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2012 - Yellowstone Erupts: As the Yellowstone Caldera erupts, Jackson (John Cusack) and his daughter Lilly (Morgan Lily) race to get back to the airplane.
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Earth's billions of inhabitants are unaware that the planet has an expiration date. With the warnings of an American scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor), world leaders begin secret preparations for the survival of select members of society. When the global cataclysm finally occurs, failed writer Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) tries to lead his family to safety as the world starts falling apart.
TM & © Columbia Pictures (2009)
Cast: Woody Harrelson, Tom McCarthy, John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Morgan Lily
Director: Roland Emmerich
Producer: Mark Gordon
Screewriter: Harald Kloser
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Jun 9, 2017




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Comments 8 351
Joe Gonzales PH
Joe Gonzales PH 17 minutes ago
What if the whole caldera erupts in Taal Volcano. This is thrilling
Landon plays!!!
Landon plays!!! 3 hours ago
JIREN bjj 7 hours ago
Tinha tudo pra ter sido um ótimo filme, mas conseguiram fazer uma merda
ITs _Avengerboy
ITs _Avengerboy 8 hours ago
When galactus is coming from underground
Red Rose
Red Rose 10 hours ago
What an irony
Edd Gould
Edd Gould 11 hours ago
My plan; •Be the camera-man •Record •And survive
BG gamming
BG gamming 11 hours ago
Is like an automanic nuke
angela-playz CC
angela-playz CC 16 hours ago
Dad:look at me do i look scared :kid yeH 2:58
Mae-Ann Bustamante
Mae-Ann Bustamante 18 hours ago
that’s the supervolcano caldera beneath yellowstone right?
John Smith
John Smith 18 hours ago
I'm telling my kids we all survived this.
Coco Loco
Coco Loco 20 hours ago
We survived 2012, the area 51 raid and WW3. The world could throw whatever it wants at us and we will come out on top.
Giorgi Dvali
Giorgi Dvali 20 hours ago
If don't know, Soviet Union have in the list of bombing with hydrogen bomb Yellowstone, it would penetrated ground and exploded to open caldera to start volcano.... Maybe to day it is in list too, ho knows
Sebas Peimbert
Sebas Peimbert 21 hour ago
According to what I’ve read Yellowstone exploding would be worst than any atomic explosion so yeah all those people are dead this movie is full of it
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 23 hours ago
Yang cinta Allah like
Turbo blader_countryballs Poland's coke
Its more destruction when ALLL SUPER VOLCANOS Erupts !!!!!! IT WILL BE AWSOME IN SPACE
تي ي
تي ي Day ago
Yellow Stone volcano
HUAHUAHUAHUA what can I say except your DEAD NOW
2012? Wth, I was born that time
Brei Brei
Brei Brei Day ago
Directed by Michael Bay
Fish Day ago
Jadon Severson
I’m gunna tell my kids I survived 2012.
Aljon Moments
Aljon Moments 2 days ago
2020 who still alive?
Lukie Fitz
Lukie Fitz 2 days ago
And that's how earth gave birth
Bonkiru 2 days ago
the shockwave alone, from that distance still could rupture their eardrums but movie magic
Tori Isherwood
Tori Isherwood 2 days ago
"What?" 2:37
Omega Steve
Omega Steve 2 days ago
Ya thats cute that ypu think ypu can escape from the yellow dtone volcano it wpuld cause a winter storn across the world
Omega Steve
Omega Steve 2 days ago
The scary part is if this where real it would be 1000x worst and the lava isnt the thing you should be worried about the wind and sound you shpuld worry about
Don Corleone
Don Corleone 3 days ago
That eruption is cute. Not even close if it happens in reality. Yellowstone is a super volcano.
rosette singh
rosette singh 3 days ago
Did anyone else j\hear what
Some Gamer
Some Gamer 3 days ago
2:40 those sound effects sound like the earth bending sound effects from avatar the last airbender.
Hirai Momo’s Maid
Im gonna tell my future kids that I survived this
daydreamergirl03 3 days ago
Okay Yellowstone's caldera is 25 MILES WIDE. If you're that close when it blows you ain't coming back
Burton Williams
Burton Williams 3 days ago
. . when you FINALLY make that trip to Yellowstone. . and then this . . .'' well . . .s***'' . . .
ظاهر البغدادي
Marcus hungidas
Marcus hungidas 3 days ago
Do you think the “crazy guy” survived? I hope he did
Rayner exe
Rayner exe 3 days ago
nuke: I'm the strongest bomb mother nature: excuse me? I'll show you explosion
Rayner exe
Rayner exe 3 days ago
@Psychotic Childヅ the fact that you commented me in a diffrent topic makes me go boom😆😆
Psychotic Childヅ
Your profile picture is so cute!! I love jeff the killer! XD
Minecraft Platinum Fireworks Inc.
2:37 “What?” (in your left ear when using headphones lol)
adam 3 days ago
Bro... im not a extremist. But.... when allah is gonna end this world. Its gonna be 10000000x worser.
Un's Gacha
Un's Gacha 3 days ago
Movie: 2012 Also movie: *Published in 2009*
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 4 days ago
If the movie is call 2012 why is it made in 2009 ?
baby girl
baby girl 4 days ago
Z J 4 days ago
Thats so unrealistic... It wont form an explosion of fire or rings around it... its not a bomb.
Jony Rych
Jony Rych 4 days ago
The Truth from GTA: San Andreas :D :D
Ricky toriano Masicampo
Taal niloko Nila uniting unti na nabubuhay mga tala
Ricky toriano Masicampo
Balik nyu nawala sa amin
The Rainmaker
The Rainmaker 4 days ago
Its happening in Philippines right now.
BL 69
BL 69 4 days ago
alexarden aldaua
alexarden aldaua 4 days ago
its happening now in my country the philippines
JB Crump
JB Crump 4 days ago
The Yellowstone Poem. 🌋 The green was an alien hue, The air, the sky, too good to be true. Raging ravens as angry roosters, in the frosty morning sulphur smell. Another world, like silent hill, but with mountain people as happy as hell. The molten lava under the herd of horses, no one can see, There being plenty in the wrangler prince’s orgy teepee. Nature’s true youth, the springs are deadly and blue, The howling hippies, at night, so very drunk and uncouth. The rustic, as thick as lead, America’s elite resort, they said, That is, until the mountain moonshine had royally rushed my head. In the midst of beer and fire, a German trekker & beast to never tire, and an Italian princess too, a cosmic tease, I shall fly even higher. 💃
Xyithan 4 days ago
DaDdY? WhAt WaS tHaT?? Lmfao
1 subscriber No videos
2:37 what is that noise tho
Ken Russel
Ken Russel 5 days ago
I think this might be worst eruption than the real yellowstone erution
geometric art
geometric art 3 days ago
caldera is under yellowstone lake it's like 70 miles in diameter. Imagine all that exploding. This was more like 2x Mt Saint Helens.
Demi Masa
Demi Masa 5 days ago
The shockwave would have killed them instantly. And what's with the reaction, it's so boring and unrealistic. 🤦‍♂️
Dj Amerillion
Dj Amerillion 5 days ago
To those who think this won't happen at some point in time in the future you are sadly mistaken. Pray that this doesn't happen in our lifetime and yes the explosion would be far more worse than anything you could ever imagine. This eruption will be catastrophic to ALL life on this planet. Everyone around the globe will feel this volcano erupt. It will shake the ground beneath everyone when it blows. The shake will be felt in every corner of this planet at the same time. According to science and geographical radar surrounding the entire area this has happened 6 times in the past. We're about 40,000 years overdue for the next eruption.
gamemastr7 5 days ago
This is what happens when the Earth consumes 1 million pounds of Taco Bell for a year.
orlandotj1 5 days ago
Tava Patton
Tava Patton 5 days ago
These comments are comical. The real ONE.. IS JUST UP Ahead.. The PLAGUES of the Hebrew historical book, called the OLD TESTAMENT... EXODUS II🤔
Kaiser Gadia
Kaiser Gadia 5 days ago
Me watching after Taal Volcano explosion.
The Republic of Ustio.
Say what you want, I LOVED this film.
Ego Oidios
Ego Oidios 6 days ago
Taal 2020?
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