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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 659
Yrndj 4 months ago
If I don’t post tomorrow I owe everybody that like this $100
2kGod10 4 months ago
i am a 60 somthing on god
Don’t Worry
Don’t Worry 4 months ago
My 100$, where it at??????💁🏽‍♂️
toxic Jay02
toxic Jay02 4 months ago
That's 130k
Kindhearted_ jazzy
Kindhearted_ jazzy 4 months ago
NoLimitCam 4 months ago
Yrndj where are money
Matthew Coble
Matthew Coble Month ago
Any one know the outro song??
Darnell Productions
10:39 ass shot onn em
AGhouls LifeYT
AGhouls LifeYT 3 months ago
Kobe just like flight reacts 😂😂
Turbo Tobe
Turbo Tobe 3 months ago
10:40 DJ wasn’t joking when he said he was a baseball player 😂
Sage Pitre
Sage Pitre 4 months ago
SMG TAKEOVER💙💯 , Kobe looked like Uzi in Singapore Paradise on them trash bags😂😂
Madison Faulk
Madison Faulk 4 months ago
Where you from
Arrow Gaming
Arrow Gaming 4 months ago
This nigga said and 1, waited to see until he missed then called foul 😂😂😂
Never give Up
Never give Up 4 months ago
Dam DJ I can the tan I got one to I hate the mf summer
shemar black
shemar black 4 months ago
Kid Developer
Kid Developer 4 months ago
Where my dollar at nigga
A DRAGON_IN 4 months ago
come find me i will beat u 1v1
Kountryboy Mell
Kountryboy Mell 4 months ago
Regina 😂😂😂😂
Symp Musical
Symp Musical 4 months ago
That first foul didnt exist😂😂
Carmelo Rhoad
Carmelo Rhoad 4 months ago
Kobe look like sway lee
Trey Jolly
Trey Jolly 4 months ago
You shiii fucked up 😂
Treyvon Holland
Treyvon Holland 4 months ago
I thought the guy holding the camera was Kobe what’s the guy name behind the camera
Queen Jada
Queen Jada 4 months ago
I see u with the fresh cut
Evelyn walker
Evelyn walker 4 months ago
Kobe so freakin fire🤤😍
Jay Allison
Jay Allison 4 months ago
Never give this nigga the camera again bro was ds too much💯
ii slappd-
ii slappd- 4 months ago
Who hit that nigga in his ass😂😂
NFL Youngbuk
NFL Youngbuk 4 months ago
Like if DJ really do the basketball shi🏀🥇🎯 👎💚
cg lilpsherman 13
cg lilpsherman 13 4 months ago
cg lilpsherman 13
cg lilpsherman 13 4 months ago
Play mr
itisyourboyjay u
itisyourboyjay u 4 months ago
DJ that nigga dodda dissed u he call u bj and cry a bitch and said hell put a hole in yo head like Chereoes and if u gone slid lemme come
Dxmo 4 months ago
First u bussed his ass for them Jordan 12s that he didn’t give you, you beat this man like 4 times when is he gonna learn his lesson
DayDay 43321
DayDay 43321 4 months ago
How You Get Yo Hair Like That? DJ
Xavier Smith
Xavier Smith 4 months ago
Ion know how he b in the gym everyday cuz he’s sum shit 😂
dayannawooten 4 months ago
Do a prank on yo new girlfriend
CourageCS Gaming
CourageCS Gaming 4 months ago
React to y’all niggas diss by yunq dooda
ThomasFan 01
ThomasFan 01 4 months ago
Does he live in the state of Georgia cuz it looks like it with all those trees
SayySooFlyy 4 months ago
If yall niggas dont gimme my 1s 😤
YNW iiToqsic
YNW iiToqsic 4 months ago
I read loser gets edged and I was like Whoooooaaaaaaaaahhhhh That's Mad Sus
William Serrano
William Serrano 4 months ago
Post more story time videos miss them old videos “🌟🌟🌟™️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Misael Quintana
Misael Quintana 4 months ago
Start uploading everyday bro !
SPO RENZO 4 months ago
only the real niggas remember smg
SpazzOutSkima 4 months ago
This nigga look like Yk Osiris
King Ab
King Ab 4 months ago
Y’all subscribe to my RUvid n I’ll subscribe to yours too frfr comment when done
901Comedian TV
901Comedian TV 4 months ago
Bet Nun Of Them Can Be a Me😂Especially Yrndj, But That Mane Skunked Him
Brian 1k
Brian 1k 4 months ago
Niggas kept hitting kobe in his ass wit them eggs😂😂
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