20 Minute Butt Lift Workout for Beginners: Tone & Shape Glutes Exercise Routine at Home

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This 20 minute workout routine targets the glute muscles to lift, tone and shape the glutes.
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Wanting toned #glutes or a Brazilian bubble butt? Sanela can help! This 20 minute workout routine targets the glute muscles to lift, tone and shape the glutes. Ready to lose an insane amount of fat at home...? Ready... set... GO!
Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes at Treehouse Yoga in Austin.
Inquire about Private Yoga Lessons: sanelaosmanovic8@gmail.com
Many thanks to Treehouse Yoga Austin for sharing their beautiful space!
Donation based yoga classes in Austin: www.treehouseyogaaustin.com/
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Butt lift & Slim Thighs Tone Up At Home 20 Minute Workout
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Comments 80
PsycheTruth Year ago
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Womens workout
Womens workout 14 days ago
@meltraphize ruvid.net/video/video-sTMlV4SiHKQ.html
Womens workout
Womens workout 14 days ago
@Jyoti Rohilla ruvid.net/video/video-sTMlV4SiHKQ.html
Womens workout
Womens workout 14 days ago
@karen MIL ruvid.net/video/video-sTMlV4SiHKQ.html
Womens workout
Womens workout 14 days ago
@Rach Donatuccio ruvid.net/video/video-sTMlV4SiHKQ.html
Womens workout
Womens workout 14 days ago
@Cheryl Morales ruvid.net/video/video-sTMlV4SiHKQ.html
Juicy Jellyfish
Juicy Jellyfish 3 hours ago
She really out here exposing the Kardashians🤣😭 21:47
Kiran Neupane
Kiran Neupane 13 hours ago
its really work you can see result in 2week self experience ❤️ its too hard at the beginning 🤪but it really work to gain weight
fairooz nawal
Day 1 : i did half of the exercise and im so tired Will updatr
;; alondra zeledón
jimin booty lift*
margie pagaddut
Her squat is so fast that i lost my balance.😂
Shreyash Hirekhan
Exercise is for both men nd women?
Rocky Kramer
Rocky Kramer Day ago
ERRACKA 2 days ago
Anita Haghighi
Anita Haghighi 2 days ago
quarantine brought me here hahahah
Tati 2 days ago
Intense yet simple. Perfect. Thank you
Itzhel Alvarez
Itzhel Alvarez 2 days ago
Melan8ed Goddess
Melan8ed Goddess 3 days ago
Why you keep skippin fifteen lol
officialjohn _xo
officialjohn _xo 3 days ago
This was a intense workout, loved this and will do this 3 to 4 days a week when i workout as this was good wow. Excited for the months to come to see the results. 👍🏻.
iris 3 days ago
5 mins in and im already tired
Azzamdonia 3 days ago
Had to play this at the 0.5x speed mark lol
Jessica Ag
Jessica Ag 3 days ago
how many here during quarantine
Rania Echi
Rania Echi 3 days ago
Omg I started today all pain itts working I think good think in quarantine
Godplayer Gaspa
Godplayer Gaspa 3 days ago
Is it normal that the first time i tried this my butt muscles really hurt, but the third time i did it only my thighs are sore?
wingc 4 days ago
Did anyone notice that 15 is often skipped when counting?
LeaguePlayer666 4 days ago
Ive done this everyday for a week now, and i can already see results. Great vid!
Avril Comunidad Mestiza A.
Ammm so tiered 😫
Niairish Mara
Niairish Mara 4 days ago
wow it's really work I know you're searching for that line😛
Zu Rojas
Zu Rojas 4 days ago
Amazing Sanela, thank you 🙏 shaking and sweating best workout x
Sahar Rohani
Sahar Rohani 5 days ago
this was one of the best butt workout. thank
Maria Mamin-Sibiryak
Oh, I think she does squats wrong. They need to be done below, otherwise she will pump up her thighs.
katie settke
katie settke 6 days ago
Does it work
SUSU 6 days ago
FOR EVERYONE SAYING “ i want to grow my glutes and doing this did not work” WELL FOR SURE ITS NOT GOING TO BECAUSE THESE EXERCISES ARE MEANT TO TONE YOUR GLUTES NOT REALLY GROW THEM. duh. These are actually very effective exercises to tone your glutes, if you want to grow your glutes, watch other videos specifically for that (and theres probably going to be a lot of weights in there too and different exercises then these ones for sure.
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 6 days ago
I don't want a big butt
Mariam Bolkvadze
Mariam Bolkvadze 6 days ago
I’ll start from tomorrow
Kristine Mendoza
Kristine Mendoza 6 days ago
thank you for sharing this video, its really working, I can see and feel I am toning so happy.
Vitalija Stankute Kenna
Finally managed to push through the entire workout. Usually by the 3rd set I get distracted, too sore, too uncomfortable. Delighted with myself that I stuck with it this time. My body is slowly getting stronger. Thank you x
Why though?
Why though? 6 days ago
Guys I’m not A easily motivated person but this worked, I saw results in like 5 days
Anil Pitale
Anil Pitale 7 days ago
Not perfect
Mishelle V
Mishelle V 7 days ago
You can’t make a video about a “Brazilian Butt Lift” if your butt isn’t even Brazilian lifted.
Oriany Rios
Oriany Rios 7 days ago
hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out exercises for bigger buttocks try Loctavan Better Bum Strategy (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.
Hind Der
Hind Der 7 days ago
I love you beautiful lady. Thank you for your help ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mini Mait
Mini Mait 7 days ago
Who else wants to glow up during quarantine??
Nani Baby
Nani Baby 4 hours ago
Yes girl
MiniMoon Gucci
Me 💀💀
Inah Lorica
Inah Lorica 7 days ago
everytime i do donkey kicks on my left leg, i always get muscle cramp on my butt 😫😢
itz miaa here
itz miaa here 7 days ago
I’m doing this because i’m actually bored in quarantine and because I actually want a bigger butt- I’mma start tomorrow in the morning > Day 1: ~done~ I only got 16 min in the video 🥴 Day2: I gave up on this.. As you can see I didn’t get to say 2 🥴
Ms. Powersloth
Ms. Powersloth 8 days ago
I've done this workout 3 times in the past week and it has helped my sciatic pain TREMENDOUSLY. I have had constant, and I mean CONSTANT pain on one side of my lower back for the past 16 months and there were many moments in the past week where I didn't feel it at all. That is amazing to me.
Eniya Morrison
Eniya Morrison 8 days ago
15 minutes and 47 in and I am already dying
•Nadja• 8 days ago
You can see the pain in her smile
juan xy
juan xy 8 days ago
i tried this workout for the first time yesterday and lord knows just how sore my thighs and my bums are 😭 i started w a 15min rope jumping before doing this and i only managed to do 3 reps. resting for today to relax the muscles n ill start again after myb 2/3 days.
paige blum
paige blum 9 days ago
I LOVED THIS !!! ur my fav workout instructor on youtube from now on that was awesome
Iris Santiago
Iris Santiago 9 days ago
Hi I already suscribe to your channel
Jihan Hdz
Jihan Hdz 9 days ago
Every like will be a day I do it >:) Pls I need to do this I keep trying but don't feel encouraged at all I'm going to start doing this video every day, please give me some encouragement in the comments I really need it!
Halewya Lopez
Halewya Lopez 10 days ago
I have been doing this for months now. It works guys!
Marcellina4 10 days ago
After only a couple a min I started sweating like crazy .
Galilea 10 days ago
Anyone else notice at 14:50 she skips 15. Idk if this is for our benefit or if she really forgot 15😂
Cutsiwootsi 10 days ago
Boutta be doing this during quarantine
Fazal Ndeche
Fazal Ndeche 10 days ago
Good stuff, Sanela......
Zeta Zidane
Zeta Zidane 10 days ago
The video already into 16 minutes Me: passed out on my bed
katerinne peña
katerinne peña 10 days ago
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover how to get a bigger butt try Loctavan Better Bum Strategy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got great success with it.
mimZ Olson
mimZ Olson 11 days ago
cici s.
cici s. 11 days ago
i just finished the very first workout and i am excited to do this. i see good reviews and i cant wait!! wish me luck
cool kid in the house
Let me see her butt with nove on
neferpitou love
neferpitou love 11 days ago
That was painful i stoped at 5 minutes
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Want a bigger butt ? gum.co/CdhxM
Fluffy Kilburn
Fluffy Kilburn 12 days ago
thank goodness for Sanela during the quarantine!
Princess Shalaya
Princess Shalaya 12 days ago
Do we have too do all of it
Ammy 12 days ago
No one :............Me : that looks easy after 2min “ I can’t anymore i can’t breath “
Marina Scigliano
Marina Scigliano 12 days ago
Way too fast
Shue chun Ching
Shue chun Ching 13 days ago
I'm sweating love it
Kelly jo Swofford
Kelly jo Swofford 13 days ago
One she's going way too fast not even able to isolate the movements number to I decided to try this for three weeks. It did not lift my butt and gave me more thickness in my legs. And it just made the insides of my side thighs swollen.
Ginoris Baber
Ginoris Baber 13 days ago
Hi, I practice yoga every single day. And, during this Covid 19 crisis where we need to stay put I discovered you & find you amazing . Very easy for me of course. Thank you very much. The view is very beautiful & you as well. Let’s stay healthy.
Cookie2forknite 14 days ago
Man i got curves lol
Cookie2forknite 4 hours ago
@xoxo I did from this video
xoxo 6 hours ago
Cookie2forknite yeah right
Mia Couture
Mia Couture 14 days ago
ATTENTION EVERYONE!!‼️⚠️⚠️ i started this yesterday and LET ME TELL YOU my legs are the sorest they have ever been! but, that means that your working hard! my legs are so sore that it’s hurts to walk! but guess what? i still got out of my bed this morning did an extremely intense ab workout and then i did this! i’ll update in a month to talk about the results! also try out the video called 10 MINUTE BOOTY WORKOUT FOR A BIGGER BUTT | NO EQUIPMENT! it’s rlly quick and easy but you feel the burn
Great passion
Great passion 14 days ago
Its been a month that i ve started this exercise and i do it just once oer week. I can see the results already. Thank you sooo much. I will work even more to get more results
Queen Queenzy
Queen Queenzy 14 days ago
Gosh😔 Nobody is testifying about this I need to be motivated 😎
BBwife 11
BBwife 11 15 days ago
It’s says 20 min long... IS 25
Talisa James
Talisa James 15 days ago
After seeing this video.. I am really seeing some good improvement on my butt.. sore and pain was worth it..
QueenAngel 16 days ago
Omg I felt the burn on those donkey kicks! My every night workout!! 🙏🏼
mikayla r.
mikayla r. 16 days ago
hello my fellow flatties!
noah 16 days ago
She should twerk for us. Oh girl look at that body, oh boy just look at that body. Lol
Jasmine Eilish
Jasmine Eilish 16 days ago
Iv only done up to 8:25 yet I’m shaking already
Ana Bozic
Ana Bozic 17 days ago
how can I belive someone who doesnt have big butt lmao
Elite Phantom
Elite Phantom 17 days ago
How long will it takes to have those round butts?
Allie Sullivan
Allie Sullivan 17 days ago
Anyone notice that she skip the number 16 at 7:30
KiKi F
KiKi F 18 days ago
Day 1 of week 1:Gave up at 15 mins, 3 sets
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