20 Things You Didn't Know About the 2021 Bronco!

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bit.ly/2021bronco - Order the 2021 Bronco with us! We have dug deep into the 2021 Ford Bronco to find every little feature that you may have missed!
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Jul 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Wieners McButts
Wieners McButts 3 months ago
Carlton's cameo perfectly encapsulates the Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch video from the 60s
The Long Defeat
The Long Defeat 28 days ago
hey never seen any answers yet. How do you start the new 2020+ vehicles when the key fobs dead? i know the older models had little holders for the key and secret compartments. what about the 2020 escape, explorer, edge etc etc.? thank you
technical yadav
technical yadav 5 days ago
Defender is best
Adeline Nicholas
Adeline Nicholas 5 days ago
I've got an 05 Escape fwd. Im good.
Robert Mendez
Robert Mendez 8 days ago
What I do know is this Bronco looks like the old International Harvester Scout...
Fursan*the knight
No money should be given to anyone here for cars or anything els
James Bond
James Bond 13 days ago
Show the Bronco dummy! We dont want to see you Mr. ugly dealer!
Brian Flynn
Brian Flynn 15 days ago
Well explained, send me dealer number, send it to 65boilermaker@gmail.com. That way I can order from you guys
Brian Plescovich
Brian Plescovich 15 days ago
Man you guys are great. Wish you were in florida.
Larry Man
Larry Man 16 days ago
Teach that woman to drive a standard... 👍🏼 MSRP? Who the hell pays MSRP?? Much less OVER! #suckers 😂👍🏼
jpilone 20 days ago
This was by far, the best informative video! THANK YOU!!
Movie Community College
You seem like a great dealer
Buzz James
Buzz James 28 days ago
I'm considering order from you guys and flying in and driving back to Chicago because of your no mark up. Call me crazy but I love road trips!
Town and Country TV
Awesome! We are happy to help!
xavierhernandez67 28 days ago
Update the sasquatch package has a manual now
The Long Defeat
The Long Defeat 28 days ago
hey never seen any answers yet. How do you start the new 2020+ vehicles when the key fobs dead? i know the older models had little holders for the key and secret compartments. what about the 2020 escape, explorer, edge etc etc.? thank you
Camaro world
Camaro world 29 days ago
How about if I have already one reserved can I change dealer?
mike derocco
mike derocco 29 days ago
hahahaha not even a dumb blm protester would pay 10k 20 over msrp cars overpriced as it is
mike derocco
mike derocco 29 days ago
bronco is junk in my opinion
HUTCHfromBA Month ago
I wish it could tow 5000 Lbs. I camp & fish so I need to tow.
HUTCHfromBA 7 days ago
@Prophit7 Towing and Payload Capacity When properly equipped, the Gladiator can tow an impressive 7650 pounds. Even the weakest version can pull a 4000-pound trailer.
Prophit7 11 days ago
Is that the standard weight on towing? To me its this Bronco or the Gladiator. I like to two a small trailer. Nothing crazy.
Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson Month ago
Great information and good video. I only knew one (towing capacity). Thank you
boatlakemead1 Month ago
Trumo said to boycott Goodyear tires
Andy Slager
Andy Slager Month ago
I preordered my bronco badlands about a week ago, I was able to select my package but the website doesn't have any options to put on, like select color, i also wanted to add sasquatch package and their is nothing to customize my order? any idea what's going on?
Zachary Williams
So what was Ford's reasoning for limiting the 2.7L only to mate up with the auto trans?? What about those of us that prefer manual but want a little bit of extra displacement and power?
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Month ago
I came here to learn about the Bronco not trip balls 🤪
abitoutofsorts Month ago
What version and package is at 3:23 with the white top???😍
shomemo37 Month ago
The accessory option on the see thru panel in the door: Does it have a name?
Wix 9 days ago
Its a prototype accessory but it hasn't been added to the catalogue yet. I suspect that it will be added when they figure out how to produce it, it kind of sucks that they just tease us with it but we can't order them yet.
John roberts
John roberts Month ago
All about why you should buy one with him
Cia Month ago
how do I get a 6 cylinder?
Ali Fadhli
Ali Fadhli Month ago
Hi I would like to buy a bronco thru your company , can you send it to Middle East ?... is that possible ?
Truck68 Month ago
I think Scotty Kilmer is right- - the smaller engine will wear out faster.
Capt Crunch
Capt Crunch Month ago
Rock crawler =Jeep Mall crawler/ light trails = bronco
Levitated Sound System
concise and useful info!
Bailey Simmons
Bailey Simmons Month ago
Super informational video!
Robert Youngblood
My question is why Ford has not let independent press test this vehicle and drive it themselves instead of taking some dumb dumb along for a ride who’s never been four wheeling
Eggs Chilli
Eggs Chilli Month ago
the price on this Bronco is amazing $30kCAD for the Sport and $40k for the Off-Road
Eggs Chilli
Eggs Chilli Month ago
SO MANY ACCESSORIES!!! Thats so cool
Kept outside Productions
Goodyear sucks!
Jeremy Ellis
Jeremy Ellis Month ago
Can we get free shipping ???? If we order from your dealership???
Chris M
Chris M Month ago
Wtf why no manual for the Sasquatch
Sensei Ois
Sensei Ois 2 months ago
i live in london england and i would like to order a bronco but I'm unsure about shipping coast and taxes because its not released in the uk yet i want to be the first to get one can you help me
kingmoremixman 2 months ago
I think he has the rest 7 million videos of the bronco , with no startup only from google pics and hopefully his bald head
dan r
dan r 2 months ago
Isn't the Sasquatch sorta like the Raptor version of the f-150? No manual is not only ridiculous but you can only get the manual with the smaller engine. Makes no sense! I definitely want the v6 in mine.
The Platinum Beast
The Platinum Beast 2 months ago
the bronco is sounding better and better everyday!
The94GTC 2 months ago
I would not have got a 20 F150 had I known 😢
Cody DeLong
Cody DeLong 2 months ago
Great info, very cool to know.
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones 2 months ago
F good year tires
Randy Furco
Randy Furco 2 months ago
I so wish they would relaunch a vehicle at a price most people can afford. I want a Bronco Type Vehicle with no frills like the old one.
MEGA JLU 2 months ago
Women can't drive manual transmissions ... so creative, so funny
812 Paranormal
812 Paranormal 2 months ago
Is the roof removable on every model? I can't find that information anywhere...?
Pete Month ago
Pascal Gonzalez
Pascal Gonzalez 2 months ago
why is the 7 speed manual not available with the sasquach package when the shown 2 door model WITH the sasquach package is shown in manual 7-speed transmission? Confusing...
Ufen Orum
Ufen Orum 2 months ago
Selling my jeep rubicon sport everyone. Who wants to buy it? Comment down below.
Nicholas Grandchamp
Nicholas Grandchamp 2 months ago
Here's a question since I'm gonna order the 4 door, anybody know if you can store the roof like you can with the doors?
Jeff Voigt
Jeff Voigt 2 months ago
Bad headline, he hasn't said much that I didn't know. Basically just the info on the pricing.
Preston Miller
Preston Miller 2 months ago
I’m guaranteed to get the bronco at MSRP?! Oh wow! What a deal!! Give me a break.
Mark Ferrell
Mark Ferrell 2 months ago
~~~ Great coverage on the new Bronco ~~~
David Tennyson
David Tennyson 2 months ago
No mention of gear ratios. 3.73? 4.11? 4.56? Hard core wants to know.
Town and Country TV
Town and Country TV 2 months ago
The sasquatch package comes with 4.7:1 axle ratio... Crazy!
mech24365 2 months ago
Thanks !
huy nguyen
huy nguyen 2 months ago
Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris 2 months ago
So at this point buy the base model with a 6 speed and lift it and straight axle the front end. Got it!
Abe Hernandez Sr.
Abe Hernandez Sr. 2 months ago
I would like to know if ordering from your dealership and flying in from WA if I would be able to save on the cost.
Make Nevada Great
Make Nevada Great 2 months ago
Will this have the death wobble?
Make Nevada Great
Make Nevada Great 2 months ago
What is the terms of financing?
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell 2 months ago
BRONCO.... Bucking Aewsome!
motodude Spehar
motodude Spehar 2 months ago
i pay less than msrp...........never pay msrp. they will always go lower.
Trigger xX
Trigger xX 2 months ago
Hell yeah no mark up!
Blue Duck
Blue Duck 2 months ago
Painted plastic brush guards to look like metal, and the pitiful 2 liter, 4 cylinder engine says what i already knew about ford. GARBAGE.
neoperseus 2 months ago
The hole in the door accessory is absolutely pointless.
Mackaygolf 2 months ago
It's not an anti-sway bar. It's a stabilizer bar. Very different. One is structurally rigid. The other is structurally fluid whilst rigid.
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon 2 months ago
@Joe Smith What happened, you get married??
Mackaygolf 2 months ago
The statements about the electromagnetic sway bar disconnect and reconnect on the JL are incorrect. There just needs to be an equalized state of alignment. It happens at speed, what an irresponsible portrayal by the guy making these ignorant claims.
Mr. Tangent
Mr. Tangent 2 months ago
I would gladly buy it from you guys... could you help me get financing? If so, I would definitely buy it! I have a house, and a job I’ve been at for over a decade... just need to get my FICO score up.
jokemas7er 2 months ago
Change the name of the video to: 20 things you didn’t know about TCC...
Atlantic Pacific
Atlantic Pacific 2 months ago
Will there be a Bronco pickup?
mlhm5 2 months ago
First, If Ford built this to compete with the Jeep Wrangler in the off-road segment, why the puny no torque 4cyl engine? Makes no sense and neither does the lack of a manual transmission on the larger engine. No serious off-roader or overlander would ever consider a 4cyl turbo because it adds heat, complexity, and shorter engine life. Second, the independent front axel is a non-starter with overlanders and off-roaders. You need a strong, durable, sturdy front axel that is tough, IFS is not. Third the payload for the Bronco is exactly the same as the Wrangler, Instead of 1100 lbs it needed to be 2000. Fourth, where is the oversized gas tank or dual tanks? Fifth, no air compressor as an option. Sorry, I really do not see how this competes with the Rubicon for the off roader and overlander.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 2 months ago
It's a Ford, is all I need to know. Ford has done a great jb marketing. If they only invested as much into the quality and the reliability of their products. Buying a Ford Ranger, made me buy my last two trucks from Toyota. I have 41k on this year old Tacoma. My Ranger shelled out its first transmission at 34k.
Lenin Moreno
Lenin Moreno 2 months ago
Like the feature to store the doors in the back, but then if you have luggage or other cargo, that’s not doable
Miller Lite
Miller Lite 2 months ago
I want one
abousbsas 2 months ago
You talked too much. Always try to be briefed and to the point. Thank you
healthyamerican 2 months ago
Town and Country TV why dont you call out ford for copying jeep. removable roof, removable doors, full roll-cage, four door convertible, drain-plugs in floors, and side door cutouts in the door panels, which is a jeep concept. maybe also mention the ford bronco commercial where ford claims the bronco was the worlds first suv in 1965. they overlook the fact that jeep had many vehicles out by 1965, and that toyota land cruiser, land rover defender, mahindra, and chevy suburban were out before 1965. here is a video showing the side door cutouts from 2017 from jeep, which ford has now copied ruvid.net/video/video-UrTKqFnjagE.html
bookwormgirl 2 months ago
Jeep does not allow coasting down hill, they have you needing to put on the gas! Can Bronco coast down hill!
76 2 months ago
They will have a winner with a manual in the 2.7 in a 2 door. That's the only thing to steel jeepers over to ford. Ford can't make a strong proper manual transmission. Their would be recalls out the wazoo. So true jeepers won't get what they want from ford. Wait until the v8 jeep.
foreverfixin 2 months ago
Love the new Bronco I would go with the four-door but it's not going to pull my boat at 5300 pounds I'll wait till the V8 comes out
Craig Badder
Craig Badder 2 months ago
Will cost less than f150 4 wheelers?????
Craig Badder
Craig Badder 2 months ago
Ford place haven't tell me what will be cost??????
Salpsan 2 months ago
My 2002 Toyota 4Runner has a 17 gallon tank so still not bad. And the 2 door is only 9” shorter than my 4Runner.
CJ JENSON 2 months ago
I know it sucks and is truly a pavement pounder!
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
I'm not particularly cazy about the new Bronco. I definitely don't like the doors with the holes in them that looks stupid. I definitely wouldn't want a four door version. I don't particularly care the engine and transmission options and combinations. I would like a V8 with manual transmissionwhich they don't offer. they can make V8's that get decent mileage it's been done before. and the only model I would be interested in the sasquatch. is over sixty thousand dallors which counts me out. so I'll stick with my old Bronco it's extremely reliable and more capable anyway. I suppose they will have an electric version in a year or two no thanks.
Justin 2 months ago
Which is the one at 1:43 in the middle?
MichXJdad 2 months ago
its a prototype, you can't get a REAL bronco until late 2021 according to ford, the factory making them is EMPTY HERE IN DETROIT. so none of what is being presented is reality, period.
Bendmac Manufacturing
A lot of this information is old new's
Bendmac Manufacturing
Jeep still has all the safety conveniences , like lane departure warning , forward collision warning and more . Having solid axle's or independent suspension doesn't change those feature's
Butch Terlizzi
Butch Terlizzi 2 months ago
Not bad , Just pls for the love of god . STOP with the finger quotes . After the fifth time he gets annoying
Larry 2 months ago
For how wide the track is, look how narrow the interior is. Who designed this.. wait, it was a European bus designer who used Hot Wheels cars as an inspiration!! What POS.
Geovanny Gonzalez
Geovanny Gonzalez 2 months ago
Ford Co. Is Slow theres so much money being left Hello ford. U all need to Offer The Princess Trim Pkg $499 95.no tax. AND WHAT WOULD GIVE U And half of america would get. U will Covid 19 storage/ dispenser/ sanitizer just a lil square Box with the most exciting part U would be able to hold and Carry 10 masks at one time and they will will get with that trim Pkg a fully stocked covid 19 compartment and in 50 yrs this other option am about to mention the bronco will be 40 x more valuable than the one s didnt get the trim pkg. .. The Princess Trim Pkg+++++ the Oj edition will Add $595 more for Adfinting 2 Leather Black Gloves on in the Covid 19 compartment they will come. ...
Geovanny Gonzalez
Geovanny Gonzalez 2 months ago
The only way I'll buy it if the OJ Edition Wth s 5.8 Eddie Bauer same color combo please. Just leave out the gloves
Richard Richard
Richard Richard 2 months ago
I figured out the one thing I truly needed to know. And that is this. I can't afford one. Not a nice one anyway.
Steve Van bommel
Steve Van bommel 2 months ago
god damm i hope these come to australia i will happily trade my fj cruiser
ironwill04 2 months ago
A lot of these things we didn’t know are all over the internet
Felix Christians
Felix Christians 2 months ago
Also... NO Dealer Mark Up? Good, dealers make money on kick backs anyway for volume sales
Felix Christians
Felix Christians 2 months ago
in 2022 Ford will offer the 2.7 V6 with a manual... its a sales strategy
Doc Julien
Doc Julien 2 months ago
There's probably tons of people who think the Tesla truck looks better than this. Idk anything about the specs and reliability but the people who put together the new Bronco, inside and out, and it's lineup know what the heck they're doing. Almost as if they have decades of car experience in a healthy competitive market. Then there is Tesla who still sit on their initial success and crazy fanbase.
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