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Jan 26, 2019




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Meme Meme
Meme Meme 23 hours ago
ppl saying I clicked for the booty but I clicked because I did something pretty cringe today ;-; Also how was the dancing one embarrassing doe?
Tosha Washington
I feel bad for that coach that got hit
Mardie Nicholas
Mardie Nicholas 5 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue you clicked the video cuz of the booty too
Isaac Riah
Isaac Riah 7 days ago
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LisaisHere 7 days ago
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dylan storm trooper der
sounds like how poop is made?
Sweet Jones III
Sweet Jones III 16 days ago
4:49 im glad this dumb bitch got ran over. Smh dumb bitches. How hard is it to pay attention ?
Snow ranger Call of Duty
CLICKBAIT sir I want that thicc booty not some “falling and poopy pants” shit
Pat Pat
Pat Pat 23 days ago
What is the name of the cover girl?
Marquita Morehead
Marquita Morehead 25 days ago
Depopa 25 days ago
why would u wear a wig when you would be running haha
Best Fails Ever
Best Fails Ever 25 days ago
Death Row
Death Row Month ago
8:17 Hahahahah the goalkeeper was complete lost 😂😂😂😂😂 how he hits the air
Leslie Ashay
Leslie Ashay Month ago
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Mirjeta Gostonj
Mirjeta Gostonj Month ago
shuu Month ago
Search for ' "No Gravity". Amazing Trampoline Gymnastics skills! ' on youtube. @2:16 in the video youll find what you came here to see.
Jacob Gonzalez
Jacob Gonzalez Month ago
I came for the ass
Wrathful Salt
Wrathful Salt Month ago
subashKing chandrabose
6.09 name of this fighter
『Afiri 』
『Afiri 』 Month ago
1:27 *I would be extremely embarrassed* 6:38 Ouch.
iskorak ka vrhu
iskorak ka vrhu Month ago
1:48 he thought that his team scored a goal in the previous attack, but it wasn't and he didn't noticed so he went to celebrate and drink water
Khalifa official
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Fat Foley
Fat Foley Month ago
What up
chhung ming
chhung ming Month ago
Dude it made me laugh so hard
Sergey Cherepanov
great video
maka3230 Month ago
The judge who punches the martial art fighters should go to jail or get seriously charged.....
Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger Month ago
Who is the girl at the beginning?
Xenia Month ago
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Pickle_Potter Month ago
*7:23* *This Dude be Trippin*
Shiela Lubi
Shiela Lubi Month ago
I like the booty part and the frist
Teddy J
Teddy J Month ago
That's not embarrassing though I would like to say that's pretty awesome. Just my thoughts
Mae Auditore
Mae Auditore 2 months ago
Love the referee who punched and kick those two on the face
TGDSHARK 2 months ago
8:43 ooooh yeeaah. 😝
DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention
Don't care much for the thumbnail when you get to see this amazing moment 0:55 lol and this 1:08
Hamza MH
Hamza MH 2 months ago
Raquel pinto, thank me later
Top 10 Sports
Top 10 Sports 2 months ago
watch my sports videos on my channel!
DD XX 2 months ago
Devvyn Schultz
Devvyn Schultz 2 months ago
Lol that is sooo stupid lol
Yummy Thanmon
Yummy Thanmon 2 months ago
When I was trying to get my paper during school and the kid behind me accidentally blew in the back of my neck.
Bunny 2 months ago
Only the shittest of guys will purposely aim for the balls
Son Monami
Son Monami 2 months ago
TRAFFICJAM 2 months ago
Ref should call a technical foul
Dom Dom
Dom Dom 2 months ago
5:50 so fake
Aubre Glosson
Aubre Glosson 2 months ago
The one with the blond hair
DavidPump DavedKing
DavidPump DavedKing 3 months ago
At 8:56 its not embarrassing it hilarious😂😂😂
Kassy Volatsakas
Kassy Volatsakas 3 months ago
1:06 looks like his nose is broken
Clueless Fred
Clueless Fred 3 months ago
Half of these weren’t even embarrassing
Jack the Bike Hack
Jack the Bike Hack 3 months ago
I hate you
ArtJoy Andan
ArtJoy Andan 3 months ago
I’m still thinking about the Nono zone
Thick eyebrows Cat
Thick eyebrows Cat 3 months ago
The 0:58 moment is like when kirishima and tetsutetsu fought
John Andre Bremseth
John Andre Bremseth 3 months ago
Omg a booty 🤯
Epic Gaming scenes
Epic Gaming scenes 3 months ago
5:28 😂😂😂 how?
gab vlogs
gab vlogs 3 months ago
7:20 is that frozone
Aggermor 3 months ago
Repeating a clip more than a few times then slowing it down to make the video exactly 10 mins for advertising benefits, in video is inhumane.
Jamie Bullock
Jamie Bullock 3 months ago
5:36 pretty sure they're filming a movie or something
Dariel Aquino
Dariel Aquino 4 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-R4XxyXW_Yuk.html there are Philippines version too😂 pink nipples lmao
Lukas Ceru
Lukas Ceru 4 months ago
Clickbait thumbnail
Maximus Halim
Maximus Halim 4 months ago
5:02 whoever smashed (literally) into the girl took his shot and won
MaShEd PoTaEtoEs
MaShEd PoTaEtoEs 4 months ago
You wanna talk about embarrassing moments? I was at a young girls church camp thing once and the speaker was talking about our relationship with God and such (cuz it’s a Christian camp obviously) and she was all into the speech and stuff and went something like “you should feel proud to call him your Daddy” (Christians often refer to God as our father) You wanna know what I did? I freaking snorted trying not to laugh. Every. Single. Person. Turned to stare at me.
4:23 You're telling me she did not hit the ball in the right place... she just hit the ball... with the ball... on the ball... through the ball.. using the ball.. well that seems pretty right to me...
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