20 Days Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest

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20 Days Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest
Recently, I have been through a 20-day journey in the rainforest of Vietnam. Using only natural things and primitive skills, I have to create shelter, find food and drinking water for survival. My goal is not simply to survive for 20 days, I also have to create conditions for long-term survival in the forest.
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Comments 80
NOOb_m3afan 2 days ago
Him not smiling the hole video Also him smiling when he eats sweet potato sandwich
Teddy Plays
Teddy Plays 2 days ago
when he built the furnace i was proud
Kdkdiwa 2 days ago
Hey make series like this if you can please 😁
randomness overload
6:25 is the original hot potato
randomness overload
Wooden beam: fire material Guy: *rubs some mud over it* now it’s fire proof
El gato XD
El gato XD 5 days ago
Para mi que usó el modo creativo fuera de cámaras 😆
Dani N
Dani N 6 days ago
Why do people always have to say nasty things to complete strangers and pick holes in everything little thing? Regardless of how "authentic" the video is, guys got mad skills most of us don't have. Just watch and learn and appreciate it for what it is... entertainment.
Chester Tamayo
Chester Tamayo 8 days ago
From eating a rat you can get Hanta Virus
terminator 9 days ago
The chicken so cute :))
BABY TAKEOVER 10 days ago
am i the only freak who is getting hungry watching this
Rayyan Hayder
Rayyan Hayder 11 days ago
How can you know we're your house is?
Rayyan Hayder
Rayyan Hayder 11 days ago
Why don't you mine or do something new?
RequieM 14 days ago
Nice rat flavoured mountain water
My channel Rosenkrans
Roses are red Violets are blue Everyone liked When the eggs weren't food
Føxeeビクセン 19 days ago
Pretend this comment is funny *happy noises*
Sepedy 19 days ago
Mom: stop playing with your food! Me: 16:27
Lil Blitz
Lil Blitz 21 day ago
You dumb warm hearted animal lover not knowing how to survive nicely not eating chicken drinking leaf eating caterpillars for a meal on a fire that’s orange not knowing what cruelty is un cold hearted finding eggs that look like parasail eggs making primitive houses with no weapons ass
Claudia Maidana
Claudia Maidana 24 days ago
esto pasi de un video de supervivencia a uno de cocuba
Nuwan Delacruz
Nuwan Delacruz 25 days ago
this is rigged. i applaud his effort to build the primitive house however the chicken thing is absolutely a joke. we used to snare these wind chickens in the wild and they are very wild and can fly very long distance unlike its domestic cousins. they are also very hard to catch due to their ability to smell human scents through the air.
Mr Giagfydfbhd
Mr Giagfydfbhd Month ago
*i found a pool of puddle* 😐
Adelita Miller
Adelita Miller Month ago
Is that even a real wild chicken? He sure tamed it real quick! I thought wild chickens could fly ....
A Wise Idiot
A Wise Idiot Month ago
Dude you have better skills than survivor man
Hardik Joshi
Hardik Joshi Month ago
There isn't match box how can he lite fire
broadcalf31181 Month ago
eating a dead rat LOL!!!!!!!
Supong Imchen
Supong Imchen Month ago
Within 5 days ????? Kinna trying to fool the viewers ...
Aaron -_-
Aaron -_- Month ago
Am glad u didn't eat the chicken immediately
Whodatt Month ago
19:23 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Leon Zajac
Leon Zajac Month ago
Ava Williams
Ava Williams Month ago
1st, I thought you were a kid (still do) and 2nd, I was so amazed at this journey and how well you handled yourself. The long term survival is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
Moussa Hijazi
Moussa Hijazi Month ago
so inspiring, thank you for being a source of this creative idea (pure wild living life). keep going with this splendid content.
Moussa Hijazi
Moussa Hijazi Month ago
I intended to connect more to constant wild visiting & exploring.
soreio Month ago
Fam Ur soon deep why take the eggs just go Tesco. Think of the mother chicken she's probably crying. I hope karma gets u and when Ur gf I preg someone grabs the feotus and dashes
NoLife-ed Weeb
NoLife-ed Weeb Month ago
so hes gonna leave everything there after 20 days?
Insanity Action
Insanity Action Month ago
2019: beef burger 2020: sweet potato burger with cooked worm
Insanity Action
Insanity Action Month ago
Who felt bad for the termite home and worm?
lineXS Alfa
lineXS Alfa Month ago
👍 for no kill chicken
LiL Bob Shrimp
LiL Bob Shrimp Month ago
O-O you killed the MOUSE O-O never mind im not vegan
RyoHei Knight
RyoHei Knight Month ago
I want to see further progress on them farm and chickens lol
Jacek Szaniawski
from hunting & gathering to breeding & agriculture. if you don't know how to make a slave from yourself.
Danielle Kosky
Danielle Kosky Month ago
so we all just vibing even though this dude deadass just ate a rat that probably had a disease?
Danielle Kosky
Danielle Kosky Month ago
0:32 drink mank ass water.
Miracle ลากสี
FC thailand💋💋💋
Victor Perdizo
Victor Perdizo 2 months ago
Sana aLL maka experience sa activity nato 😊😊😊
Dr.Gabriel 2 months ago
imma be honest the mouse look good
Dr.Gabriel 2 months ago
so no one is talking about how he made an entire bug burger
Dr.Gabriel 2 months ago
he snatched those chicken eggs like a fox
Your.Killer.Queen 2 months ago
✨Forest Chicken✨
WaterFN 2 months ago
He lets Clara Cluck live but eats Jerry...Tom must be mad now
Tony Morales
Tony Morales 2 months ago
He meant Sweet potato WORM sandwich...
The Bacon Pal
The Bacon Pal 2 months ago
What kind of rainforest that doesn’t even rain once in 20 days
Pannekoek 2 months ago
Maybe it’s no rain seasonn
agzy 2 months ago
“Next up is jimmy! What did you do for your social studies project?” “I survived the stone ages for 60 days.”
Agus Apriantoro
Agus Apriantoro 2 months ago
What happen if you dont speak to another after 1 year?
BOMB GAMING 2 months ago
He ate mouse heyyy coe to my house and eat mice😁
Thomas Andrews
Thomas Andrews 2 months ago
The mouse looked yum 😋
King Arvi Ken Forones
Um he needs a torch ir the creeper aww man will come Me: 0_0
Angeliiq 2 months ago
When the chicken pen is bigger than ur house
Angeliiq 2 months ago
When he get mud all over his hands and in the next shit he hands be clean Me: 🤨 When he never shows where he sleeps for 20 days Me: 🧐 When he is clean the entire time even though he was sitting in dirt Me: 🤔
Angeliiq 2 months ago
When he says “I found a pool of puddle.” Me: he can’t english
Justine Kyle Dela Rosa
rich boy
LouFu 2 months ago
it would be messed up if he was eating the eggs and a dead chicken fetus just pops out onto the floor
VultureGaming777 2 months ago
Thank you for not killing the chicken and instead raising it :D
Bobby White
Bobby White 2 months ago
My mans got a chicken with eggs in a nest right next to him and he ate a fuckin worm sandwich 🤦🏼‍♂️
Malikmus xaum
Malikmus xaum 2 months ago
Him:shares food with chicken
Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson 2 months ago
How does he charge his camera and upload to RUvid hmmm
Michael Linder
Michael Linder 2 months ago
the water chiken
Eyy It’s me
Eyy It’s me 2 months ago
When the chicken has a better house then him.
Joha 2 months ago
The chicking would just be scared if this were real. fake shit
Kevin Skywalker
Kevin Skywalker 2 months ago
Minecraft 2.0
XxJUMBOGHOSTxX 2 months ago
Minecraft 101
TrashMan 2 months ago
At 0:33 he drinks out of a still puddle.. Which is very dangerous if you don't want parasites and other bacteria.
KickMaster 3
KickMaster 3 2 months ago
He forgot to place torches in his house so mobs won't spawn
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Jaden Craft
Jaden Craft 2 months ago
I’m surprised he never made the Achievement time for a upgrade
Legendary Dimensions
Mice? Ewwwwww
JustJoshy ._.
JustJoshy ._. 2 months ago
What ab the chickens source of water
Vidar Östergren
Vidar Östergren 2 months ago
That water looking kainda fresh do
ZickZ 2 months ago
now he can make a whole mcdonalds meal
ZickZ 2 months ago
wow, its minecraft
SuperGizmoMan 2 months ago
All fun and games til the rat is 69
Izaac Chadwick
Izaac Chadwick 2 months ago
A sweet potato sandwich... wow.
Izaac Chadwick
Izaac Chadwick 2 months ago
Almost heartbroken.
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