible.. And trust Jesus Christ as lord and savior so they can escape the wrath to come. What is written shall come to pass. Too bad hollywood will make money off stuff like this and not tell the truth about whats to come and how people can be saved
Madhavi Zaveri
Madhavi Zaveri 2 months ago
This picture is right everything is happening in world.2012.
ETHICAL HACKER 2 months ago
whenever I watch this movie and Suddenly I remember my childhood and I really miss my childhood day and At that time I was probably 10 to 11 years old By the way, who is 2019? Love from India 🇮🇳
fung fung
fung fung 3 months ago
I watched this movie like 10 times, finally I understand it: do not be a stepfather, you give everything, you safe their lifes, you die, nobody cares. Your death is just bonus for a beautiful family reunion. Same reason, do not sleep with a beautiful young wife of a rich guy.
Ram Krishna Nemani
Ram Krishna Nemani 3 months ago
Congratulations to all the survivers
:: natalie
:: natalie 3 months ago
are there any sex scenes? I just wanna know because my mom asked if I wanna watch this with her and I don’t want any sex scenes because that’s awkward ok thanks
GJ 4
GJ 4 2 months ago
No it is no sex scenes
Boyzin'h du Gráu
Boyzin'h du Gráu 3 months ago
0:48 Rio de Janeiro | Brazil 🌴😁🇧🇷🤟
sonal pandey
sonal pandey 3 months ago
Thisbwill be 2022
Germanyball • 11 years &
They thought 2012 was the end of us... 2012 was the end of depression and the year happiness started
marianelv 1201
marianelv 1201 3 months ago
In Spanish please
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