20% renewable energy by 2020

European Commission
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Raising the share of renewable energy from 8.5% to 20% in the overall energy consumption is a necessary contribution to the global fight against climate change and towards better control over our energy dependence. The various uses of renewable energy are examined: electricity through wind and hydraulic energies; electricity or heat through geothermal and solar energies; electricity, heat, and biofuel coming from biomass. The EU is a world leader in the use and deployment of technologies that exploit renewable energy sources, providing over 350.000 jobs and an annual turn-over of € 30 billion.



16 янв 2008

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andej 3 года назад
we need at least 70% renewable energy.
Jas J
Jas J 4 года назад
The climate issue is invented by the club of Rome to take you /my money away from you and from me-- and more important to kill us!!! Through the CO2 (gas of life that we exhale and plants are eating it) tax we are financing our death - the NWO!
Jas J
Jas J 4 года назад
We do NOT need so called fossil fuel (fossil fuel is not made of any fissile that is another nazi zionist fascists)---- we have cold fusion and Tesla's free electricity energy. But the Nazi Zionist do NOT allow us to use the free energy!
Jas J
Jas J 4 года назад
Do you know that we dont see the Sun anymore? Nazi Zionist are spraying us so heavily that we dont see the Sun!
Elijah Saucier
Elijah Saucier 27 дней назад
* facepalms *
Jas J
Jas J 4 года назад
What a NOW criminals and mafia? First of all Nikola Tesla invented a free energy for all people on the planet! Nikola Tesla had built the electric towel with attention to lit up the whole New York for free, your mafia have destroy it. We have a cold fusion, requires a very small amount of water to drive a car. So we do not need oil at all (and by the way that is not a fissile fuel, that is a just one of you lays to make a higher prices). And we don’t need your GMO poisoned soya as a bio fuel, that is a big crime of yours as well, and your mafia that have occupied all South America. Instead of your bio fuel poisoned soya we can plant all food that we need and we can feed double of population that we have right now!!!! I repeat we can feed a double population with no problem at all!!!! But you like playing games; you took Tesla’s patents one of them is HAARP, so you make artificial earthquakes, artificial tsunami, artificial floods and droughts in Afrika. You are true enemy of the human race that hides behind a global warming etc. O by the way what’s happened to the global warming?
Jas J
Jas J 4 года назад
Why was Dr. Eugene F. Mallove killed? Because of cold fusion....you dont want people to know the true? We can drive our car on very small amount of water. We can have Tesla's free energy all around the globe! We can have all planet just for healthy organic food!! That is all possible. And we can have 20 billion people with no problem at all. And people with much better standard of living then we have now. Stop your anti-human fascist eugenic sick propaganda! The only cancer on this planet is NWO "elite"!!
Jas J
Jas J 4 года назад
CO2 -- is the life gas! No life on the planet can exist without the life gas CO2!! CO2 - > O2 + C CO2 is a plant food --- when plant has plenty of it, grows healthier bigger and needs less water. Farmer has more yield! So, the plant eats CO2 and makes the oxygen for us 02 that we inhale! And dont forget you exhale the life gas CO2! We must STOP this NWO propaganda against a human being!!
Jas J
Jas J 4 года назад
Did you know that your car can run on cold fusion with a very small quantity of water? It can perfectly well! But for some reason is forbidden by the Zionist Fascist!
Liondidy 4 года назад
From the One" who knows"
howtosavedishwasher 4 года назад
fight against climate change! with these renewable energy source.. now!
Pablo Cid
Pablo Cid 3 года назад
+howtosavedishwasher Climate CHange is not the problem, Energetic COllapse is (which woul fix climate change).
tycoon 4 года назад
*Energy Technology* *Some of the most powerful content anywhere* *digitalproduct.hol.es/?gocbp=4472* +howtosavedishwasher
bashful228 5 лет назад
Biogas is not the most important renewable energy of the future. This is ridiculous - the "bio" resource is not that large to supply all energy demand and the energy for solar panels on the same space of growing "bio" material far exceeds the embodied energy in the "bio" fuel. It's a fool's paradise.
spumigena 5 лет назад
shall be 100% renewable.
TheJustinboy123 5 лет назад
I hope by 2020 its more than 20% i hope something like 25- 30%
Richard Springer
Richard Springer 5 лет назад
That's an ambitious goal, I'd love to see it though. What are we are now in 2013?
Keith Mewes
Keith Mewes 5 лет назад
Biomass? Equals loss of agricultural land (already a problem in some countries) and deforestation (also a problem already). Every acre of land given over to growing biomass is an acre less farm land for food production. Every acre of trees chopped down to burn is an acre less of carbon sink.
MyJigarpatel 5 лет назад
what is the percentage of USA?
Miro Plachy
Miro Plachy 6 лет назад
We need geothermal with liquid salt which melts at 400 c and is stable to 1000 c can be brought up from the ground 24/7 365 with no CO2 what so ever. Water geothermal systems are grossly inefficiant the salt is 5 times more so. the secondary loops can use CO2 liquid which turns into a gas when heated to 380 K so it is perfect for driving the turbines. Extra heat can then be taken and used for desalinating water, taking the C out of CO2 and adding it gassified coal to make diesel and fertilizer.
TheDarkFenix 6 лет назад
You're absolutely right, Tidal, Wave, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, heat differentials, pressure transducers and many more could provide more than we'll ever need forever.
Elijah Saucier
Elijah Saucier 27 дней назад
except that most of the renewable energy sources are region locked
Tomáš Pán
Tomáš Pán 6 лет назад
Check out the "Renewable Energy Sources" iBook 2.0 on iBookstore. Everyone should read this e-book before discussing this topic. I believe, that the future of electric power generation is in thermo nuclear fusion reactors anyway. It's just a matter of time and people will stop discussing energy matters at all. May the force be with you!
F-zero91maru 6 лет назад
@Dimitri0809 And wat if there was
F-zero91maru 6 лет назад
24 ppl want to stay on boring gasoline
PelHeat - Pellet Mills, Presses, Machines and Plants
It will be interesting to see if this target can be met with the current economic state of all EU countries and the issues the EURO is now experiencing. Hopefully it will be seen that renewable energy infrastructure projects are a way to also help us with these economic issues.
U are correct in some ways // But ur statements and numbers dont include transportation // for example i am 30 % off grid // wind and solar at my home // but if i include my fuel for auto / i am only about 12% off the grid Thank You for your in put // GOB BLESS
ozzirt 6 лет назад
So,... because you think renewables can't supply 100% of our present usage, that we should just stick our heads in the sand and wait until we completely run out of fossil fuels, then go back to living in the stone age?
dussankm 6 лет назад
Biogas production is an excellent option to manage organic wastes in industry though
ILLUMINATI 6 лет назад
-Alternative & Renewable Energy:(Coal, Fossil Fuels, Ethanol Fuel, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal energy, Algae Fuel, Bio Fuel, Hydrogen, Biomass, Biological Hydrogen Production, Floating wind farms & Biogas digestion).
Chadwicked B
Chadwicked B 7 лет назад
back in the real world
Enzo Cerullo
Enzo Cerullo 7 лет назад
@TheSaltyAdmiral Yes but most people don't know that because of corruption in our dept based society, and they don't like free energy because the bankers won't get profit out of it..
PelHeat - Pellet Mills, Presses, Machines and Plants
While carbon reduction targets and tackling climate change are important objectives, more focus should be given to the fact that these same strategies help countries become more energy independent. As a country becomes more energy independent it can limit fuel cost increases, this will have more of a measurable impact on peoples day-to-day lives.
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith 7 лет назад
Find renewable energy jobs at Envirocruit
acsKing 7 лет назад
hello -- please i ask all green tech friends watch?v=U_KeokqQhBg and support the Qu & Ark Foundation as they need a lot of support to implement their great green tech energy solutions. Thank you!
futurenownetwork 7 лет назад
Some people don't have a clue! They hang their opinion on very little research. They here something on T.V. and it has to be true! I think renwable energy is the key to America's financial progblems, economic problems, energy problems, and unemployment problem!!! We mus start investing in the future if we want there to be one!!!
nagmashot 7 лет назад
@Thermospecialist what a silly comment...Sweden main energy supply is renewable energy (water power) 50,8% and 45% from nuclear power only 4% are fossil power (dropping since 2004)... today 64% of swedish native are against nuclear power.. pretty much "envionmentalists"
Svenni 7 лет назад
take iceland as an rolemodel it has 100% clean energy
Wollin Vingt
Wollin Vingt 7 лет назад
It would be easier and more ecological not to build this new power plants...and reduce our energy consumption! Anyway, renewable energies without a way of stocking it is unaplicable on larger scale. Notice I am not speaking of river dams (which stock energy), but they also take their share in environmental destruction, not to mention, most modern countries have already exploited their whole capacity.
Thermospecialist 7 лет назад
In 1982 Sweden decided to replace its 12 nuclear reactors with renewable energy sources by 2012 . Today still 8 reactors are in operation, a few thousands windmills deliver ca 2% of the total need, while the rest is bought from coal powered plants in Denmark. Thank you "environmentalists" - learn about entropy instead and wake up! (you can do that in my channel on RUvid).
Thermospecialist 7 лет назад
Obviously, people in general have no idea of what dimensions are involved here. Could anyone imagine that 7 billion stone-age people would burn the last tree on Earth within 15 years from burning the first one? Read more about Spaceship Earth in my channel
Thermospecialist 7 лет назад
@AtibbsSPARTAN Blue perhaps?
Adam 7 лет назад
Hydraulic energy is not green
Wyatt Salisbury
Wyatt Salisbury 7 лет назад
If Google had a black screen, taking in account the huge number of page views, according to calculations, 750 mega watts/hour per year would be saved.” In response Google created a black version of its search engine, called Blackle, with the exact same functions as the white version, but obviously with lower energy consumption: Help spread the word… use blackle(dot)com
F-zero91maru 7 лет назад
this is good love to see it wen the future comes than ppl be happy and not worry about things im ready
F-zero91maru 7 лет назад
@SuperRoss83 i sure heck like co2 to go oil too
F-zero91maru 7 лет назад
@PhilLovesThrash its gunna be 200 years its less than 20 or 30 years
meterdatamanagement 7 лет назад
we have 8 more years to go!
Ed Gladstone
Ed Gladstone 7 лет назад
Solar Panels can be used to power a magnetic motor to run a generator to create a tremendous amount of electricity for the population to use.
Salty Admiral
Salty Admiral 7 лет назад
@tuttt99 Total horseshit, we could get 100% coverage easily from renewable energy. Just a matter of time and investment. Already 18% of the global coverage is from renewable sources, and that without even trying. Some countries get most of their power from renewables, including Iceland and Paraguay (100%), Norway (98%), Brazil (86%), Austria (62%), New Zealand (65%), and Sweden (54%). Come on dude, you have the internet, use it!
Will Barrett
Will Barrett 7 лет назад
@isocrate27 Your family will not have fossil fuels unless research is put into alternative energy.
Will Barrett
Will Barrett 7 лет назад
@juscurious Fossil fuels are running out - fast. What are we going to do about it? At least people are trying to do something I suppose.
kiruba shankar
kiruba shankar 7 лет назад
why can't our country start working on this project?
coopmuch56 7 лет назад
@juscurious If we actually tapped into renewable energy, it could supply 10 earths with power. And actually there are many cities around the world that run completely on solar or wind. So I dont really know where you got the idea that businesse couldnt operate in this environment. Fossil fuels are finite, so whether you like renewables or not, we have to use them.
Aurea DaSilva
Aurea DaSilva 7 лет назад
We need a commitment not only from our government but also as part of the planet each and everyone of us has to take a step forward to recycle,reuse, turn off things when not being used and stop the over buying of un-necessary objects that will only create more waste in the end.
oshmunnies 7 лет назад
@thinkingthingsthru So...you suggest that we continue burning fossil fuels with no regard for the future? That 500% price increase that you pulled out of your ass will only be temporary, until the infrastructure to support renewables is complete. If we continue to carelessly burn the little amount of dinosaur-aged dead plants left on the planet (like we've been doing for the past century), we'll see a lot bigger problems then expensive electric bills.
Ed Gladstone
Ed Gladstone 7 лет назад
I don't think wind and solar energy is a joke. If we can connect them to a transformer or a super-conductor, then we can get a tremendous amount electricity out of them. I also don't think expense is a matter when it comes to the Health of the Earth and its People. Especially when you're the Government and iron (steel) is abundant on Earth. What is economy? Wind and Solar is to provide electricity for transportation and other things.
jesuitenquelle 7 лет назад
european union try to decrease the energy dependency on Russia and Arabs, not just because of environment.
juscurious 7 лет назад
Wind Energy and Solar Energy are a joke. They are extremely expensive, and are intermittent and unpredictably intermittent. NO ECONOMY could function competitively with wind and solar. No business could operate in an environment with these sources of energy. Wind and Solar do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for transportation. How are you going to fuel a 747 with Wind or Solar. Do you want to go back to the days of sailing ships. What a joke renewables are. Only hydro power is viable as a renewable.
lee jay Funk
lee jay Funk 8 лет назад
20% by 2020??? That is truly pathetic!!! We have had the alternative all along, just ask Henry Ford. He knew what prohibition was all about, considering how many times the feds broke his barrels of hemp biofuel. Prohibition stuck right up until the month after he gave up "growing fuel from the soil"... Its us against them, as for me I'll read Gen 1:11 and take Gods side. "On the third day, God created all green, seed bearing plants, and saw that it was good."
ThePedramN 8 лет назад
@tuttt99 hey idiot, renewable energy only supply 20-30% because government policy does not call for higher dependence on it. It can easily supply 100% if the commitment is there; ex. Denmark planning to become 50% dependent on wind energy by 2020, been at 20% for the past 5 years.
thinkingthingsthru 8 лет назад
lol This guy talks like he has a stick up his ass. Oh yeah he forgot to tell you that with renewables your electric rates will go up 500%. Of course with renewable you will have rolling blackouts and grid instability because it is just not a reliable source. Germany might be able to afford 20% renewables because they sell so many cars and machine tools worldwide plus they don't have to finance an army(thank god)
lazyperfectionist1 8 лет назад
@isocrate27 What are you going to do when the last nonrenewable source has run out?
jordanzs521 8 лет назад
i live in nova Scotia and we are going to have %40 renewable energy by 2020
Giraffa Camelopardalis
Giraffa Camelopardalis 8 лет назад
I prefer nonrenewable energy. It is my human right to choose the kind of energy that best suits my family's needs. Stop this nonsense.
Duong Nguyen
Duong Nguyen 8 лет назад
@EuroUser1 This is because of the 3 Gorges Hydro Dam which produces something like 2 TerraWatts of power a year... that alone is more than all the renewable energy produced by US and Europe combined.. (to compare it produces 20x more power than the Hoover Dam)
Plastering4u 8 лет назад
Britain needs new power stations and has pledged to generate at least 30% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020 - that's up from 7% today.
oscuradiosa 8 лет назад
Lets go 80 percent Nuclear Like France.
pablopablo221 8 лет назад
oh you europeans and ur imagination
SmashBrosBrawl 8 лет назад
by 2020, its going to be more than 20%, with new cars such as Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, that run 100% of pure electricity.
americadashi 8 лет назад
What is renewable energy source is more cheaper than coal or petro? If you can't answer this by 2020 by god be prepared for skyrocketing prices of electricity and gas.
Ms Vladinakova
Ms Vladinakova 8 лет назад
20% is a good start, but we will need a lot more then 20% we need 100% in order to save our planet and free humanity from its fossil fuel addiction.
megatwingo 8 лет назад
Interesting video!
Pewpew Verde
Pewpew Verde 8 лет назад
20% is not enough.
GaunletofDestruction 9 лет назад
@oomblikkies Very true!
GaunletofDestruction 9 лет назад
@Omega3chimp don't forget Nuclear to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Syntrolysis holds alot of promise!
GaunletofDestruction 9 лет назад
@Omega3chimp don't forget Nuclear to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Syntrolysis holds alot of promise!
GaunletofDestruction 9 лет назад
@wzupy Energy is never free, but energy companies cannot tax the wind or the sun! Unfortunatly, the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow.
GaunletofDestruction 9 лет назад
@wzupy Energy is never free, but energy companies cannot tax the wind or the sun! Unfortunatly, the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow.
GaunletofDestruction 9 лет назад
@derrick713 Once the Chinese start producing solar cells on a large scale it will become more economical for home owners.
Kamadeva01 9 лет назад
i don't know if that is true or not for the globe but in Europe it's estimated that wind power alone can provide 3x 100% of the energy needed
walter0bz 9 лет назад
only nuclear can cut it. otherwise severe population reduction is needed
walter0bz 9 лет назад
what area x time of windmills/solar-panels would it take to get a satellite into orbit...
tuttt99 9 лет назад
Energy Efficiency AT BEST will reduce our current demand by 10%. Renewables AT BEST will meet 20-30% of our current demand. That still leaves a 60-70% gap to fill. How do you propose to fill it?
PW Tan
PW Tan 9 лет назад
Yes, definitely agree! Quality of life and security definitely improves by replacing fossil fuel with renewable clean energy!
PW Tan
PW Tan 9 лет назад
Fusion energy will be the eventual solution 50 years down the road. For now, lets concentrate on replacing fossil fuel with Wind, Solar, Hydro, Nuclear, Bio-mass or other none greenhouse gas emitting energy.
Tom Walker
Tom Walker 9 лет назад
1010UK . org
Veera Perumal
Veera Perumal 9 лет назад
very good
Andrew Song
Andrew Song 9 лет назад
Guys... I know most of you wont even care about what im saying... But please think about what could happen.. Stop using so much energy and think before you doing something
DarkWizard 9 лет назад
We need more nuclear power a clean, safer energy solution
Zenon Dorin
Zenon Dorin 9 лет назад
america doesn't give a fuck like europe because their brains are full of sandwiches and fucking big cars
mortsdans 9 лет назад
i haven't noticed it getting any warmer. and if it does... who cares? nobody called the ice age a global disaster. life adapted. heres an idea: if it gets too hot for you... get air conditioning
coconut7joemanji 9 лет назад
personally i think everyone is missing the piont the only fesable way forward is nuclear fusion if we do not achieve this within the next 50 to 100 years then we are screwed. There will be no chance that the human race will ever amount to anything if this does not happen. So stop wasting you time with stupid windmills and inefficient silcon wafers there like firing bbs at a frieght train Nuclear fusion could potentially supply the earth with electricity for millions to billions of years.
boxa888 9 лет назад
hey everyone i did a real tesla wireless energy transfer! i got 20 ft wireless maybe i can get 100 ft to a mile! this is important, i am lightning up a florecent light 20 ft away at a reciever coil! please everyone spread, we got to bring teslas work back to life before its to late! wireless power is the future if we learn it and build it! we could obtain energy anywhere on the earth if we use teslas wireless energy system, EVEN IN THE DESERT!
ed021990 9 лет назад
Nuclear energy, although may not be the way to go, may on the other hand be inevitable to supporting our energy needs of tomorrow.
tuttt99 9 лет назад
we'll be lucky if we will EVER be able to supply as much as 20% of our current energy demand with "renewables". The energy available is simply not there
shion366 9 лет назад
I agree, but then again it's paying a lot for many other countries [I've heard].
namfamily2202 9 лет назад
US should start paying more attention to their friends in Europe.
darthirakli 9 лет назад
I think what we should really focus on finding and developing an alternative clean source of energy, such as the nuclear fusion reactors. If we could invest just 1% of world GPD into the research each year, we will probably have 100% renewable enerhy by 2050.
Isochest 9 лет назад
You also need to force our (UK) Government to be more proactive in supporting renewable energy. They drag their heeels in every way they can. The interests of Corporate Dinosaurs are getting in the way of renewable energy in the UK. We want Solar panels but will get Smart Meters that will allow Electricity Companies to rip us off for their dirty energy. No energy revolution in the UK; You should punish our politicians and Government for this.
Clément McGeown
Clément McGeown 9 лет назад
i'd also like it to move faster and i think that 20% in 2020 is not enough but imagine how much 20% represents: millions of tons of co2 emissions but i think this fight starts individually as well. i think that everyone should do at least one thing that could save the environment i don't mean buy 20 solar panels, that costs a hell of a fortune , i mean turn down the heat in the house and recycle and stuff what do you think ?
Ackreti 9 лет назад
Good, Europe will be the first who get rid off fossil fuels.
Ackreti 9 лет назад
"this is pathetic. only 20% in 2020? it should be more like 20% by 2012. and why is the EU only doing this" LoL, USA produces 2 times more CO2 per capita then EU. So if this is pathetic, America is two times more pathetic than that.
fireofenergy 10 лет назад
These don't need to turn the deserts into a vast dust bowl, no! And turning it into a giant black field (of PV) is obviously a no no. Using billions of post driven COOL mirrors (without the need to bulldoze) is the final solution to UNLIMITED SOLAR thermal power with heat storage. The Sterling Energy System's proven concept does not store heat BUT is twice as efficient! Maybe bat's or H2 could then be cost effective means? CSP (however designed) provides more jobs than oil and nuclear!
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