200+ NEW iOS 13 features / changes for iPhone!

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Hands-on with over 200 iOS 13 changes and features!
50+ iPadOS 13 features / changes for iPad!
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Jun 6, 2019




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Comments 80
9to5Mac Year ago
It's a long one, folks. Grab some tea and get comfortable. 👍🏽☕️ Did you catch all of the new features? What's your favorite? Let me know!!!
Purushan Pillay
Purushan Pillay 2 months ago
Purushan Pillay
Purushan Pillay 2 months ago
9 I'll 909 909 9 Olli
Dennis Ross
Dennis Ross 4 months ago
I don’t like dark mode. Even in the pitch black.
c o s m o d o r k可能
OH no I’m so scared
Eddie Cuecuecha
Eddie Cuecuecha 9 months ago
9to5Mac hey there I was wondering if your iPhone gets this copy and paste bar on your screen
Bruno Carla
Bruno Carla 21 day ago
Will Newcomb
Will Newcomb Month ago
Dark mode: a waste of time!!!
GoogleEyes Month ago
Excellent Tut
Benjamin Denverstone
Really wish I had an iPhone. My phone is a Nokia 3.1 Plus. But I do have an iPad so I do have an Apple product.
Rivergrrrl Month ago
I just got an eight plus and I wasn't sure if I wanted to update it but after watching your review I have to do it for photo and movie editing but especially for the external drive connection! Thank you for all of the information. (New sub)
Vincent Ferreira
Until I get picture in picture RUvid on iOS I will still not be impressed lol
Sourav Datta
Sourav Datta Month ago
Hey Jeff, thanks for the shoutout. I am from India and I am your regular viewer. I have been watching all the videos in your channel for the past 1 week continuously. Kudos to you for such awesome work.
Diamond Arrow17
Diamond Arrow17 2 months ago
Mind Blown
Jason Kott
Jason Kott 2 months ago
i've been waiting for dark mode for a while. it increases battery life on oleds, is more pleasant for my eyes, and it just looks better
SaradaCashFlowHoney Donovan
I’m Getting the IPhone 11 Pro Max in May
Denise Fann
Denise Fann 3 months ago
Ok !! Everyone says the Alexa and iPhone 8 iOS Apple is as simple as 1,2,3, to download the Blink security cameraI must be crazy or losing it cause I’ve had it 2 months and still can’t get it to work on this phone iPhone 8. I need HELP 😩 TY in Advance Denies
Forthas 3 months ago
EmilianoLule 3 months ago
Coreyanos Hobbs
Coreyanos Hobbs 3 months ago
Good,Quality video,bro! Very easy to understand and VERY INFORMATIVE! 💯🙌🏽🎯🎯🙌🏽💯
Faith Boro
Faith Boro 3 months ago
the contacts app was on the ipad for yearsssssss
Irene Valerie
Irene Valerie 3 months ago
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Irene Valerie
Irene Valerie 3 months ago
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MKR 3 months ago
Thanks for this. I'm new to ios and am learning new things every day but this was the most comprehensive breakdown I've found so far.
LLS SHAY 3 months ago
This actually helped a lot but am I the only one who was confused when he showed two different IOS devices? 😅
Neptune Vibe
Neptune Vibe 3 months ago
I use dark mode also in the daylight. Is way better and is saving a little of battery power.
Juriasu Uchiha
Juriasu Uchiha 4 months ago
I need to upgrade I still have my 6s but I haven't cracked it yet or anything
Shyho Gaming
Shyho Gaming 4 months ago
Finlay J
Finlay J 4 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:33 💚🔥💞 👇👇💛
Techonupnow 4 months ago
Good work on a video good job thanks for your hard work👍🏽
Curly Head game boy
Curly Head game boy 4 months ago
Hi I would love if y’all could get me those AirPods because I live in a very poor area thanks 😊 🙂🙃🙂😃😃
Chris P
Chris P 4 months ago
Constant WiFi issues after ios13
Deus ex machina
Deus ex machina 4 months ago
Love the shoutout to Indian viewers
ItsBattleRAP Bastadd
90% old iOS 6/7/8/9 Cydia inspired stuff
Dylan Bruhhh
Dylan Bruhhh 4 months ago
Yuck... your advertising for a scam app that wants your information....
William Roark
William Roark 5 months ago
So many changes!!! Yeah Apple!!! Nice BREAKDOWN!!!
Hann 5 months ago
Literally the best video on iOS 13 features on RUvid & I have seen 'em all. Good job, well done! 🙂👍💯
Elmond L. Richards
Elmond L. Richards 5 months ago
Give the man his likes for the time and dedication it took to do this video
AMOD 5 months ago
Love to siri from india
Rick Quest
Rick Quest 5 months ago
Do you still have to jailbreak in order to get a Weather Widget on your lock screen? And why is there no "Kill All" apps?
Pedro Quiirino
Pedro Quiirino 5 months ago
Qual o valor do iPhone 11promax
Pedro Quiirino
Pedro Quiirino 5 months ago
Qual o valor
adios plus
adios plus 5 months ago
Is he using the 11 or the 11 pro max?
Jeff Leo
Jeff Leo 5 months ago
Despite all these advances I’m still unable to automatically sort Photo albums or Safari bookmarks into alphabetical order. Would be great if Apple actually dealt with some real life basics. So much for making life easy and productive. We learn our A-Z as children but the worlds leading tech company still fails to offer consistent A-Z sorting across its apps.
Handmaiden Of the Lord
Watching this on my brand new black iPhone XR. Your voice is like heaven to me. You should consider asmr. Happy New Years folks. Jesus Christ loves you all, repent of your sins.
darko pašalić
darko pašalić 5 months ago
its been better that they remowe notch and add always on so much better
Kegan Lalone
Kegan Lalone 6 months ago
oǝpᴉʌ ǝɔᴉu ʎllɐǝɹ
odedo1 :
odedo1 : 6 months ago
How exactly do I upgrade my Apps now?
this is for rachel
this is for rachel 6 months ago
brooo you should be like a story teller or something you’re voice is so smooth
Controversy 6 months ago
iOS 13 sucks! Update means you can't connect to action cams like before.
Maurice Hobbs
Maurice Hobbs 6 months ago
I just bought the iPhone 11 Pro, I can’t lie the battery life is amazing!
PressPause 2Play
PressPause 2Play 6 months ago
I find some features are different on my newest iPad Pro 1TB edition. So I gotta figure out how to get iPad iOS THANK YOU APPLE FOR THAT....DARK MODE FOR LIIIIIIIFE!!!
PressPause 2Play
PressPause 2Play 6 months ago
✨👌🏾 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Michael Aussie
Michael Aussie 6 months ago
We need from Apple to add a PAUSE feature while recording is going on, to reduce the time consumed editing the moving or clip. Also, wish apple could add a different sound or click while snapping a photo or photos. Thank you.
Delgreeter Holm
Delgreeter Holm 7 months ago
Loved this video. I love how it was broke down piece by piece. EXCELLENT!
SlavicGirl BG
SlavicGirl BG 7 months ago
This video is amazing!
SlavicGirl BG
SlavicGirl BG 7 months ago
I will have much fun with the Indian English accent-welcom bak to mai shanel :D
scubaflimedic 7 months ago
A lot of new stuff, but who cares when this new update KILLS your battery! And the last two updates doesn't say crap about the battery issue.
jae sutt
jae sutt 7 months ago
But come on y’all, android already had most of these features. Typing via iPhone tho 😂
empty.sad.spirit 8 months ago
I love that, the language, Burmese is finally included.
Tommy Raptor
Tommy Raptor 8 months ago
Apple really needs to allow you to archive text messages, long overdue!
Lucas Vidal
Lucas Vidal 8 months ago
"The podcast app has been promoted to the first page". No wonder you got to 200.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 8 months ago
9:37 - cursor placement works also if you hold down the space bar in the keyboard and then move the cursor. Really really cool and much better than the magnifying glass in previous IOS.
Alexei Pavlov
Alexei Pavlov 8 months ago
What an atrocious sound, its hissing AF what did u do with human voice? Video is nice with all the tips though..
Wratheon 1776
Wratheon 1776 8 months ago
But Bluetooth now has PROBLEMS!
Jorge Riveros Tales
Jorge Riveros Tales 8 months ago
I love you ❤️
Blur XZ
Blur XZ 8 months ago
Is the phone shown in this video an iPhone XR?
Mike _
Mike _ 8 months ago
Thanks, hands down best ios13 tips👍🏾
Kalapu Mailo 'O Taulanga
I stuffed up my sleeping schedule to watch these videos😂
انور الخطيب
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david ferguson
david ferguson 8 months ago
screen time commucation limits feature is missing share sheet is missing a iot of options in my update What Gives? Also is there a download manager in ios 13?
chickengrease 8 months ago
ok is their anyway we can turn on the time will on facetime ??
Skyd34th 9 months ago
When to change sim card? Before direct transfer or after?
Lovely Aya
Lovely Aya 9 months ago
I love Dark Mode and the Memoji!
Generic1995 type tingz
This damn update destroyed my battery on my iPhone 7 😑 I’m an uber-eats courier so I’m constantly using my phone and after the update it’s goes from +90% to 1% in 1.5 hours....this never use to happen before the update 😡
Techonupnow 9 months ago
Great job thanks for the info.
Arifin Salleh
Arifin Salleh 9 months ago
Just came here to watch this video to know what's new in iOS 13 since I'm getting my XR this Thursday! Thank you so much for this video, I really appreciate it. Subscribed!
King Eris
King Eris 9 months ago
I’m not sure how you made this video with all these new features and explanation. But I’m really impressed. Great video. Must have been a lot of work to make this video. I never thumbs up. But I will for this video.
King Eris
King Eris 9 months ago
When two people are using air pods do they have to listen to the same song
Neil Boardman
Neil Boardman 9 months ago
iOS 13, full of security issues and bugs Apple should be ashamed of another appalling releases..........
ClectaSkiMusic 9 months ago
Great video dude, very detailed thanks
bereantrb 9 months ago
9:33 Doesn't work everywhere, though as of 13.1.2. I had a very hard time trying to copy an order number from Gmail then paste it in Safari. Now that the magnifying glass is gone I couldn't see what I was doing. Once in Safari, paste wasn't working, either.
Cindy White
Cindy White 9 months ago
Very detailed and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share and explain.
CMDR TRoOP 9 months ago
Would be nice if siri can lip read sometimes she can't hear me when I have the music volume at 100%
John Green
John Green 9 months ago
Very Thorough review!
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