20 Biggest Star Wars Monsters | Explained

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The Star Wars universe is filled with all kinds of beasts and animals, from the fantastical to the frightening to the adorable. Some, however, are helpful to humans and other species as modes of transport and some are deadlier and even bigger than Godzilla and other Titans Here are 20 Biggest Star Wars creatures that are in TV series, movies and games.
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Oct 19, 2019




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MindQ 8 months ago
Check Out 10 Biggest Extinct Marine Reptiles: ruvid.net/video/video-Krjh9uumHP0.html
James McMaster
James McMaster 7 months ago
"There's always a bigger fish."
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema 8 months ago
What about the merdeth?
Monolith Fan
Monolith Fan 8 months ago
Why on earth do you say "they existed" your acting like they are all extinct.
Shark Mako
Shark Mako 8 months ago
This is a mix of legends and canon
Rekuzan Rikudo
Rekuzan Rikudo 8 months ago
Hey, what do they call those NEW ones from S02E03 of Star Wars: Resistance? The big Manta Ray looking thing when Yeager is training the aces on that ice planet. The episode dropped yesterday and I haven't been able to find anything on it yet.
a-4 skyhawk
a-4 skyhawk 4 days ago
aruh! the gobberfish! big gobberfish!
Patrick Fisker
Patrick Fisker 4 days ago
Where is the beldons in this video?
John C.
John C. 7 days ago
That thing at the gravity well in Solo looks a hell of a lot like the bad guy aliens from the Babylon 5 movie Thirdspace!
Levente Molnár
Levente Molnár 10 days ago
Wow you really took a picture of the colossus wasp from a Hungarian video? I know it cuz I'm Hungarian and I first saw them in that vid
Saturian Khazard
Saturian Khazard 13 days ago
6:27 "Site of Boba Fett's eventual escape"... Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah... about that...
Hishe Darth Vader
Hishe Darth Vader 14 days ago
7:53 Am I the only one thats hearing Space Sluts?
danieldannypow Pinnegar
Was the dianoga the creature in the trash compactor in episode 4
Quirktart 15 days ago
"there's always a bigger fish"
Darkdraco002 16 days ago
Was 19 the thing from yoda's swamp ?
BenjiX168 16 days ago
‘’ There’s always a bigger fish ‘’
Very Loud Yelling Man
The Space Slug is pretty cool
Striker 325
Striker 325 19 days ago
They left out the Ibdis Maw from the planet Bracca. It is a massive creature that eats metal from starships . It is basically like the Sarlacc only it eats starships instead of people. It is seen in the game Jedi Fallen Order so it is canon
Macy Sinrich
Macy Sinrich 23 days ago
Where is he from. His accent is so interestinh
Spinolophosaurus 873
The diamonds is weird
Nathan Ross
Nathan Ross Month ago
Number one on the least are universe's
Priscilla Hardy
Priscilla Hardy Month ago
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Chikara Zuyoi
Chikara Zuyoi Month ago
So what’s the bet that the entire star was story took place in a still sails stomach? (If it even has one)
CoolCreeper98 Yeah
You Sadly forgot the unused Mega Mynok in the dark depths of Nabuu Waters but that's okay
Nitzel Month ago
Oh boy, space cthulu
Isaac John
Isaac John Month ago
Star killer could easily kill the gorog
Thomas Kent
Thomas Kent Month ago
There’s always a bigger fish
Dazed Panda
Dazed Panda Month ago
This looks like a great video, but I can’t understand a single thing this guy is saying
daker dee
daker dee Month ago
Checking Naboo & Tatooine off my list of places to travel if warp speed is developed in my lifetime.
Flowing Dragon
Flowing Dragon Month ago
It’s pronounced malice-stare, not Mala-staray
ahmed Month ago
There is always a bigger fish
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid Month ago
Keep in mind. There's always a bigger fish.
Jan Hedani
Jan Hedani Month ago
You know this universe is screwed up when a wasp is the 6th largest creature in in it.
Jan Hedani
Jan Hedani Month ago
So, Star Wars is literal hell. Got it.
Emeeria Month ago
You could see the dianoga in the trash compactor in a new hope
sam mcdermott
sam mcdermott Month ago
More importantly have you ever heard the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise
Person Human
Person Human Month ago
Dont tell me he just said “malastaray”. 🤦‍♂️
Hayden Gregoria
Hayden Gregoria Month ago
you sound really weird and are you Indian
Charlie Bowen
Charlie Bowen Month ago
You need to put the names in text on the screen when you say them... your accent is too jarring for English ears....
Winter's Inferno
Naboo: **Has scary & massive monsters** Me, a 40k player: "Sooo........Exterminatus?"
David Richardson
There's always a bigger fish
sotiris kapsomanis
What the fuck are you saying....cannot understand shit with your indian accent....
Artemis Or Whatever
I'm sorry but malasta-re pfft
tim chisholm
tim chisholm Month ago
Is this word for word a copy from wookiepeida?
Reeno 135
Reeno 135 Month ago
The biggest Monsters in the star wars universe are the dudes that are behind the awful disney movies.
Soba Dragon
Soba Dragon Month ago
Ah yes my favorite monster, the star destroyer
Oliwia Klafta
Oliwia Klafta Month ago
There's always a bigger fish
shadow lessons
shadow lessons Month ago
Lol this guy should be cloned and be hired in the tourism business
Suicide Month ago
There are more but you took those once you just most of the time see and hear
Lee Balansag
Lee Balansag Month ago
This is the only information of the still sail I can find on the entire internet
Nadia Jabeen
Nadia Jabeen Month ago
MindQ means mind questions
Valentin Constantinescu
I remember fighting the rancors in Star wars the force unleashed on the psp version.
Lord Malgus
Lord Malgus Month ago
Where is the bat from Fallen Order
im a degenerate 6969
“There’s always a bigger fish”
James Rae
James Rae Month ago
There's always a bigger fish
Crypto Kaotic
Crypto Kaotic Month ago
Rancors were also native to mustafar and felucia
David Costa
David Costa Month ago
Mentions colossus wasp: excuse me but THE WHAT
Bi General
Bi General Month ago
There is always a bigger fish.
Jake Everhart
Jake Everhart Month ago
You know it’s going to be good when the Rancor is number 20!
Zercklay Month ago
How the heck is the Gorog 15th ?! 😂
Fluffy 031
Fluffy 031 Month ago
I thought the Mother would be the first place
Dante Tempest
Dante Tempest Month ago
And all we got was a freakin blue whale...
Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner Month ago
The thumbnail is really misleading you should change it no offense
Gasper Vidovic
Gasper Vidovic 2 months ago
Can you make cthulhu mythos size comparison?!
Matthew K
Matthew K 2 months ago
How does shit live in space? I don’t understand 😂
ImranoTV 2 months ago
Everything is ‘gargantuan’.
SAAR Productions
SAAR Productions 2 months ago
are you indian?
MindQ 2 months ago
Shillong 😊
Porque Nadie Lo Pidio
Falto el olovorgo
Yetty /
Yetty / 2 months ago
I wish i could understand the video
TobiTube1o1 2 months ago
Thumbnail: star wars *creatures* Also thumbnail: *star destroyer*
Kaneki 2 months ago
For comparison
Scar Predator
Scar Predator 2 months ago
Actually a Sarlac is created by a Rathtar getting buried in sand on Tatooine or Jakuu.
Stazyy 2 months ago
Put these guys in subnautica..... I promise u its gonna be nightmare..
Doğukan Adalı
Doğukan Adalı 2 months ago
So... There is always a bigger fish
namethat 98
namethat 98 2 months ago
Subnautica fans: heavy breathing
Amy Burnett
Amy Burnett 2 months ago
Australia has the most nopest animals. Star Wars: hold my R-2.
Ghostrider7359 Productions
What’s is the song called?
Alpha Adam
Alpha Adam 2 months ago
The Shyyyo bird from Kashyyyk.
trytix 2 months ago
Thumbnail: Literally showing creatures WAAAAAAY smaller than an Imperial Star Destroyer being for no reason magnified into being shown WAY bigger. Congratulations, my good sir. You'r thumbnail is false advertisement. Stop tricking people trough thumbnails.
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana
when it comes to star wars creatures, the ones i avoid like the fucking plague are the under water ones or the bigger sand worm like creatures, those huge ass freaks gave me nightmares when i was younger and STILL give me nightmares, such as the Fraxa Sharks of Manann
Sam Saturday's
Sam Saturday's 2 months ago
jesus jabba had to take his rancor from a siths dead mom?! i guess jabba does have some balls after all
My guy, for the love of God, please learn to articulate your words
Rayen Essid
Rayen Essid 2 months ago
you telling me the last one is 2+ Earths in size holy crap
NWR900 2 months ago
eww... sarlacc is scary
Paquitoplays El droide B1
My favorite monster of Star Wars is the acklay, like if you think the same.
Slimmy You’re manager
The purgala didn’t inspire hyper space travel that’s canon,hyperspace travel was created with the from the ancient celestials and a species called the rakantents
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