1V1 VS CLARENCE NYC ( if i win he has to cut his beard) | TyTheGuy

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1V1 VS CLARENCE NYC ( if i win he has to cut his beard) | TyTheGuy


Published on


Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 80
11 months ago
Hi Im LifeOfTy Ty's Daily vlogs
Mali Plays
Mali Plays 11 months ago
JC Visualz Mixes
JC Visualz Mixes 11 months ago
LifeWithTy hi
ashley lynn
ashley lynn 11 months ago
no cap u making multiple incomes and you’re up to something and i’m not ready
AUTO. B 11 months ago
LifeWithTy you suppose to play him at that gym u always at that yo court
moneyville 11 months ago
LifeWithTy look what I post
Buddyimgoldn 20 days ago
Ty still better than DDG and dub 😂
Don Month ago
Christopher Fernandez
It’s the beard got him playing like harden lmao 😂
Freezy DMX
Freezy DMX Month ago
Omg you took an L and they roasted your outfit damn bro it’s sad
Adam Yousef
Adam Yousef Month ago
Loss the game and got flamed at the end 🤭😐
Daniel John
Daniel John Month ago
Ajani Month ago
This guy lost the 1v1 you should retire from basketball your performances was awful you should be utilizing your height more stop shooting stupid 3s your shot is broken 😂😂🤣😂😂
Giovanni lynch
Giovanni lynch Month ago
Draymond Green: NOPE! 😂
liam 611
liam 611 Month ago
fear God
fear God Month ago
Don't blaspheme Jesus or the holy Ghost or God don't swear to God Jesus is Lord Matt 28:18 : Col 3:23 : Matt 22:37 : Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
fear God
fear God Month ago
Don't blaspheme Jesus or the holy Ghost or God don't swear to God Jesus is Lord Matt 28:18 : Col 3:23 : Matt 22:37 : Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
Aleigha & Lynno
Aleigha & Lynno Month ago
Marcus Tavarez
Marcus Tavarez 2 months ago
Yea I’m not gonna lie the fit u wore in this video was awful 😂😂😂
Marcus Tavarez
Marcus Tavarez 2 months ago
Ty u gotta rematch him and wear shorts whenever ya do
JOY TheBrand
JOY TheBrand 2 months ago
Omar Torres
Omar Torres 2 months ago
As soon as he lost that bad, they went to rippin his ass up 😂🤣
Exposed heat
Exposed heat 3 months ago
makes a mistake and says 9 - 4. gets corrected. then says my bad video 😭
Drop out CLout
Drop out CLout 3 months ago
They started cookin ty at the end 😂😂
Dreamweaver Gang
Dreamweaver Gang 5 months ago
Hol' up why didn't ty get a punishment? How was that fair only clarence beard on the line? 😆
Dreamweaver Gang
Dreamweaver Gang 5 months ago
Only ball player to justify a And1....."I had to" lmao. That was flagrant af! 😆😄🤣 you lucky you didn't RIP clarence tank. That would've been R.I.P.
Dumbshii studio
Dumbshii studio 6 months ago
Whole game nun but 3’s smh
Nathan Colvin
Nathan Colvin 9 months ago
Who has ty actually beaten in a 1v1 I’m wondering
Mahleek Guerrier
Mahleek Guerrier 9 months ago
DSSR1 10 months ago
The nope edit was funny
Gunner Aitsu
Gunner Aitsu 10 months ago
Idk how I feel about that push though lmao boxing out is another story
Timmy Ross
Timmy Ross 10 months ago
What’s that beat called 0:19
vickram singh
vickram singh 10 months ago
My guy you still had to take it back whether you saved it or not it touched rim. Come on clarence
GNARLY BASTARD 10 months ago
Y all these RUvid niggas tall for nothing?
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 10 months ago
YA suck
Aksent1126 10 months ago
Dub & ddg funny as hell 😂😭😭😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😭😭😂😂😭😭😂😭 I’m in tears & good game
Lavish ENT
Lavish ENT 10 months ago
Bro that hesi was nasty
TAYYWAYY 11 months ago
U and Dub got the same editor ?
23kc 11 months ago
23kc 11 months ago
Ny Smith
Ny Smith 11 months ago
You"re hilarious lmaoo
Damari Campbell
Damari Campbell 11 months ago
Y’all trash
luv29 11 months ago
fuckin on ya thot we in Cancun
jahein vernon
jahein vernon 11 months ago
Tbh why this shit in my recommendation 😐😐😐? Ion even know these niqqas😂😂😂
Shane Townsend
Shane Townsend 11 months ago
Get a better camera man 😂
Treton Bullock
Treton Bullock 11 months ago
The roast at the End 😂😂🔥
abdirahim farah
abdirahim farah 11 months ago
Is dub even good at anything but leeching.
jonathan lopez
jonathan lopez 11 months ago
So does that mean only 12 thousand people who are subscribed didn’t watch
Scott Holland
Scott Holland 11 months ago
Yo ty u gotta get them boards nigga lmao and that game was the outfit of losers vs the beard of winners BEARDGANG !!!!!!!
Kirk Fuego
Kirk Fuego 11 months ago
J GrUBbS 11 months ago
The cameraman made it really hard to watch the video!!!
Broward Josh
Broward Josh 11 months ago
Tbh shooting is not yo specialty❗️😂 No bapp, Stop being scared to get physical mane dunk on sum niggas mane
Steven Moutoux
Steven Moutoux 11 months ago
Clarence looking kinda fat not gonna lie
Anthony 11 months ago
I’m crying 😭 *he got a pocket*
Randy Bands
Randy Bands 11 months ago
TF is this? A 3 point contest?
RoJo Tv
RoJo Tv 11 months ago
Nigga he did yo shii omm he the realist hooper💯😭
sam amdrews
sam amdrews 11 months ago
Go to the rim 😂
Rahul Rattan
Rahul Rattan 11 months ago
Man all these RUvidrs suck lol, So would give y’all work
Broom Stick
Broom Stick 11 months ago
Dis the funniest video I ever watch on RUvid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
NiggleWiggle 11 months ago
Cant lie, tie did look homeless with that fit on🤣
Yung Toe
Yung Toe 11 months ago
Ty lowkey flight with a good jump shot can’t drive for shiiiiiit.
Sauce The Kid Music
Sauce The Kid Music 11 months ago
Marvel UZI
Marvel UZI 11 months ago
DDG came out the cut
brain gaming
brain gaming 11 months ago
Where this court at?
J.ReidProductions 11 months ago
Yeo 😂😂😂😂😂
Diamond Hobbs
Diamond Hobbs 11 months ago
Im dying💀💀💀💀
Bluestripkobe 11 months ago
Clout chaser
DreGoated 11 months ago
Tht nigga clearance got the chop
Raven Shanks
Raven Shanks 11 months ago
Ty just needed a little motivation
Raven Shanks
Raven Shanks 11 months ago
Control and handle don't be loose with the ball
Mattmentary Trippin
Mattmentary Trippin 11 months ago
Ddg and fun gotta be true homies to flame him like that cus yo closest friends can only flame u that damn bad
M G 11 months ago
Bro you can't be uploading L's like that. That's Flights thing
Denz Versace
Denz Versace 11 months ago
0:30 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Emmanuel 11 months ago
I’ll beat the both of them💯🥶
AyeeLloyd Tv
AyeeLloyd Tv 11 months ago
7:28 Clarence was like 😑YYYOOOOOOOO
dame avendano
dame avendano 11 months ago
Idk why ddg roasting bro got beat and was supposed pay money and he ran off
Jdd3 11 months ago
9:46 that hesi hesi hesi tweeen cross was nasty bru😤.
Backpack Kid
Backpack Kid 11 months ago
Clearance ball like James harden fr
Travon Atwater
Travon Atwater 11 months ago
LeEntertainment 11 months ago
“It’s the outfit YOUR OUTFIT SUCKS!!!”😂😂
Keyon Sawyers
Keyon Sawyers 11 months ago
Vlone Boys
Vlone Boys 11 months ago
This camera man a dick rider 😂
Sadian 30 Da Outlaw
Sadian 30 Da Outlaw 11 months ago
Honestly, you should have went to the rim.
Angie that's it
Angie that's it 11 months ago
The end was mad funny
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 11 months ago
I just realized clarence look just like fred van vleet from the Raptors
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