2 Chainz Checks Out $9K Floating Foam Clouds | Most Expensivest | GQ & VICE TV

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They might just be a biodegradable soap solution mixed with water, but they're really so much more. Can you put a price on floating foam clouds that you can make into whatever shape you want? Yes you can, that's what SmileCloudsUSA does and it costs $9,000. And 2 Chainz is here to learn all about it.
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2 Chainz Checks Out $9K Floating Foam Clouds | Most Expensivest | GQ & VICE TV


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Jul 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Qwerty And Friends
Poor dude, you can tell he is trying to figure what people would pay for this.
Briana D
Briana D 2 days ago
Mordecai 3 days ago
2 chins hahaha
Mike Dean
Mike Dean 4 days ago
Guy: “two chainz, *will you marry me?* Two Chainz: “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...”
Mike Dean
Mike Dean 4 days ago
“Who chins” joke was the The dad joke of the year’
Caden Krueger
Caden Krueger 4 days ago
2 Chainz seems like a really fun guy to hang out with
Alfred Ashkir
Alfred Ashkir 6 days ago
They did the meme edit for their acc video
w g
w g 6 days ago
3:38 price for him is 666 as well 😊😊
w g
w g 6 days ago
0:35 it's like what elites doin 24/7 but this one not killing the air & population 😊😊
Sh G
Sh G 7 days ago
That samurai routine was dope tho not gon lie lol
sparcut 7 days ago
This video is more than a year old????
Boolysse W
Boolysse W 7 days ago
RIP Nip we love you!
Gotta Make It Work
That's a dope machine
Jay Mack
Jay Mack 8 days ago
Yoooo the editing be funny asl 😂😂😂💀
J.s .n
J.s .n 8 days ago
What is this editing
Jay K
Jay K 8 days ago
I like it how he holds a blunt on the other hand while using his wand to cut it ☁️
Clarisse D'Costa
Clarisse D'Costa 9 days ago
I really skipped through the whole vid just looking for the horse on the video title...but turns out it was just clickbait 💀💀
i wanna eat it
Tall Skinny Mike
Tall Skinny Mike 9 days ago
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independent 9 days ago
RiceBrothers 10 days ago
Echo Camp
Echo Camp 11 days ago
Get a real hat you look stupid!!
B Montone
B Montone 11 days ago
XxiamelmoxX 12 days ago
4:23 exe.2 chainz has stop working
Joseph Masamba
Joseph Masamba 12 days ago
didn't nipsey die in March of 2019
ESSENTIA SQUA 12 days ago
Dat was so perfect 🤣
Itzyaboiijonny !
Itzyaboiijonny ! 13 days ago
Long Live Hussle 💙🏁
Imahri Johnson
Imahri Johnson 13 days ago
The editor needs a raise bih😭
Serena Serrano
Serena Serrano 11 days ago
I was thinking the same thing. They do they edits so good lol
Soso Sanchez
Soso Sanchez 13 days ago
Lookin like sho Nuff...
Avannavee Summer
Avannavee Summer 13 days ago
reefuno1 13 days ago
R.I.P. Nipsey Icons never die
Acc_ God
Acc_ God 13 days ago
Michael Franz
Michael Franz 14 days ago
Weird production
That Man
That Man 15 days ago
Black people never had parents to blow bubbles with so this must be fascinating to them.
Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins 15 days ago
Unknown RXZE
Unknown RXZE 15 days ago
remixer any
remixer any 16 days ago
Most of these are not necessary for ur existence
A_A G 16 days ago
RIP Nipsey tha Great
FoVic 16 days ago
I like how they copied “muchdank” style of editing lol
KashXO 13 days ago
What if he’s the editor?🤔
brooklyn wang
brooklyn wang 17 days ago
2 chainz blunt b kickin in hard
Marcus Martins
Marcus Martins 17 days ago
2:10 let. me wipe yow wand off.. lol
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer 17 days ago
Watch over us Ride with us King Nip The Crip
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer 17 days ago
Vice did it again. Do another time. Make another one
Kristofer Burger
Kristofer Burger 17 days ago
I didn’t like this 😂😂
DrawingDead88 18 days ago
IDGAF about how some wealthy person experiences wealthy things. Fk off. 2 Chainz might be aight but I still don't care. Stop making this bs
Noah 18 days ago
There is actually a Donald Duck comic where Gyro Gearloose invents this thing.
scarlett dunn
scarlett dunn 18 days ago
Come on guyz don't waste your time go for the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* to get views ON youtTUBE .
jahpeeks jahpeeks
jahpeeks jahpeeks 18 days ago
Nicco Wolf
Nicco Wolf 18 days ago
XD I could make that my self and it is Not going to cost 9k who wants one... In honor of 2 chains. I will sell for 2k
Cynane 18 days ago
This something out of Eric Andre lol
John Kittleson
John Kittleson 18 days ago
The edits kill me everytime😂
sonny farrington
sonny farrington 18 days ago
Where you think colored folks should live 2:46
sonny farrington
sonny farrington 18 days ago
How did you react when you 👀 my ancestors? 0:55
Weld your shit Dro
Weld your shit Dro 18 days ago
Rip Nipsey
Antonio Lee
Antonio Lee 19 days ago
Teri Davis
Teri Davis 19 days ago
😂 I’m crying, this shows u the government can control the weather lowkey
Ninguini 19 days ago
Bruh this video reminds me of one of much danks videos
sativaLee Kamara
sativaLee Kamara 19 days ago
2 chainz walkin out wiv da blunt 👍🏽
Bridge Norton
Bridge Norton 19 days ago
I wonder if this guy does kids parties. The guy dressed like a clown, I mean.
Ty Williams
Ty Williams 19 days ago
Jack Vaughn
Jack Vaughn 20 days ago
The man literally admitted to cultural appropriation 😂
BossTech 17 days ago
In what way? Which "culture" did he appropriate? He took the idea, but this concept has nothing to do with Asian culture.
Dan The man
Dan The man 20 days ago
9k for some bubbles?
Sarif 20 days ago
Rest in power Nipsey 🕊
finessin pharoah
finessin pharoah 20 days ago
moomoo !!
moomoo !! 20 days ago
why is this editing hilarious
N69 20 days ago
That box cost like 100 dollars to make what a rip off
Hugh Spitzack
Hugh Spitzack 20 days ago
It's just box with soap water a air pump and a stencil
MBGODZ 20 days ago
Check out my music straight RAZA ruvid.net/video/video-JFDS0l4xPtU.html🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vinz Beñosa
Vinz Beñosa 21 day ago
Yo idk about ya'll but I want more 2 chance
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 21 day ago
they act like nipsey hustle just died lmao
Mutombo 20 days ago
depends on when this was shot
Zak Srdanovich
Zak Srdanovich 21 day ago
9k seems like abit much. Like fr, it’s a box with tubes on the bottom of it
STREY BEATS 21 day ago
The editors got no respect
HisNameIsLondon 22 days ago
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xuncav midoriya
xuncav midoriya 22 days ago
this was real, got real dark in the middle ha
Skyirah 22 days ago
Why are GQ’s editors actually funny what
Quincy Owens
Quincy Owens 22 days ago
2 chins
Luke Powers
Luke Powers 22 days ago
They need to make pink bubbles or something
J Mac
J Mac 22 days ago
hanging out in Asia, no white man is up to any good in Asia hanging out at bubble parties
TheUnknownVenix 23 days ago
RIP yo boy 🙏🏾
tobyjug83 23 days ago
editing is on point lol
Xavier Niko-Kaimo
Xavier Niko-Kaimo 23 days ago
When 2 chains wear 5 chains and 2 chins got 4 chins...
aidan 23 days ago
Who edits these videos? They need a raise fr fr
Whitney Williams
Whitney Williams 23 days ago
Do you know what arugula is? 👀 👎 smh
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis 23 days ago
Respect to his cousin Nipsey doe 👌💯
Mo Mxrda
Mo Mxrda 24 days ago
2chainz im steve LOL
12 20
12 20 24 days ago
love this like oo, what expensive sh*t 2 chainz gone look at next
Profound 24 days ago
This was recorded a year ago?
Varghese George
Varghese George 24 days ago
"when you say biodegradable you mean touchable?"
The Geek Freak
The Geek Freak 24 days ago
Rip August ames
Jus 24 days ago
Editing improvement with this episode has came enormous
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 24 days ago
Ricardo Jones
Ricardo Jones 24 days ago
Man....this episode was real.
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher 24 days ago
Honestly these two are the duo we didn’t know we need..
Stanton thorne
Stanton thorne 25 days ago
Make it glow in the dark 😁
Shawn Ellis
Shawn Ellis 25 days ago
SHE CAN'T READ IT SHE AIN'T WORTH IT! Lol. RIP Hussle. Too soon, WAAAY to soon 🙏🙏🙏🙏. Stay Safe, Stay Strong my friends 💪✌
Chris Luethje
Chris Luethje 25 days ago
I see a lot of useless , non sense stuff on here, but this is actually awesome, and the guy is saving the environment !
Jeffrey Lieberman
Jeffrey Lieberman 25 days ago
Two what's? Who is this clown? Is he part of the LGBT community or something? Fruity color choices make me think that he is. Hmnnn.
Fake Ball
Fake Ball 25 days ago
5:30 “I just need my Pookie and my Bible.”
Jerry Gonzales
Jerry Gonzales 25 days ago
Ri.p. nipsey!!!
Chirpnfeed 25 days ago
Just keep it 😆
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