2 Year Old Controls Our Lives For A Day! Ft. Elle

Dolan Twins
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We were feeling too adult like so we let a 2 year old control our lives for a day
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
ELLA COWAN 2 hours ago
12:35 is obviously staged
Finley Edwards
Finley Edwards 11 hours ago
O my god Elle is so cute the thumbnail was sooooo cute she so tiny and sweeeeeet and she smart my brothers are 4 and they hadn’t learned their colors until they late 3 years old
Marina Malik
Marina Malik Day ago
kids being cute doesn’t get me baby fever, guys talking to kids get me baby fever
Evie Gilmore
Evie Gilmore Day ago
Is Elle wearing a Cartier bracelet??!
Ava Lou
Ava Lou Day ago
I love how she slowly gets more comfortable with Grayson and Ethan aww
Ava Lou
Ava Lou Day ago
at 7:02 he looks like harry styles with his painted nails 😳😂
Ava Lou
Ava Lou Day ago
Elle if you're watching this 2030 HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasmine Hernandez
I like how ur taller then Elle😂
iamjoepaul Day ago
Jhopesjhoe Day ago
the way she’s way better than me at painting nails i-
Yousra Atmani
Yousra Atmani 2 days ago
5:02 that high five is so cute
Calandra Woodman
Calandra Woodman 2 days ago
Rewatching this because them with princess Elle is too adorable 😊
Keziah Mickle
Keziah Mickle 2 days ago
Imagine re watching this video during quarantine
Cubandoll Nakthuggin
Is this elle from the ace family
Hanna and Niña
Hanna and Niña 2 days ago
Elle and the Dolan Twins look like siblings
Paige Braaf
Paige Braaf 2 days ago
this video DEFINITELY promoted graysons baby fever
Annaliessa Delgado
Even tho grayson is wearing a pink tutu(don’t know how to spell it lmao) he still look good 😂💀
Alyssa Farnstrom
Alyssa Farnstrom 3 days ago
I'm laughing too fucking hard. Elle painting 2, grown, buff men's nails is the best thing ever.
Fifi Q
Fifi Q 3 days ago
5:01 ; so cute.
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear 3 days ago
This sounds so wrong she's so cute btw the this story at the end was dumb bro 🙂😂😂
jayleen soler
jayleen soler 3 days ago
dude why is elle smarter than me at two years old while im going into 10th grade wth-
Skyla Kleinsmith
Skyla Kleinsmith 4 days ago
Grayson “today was a good day” Ethan not for me
Claudia Lee
Claudia Lee 4 days ago
Y’all know the ace family omg
Jenna Beranek
Jenna Beranek 4 days ago
When she points to the laundry detergent and they say that is not the right thing it breaks my heart
Xxash _sunflowervibesxX
Ethan: Grayson be care of what u say d-don’t scare her Me:😂😂😂😂😂
Shaiha Shaiha
Shaiha Shaiha 4 days ago
20:12 “Ice cream bone truck” 🤣🤣🤣
Nina Kalouris
Nina Kalouris 5 days ago
18:03 - 18:07 💖🥺
Ema Tomic
Ema Tomic 5 days ago
why are they so good with kids... and attractive
Sunsetsari Komal
Sunsetsari Komal 5 days ago
18:04 That got me dead 😂 Elle was admiring herself and Grayson I think I can’t tell rn was laughing at her!
Sunsetsari Komal
Sunsetsari Komal 5 days ago
18:04 That got me dead 😂 Elle was admiring herself and Grayson I think I can’t tell rn was laughing at her!
Sienna Becker
Sienna Becker 5 days ago
Activator is the baking soda and water mixed together
olivia goldsworthy
I can't get over how they hate every second of this but they keep encouraging her 🥺❤
amari simmons
amari simmons 5 days ago
She did Ethan wrong 😂😂😂
hanna bailey
hanna bailey 5 days ago
are we not gonna talk about the fact that elle lifted that big ol jug of glue as a 2 year old?? i’m 18 and can barely lift a gallon of milk without shaking 😂
Shelby Cox
Shelby Cox 5 days ago
Rip to ethans long hair
KafFEE 1
KafFEE 1 6 days ago
She is so smart
Delaney Kahler
Delaney Kahler 6 days ago
the fact that elle tried to tell them that the activator was laundry detergent and they just thought she was confused is sending me
muhammad nadeem
muhammad nadeem 6 days ago
you look like you’re betrayed😂
Sylvia Mckee
Sylvia Mckee 6 days ago
Content decline.
Loise Boateng
Loise Boateng 6 days ago
Is anybody else wondering what they did with their slime?
Hojung Moon
Hojung Moon 6 days ago
low key I thought ethan's jacket was like a fire fighter costume
IconicDrama Robloxx
**twins telling story** -and then puppy lost his bone.. Ethan: mhm Grayson: mhm **elle nods head**
Dance with Dhriti
Bruh Grayson will be an adorable dad, don’t you think 🥺🥺
lilly matangi
lilly matangi 8 days ago
The bedtime story hahaha
Noemi Lopez
Noemi Lopez 8 days ago
omgg grayson is such a good dad figure
Aishwarya Mishra
Aishwarya Mishra 8 days ago
Did you see how cutely elle has her finger wrapped around Gray's hand at 11:35 So cute😚
Emma Shook
Emma Shook 8 days ago
you should do a "Jams Charles controlled our life for a day"
Kaite Parker
Kaite Parker 8 days ago
I remember when I was a baby
Taszi decor
Taszi decor 9 days ago
Danuka Dissanyaka
Is she ace family
Is no one else gonna mention how scared Elle looks 🥺
Stephanie Edmonds
When they are like what is an activator I’m like google
Clarissa Morgan
Clarissa Morgan 9 days ago
i actually started laughing at this !! Elle is so cute. LOVE THE ACE FAMILY.. idk why lol but
TELLY WICKER 10 days ago
Nobody: The magic conch: Elle to ethan: *The similarities*
Elle Goodwin
Elle Goodwin 10 days ago
Every time they said “Elle” my mom said “WHOS TALKING TO YOU????” (If you don’t get it, my name is Elle)
marie osaka
marie osaka 10 days ago
So funny
Alicia Gupta
Alicia Gupta 10 days ago
The bedtime story tho😂😂
Poppy Salter
Poppy Salter 10 days ago
The way she said Gucci 🥺
Vishali Navaseelan
Vishali Navaseelan 10 days ago
Love this so funny 😂♥️
Lovly Yazzie
Lovly Yazzie 10 days ago
I’m lmao
HAPNR :D 10 days ago
When he barked like a dog it sounded like minnie mouse 😭😂 AOW AOW
XD aathikah
XD aathikah 10 days ago
like: Dolan Twins Comment: Dobre brothers
Selah Kerapa
Selah Kerapa 11 days ago
you guys should make an intro without fighting and at the same time im probaly gonna get hate from this lmao
Blaise Winterhalter
Things Elle knows that are really impressive: how to paint nails, what a Gucci backpack is, the recipe for making slime, what contact solution looks like on a grocery store shelf, the steps of a night time routine, the fact you need you to brush your tongue, she's so incredible!!!!!
Chelle Eve
Chelle Eve 11 days ago
Did someone say cheese,get it away from me I’m dairy free
Elle Ruyack
Elle Ruyack 11 days ago
my name is elle and every time they said elle I almost peed myself
kar 12 days ago
"he got a ice cream bone truck from the ie cream bone truck"
Erica Carnevali
Erica Carnevali 12 days ago
12:29 did you see all of that Hand sanitizer huh not like today 2020 Covid19
Stephanie Moyer
Stephanie Moyer 12 days ago
you can use tide as actavator
jolie chau
jolie chau 12 days ago
i was smiling the whole way thru this video bc it was a cuteness overload🥺🥺 and e and gray r such good dads like🥺🥺🥺 this whole video was so cute🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Olivia Downey
Olivia Downey 12 days ago
Who thinks they should have a kid?
Trouble Trio
Trouble Trio 12 days ago
I did not know that 2 year olds where that smart lol.
MarjoDussault 13 days ago
So cute!!!
Olivia Eades
Olivia Eades 13 days ago
I can not even she is so Adorable😁😥
Mj Scarpone
Mj Scarpone 13 days ago
Blue and red makes purple aka dolan twin nail
Savina Pinkney
Savina Pinkney 13 days ago
She so cute
Saniyia Howard
Saniyia Howard 14 days ago
Lol the reason she had them do different color nails is so she can tell them apart she is so cute
Sadie Conaty
Sadie Conaty 14 days ago
She is so stinkn cute!!
Leah pink
Leah pink 14 days ago
Kajsa Tomine
Kajsa Tomine 14 days ago
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