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Sep 25, 2020




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Jason Chui
Jason Chui 21 hour ago
2:50 clip is like Lightning Mcqueen dodgeing the the pile-up of racers in Cars lol
lucie marie0
lucie marie0 3 days ago
does anyone know the driver from 2:47 min?
2:41 ボールだいちゅき
Jan Saddam
Jan Saddam 7 days ago
I tried, but for the hell I can't understand that American game of oval ball, not cricket ...: D
Hardeep Singh
Hardeep Singh 10 days ago
A unic incident inbetween a man fly on plangs with fans retirning a football. 👍👌
Mathew Fletcher
Mathew Fletcher 13 days ago
"20 IMPOSSIBLE MOMENTS IN SPORTS HISTORY" - Not impossible then seeing as we are seeing them
Ольга Долгих
Ibragimovich was better
Moffee with Cilk
Moffee with Cilk 18 days ago
These are some pretty lackluster moments... go pound sand.
Bob Siger
Bob Siger 20 days ago
Universal and Blumhouse have announced a fifth Insidious film, which will also mark Patrick Wilson's directorial debut!
Krzysztof Czarnecki
5:00 when you smuggle in a portable shield generator
Chris Burner
Chris Burner 20 days ago
1:03 The applause from the opponent.
Samuel Cheung
Samuel Cheung 20 days ago
A few of these are accidental, which happens occasionally; you just get lucky. The ones which are intentional impress me the most.
feri fahruzal
feri fahruzal 21 day ago
good jobb
Joe Clayton
Joe Clayton 21 day ago
edelman making the cut was cool
Leslie Rose
Leslie Rose 22 days ago
Who are the two female divers? One looks really familiar to me....
Rocstoneau 22 days ago
Can RUvid please ban all background music.
Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis 23 days ago
5:20 Roberto Carlos do Brasil
S S 26 days ago
that tennis shot on the net.... hate those ppl that do that... saw one that backfired ... I laughed so hard
Logan Near
Logan Near 27 days ago
James James
James James 27 days ago
7:11 ¡Yeeeees he is a real blue jay!
Mean Green comment machine
There is 1 problem with this,well actually more than 1,there is only sports Americans take place in,where is rugby?
FabriSenna 29 days ago
Iveco truck point
John in Okla
John in Okla 29 days ago
Let's see, if it happens then it isn't impossible because it happened.
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke 29 days ago
Amber Webb
Amber Webb 29 days ago
If you what to know what an old fashion TV with rabbit ears sounds like just pop in around :45-:52.
ynotnilknarf39 29 days ago
incredible not impossible ...
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Month ago
No yuvraj's 6 sixes in 6 balls? 👎 But the video was far better than thumbnail... It's sad that you need catchy thumbnails for much epic videos.
Xandinavegando Month ago
The book is on the table
Timothy Month ago
Just show 20 baseball batters getting any hit that was safe because that is the most impossible thing to do in sports.
Michael Luder
Michael Luder Month ago
I counted more than 20.
Tulio Conter
Tulio Conter Month ago
Yeah, super IMPOSSIBRU !! Pfff
5:20 scientist around the world are calling that " the impossible goal" because they cannot explain that
Shadow LP
Shadow LP Month ago
RIP all headphone User at the 3rd Clip
Ned Giamanco
Ned Giamanco Month ago
imagine liking cucumbers more than pickles Couldn't be me
Theodor F.P
Theodor F.P Month ago
Where is the basketball match between Partizan and Cibona 2010. 0,6 sec before the end of the game.
Craziest World
Craziest World Month ago
like it :v
DeerHaven Month ago
Men's football, men's soccer, men's basketball, men's baseball, men's ice hockey, men's gymnastics. Where are all of the women athletes? Oh, excuse me, you did show two women divers. I guess it's alright to show women as long as they're wearing bathing suits.
Francis Nguyen
Francis Nguyen Month ago
How could this happen?
Diks 90
Diks 90 Month ago
1:30 captain tsubasa
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Month ago
Improbable not impossible
Vadim Klerman
Vadim Klerman Month ago
0:47 HULK :)
John Liu
John Liu Month ago
The shaolin monks two finger stand is an alien stuff.
Steven Andino
Steven Andino Month ago
That's my boi Ibai! 3:32
Amberscion Month ago
1:18 He's not down. 38 ran up and stopped, making no contact. The receiver could have stood up and kept running.
Rosie's Diary
Rosie's Diary Month ago
You should have said "Moments we thought were impossible, until now".😎
the snake gaming scout
I dont usually play sport becuase People are cheering too much and screaming so i play music
nikita meloman
nikita meloman Month ago
côn trùng và cây
nice ❤️❤️🤝🤝🔔🔔
Darrel Eddings
Darrel Eddings Month ago
7:12 - He never touched 3rd base. {And yes I have, though she wasn't very happy about it}.
Lewy Sav
Lewy Sav Month ago
can someone fill me in on why the girls with the synchronized dive was in this?
YotaXD Month ago
For thumbnail click baits. i mean the dive itself was pretty bad
盘古斧 Month ago
NotSoPro Guy
NotSoPro Guy Month ago
Where is messi’s impossible goal
Kash Dif
Kash Dif Month ago
Why are all these American sports ew
Grin Much
Grin Much Month ago
5:38 you're welcome Nothing much in there really.
Grin Much
Grin Much Month ago
0:40 dumb b*🔥** got lucky what's the big deal?
uzair ahmed
uzair ahmed Month ago
5:38 jump in the pool by girls was not so impossible.
Meesh Gardner
Meesh Gardner Month ago
The (American) football ones are pretty normal for the sport.
Katje G.
Katje G. Month ago
name off the song please
MrAc777 И
MrAc777 И Month ago
themoos420 Month ago
5:13 wow he hit it 3 time
A Dude Reviews Life
Admit it, you clicked because you wanted to see the two female swimmers and rub one out...
Ava B
Ava B Month ago
I can fully say I burst both eardrums in this video
Logan Milner
Logan Milner Month ago
dumb ameri-centric
onelonelyplanet Month ago
5:20 that can only be Roberto Carlos!!
Mirabella Johnson
that's so amazing, like what?
Dan Baker
Dan Baker Month ago
Why do some of the soccer videos look like the were recorded on a cinder block?
Stealth Month ago
0:45 Me and the boys when I hit a trick shot
bobbybecher11 Month ago
Just stop including that last one where he misses the third base bag
Derek Jablecki
Derek Jablecki Month ago
I was looking through comments to see if anyone else thought he missed third base lol
Prabhas Month ago
6:22 it is like buggy
Денис Вадимович
Футбол на седьмой минуте в Албании что ли ?
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Month ago
Not bad, but I seen some thangs in my time...I will say this though...I wanted to see more of the dude on the glider/multi drone that retrieved that soccer ball. lol
jjbogas 4814
jjbogas 4814 Month ago
3:39 is theres any nba fan here thats luka doncic when he was playing in spain
閃光拉丁 Month ago
geoff higgins
geoff higgins Month ago
Where's Steven Bradbury? The greatest moment in Olympic history!
Logan Netherton
Logan Netherton Month ago
Harland Gambill
Harland Gambill Month ago
1:19 my dude has to be the love child of Randy Moss and Primetime.
White Mini Crewmate
The finger thing jus made me feel uncomfortable
Shawn D
Shawn D Month ago
So you put those 2 diver girls who didnt do anything impossible just so you could use them as a thumbnail and get more clicks?
Сергей Б
Сергей Б Month ago
Roberto Carlos megacool!!!
stpaulimdog Month ago
I like how they had random ones from different levels and sports worldwide.
Morlok Vestai-Kurak
The only thing that's impossible is impossibly. 😯😉
jakedaonlysnake Month ago
2:36 all 22 had to do was stick one hand in for the block but he tried to go for the INT
5:38 can someone explain me why us that impossible?
Sun Setsquad
Sun Setsquad Month ago
Plot twist: there not impossible
Kaidhicksii Month ago
This video: titled 20 IMPOSSIBLE MOMENTS IN SPORTS HISTORY And not once do I see anything about Secretariat's Belmont. Oh well. Can't fit 'em all I guess. :P
GK Month ago
20 unbelievable*
Ivan Month ago
0:51 - they're screaming like morons
Party Quest
Party Quest Month ago
7:15 lmfao!!!
Vanessa Beatty
Vanessa Beatty Month ago
Thumbnail at 5:37
Nikos Lytras
Nikos Lytras Month ago
what is the soundtrack of the video?
Irish Ham
Irish Ham Month ago
5:32 I scored a goal like that... in FIFA
BlinkLuvies InsomniaMoomoo
not a fun fact, youre not come to see this video but in the end you watch it till finished.
mrmaxiron1978 Month ago
Ended up here to see the pool girls
thomas agajanian
This video is dumb
Sarah Sutherland
Some really unbelievable moments... :)
J F Month ago
Wait, why was some random dude trying to steal the bat from the guy who caught it? Like he seriously just thought he could snatch it like that? 🤨
J F Month ago
Yeah maybe..makes more sense.
John Black
John Black Month ago
I think he was just trying to make sure it was safe and secure, it happened pretty quick with the bat flying at them
Swiffers Tea
Swiffers Tea Month ago
That tennis one is so cool! It's like the tezuka technique of prince of tennis anime. i forgot what that technique called. 😂
Footy Prime
Footy Prime Month ago
I'm just trying to figure out what's so special about those girls on springboards 🤔
Jim Townsend
Jim Townsend Month ago
@Pous3r Does Stuff It worked.
Pous3r Does Stuff
Eros Enrique Arcángel Giorno
3:58 ¿Que es eso que usa? ¡Re futurista el tipo! 6:43 ¡EL MEJOR ARQUERO LEJOS! 7:13 ¿Quien es ese genio? Jajaja le re cabio al otro.
Eros Enrique Arcángel Giorno
@scernik lo se lo de Armani, el que pregunto quien es es el del minuto 7:13
scernik 29 days ago
El arquero es Armani...........actual arquero de River Plate (Argentina)......ganó la copa mas importante de la historia del futbol allí
Zachary Krage
Zachary Krage Month ago
All of these are possible it’s just the athletes being really lucky or really good
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