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These party hacks are extremely creative, handy and fun! You can make sound booster with plain cups, learn drinking hacks, decoration ideas, create super cool home soda machine, birthday floral numbers and letters with tissue paper, awesome party lamps from plastic cups and festoon, paper plate boxes and even your own party poppers and much more! Let's get this party started! ; )
This time I'm gonna show you insanely stylish, creative and beautiful themed party costume ideas! Ever wanted to dress up like a Disney princess Rapunzel, Maleficent, Bella or even Snow Queen? Hurry up then, I've got some pretty awesome designer ideas for you!
You're gonna love these party hacks. Especially if you're a musical instruments buff like I am!
Did you know you can make a flute with a carrot! Wait what? You heard me! All you have to do is cut it in the right places. Then get a party started!
You will need:
A drill and bits to make a large and small hole. A 1/2" drill bit and a 15/64" bit worked for me.
Sharp knife
1 or more carrots
Cutting board
Long, narrow tools to take carrot debris out of the hole. E.g. skewer or chopstick.
Using the sharp knife, cut the carrot top off of the carrot. This provides a flat surface that you will drill into.
Using the 1/2" drill bit, drill a hole that starts at the flat surface of the carrot that you just made, and goes along the length of the carrot. I went about 1/3 of the way into the carrot.
Take out all of the carrot bits, as they will prevent the sound from being clear and sharp. Use a skewer, chopstick, the bit, or anything you can find that will fit down the hole. I used a pen.
Hold the carrot in front of you with the carrot top side facing up. You will need to drill a hole, using the smaller bit, a bit down from the top of the carrot. I chose a spot that ended up being about an inch down the side. I've found that if you go too far down, the sound is not very good.
You may want to blow down the various holes and tap the carrot on the cutting board to ensure the debris is all removed.
Now you are ready to play! Have fun, make more, have each person play one and see what sounds you get!

1:40 Carrot flute
2:23 African vibes
3:01 Blow that pipe
5:43 Colamelon snack
7:50 Waterball, best kind of sports
10:44 Soda machine
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Sep 24, 2018




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5-Minute Crafts
Do you love to dance? How do you usually dance at parties? If the dances cause horror and fear in you and you think that you have the elephant's grace, don't worry! 😊 At 12:15 we show movements, which can be repeated by any person, regardless of his talents and preparation. With such dances, you will become the king of the party, we promise 👌
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Toni Hal 8 months ago
I’m excited for more
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Aisea Afemui 8 months ago
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GNANESH GAMING 2 months ago
2:54 money not there ma
Susies Mexicanmarket
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cristiano_ shibi_7 5 months ago
The musical instrumens super
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the Cipper 6 months ago
7:35 : only a question: WHY???
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derpy boi :D 7 months ago
O don’t thing you can count these ar more than 20 life hacks
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Abdullah Shak 7 months ago
Eman Productions
Eman Productions 7 months ago
Congrats on being one of the most subbed channel on RUvid!!
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Arush Chamba 7 months ago
Some of these are good and some are bad
Darshan Bangad
Darshan Bangad 7 months ago
7:24 In our there is one thing known as knife What the nonsense you are showing
Yuan-Che (Tony) Lin
Yuan-Che (Tony) Lin 7 months ago
Darshan Bangad doesn’t look as cool
zayed sameer
zayed sameer 7 months ago
I like it because it's some thing next level first time ever learnt the real voice
Kalyan Adhya
Kalyan Adhya 8 months ago
Who watches but never tries.....hit like
zayed sameer
zayed sameer 7 months ago
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Ashlin Lekay 8 months ago
Well that looks so cool
vlog Evade
vlog Evade 8 months ago
Anabel Garrido-Rojas
Claudio Schwarz
Claudio Schwarz 8 months ago
All fine but please PLEASE other music 6:41
Claudio Schwarz
Claudio Schwarz 8 months ago
@ThatCoolVlogDude Because it is the gayest music i EVER heard
ThatCoolVlogDude 8 months ago
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Amy Brown 8 months ago
3:46 making marakas u can just shake a McDonald s happy meal
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I like the fake music you guys are playing
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It the Fake
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Scammed idea
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Ay lmao 8 months ago
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Mi spiegate che problemi avete a caricare i video in verticale?
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Mostafa Mraee 8 months ago
how 5 minutes craft and the video 16 minutes hah
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Jason Waterland 8 months ago
Bright side: lets clickbait them by gluing a faucet on the side of a small coke bottle and use fruit punch as the cola Me: oh cool!
Jonathan Faltinson
Jonathan Faltinson 8 months ago
This comment section is more weird than the video.
Khalil Minott Year 7
Hamster Green
Hamster Green 8 months ago
Anyone wanna 1v1 in minecraft?
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Steven Gibara 8 months ago
Dumbest ideas ever and I thought it said party hacks not musical hacks
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zayed sameer 7 months ago
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Lucifer's Tarot
Lucifer's Tarot 8 months ago
after the cancerous fake "life hacks" they teach you how to dance like a mom, and like a 10 year old on just dance.
Lucifer's Tarot
Lucifer's Tarot 8 months ago
this is literally the bane of human existence yet it still gets this many views, disgusting
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Roo Thang 8 months ago
I love ever thing that you but to be honest it is kinda hard to make
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Soda bottles have caps, you open it and pour it into a glass, no need for the thumbnail, also none of these were your ideas
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What fruit appears in the 8:41 ?
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Female Goku Black 8 months ago
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bombs kaka 8 months ago
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0 0 8 months ago
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Funny how they never talked
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Kylie Fulop 8 months ago
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summer void 8 months ago
Hm Yes The watermelon here is made of watermelon
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I'm here since 1k subs
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Borre.Reini Hermans 8 months ago
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Roman Kiepski 8 months ago
HoLoKoS Tv
HoLoKoS Tv 8 months ago
Do Not Camera Move
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Matteo Dello iacono 8 months ago
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10:2 fake
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Jack _BTW 8 months ago
Why I'm viewing this it's so cringe
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Xristos Mixailidis 8 months ago
Παν ηλίθιοι
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Umair Bhai 8 months ago
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Hamster Green 8 months ago
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Ruben Garcia 8 months ago
Why are people praising them These are clickbait
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Hamster Green 8 months ago
They probaly have sub bot
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Ruben Garcia 8 months ago
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Gaming tiger Girl 8 months ago
You are genuis
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Hà Giang Lưu 8 months ago
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Jm Mendoza 8 months ago
I like 5 minutes craft video
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