20 Galaxy Watch Tips!

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Welcome to Tech Jungle. We're going over 20 tips to get you up and running with your new Galaxy Watch!
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Sep 10, 2018




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Comments 453
יהודית טרסר
תודה רבה.
Sonja Brajkina
Crazy thing, yesterday I got "Samsung Watch Active" and watching your video while checking all options. Suddenly my Bixby started to go on while I was checking some apps. I already thought my watch is ready for RMA when I noticed that your voice is activating Bixby :) Tested several times. I am watching your video on TV with great sound btw. I had no idea that Bixby can be activated by voice. Great video. If I watched it yesterday it would save me lot of time.
Sonja Brajkina
+Tech Jungle :) No worries, I learned something new. Watch has mic on front side and it was pointing right into speakers, it even speech to text from my TV but not precisely, so it is great fun to read that :) Strange thing is that is activating with just word "Bixby" though. No need for "Hi, Bixby".
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Day ago
Thank you!! Sorry for activating Bixby 😂😂😂
Spiros Dertouziadis
So cool description
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 4 days ago
magic time
magic time 7 days ago
nyc video bro
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 7 days ago
Teomino 7 days ago
Can I run Google assistant or at least kinda navigation maps?
All Thumbs
All Thumbs 11 days ago
Good job
Quincy Sinette
Quincy Sinette 12 days ago
Great tip video.
cooleshaka 16 days ago
thank you!
Eduardo Castillo
Eduardo Castillo 17 days ago
Always on doesn't work
Cintia Persi
Cintia Persi 17 days ago
Excelente ""
GREGGS TECH 17 days ago
One other question that I will like to ask to help me decide on which direction to go about these watches is that is it possible just for the face of these watches to turn black when they are not being used as in when they are not active,sort of make them go to sleep.
GREGGS TECH 17 days ago
Which model of the galaxy watches is this and what size is it,I don't like them when they are too big and extends beyond rims of my wrist, I like them moderate.
Lenovo Saja
Lenovo Saja 21 day ago
Can use picture/photo for walpaper face?
unknown device
unknown device 20 days ago
Yes u can but u will have to buy an app from the samsung store
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 21 day ago
Yep, pretty much any picture
david mason
david mason 24 days ago
Just got one love it !!!!!
New Life
New Life 25 days ago
Why when I trying eject water from speaker there is no sound ? and when calling aswell no sound?
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson 25 days ago
I think I'm returning mine, it's not worth the money. It's just a gimmick.
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson 25 days ago
+Tech Jungle I'm actually starting to like this watch more now that I'm gettiing quick with texting with it. I just hate that the good apps cost money and the free ones are buggy, also the steps, heart rate, and floors seem inaccurate.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 25 days ago
Are you gonna pick up another smart watch or are you over wearables?
Zlatko Galik
Zlatko Galik Month ago
Hi there! Really great video, thank you. Can you do video where you connect Galaxy Watch with Huawei Mate 20 Pro?
Edgey272 Month ago
Even though I have had the watch now for a couple of months and am quite familiar with most of the tips shown in the video I want to say that this is an excellent source as a startup for anyone starting to use the Galaxy watch - I really wish I had seen this when I first started wearing the watch. Pace was great, visual instruction was very easy to follow. Well done! Now I would really like to see a "trouble shooting" video. I have had a variety of issues with my watch and the Samsung site is not terribly helpful in solving them - even went to the local Samsung store and they were useless. Here are some issues: How can I download music that is not currently on my attached phone? My email was connected, but has now stopped showing up on the phone - what can I do to resore it. My appointments have never appeared on my watch - I use Outlook. What can I do to connect it.
janice goldblatt
What was the last watch face shown? Not the analog? Thanks, great tips!
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
I think you are talking about the Power Saving Mode face. It gives you a ton of good features and can give you several days of battery life.
Daryoush Abbasie
Brenda Salas
Brenda Salas Month ago
This video have been very helpful, thank you for being so detailed!
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
Thanks! I appreciate it!
Owais Ahmed
Owais Ahmed Month ago
Thanks for this video it was very useful
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
Appreciate it!
mark P
mark P Month ago
Thinking to buy this watch tomorrow. How does it compare to the new Samsung active watch . Can you play RUvid videos on the watch..
Jon Philp
Jon Philp Month ago
The active is not really a smart watch, it is more like a fitbit with better software and a better interface.
The Unpopular Philosoph
Dc Fan Captured 😂😂
The Unpopular Philosoph
Help me Superman 😆
Ignacio Guerrero
I have always ON mode, but still turns off?
Bryant Bergenstock
Great detail. I'm trying to pair and followed the steps. My phone indicates finishing pairing now for 15 minnutes. any suggestions
Bryant Bergenstock
+Tech Jungle all set now. Just took a bit. Thanks for checking in. Pretty cool watch so far.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
That’s odd, is Bluetooth activated on your phone?
S K Month ago
Thank you. Some of the tips were very basic but it gives a good starting point to those who are just starting up with this watch.
Earl Wilkinson
Earl Wilkinson Month ago
Can you tell me how to reset the time & weather? Phone stayed in NZ, I live in US
snaggs107 Month ago
Why rotate bezel on app screen when u can just touch the app u want directly?
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
Maybe if you’re trying to avoid smudging the display 🤷🏽‍♂️?
Srtm OS
Srtm OS Month ago
All people criticising the video, but it's the best, thanks, even grandma can learn from this.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
Stefan Johansson
Thank you for a great video.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
You’re welcome, and thank you for the compliment!!
Bobby B
Bobby B Month ago
Thank you so much! I just received my watch and was able to quickly move around because of your excellent demonstraions and descriptions. I learned about a lot of options I had not idea the watch had! You are appreciated!
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
Thank you!!!
Juan Nation
Juan Nation Month ago
These tips are ass. You my man are dumb.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
Thanks for positive vibes my man 😂
Lourdes Santiago
I'm about to get this watch. Does it work with Textra?
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle Month ago
Yes it should!
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson 2 months ago
How do you connect to a 4g network to leave your phone at home?
How it slime Slimy
How it slime Slimy 2 months ago
I bought the watch to my husband for Christmas last year. The watch is not working for some reason. I’ve charged the battery all day, but the screen is still dark, and no responding. I wonder Should I take it back to Best Buy for repairs?
Taner Kampa
Taner Kampa 2 months ago
Hold Power button for a few seconds
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
I would! It’s less than 6 months old and should be covered under warranty
Dwayne D. Conrad
Dwayne D. Conrad 2 months ago
Great video
sambo dutch
sambo dutch 2 months ago
It does everything my phone does.
M. Cutler
M. Cutler 2 months ago
What a great watch And a great video.. thumbs up to this great guy for taking time to explain important features👍🏼
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
Thank you!
gina serrano
gina serrano 2 months ago
From time to time I hear a beeping sound from my watch but when I look at it, I don't see anything different, what can that sound mean?
Kay Bilisoly
Kay Bilisoly 2 months ago
This was very helpful and just the right speaking speed. I'm a grandma who tries to stay with it! I use my Samsung watch during my exercise class and I find that my step count it not accurate. Is there somewhere I should set this up? Heart rate accuracy varies. Going up and down steps is almost never correct. Mostly I want the step count and heart rate to be correct. Any suggestions?
Arbima Busro
Arbima Busro Month ago
Make sure it tight enough on your wrist
TJ Swoboda
TJ Swoboda 2 months ago
Tip #6: How do you get to the text screen to begin with?
Alejandro Arboleda
Alejandro Arboleda 2 months ago
Do you know how to disable vibration on notifications? I already set in Sound and Vibration setting that I like only Sound, but when new notification comes it always vibrate...
Eileen Carlisle
Eileen Carlisle 2 months ago
Thanks! I saved your you tube to my home screen. There's so much information I'm going to watch it several more times.
Duncan Firth
Duncan Firth 2 months ago
can you initiate a facebook message or only receive and then respond to facebook messages? I heard you can only receive and then respond, not initiate a message.
David Veniamakis
David Veniamakis 2 months ago
Thanks for taking the time and explaining these features and making this video.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
Thank you!
Madeline Quigley
Madeline Quigley 2 months ago
Just got my galaxy watch. Great tips. Very useful!
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
DorongYT 2 months ago
Looks like the ben10 watch ya know the 2007 show
Daddio 2 months ago
Not sure which watch this is I got the fronteir which looks like this and was looking for the water option
Ram Mulla
Ram Mulla 2 months ago
Very informative. I learned a lot! Thanx
Carrera Waller
Carrera Waller 2 months ago
I'm so glad they kept the SOS. I traveled using my Samsung Gear which had this option. It alerted my family with my text and coordinates.
Enrique Flores
Enrique Flores 2 months ago
Hi, my name is Enrique. Congrats for the video. I have a question on the use of GWatch GPS feature. I use my watch to record my running. When I started using the watch and then downloading info into the Samsung Health app in my cell phone a map of the course I ran appeared. Recently, I have noticed this is not happening now - the app just shows distance, time, heartbeats, etc. I think I am doing something wrong in preparing the watch to run, but I do not know what. Do you know what the problem might be or suggest something for me to do to correct this situantion? Thanks.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
Have you tried resetting the app cache? I haven’t used this feature in a while so I’m not sure what the issue is. Maybe someone else can answer?
H3Hghostsniper 2 months ago
Only vid that helped my mom understand lol.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
Zeyad Kishk
Zeyad Kishk 2 months ago
Maan do a asmr i was struggling to stay awake
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
Kristy Long
Kristy Long 2 months ago
Very helpful
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
Jonathan Acevedo
Jonathan Acevedo 2 months ago
great video for insomnia
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
Yeah it’s multifunction 😂
Ch L
Ch L 2 months ago
Not tips ! only normal fonctionalities.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 2 months ago
They’re tips not tricks
Dewey Wall
Dewey Wall 3 months ago
I love the SOS feature. My wife will love that.
Tricky_Playz 3 months ago
Hey, can someone tell me if is it salt water resistant? Still have that doubt...
Tricky_Playz 2 months ago
+HySteria909 ok. Thanks for the help.
HySteria909 2 months ago
from my searching they can hold out pretty well. not recommended for swimming and use the water lock mode, flush with fresh water then eject. bought it for this reason. as far as i know they are the best option for water in the smart watch department. i heard they are safe for surface swimming but im not sure im ready to test it yet
Петро Шкуратенюк
Thank you for video, but man u shouldn't b that slow so I could watch it in 1.5x speed :)
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
WWll WWll
WWll WWll 3 months ago
Worst tips ever
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Best comment ever
חנניה קליין
מרתק ,אבל האנגלית שלי..... האם קיימת אפשרות לתרגום לשפה העברית....?
dubledubleguy games
dubledubleguy games 3 months ago
i watched half the vide thinking it was an s3
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Badass watch!
MuAiD S 3 months ago
can I get the notifications from phone by WiFi or Bluetooth ?
Rohan Nokia Chambers
Both. If you want the notification while your phone is not around, be sure to sync your WiFi settings and make sure it is always on. That is called remote connection. Anything other than that you would have to get the LTE version
Shifty 1050
Shifty 1050 2 months ago
MuAiD S Bluetooth I guess 🤔☺️
Tennis Fan
Tennis Fan 3 months ago
I am playing a song on my phone and controlling on galaxy watch, but cant see playlist features with default app
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Unfortunately it’s just a remote for your phone
Master Arrodox
Master Arrodox 3 months ago
Awesome video, this gives me a head start when i open that box tomorrow ++
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Somer A
Somer A 3 months ago
Mine does not have the " advance setting " option, neither have that water options..it says I'm running Nov 2018 updated version..any ideas?
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Sorry the advanced feature is only on the newer models 😫
Somer A
Somer A 3 months ago
+Tech Jungle s3 frontier
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Is it the S3 or Galaxy Watch?
Sami Camera
Sami Camera 3 months ago
can you send me like this watch
NikiPlayer 3 months ago
You deserve a sub
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Aww thanks!! 😀
NikiPlayer 3 months ago
You can send sos sign ro superman! 😂
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Yeah, we cool like that! 😎
Ally Hays
Ally Hays 3 months ago
How are these even tips??
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
🧐I could have called them tricks, but then....well that would be a lie 😎 Thanks for watching!
sergio mascorro
sergio mascorro 3 months ago
Hi can you tell me what bands are you using in this video?
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
I’m just using the bands that come with it 😎
Anne Shirley
Anne Shirley 3 months ago
..de que pais eres?? porque en Chile aun no esta la app de Samsung Pay
Abhishek Balani
Abhishek Balani 3 months ago
Lets take it as a challenge. Make an even more useless video.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Challenge accepted!🤣
Nbr1 Dallasfan
Nbr1 Dallasfan 3 months ago
Thanx for posting. Very helpful. Is there a way that I can add my personal background to my Gear 3? When I add the picture, I cannot see the watch function.
Mike Tuck
Mike Tuck 3 months ago
Is there a way to add your own customized notifications? I know you can with ringtone, haven't been able to figure out how to do so for notifications... Thanks
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Good question. I haven’t found a way to easily do it. Maybe someone more savvy than myself can answer this. 🤓
Krystian Łysiak
Krystian Łysiak 3 months ago
my watch has a touch screen ?! OMG thank you so much !!
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Colins DIY & MTB Barling
what the hell Advanced where is that i have a S3 no advanced on it
Colins DIY & MTB Barling
+Tech Jungle Now I Do because got the 4.0 upgrade software now
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
I don’t think advanced mode is on the S3 😟
justinski11 3 months ago
What watch face is that you have in the majority of the video? Tomcat from where? Thanks.
Strahinja Zivkovic
Strahinja Zivkovic 2 months ago
+justinski11 its galaxy watch exclusive
justinski11 3 months ago
+Tech Jungle oh. Thanks. Guess I didn't get it with my s3 gear. Thanks.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
The Tomcat is a default watch face that comes preinstalled 😀
Pacific 3 months ago
I cant find water lock has something been changed?
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 3 months ago
Outstanding! Appreciate your knowledge & experience. Seeking comparative information on certain smartwatches. Lost a couple of years somehow while tech advances grow. Fast! Not a Bixby fan. Samsung needs a do-over. Concerns too about Google apps like Maps, Gmail, RUvid, etc. while simultaneously disgusted at Google's Gestapo gangs of censorship across platforms. Don't see them changing; ever. Wondering about Samsung's change not including Google platforms at Factory. Just an fyi on critics: your tutorials are perfect speed for me & many non-millenials. Watch millenial tutorials see mad complaints like, "speaking too fast," yada, yada. Notice harsh criticism from many who find it challenging to accept valid critiques & feedback. There's clearly some discernible disconnect. These contrasts seem like nothing more than personal preferences based on one's learning variables, including e.g. my ignorance of latest smartwatch & smartphone parlance (many other tech items too) & tech features, so slower is better for me on this topic at this time. Need to replay fast speakers multiple times, but do not fault his or her speaking or presentation as it's more my novice pace as the primary factor. Your videos are excellent! Thanks!
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 3 months ago
+Tech Jungle -- Great goal. Looking forward to viewing them. Guessing you know the best tempo for the item. We'll follow along. Lots to know; lots to learn. Any ideas on the products or types of tech you'll be presenting?
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Thank you so much for the kind words! I feel we definitely need to slow our videos down. Not everything is a 30 sec commercial. My 2019 goals is to up the presentation and make twice as many videos. Your comments are motivating!
Karen Crockett
Karen Crockett 3 months ago
Thank you for the instructive overview. Very helpful: an excellent start as I explore the many features.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Thanks, appreciate it!!
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 3 months ago
Thank you for the excellent video. Clear and concise and no background music !.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
I appreciate it!!
Elan Chesher
Elan Chesher 3 months ago
Thank you. I'll have to watch it several times to take it all in but it's really helpful.
MsLatte205 3 months ago
Would be awesome if this worked with Google Assistant and you could just speak the commands.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Totally agree!
ForevrImperfect 3 months ago
Does anyone know if you can use WhatsApp on the galaxy watch?
je a
je a 3 months ago
cant install whatsapp at gear, but notification really help. any message from whtsapp come out at gear notification, you also can reply from your gear. btw i used frontier.
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
I haven’t tried it. Don’t think there’s a WhatsApp app available for the watch 😕
tony soo hong
tony soo hong 3 months ago
thanks for the tips so much to learn
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 3 months ago
You’re welcome!
Vinayak Sharma
Vinayak Sharma 3 months ago
Dude, which watchface are you using ?? Its amazing, pls lemme knw bout it.
ms3er 3 months ago
So what's the secret to getting the floor counter to work when I take stairs? Mine has read ZERO regardless of what I do.
Cdc9877 3 months ago
Got my galaxy watch for Christmas and your video made things a heck of a lot easier for my watch to enjoy now. Lol I went to the movies and if only I knew about the theater mode before the movie started. Thanks for the video. Also I watched Aquaman, very good movie, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it already, definitely worth watching.
Jennifer Usher
Jennifer Usher 3 months ago
Does the Watch work with Pandora? I am a subscriber and would like to download and play albums, as I do on my Samsung 9+
Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez 3 months ago
I still can’t answer calls from my watch. Is there a way to set this up?
Martina Smith
Martina Smith 4 months ago
Should I turn the watch off when I'm not using it or is it best to just leave it on like a cellphone and reboot it maybe once a week?
Martina Smith
Martina Smith 4 months ago
Thank you!!!
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 4 months ago
Yeah I think a once a week restart is good. No need to turn it off unless you’re trying to save battery life and you don’t have access to a charger for a few days.
izzyf80 4 months ago
So basically u made a video of you using ur watch.....thanks for the tip captain obvious..💯😑👍
izzyf80 3 months ago
+Tech Jungle don't involve me in ur dum ass shiit ...that's all you homie..💯✌
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 4 months ago
You’re welcome Lieutenant! 😎
Ekim Senim
Ekim Senim 4 months ago
Just received the watch for Christmas, thank you for all the info !
Mikayla Peterson
Mikayla Peterson 4 months ago
thanks for the tips!!! I just got a watch for christmas and these tips helped me!
Tech Jungle
Tech Jungle 4 months ago
Glad the video helped!
Eli Lasalle
Eli Lasalle 4 months ago
how do I get facebook notifications on it?
Sandip Khairnar
Sandip Khairnar 4 months ago
I do i get SMS notification on watch ?
Ninja 4 months ago
How do you text or message? Btw big fan don’t listen to the haters they just want attention
Daniel Grisham
Daniel Grisham 3 months ago
Should have gotten into this a little more. It's something I'm still trying to get accustomed to.
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