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2012 - Yellowstone Erupts: As the Yellowstone Caldera erupts, Jackson (John Cusack) and his daughter Lilly (Morgan Lily) race to get back to the airplane.
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Earth's billions of inhabitants are unaware that the planet has an expiration date. With the warnings of an American scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor), world leaders begin secret preparations for the survival of select members of society. When the global cataclysm finally occurs, failed writer Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) tries to lead his family to safety as the world starts falling apart.
TM & © Columbia Pictures (2009)
Cast: Woody Harrelson, Tom McCarthy, John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Morgan Lily
Director: Roland Emmerich
Producer: Mark Gordon
Screewriter: Harald Kloser
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Jun 9, 2017




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Comments 100
Obi-Wan-Kenobi 3 minutes ago
The movie was actually pretty interesting
Pedro Henrique R. de Oliveira
This movie was hot garbage but at least the destruction was amazing.
Corey Breiland
It would be so much louder and bigger if it does happen. I suppose it would be hard to have a realistic volcano explosion in a theater without blowing out ear drums...
Rogério Penna
gotta love how the huge chunks of rock somehow are falling just near the Motorhome as it drives what, some 50-100 km away from the explosion. I mean, no debris falling around the airplane all that time. And if it drove 50km, at 100 km/h (which would be pretty fast for those roads and off road parts), it would take at 30 minutes... so are we to believe the debris flew upward and started falling only 30 minutes later?
Nooby Fan gaming
*makes* *noices*
the miz
the miz 2 hours ago
atleast show something like supervolcano eruption
Joseph Khai
Joseph Khai 2 hours ago
The ToeCutter
The ToeCutter 2 hours ago
With how 2020 has gone this far, It wouldn’t be that big a surprise if Yellowstone finally blew its lid.
FoxDoesbuilds 2 hours ago
Movie: shockwave will be a small gust of wind Real Life: instantly kill anything in a 500km radius
Slurrie 3 hours ago
Who else got this in there recommended after the Lebanon explosion
babyrazor 3 hours ago
who knew a Winnebago could outrun a shock wave!
Kian Jahani
Kian Jahani 3 hours ago
I went to Yellowstone National Park yesterday and it did not look like this. In Yellowstone there is a lot of cars and in this clip there is only one. And Yellowstone gets a lot of tourists so where are all the other people? And where are the bisons? Where are the hotels, hot Springs, paint pots, and geysers? I went to Yellowstone and I didn't see this place. I need help! Can someone. Please tell me why?
amir riddle
amir riddle 3 hours ago
The most realistic thing about this movie is that the world governments would know about a global disaster months in advance and wouldn’t tell the public
Nobel Manaye
Nobel Manaye 3 hours ago
you know it's 2012 in the Ethiopian Calendar
Chazaking 4 hours ago
Beirut be like
kevaughn lindo
kevaughn lindo 4 hours ago
Maybe the mayans were 8 years off
hersheystaste4life 4 hours ago
1:30 MFW I forgot I left that can of ammonium nitrate in my boat down by the port.
小縷縷 5 hours ago
RUvid at August:let's recommend every explosion video.
Mason H
Mason H 6 hours ago
that shockwave woulda cut him in half
Rich Roberts
Rich Roberts 6 hours ago
Fun fact woody harrelson wasn't cast in this movie he just wandered on set during a trip and they kept filming
Aaron Larsen
Aaron Larsen 21 minute ago
Is that true?
Freakr X
Freakr X 6 hours ago
This is probably what the Red Year in Morrowind looked like.
NiIex 48 minutes ago
Ah, a Dunmer of culture I see.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 6 hours ago
Plot twist: Satan Farted
Zevac 6 hours ago
RUvid be like, "you like this right?"
AtypicalBarrettUser TV
they all died tho the ash from it would cover up the earth and food supply would be gone fast
Joshua Fleming
Joshua Fleming 7 hours ago
Most people didn’t even know about the volcano until this movie
Gta God
Gta God 7 hours ago
Who’s here after the Beirut explosion
EL BRONCE 7 hours ago
Like si vienes por el vídeo de Beirut
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 7 hours ago
Literally any animal that isn't a human or doesnt live in Africa has a bad day.
EggsMcMuffin 7 hours ago
Fun fact not everything will be destroyed but a lot will. This can happen any minute and we won’t be able to stop it. But we will know beforehand because the animals will flee they know before us
Ahmet Balat
Ahmet Balat 8 hours ago
I'm looking forward to the day the beast will explode
WerLuc 7 hours ago
Samara 8 hours ago
Thank you youtube for putting any catastrophe in my timeline. Gotta say though I liked watching this movie. John Cusack is a cool actor
AnzhuX 10 hours ago
shockwave was trash
The Abyss
The Abyss 10 hours ago
Guys only 4 1/2 months such thing can't hap- 2021: May I present myself And what is gonna happen with the pyroclastic Cloud of ash and air comming right at them
Sandhani Sk
Sandhani Sk 10 hours ago
What a what a scene wow amazing mind blowing
Acchu Shetty
Acchu Shetty 10 hours ago
Super movie
Sebiux_0911 roblox
Sebiux_0911 roblox 10 hours ago
2:34 me thinking 2020 ends good
Russel Studios
Russel Studios 10 hours ago
The Beirut explosion debunks how unrealistic this scene is. Far from reality, that shockwave tickles those watching at that close range, like a sea breeze or something.
Andrew Petik
Andrew Petik 11 hours ago
This was THE DUMBEST movie I ever had the grievous misfortune of ever spending money on. The timing of 'escapes' are far fetched to the point of ludicrous. Suspend disbelief?!? You bet!! And then some
JEIWILBER 11 hours ago
YOu cant escape that blast with a bus ! Not even a plane can...
Stacy Nason
Stacy Nason 12 hours ago
Credit to the camera man survived this
VîVî Aztèk
VîVî Aztèk 12 hours ago
at 2.18 , i wish i didnt see what i saw
SaphireRBLXGaming 12 hours ago
Hiroshima and Nagasaki in a nutshell
999 Juice Wrld
999 Juice Wrld 12 hours ago
Charlie: I wish you could see what im seeing people Me: Seeing a hippie asscrack🤮
Angel Javier
Angel Javier 12 hours ago
1:35 when the fat kid farts
San Abhignu
San Abhignu 13 hours ago
This movie should have been named 2020 rather than 2012
Don't Mind If I Do
Don't Mind If I Do 13 hours ago
How loud is that explosion to not hurt there eardrums?
Potato from the potato verse
They got the movie name wrong it was sopost to be 2020
TeenyNutria5135 13 hours ago
0:27 why they didnt just take the dirtbike so that they can travel faster
Ben Sisko
Ben Sisko 14 hours ago
I love this movie, but just as was pointed out the Shockwave AND pyroclastic flow would have destroyed that plane and everyone in it. I mean, this isn't just a volcano, is a SUPERVOLCANO.
Diaz Dew
Diaz Dew 14 hours ago
No one has predicted corona virus. So don't believe human beings they can only predict day and night.
Liam Gasser
Liam Gasser 14 hours ago
2:19...crack bigger than the San Andreas fault
What am I doing with my life studios Railfan
Yellowstone when somebody drops a bomb inside of it : Are you ready to meat Jesus?
KingOfNothing 16 hours ago
So...that’s what’s about to make us all bites za dust
AltF4Gaming 17 hours ago
Thanks RUvid for recommending this to me under every single video of the Beirut explosion ^^
Uteopia 17 hours ago
2020 to-do list
subcribe and you get a diamond
History will repeat itself Mark my words.
Edwin Tsang
Edwin Tsang 18 hours ago
Nothing beats the YT algorithm's sense of humour
Zack Zallie
Zack Zallie 18 hours ago
Fans: The shockwave could've killed the family! Director: *haha breez goes brrrr*
Parth Verma
Parth Verma 19 hours ago
The fact that he didn’t take that motorcycle that was there
Rix Morales
Rix Morales 20 hours ago
An explosion that big and the vehicle didn't even rocked from the shockwave?
kurtyuri rebano
kurtyuri rebano 21 hour ago
2012 2021 Maybe the numbers had been rearrange
Old, bald fat man
Old, bald fat man 22 hours ago
August 9, 2020----Gotta wonder....was that motorhome a Winnebago?
kurgan 22 hours ago
Me after nofap November
Just some seastar out of water
The "September 2020" trailer is looking good
Chop 22 hours ago
Wow, the trailer for 2021 looks really nice. You guys better knock on wood.
TheSpitfire 23 hours ago
*to make you a bit scared, Yellowstone is overdue to erupt..*
Jiroh Pueyo
Jiroh Pueyo Day ago
2012 in supervolcano yellowstone caldera its first up magma earth cruse magma pipeline its time run
harry Day ago
The fact that this could happen right now as I type this comment is terrifying.
Ashish Tewari
He just ignored the bike
{• cradle •}
I wouldn't be surprised if this happend
We don’t know when it is going to happen and Supper volcano will not explode the United States there is gisers to help from explode
Thorish Day ago
This movie made me facepalm so hard, I need 3 people to help me pull my hand off my head to break the suction.
Willubhave Five
2020 Coronavirus, Beruit Lebanon explosion... Looking into the Georgia guidestones for clues...maintain population at 500 million... 911 had clues... Las Vegas massacre had clues... as well as many others... clues were in the Simpsons, Family Guy and in Movies As Indepence Day would say..."We are being exterminated" ..................NWO.................
Abdullah Mohamed
If it actually erupts, it would destroy everything in a 800 km radius
ACC C Day ago
Game over 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️2030
Zekey Huang
Zekey Huang Day ago
This is the one movie scene where the vehicle starts on the first key insertion
ً Day ago
looks like Lebanon
Nicholas Cruz
yellowstone erupts: my computer on 2 FPS: :(
Ombric Shalazar
2020 be like
HuskyArts •
Welp 2020 BRING IT ON
Apex Shift
Apex Shift Day ago
2020 entered the chatroom. 2020: hold my beer
Simp Destroyer
Still thinking is one of the coolest effect on film
Robert Botello
I’m here from 2020 explosion in Lebanon
Tato Molina
Tato Molina Day ago
Kid: "Daddy what was that!?" 2009: ur worst nightmare did that
Cristiano Rocha
If this happen we are in 2020
Mario moreno lara
esa honda de choque es un pedo
Loki Vato
Loki Vato Day ago
I really hated the kids on this movie. Not as badly as the kids from War of the Worlds
Nicolas Andersson
the most unrealistic yellowstone eruption scene in a movie ever
Daniel Santos
JayyIsMyName Day ago
I Swear The Camera Man Be Surviving The Worst Disasters In This Universe, Give Him Props ✊🏼
Raul Alexandru Bota
After seeing the power of the blast from the explosion in Beirut this should've kill them all.
MVE Day ago
RIP Beirut
Cardin of Milk
That one man thats on cocaine *BRING IT ON* *dies*
Andrea Romanelli
Pandorra a Passo di UOMO!!!
Andrea Romanelli
Why wild Abruzzo 6 April 2009 Earthquake and Amatrice 2016!!! The Legend is here!!!
Niranjan Day ago
Just imagine if this happens in December 2020. 😲
Ihtisham Khan
2 :36 now i am satisfied
enrique de leon
Run forest run
IQBlinkz Day ago
This was only the trailer for 2020…
I have a small dick, but
Eww a fortnite kid
yo.axstro Day ago
RUvid: let’s recommend this after the Beirut explosion
p. f.
p. f. 4 hours ago
and after the explosion of the volcano in Indonesia, and after the explosion of the gas station in Russia. Amazing, *can't wait for part 4: the yellowish rock.*
Nisheel34 7 hours ago
It got recommended to me after I watched the Beirut explosion!
aeniur 7 hours ago
Im tired of seeing the same comment in every disaster video
Ruben Plays
Ruben Plays 8 hours ago
IcY CoMbOS 16 hours ago
This video actually searched me
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