2001 NBA Finals Lakers vs 76ers - Game 5

Fletcher Thomas
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June 13, 2001: LA Lakers 108 @ Philadelphia 76ers 96


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Sep 1, 2018




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Lucy Aklar
Lucy Aklar 5 days ago
"I don't get five championships here without him." - Kobe comment on MJ in the last dance documentary 🐐
Elizabeth 7 days ago
2:04:18 Worst commentating ever. Doug Collins should have been fired on the spot.
B3r To
B3r To 9 days ago
So many fouls man. ✌
Bermy Kingz
Bermy Kingz 11 days ago
I miss these basketball times!
Esther Essel
Esther Essel 15 days ago
Im miss Kobe
Abdullah Yusuf
Abdullah Yusuf 19 days ago
Crazy how different the game is. Imagine PJ tucker guarding Shaq and Covington on Grant
Alvaro Bello
Alvaro Bello 20 days ago
giving up down 9 with more than 30 s in the clock?? TGrady does not approve this BS...
Plain Simple
Plain Simple 21 day ago
I just wish Kobe Bryant could have been on that team without Shaq because I wanted to see how far Kobe could take a team at an early age... I think he would have been in the same situation as Iverson but probably would have taken him more time to get to the NBA Finals because the West was tougher then... Shaq was in the way but I wish Shaq could have kept himself in better shape... those snacks get you every time.
captbuckets21 21 day ago
Fisher's shot was wet this series.
ericradford2142 22 days ago
Didn’t know Kevin Johnson worked at NBC for a year.
Bea Dangerous
Bea Dangerous 23 days ago
Kobe. 😢❤
Ng Zhi Xian
Ng Zhi Xian 23 days ago
Can’t get these games in nba anymore. Fans are so pumped up back then and teams are evenly matched
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 23 days ago
1:14:00 and 1:24:12 the NBA needs to allow these horns back for playoff games, specifically NBA Finals games
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 23 days ago
11:06 that crowd tho 18:14 look at this play! 20:32 29:04 56:33 you KNOW the crowd is fully electric/into the game when they start their own "DEFENSE" chant 1:01:10 KOBE 1:07:58
it's mr fire
it's mr fire 25 days ago
This is legendary game all the legends kobe shaq ai fisher grant mutombo
Big Mike
Big Mike 25 days ago
We all know Kobe was the MVP in 2001, he destroyed Duncan and the Spurs to get the Lakers to the finals. He then averaged 26 a game in the finals and played stellar defense.
Maurice Fuqua
Maurice Fuqua 26 days ago
Rip kobe
Prakhar Vaish
Prakhar Vaish 27 days ago
I feel for Iverson man. :'( What a legendary performance!
Ronald M
Ronald M 28 days ago
It was a fantastic run by the sixers which had to come to an end
Benson Cledanor
Benson Cledanor 28 days ago
who else fell asleep and woke up to this
Joshua Ramirez
Joshua Ramirez 29 days ago
Who's watching cause lockdown?
Ronald M
Ronald M Month ago
Shaq definitely the mvp of this finals..his offense is better then dikembe defense
Robert Lawson Jr.
Sixers never should've traded Larry Hughes, Toni Kuckoc, and Theo Ratliff. Hughes and Ratliff allowed the Sixers to push the pace, Kuckoc gave them a solid all-around player who could shoot, rebound, pass, post-up, and defend.
Robert Lawson Jr.
When basketball was basketball. Iconic players, coaches, and defense!
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Month ago
58:25 Fisher did nothing wrong
Anomie Mnemonical
28:00 is all you need to know about AI's supporting cast.
George Turner
George Turner Month ago
And I Bet she was jealous of his daughter he spent his Time with!!! But: Thats the evil hollywood family. CheckInToIt. CheckYourReSearch and SEE what you Stumbled Across.
George Turner
George Turner Month ago
I wonder if Kobe's wife set up his demise!!! She knows him better than any person, plus she under contract. How else would the pink girl know what him UnLess... SMH. Being Rich in Money Is COSTLY!!! She has No SOUL. Its Owned by satan. satans goat. Wicked females
randy williams
randy williams Month ago
The glory days
広瀬。 Month ago
Justin Jenks
Justin Jenks Month ago
Even to this day,Iverson may deserve a ring more than any other player in the history of the NBA
Justin Jenks
Justin Jenks 19 days ago
Javian Johnson Hey man with all this crap going on its the least we can do is just get along during these times. 🤣
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 19 days ago
@Justin Jenks What a very wholesome disagreement 🙏🏾
Justin Jenks
Justin Jenks 20 days ago
Ben Kova Lol, alright man, I’ll take your word for it, take care.
Ben Kova
Ben Kova 20 days ago
@Justin Jenks Iverson was an ecstatically stunning player to watch. Do your research on Barkley, Justin. It's easy to see why he's the greatest player to never win a ring. Take care guys, hope all is well.
Justin Jenks
Justin Jenks 20 days ago
Idk guys, it is debatable, Iverson serious still deserves it a lot.
HOF Clickbait
HOF Clickbait Month ago
If you wanna see why AI never won a championship just go to 27:59
TheLegendkiller Month ago
Raúl Gomez
Raúl Gomez Month ago
Kobe el más grande!!!!!!!!
JesseiferAH Month ago
i can’t afford a cheeseburger either don’t worry
V750 Month ago
When you support Lakers but Allen Iverson is your favorite NBA player of all time 😭😭😭 i feel bad for A.I he deserved to win a championship but when it comes to my team ofc Im gonna support them
Devin Jordan Hall
Even if you're not a Laker fan this is beautiful to watch. Kobe winning the championship in his home town. 🏆
Robby Delima
Robby Delima Month ago
2020 and I still watched the old NBA.
Dalvin Evans
Dalvin Evans Month ago
Bro they’re playing hard as hell. That first quarter looked like the fourth. You don’t see that nowadays.
Dying Star
Dying Star Month ago
I really wish AI would have been able to win a championship
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres Month ago
Everytime i see the Lakers roster from 2000-2004 is amazing they didn't have at least 5 rings
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres Month ago
fuck yeahhhh
Sinqua Moore
Sinqua Moore Month ago
Here jus 2 c Mamba miss u rih Kobe Gigi
Awakened Bear
Awakened Bear Month ago
That alley oop with 7 seconds left was cold... Run the clock out with some class...
DetroitLove4U Month ago
76ers should have never switched their uniforms from the 80's Dr. J days.
#JulioJones 11
#JulioJones 11 Month ago
Kobe, Iverson, Shaq, Dikembe - Just an era of Basketball filled with legends :(
Mr Davs
Mr Davs Month ago
My Lakers were about to win their 17th championship until stupid covid19 virus came around. lol
Lakers were getting all the calls bro
Hurd1199 Gold
Hurd1199 Gold Month ago
Man without shaq lakers not winning the west. Man was a beast.
Hurd1199 Gold
Hurd1199 Gold Month ago
Shaq was the best player during that period...period
drlee2 Month ago
Phil Jackson racking up championships like it was just a regular day at the office.
Tom Delay Beats
Tom Delay Beats Month ago
Marv > Breen
Tom Delay Beats
Tom Delay Beats Month ago
MJ should take note about how the 6ers walked off without congratulating the Lakers and Kobe and Shaq didn't give AI the silent treatment for the rest of their lives
Nathan O’Dwyer
I was 19 when I watched this Series live. Rewatching it at 38 & so much has changed. Why the NBA did the post game presentation in the locker room I’ll never understand. It’s an anti-climax. Shaq just bodying anyone that tried to defend him, Fish drilling clutch 3’s, Iverson carrying his team, Fox showing glimpses of his prime & Kobe.....RIP Mamba. 🤙
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill Month ago
Yes, there's always been bad calls.
It's insane AI was able to take Gm 1 in this Finals, and I'm a Lakers diehard. Mad respect AI 📠💯💯
tom brad
tom brad Month ago
Shaquille O'Neal always got a way with bullying style play in the post mutombo was playing defense how the hell could the shaq be allowed to force he way to the basket with illegal body contact? The nba refs kept a player like Darrell Dawkins in foul trouble his entire nba career anytime he used his body in the same fashion such hyprocrxy the shaq was more hype then he was a skillful player the biggest player on the dam court is suppose to be and impact.not get help from the refs.look at all the calls Iverson the smallest player on the court. was never getting. such Bs.
johnathan willan
Feel bad for AI ....godamn
Dylan N
Dylan N Month ago
dude the sixers were soo good lol
Fisher's cold blooded nail in the coffin 3... damn
Erick Arciniega
Erick Arciniega Month ago
Kobe Vs Allen
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Month ago
I've seen lot of great NBA talent player, like Kobe, LeBron, Shaquille, Magic, Charles, Karl, ect . . . but nobody like Michael Jordan. I've seen few videos of each and everyone if this amazing guys but it only only last me 1 minute of Michael see convinces me how great NBA player this guy was . . .
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny Month ago
oh my!
1:32:33 lmaooo T lue hype af AI got called for the offensive
KingGeorge24 Month ago
What's the name of that song that plays right before tipoff? It starts about 10:15. It's faint but you can just hear it in the background.
Eric dollars
Eric dollars Month ago
You notice Kobe ran off when shaq received finals mvp lmao😂😂😂
Carlos Michel
Carlos Michel Month ago
Actually, it was June 15, 2001. Not the 13th.
Jake Stine
Jake Stine Month ago
That game started just like so many others of that page in the Iverson era: with the refs letting someone mug Iverson as if he were a nobody walking down a dark alley. The refs really had it out for Iverson. He got called for 3-step travels that no one else gets called for. He got called for palming the ball that no one gets called for. And then guys would just whack him across the face with a clear reach-in foul motion and... nothing. ... and he still managed to carry about 650lbs of NBA baggage into the finals. Just think about that.
Jake Stine
Jake Stine Month ago
16:10 Iverson whistled for a clean swipe that even O'Neal is walking around like "what? why did the play stop?" because clearly he got all ball. Seriously, I watched most of that 99-2000 season, and this was how refs called half the games. Meanwhile some joker like Charles Oakley would do every dirty move in the book, and then flop across the floor when someone got near him and refs would call it a charging foul. Man the refs were so bad during that era.
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres Month ago
thanks for the awesome game 5 and all your videos man. woooooo hooooo hooooooooo LAKERS
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres Month ago
lakes bbyyy
Manuel Torres
Manuel Torres Month ago
fuck yeah
Betty Jean Stokes
Kobe, we appreciate the memories, but it would be a whole lot sweeter if you were here with us. We love you, Kobe and Gigi, we will always miss you guys nothing can compare to you. Thank you, Jesus, for Kobe Bryant, thank you for blessing him to be able to live life to its fullest. He left no stones unturned on the court. We asked for his "Hustle and He Gave Us His Heart", he left it all on the floor and for that, we will forever love him not for the games, but because he is Kobe Bean Bryant a young who has worked hard to horn his craft and he worked even worker in his business, Thank you, Lord, for blessing him to know what his purposes were and to be successful in fulfilling his dreams. For thank, I will forever be humble, for the chance to get to know Kobe Bryant thank, You for all the gifts that You have bestowed upon him. Thank You, for his parents to have raised such an intelligent son who is so humble, and respectful. Thank You, Lord, for blessing Kobe Bryant. May he always be remembered as a Legend and one of the greatest players to have ever played the game of basketball and who started to play at such as young age. R.I.P. Kobe, you will always be a Legend and the Greatest Player right along beside your mentor/brother M.J. Thank you, for carrying the torch so elegantly, and never disappointing the fans, Thank you.
All they Had to do was Keep fouling Shaq
Greg LismonJr
Greg LismonJr Month ago
Phil Jackson was one heck of a coach!
Nigel Hinds
Nigel Hinds Month ago
I remember watching this game in Miami with my uncle macky
cloudchaser07 Month ago
Robert Horry misses an open layup then later in the series he drops 27 footers like rain.
yourface 123
yourface 123 Month ago
Rick fox bugs me 😂 like dawg child out your ass wouldn’t even be remembered with out Kobe and Shaq
Stonecoldfan 3:16
Miranda Helton
Miranda Helton Month ago
Rip Kobe and gigi
T M Month ago
Terry Brown
Terry Brown Month ago
I’ve been a Lakers fan since Kareem was traded to the Lakers and Magic Johnson was drafted. Always been SHAQ Fan. I must be honest I never like Kobe Bryant. It’s kind of eerie to see him in these videos. I was mad when he ran SHAQ out of town. But I must say Whatever KOBE and SHAQ went through That man give SHAQ the Ball. Rest easy KOBE!!!
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