20-Pound Gummy Turkey (An entire GUMMY and CANDY FEAST!)

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To celebrate Thanksgiving at Vat19, we prepared an epic Candy Feast featuring a 20-Pound Gummy Turkey, Gravy Bubbles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffing, Gummy Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie Soda, and much more!
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Comments 80
Korin Howland
Korin Howland 18 minutes ago
The sweet potato casserole with marshmallows looks and sounds really gross
《Alixa Marei》
《Alixa Marei》 2 hours ago
Remember wat hing this in grade 3 now its beem 3 years and im gonna be year 7 now amazing on how i loved them aomce im litlle
Crafts Girl
Crafts Girl 6 hours ago
Uhhhhhh, my mouth is watering I WANT GUMMY!!!!!!!!!! And why is everybody talking about diabetes, no candy?
Kahng Dj
Kahng Dj 10 hours ago
After eating this thanks giving your weight will turn to 100 kilo
Alex Galkin
Alex Galkin 12 hours ago
Alex Galkin
Alex Galkin 12 hours ago
Yes Kara is a chef
Alex Galkin
Alex Galkin 12 hours ago
Yea Kara is a chef
Harper Cleveland
Harper Cleveland 19 hours ago
How they say caramel is so annoying
Woomyand Veemo
Yeah, but..... I'm not THAT into sweets.....
After this I have to see a doctor and how much is my blood sugar
M Tenmatay
M Tenmatay Day ago
Happy thanksgiving bitch
Renee Alexandra :3
Willy Wonka thanksgiving be like:
FastBreak383 2 days ago
I want these.
Jonathan Schneider
These people ate 38,224 calories
ailatoivay 3 days ago
diabetes- it’s free real estate
ti dauben
ti dauben 4 days ago
First thing I said when seeing this Diabetes
gacha ghost studios
Mmmm diabetes
Jaina Lee
Jaina Lee 5 days ago
0:36 I͢ t͢h͢o͢u͢g͢h͢t͢ i͢t͢ w͢a͢s͢ c͢a͢l͢l͢e͢d͢ j͢u͢s͢t͢ m͢a͢rs͢h͢m͢a͢l͢l͢o͢w͢ c͢e͢re͢a͢l͢ n͢o͢t͢ j͢u͢s͢t͢ c͢e͢re͢a͢l͢ m͢a͢rs͢h͢m͢a͢l͢l͢o͢w͢
Gefi Energy
Gefi Energy 5 days ago
Stay Stray kids
Stay Stray kids 6 days ago
Diabetes is like “ why hello there🙂”
Shaun Park
Shaun Park 6 days ago
Vat19: eat 10 million caloroes Diabetes: am I a joke to you?
Ísar Máni Gíslason
Want some thicc shit join vat19
meo meo
meo meo 8 days ago
*pass me the bubble please*
Alexis Marie Avanceña
All of the vat19 family will be very fat for all of this sugar
Kim Martin
Kim Martin 8 days ago
i like to take every thing that they made and see what is supposed to be in candy form
Niket & Nilay TV
Niket & Nilay TV 8 days ago
I think it's a crime to make someone hungry
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez 8 days ago
Then you make a gummy turkey for sale only on Thanksgiving
Hayden Garey
Hayden Garey 8 days ago
Wow no mashed potatoes, that triggered me.
christa staton
christa staton 9 days ago
um that was awsome
k a i g u y
k a i g u y 9 days ago
HippityHop 9 days ago
Chicken jello
Jetika Shurdhiqi
Jetika Shurdhiqi 9 days ago
I just wanna know how none of you guys don’t have diabetes like 25,695 calories in a gummy turkey IM AMAZED
Blooming Daisy
Blooming Daisy 9 days ago
*Vegetarian has joined the chat* *Diabetes has joined the chat* *VAT19 has joined the chat* *A working digestive system has left the chat*
❰❰Elijah The Jijah❰❰
my kinda thanksgiving
Keith Pedro
Keith Pedro 10 days ago
I did some research and adults need to take atleast 36 grams of sugar to get diabetes so uh i did some calculating and they ate about 10,363 grams of sugar so they might have diabetes
Wolftime TroyerChannel
What are all we thankful for Everyone at the table: CANDY AND GUMMIES
Haurichard Vo
Haurichard Vo 10 days ago
*Diabetes at its finest*
S1BALLERS _69 10 days ago
It’s so weird seeing Joey with a beard
Katie Dollar
Katie Dollar 11 days ago
Dang look at Joey's beard
PRO Kid 11 days ago
Why don’t you guys make a gummy cake of these flavours caramel apple, red velvet,black forest and white chocolate raspberry
Egg Number 1
Egg Number 1 11 days ago
Getting diabetes. Speedrun (Glitches)
Luke Newman
Luke Newman 11 days ago
Do t be mean my sister has type 1 diabetes
Nothing And Nothing
How to get diabetes type two 101: (I'm not hating I actually like their vids lol)
Ysakoreene Garcia
Ysakoreene Garcia 11 days ago
I combine alll the calorise is 764.549
Prenesss Lilboiuo
Prenesss Lilboiuo 11 days ago
Me: ohh I’ll just go to the website to look! My band account: *am I a fucking joke to you?*
AsianbeanButHuman 12 days ago
whats the song when they make the food?
Tamamo-no-Mae Best waifu
Vat19 what’s your favourite food Oh it’s gummy
Rayen Ramirez
Rayen Ramirez 12 days ago
I showed my mom this video and she said they definitely have diabetes
Jomel Agustin
Jomel Agustin 12 days ago
I wish i could eat there
Lovely Rose
Lovely Rose 12 days ago
Yuh diabetes
Grape Juice
Grape Juice 12 days ago
Jamie working out: dang we getting these muscles! Jamie: eats super high calorie food “Jamie’s muscles have left the chat”
BananaBuns 13 days ago
their blood is now made of sugar, and their hearts are slowed down by 89%
TTV DOOMIER 13 days ago
diet has left the chat
_taenosaur 13 days ago
I got to get this out. car•mull ca•ru•mel
Hung Lu Ming Hung
Hung Lu Ming Hung 13 days ago
I wish i can eat that edible bubbles.
Lil Geers 27
Lil Geers 27 13 days ago
Person: I make the best turkey Vat19: Hold my das beer boot
Jackielyn Playzx
Jackielyn Playzx 13 days ago
The gummy turkey looks so dirty coz the staff room is so messy
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson 13 days ago
This makes my teeth hurt
Tiffany Lin
Tiffany Lin 14 days ago
How they so skinny?
Evangeline Chung
Evangeline Chung 14 days ago
I love turkey and I love gummy so this is awesome yayayayayayayayayayayay
Yanica Farrugia
Yanica Farrugia 14 days ago
Can you make a gummy ice Cream
Shi Yui
Shi Yui 14 days ago
Hey definitely not related to this video but can I come to your house for thanks giving remember “definitely” “not” related to video
[MultiTopix] Penguin King
*No Killing Involved*
Raymond Wang
Raymond Wang 14 days ago
here’s lies the Vat19 crew’s teeth. Killed by excessive sugar
Bushra Shailk
Bushra Shailk 14 days ago
Bushra Shailk
Bushra Shailk 14 days ago
🍗Turkey, 🤗🍭🍭pie lollipop and etc
Bushra Shailk
Bushra Shailk 14 days ago
And also pie lollipop 😉
My Channel
My Channel 14 days ago
I get diabetes just looking at this
Demand Eres
Demand Eres 14 days ago
Your making me hungry on you Coronavirus quarantine
Dawid 7899
Dawid 7899 15 days ago
*insulin production has left the chat
Evangeline Chung
Evangeline Chung 15 days ago
If you made a giant gummy turkey then you may as well make a mini one
Kamado Nezuko Chan
Kamado Nezuko Chan 15 days ago
When you trynna have diabetes
Zade Khaled
Zade Khaled 15 days ago
Diabetes: I’m about to end this whole mans career
An Alpaca
An Alpaca 15 days ago
2:01 did u know Haribo gummies were first made in Germany
Rainadinda Maika2
Rainadinda Maika2 15 days ago
Do you guys say carmel or ceremel
Patrick Tilsley
Patrick Tilsley 15 days ago
Virgo Draws
Virgo Draws 15 days ago
We all want to have there stuff But we forget that they have a website
underscore 16 days ago
Me: asks my friend about diabetes Them: Sends back the link to this video
Neil Macartney
Neil Macartney 16 days ago
This video reminds me of Mr beast who ever gets diabetes first wins $10,000
Jonathan Nerz
Jonathan Nerz 16 days ago
Is anyone else mildly annoyed that they played Vivaldi’s “Spring” for the opening shot when “Autumn” would have fit so much better?
Rap1dXD 16 days ago
What about the camera man
Noob Squareplayz
Noob Squareplayz 16 days ago
Danny was close i think he ment Thanksgiving instead of gunmmy
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