2 Hours Non Stop Worship Songs 2019 With Lyrics - Best Christian Worship Songs of All Time

Worship Songs
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2 Hours Non Stop Worship Songs 2019 With Lyrics - Best Christian Worship Songs of All Time
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You definitely can't resist the power in these well-compiled soul reinvigorating worship songs from amazing artistes!
You are blessed as you sing along; and hey, don't forget to bless someonelse by sharing


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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Praise & Worship
*Who’s listening in 2020...give this a like and Praise the Lord one more time! ..*
al Day ago
June 04, 2020💕
Rosa Rocha
Rosa Rocha 2 days ago
I’m a very sad 😢 I love 💗 this country and love this country I don’t want anything more I love pppppppppp
Alderene welsh
Alderene welsh 3 days ago
I ll Llll L L L L L
Alderene welsh
Alderene welsh 3 days ago
Rosita Brewster
Rosita Brewster 4 days ago
Regz Correa
Regz Correa Day ago
Listening to Worship Songs everyday is my way of thanking and praising God! May the Lord God continue guide and bless us all during this time of crisis. HE is our REFUGE. Have faith and all this trouble will pass!
Karen Dunn
Karen Dunn 3 days ago
Who is watching June 2020? Continue to Bless the Lord with Your Whole Heart! HE is in Control!
Greg Braithwaite
Greg Braithwaite 3 days ago
are we able to use these in our Worship services on a Sunday morning that we broadcast via RUvid??
vincent kung
vincent kung 4 days ago
Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ who is worthy to be praised and worshiped. Alleluia. Amen
Carlyn Harbridge
Carlyn Harbridge 5 days ago
I really enjoy the gospel music
I try to sing these songs and I just burst into tears of joy and gratitude to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus! And I can't sing any more! O how wonderful He is! I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face! May He abundantly send you all His blessings and His Peace, now, in May 2020.....Now and into Eternity....
Kervie Flores
Kervie Flores 5 days ago
Goalkeeper Steve Camp
God bless the emergency service and the ones who has the Covid heal them
Shirley Bennett
Shirley Bennett 6 days ago
Giving God all the PRAISE and Glory I can never repay him for what he has done for me Lord I Love You
Shirley Bennett
Shirley Bennett 6 days ago
I am listening in April 2020 So glad to be a child of God
Calvin Langstaff
Calvin Langstaff 7 days ago
Calvin Langstaff
Calvin Langstaff 7 days ago
Hello how are you I love that
Logan The Yeet boi
I love this song
Logan The Yeet boi
Lily Vis
Lily Vis 8 days ago
Amen I love all of these songs let’s all praise Jesus for being our Savior I am so happy that I am a Christian amen
Shannon Lynch
Shannon Lynch 9 days ago
You went thru that so you can help somone else Praise God your son is ok today
Saffie Tarawallie
Nice ❤💝👍
Trendy Dye Team
Trendy Dye Team 9 days ago
this is so great that through this pandemic we are safe because we have God and he will NEVER put us in danger if he didn't think we couldn't find it!!
Dixi k Diaz
Dixi k Diaz 11 days ago
I luv it tax god 😇😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dixi k Diaz
Dixi k Diaz 11 days ago
I luv dis son god tak you
cindy Lau
cindy Lau 11 days ago
beautiful worship songs. thanks
ALICE LIBAISI 11 days ago
Kenya listening Ameen
TheGodMinute 12 days ago
I searched a lot to find something to make me happy. To find something that could satisfy me. But I was lost, wandering in this world. My heart was empty and thirsty. Then I heard someone call my name and told me to hold his hand. I know you. I created you. I felt your pain. I came for you. I died for you. I gifted you this life. I knelt down before him. I held his hand. I cried out to him. Today he is my God. He grants me victory and answers my prayer. Come sing with me because today my life belongs to Him. He has called me to bear witness to Jesus to say He is the Way.
Precious Obialor
Precious Obialor 8 days ago
Faye Dias-English
Faye Dias-English 12 days ago
Thanks so much for these songs. They are the songs I learn from a little child. They’re are so dear to me.
Arvin Cordero YT
Arvin Cordero YT 12 days ago
amen thank you lord for sacrificec
car ek
car ek 12 days ago
Uplifting! Thank you for putting these songs /music together. God is wonderful.
Lydia Ramcharan
Lydia Ramcharan 13 days ago
Lydia Ramcharan
Lydia Ramcharan 13 days ago
Lord I worship your holy name. AMEN.
Hanh Tran
Hanh Tran 14 days ago
CMP TV 14 days ago
Praise the Lord
Tome K3
Tome K3 15 days ago
We made just because He loves us, he just did it again for us. Christ our lord and saviour! Paris salute your majesty! Blessed whoever listen To this after the lockdown ! We are God's children
Jane nicolle
Jane nicolle 15 days ago
Our God is a mighty God , He is the victor and in Him we will over come . No virus can stop our praise and thanks giving . Lord please help those who are suffering.
Nancy Uren
Nancy Uren 16 days ago
do you know what female singer for " One more day" ? Just founf you & God Bless in 2020! ( Fly Lady) plays her song. I cannot find it!
Nancy Uren
Nancy Uren 16 days ago
2020 Thank you!!!!!!!!!
verleen seyaram
verleen seyaram 16 days ago
Went to bed with a terrible headache, wake up feeling for this song. Bless the Lord oh my soul 🙏
jen jasmine
jen jasmine 16 days ago
Bless the lord oh my soul..love u my lord and saviour
Maricel Leron
Maricel Leron 16 days ago
May 2020
Bee Swarm Sim grind Lol
Bee Swarm Sim grind Lol
Jing Barrozo
Jing Barrozo 17 days ago
Jesus be my Guardian again. I'm always praying that on my other life I want to be his warrior to fight evil and protect humanity and Jesus believer. I did offer my soul to him anytime he want to get my life I'm ready just to serve jesus.
Imelda Hamoy
Imelda Hamoy 17 days ago
Im allways everryday... Im lisen music to our Almighty god
Zukile Tshiwula
Zukile Tshiwula 17 days ago
Edith Gonzalez
Edith Gonzalez 17 days ago
For anyone here during the COVID 19, remember... *C* hrist *O* ver *V* iruses *I* nfections *D* iseases Joshua * 1:9 * Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”
Jesus Child
Jesus Child 17 days ago
I'm listening this morning at 2:03 am on 5-19-2020 just wanted to put God words of song as i sleep in the Name of Jesus
Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell 17 days ago
Jesus is preparing us for the biggest revival in history and we over come by the blood of the lamb and our testimony. Hang on he will never leave you or forsake you. We have the holy spirit to lead us and guide us and we have eternal life keep the faith.
Alaina Popowycz
Alaina Popowycz 18 days ago
Pray for those whohave bieb
Abigail Coleman
Abigail Coleman 18 days ago
There is also this great radio station called "Klove" you can listen to it on 107.3 on the radio it also has all these songs on it.
PHEBE JOHNSON 18 days ago
Please turn off the comment section, some people are going through a lot, and they just want to praise, with all these comments you feel so down to praise God.
darin davis
darin davis 18 days ago
Great song
Melanie Jane Carr
Melanie Jane Carr 18 days ago
On fire with the worship music
ekc reign
ekc reign 18 days ago
Small time artist and want to be featured with us? New Christian videos and music! Praying everyone is doing well in these strange times!
Isabel Esma
Isabel Esma 19 days ago
Yes everday n night i always listen all of Don Moen's praised n worship songs for its my hearts desire to be n God's presence
miss meee
miss meee 19 days ago
adaji victor
adaji victor 19 days ago
Glory to God alone the only wise that hold the power to the secrets of life and death hallelujah
mariechi gabas
mariechi gabas 19 days ago
Listening May 2020 "Lord You are my everything and I will adore You". 🙏🙏🙏
Karen Maureen
Karen Maureen 19 days ago
Praised God.. God bless po...
MagJohns Limited
MagJohns Limited 19 days ago
Just lost my only son. Here drawing strength from God again!
Ishaku Thliza
Ishaku Thliza 19 days ago
His wothy to be praise
Kuku Malou
Kuku Malou 19 days ago
2 months na Mula nung mag ecq Sana sapat na ito para ma realize natin Ang Mali nating gawain. Lord please help us always 🙏. And thank you for all that we have 😙
Chirstian Songs Collection
Praise God, songs that really strengthen and calm the soul. the heart becomes calm when listening to this hymn ... more grateful for the goodness of Jesus in this life. God bless us.
Bea Be
Bea Be 19 days ago
Thank you very much, almost like living in heaven when listen to this
Abena Durity
Abena Durity 20 days ago
Faylene Fevus
Faylene Fevus 20 days ago
I needed a pick me up while working today. This was perfect music.
UKTrader TV
UKTrader TV 20 days ago
I like this prayer song,,, absolutely fantastic God bless us,,,
Ellen McCaig
Ellen McCaig 20 days ago
Can Tonmak
Can Tonmak 21 day ago
Hallelujah !!!!
Onesmus Freedom
Onesmus Freedom 21 day ago
Glenna MacDonald
Glenna MacDonald 21 day ago
My husband passed away April 2, 2020. He had been home from the hospital for nine days before his broken body gave out. I thanked God for those nine days that he was able to be home with me and our dogs. We couldn't have visitors not even our sons because of the pandemic. It has been extra hard because we wouldn't be able to have a memorial service to celebrate his life. I was going to have one later but there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. These worship songs comfort me.
Kim Matthews
Kim Matthews 21 day ago
This is a good compilation except for the questionable Celine Dion song at 1:23 :54. Also the image of woman next to the lyrics is a little creepy and does not provoke a worship response.
Collinsoko Isoko
Collinsoko Isoko 21 day ago
Lovely piece of compilation. The songs are awesome. God bless you all as you listen.
MobilePreach 21 day ago
NICE MIX! God Bless!
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez 21 day ago
Thanks kindly, uplifting, relaxing and very inspired songs
miriam rivera
miriam rivera 21 day ago
Jesus is the only way!!!!!
Gloria Rivera-Martinez
no matter how many times I hear each of these songs of praise to our father it always sounds correctly well
Rukundo Samuel
Rukundo Samuel 22 days ago
Kool selection of songs, Praise God
Julie Cocking
Julie Cocking 22 days ago
Love this song so greatSo great this song made my Stomach feel so much better
Beth Hart
Beth Hart 22 days ago
I'm wondering why Celine Dion's 'I Surrender' is in here? It's a love song, with no mention of God at all.
Wanda Ortiz
Wanda Ortiz 21 day ago
I am wondering about that also. I thought I was the only one. It's a love song about a women losing a man
J A Daley
J A Daley 22 days ago
Am i the only one who's questioning Celine Dion song's inclusion in this Christian Worship Song playlist?
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