1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi: Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 232 V8TV

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A 426 Hemi-powered 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T to leave the competition black and blue! From The Brothers Collection.

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Dec 8, 2017




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Ernesto Chang
Ernesto Chang 9 months ago
This is one of my favorite cars, but with gasoline being so expensive these days and the government pushing regulation on how good for the environment is your car, you're better off finding one of these in relatively good conditions with the transmission and engine completely taken out of it.. And then proceed to put in a fuel injected modern V6 with a manual transmission... and while youre at it, you better be prepared to fix all the rust on the frames too lol I love big muscle cars, but honestly it costs even more money to keep one of those things running in todays modern economy, i wish i had this car in a V6 configuration without sacrifice any of the looks, i love the boxy yet streamlined body style and the wide high stance, makes it look like it could tackle dirt or snow any day of the week, fuck yeah!
Karl Moltzan
Karl Moltzan Year ago
I do believe that the 226 street hemis came with Holley carbs not Carter.
Noora Hassaan
Noora Hassaan 2 years ago
Childhood dream car . But I prefer it plam crazy and blow out engine 💜🖤
Noora Hassaan
Noora Hassaan 2 years ago
That sound of hemi ❤️ #Heartbeating #moparmadness
Tony Yomomma
Tony Yomomma 2 years ago
My 2.3 Turbo Mustang will kick that things ASS in every category. Just sayin.
Thegeokiller 15
Thegeokiller 15 4 months ago
@Xavier Ortiz and sound
Xavier Ortiz
Xavier Ortiz Year ago
Except for looks
Jeff House
Jeff House 2 years ago
Yeah yeah. How many 426 Mopars are there in this collection. Time for some different stuff. Where is that Corvair spyder?
69HemiGTX 2 years ago
Beautiful car! About the rear axle, this car would have an A32 coded Super Performance Axle package because it has an automatic transmission. Super Track Pack cars had four speeds. Yes, the Sure Grip differential was standard with this option. It's probably not working because of very limited use. I know I'm splitting hairs here, but please stop calling it a posi. This is a Sure Grip, not a posi. Personally, I find it funny that the first three letters of posi are POS.
Torch Matic
Torch Matic 7 months ago
I have one of these Dana 60s from a '70 Challenger R/T Hemi 4 speed car. Nobody wants it.
daytona4406 2 years ago
Love the silver shakers
MrBluzhound 2 years ago
A Dana carrier and 4:10 gears were available as 'open' or is the posi clutch setup sticky from non-use and not locking?
James Hutchins
James Hutchins 2 years ago
Perfect! Loved them then and still love them.
Staffan 2 years ago
Sweet ride!
Barry Snider
Barry Snider 2 years ago
'kickin ass in class !
The Investors Mind
The Investors Mind 2 years ago
I am surprised no Posi
Torch Matic
Torch Matic 7 months ago
@kanukster It was only spinning the right tire. Rewatch it.
kanukster 2 years ago
You're joking...right?
orange70383 2 years ago
My first car was the same B5 blue, 70 barracuda gran coupe 383.
Joseph M
Joseph M 2 years ago
Home of the Mad
Home of the Mad 2 years ago
Can I have it? I am serious these "brothers" have so many cars that just blow rust out the back because you guys don't use them.
Nicholas Maher
Nicholas Maher 2 years ago
That thing is a weapon. No chrome exhaust tips or rear valence cutouts, must be a California car?
69HemiGTX 2 years ago
Nicholas Maher: More than likely, this is a California car. If so, it would have the mandatory N97 Noise Reduction Package option, which was a no-cost requirement on 440-6 and Hemi cars in California. N97 = no exhaust tips.
BubbaSmurft 2 years ago
Holleyhell, ditch that background music stat (at least during the presentation, it's okay @ the finale). Thanks for another great car and I still want that bikini photo Kevin. :)
NatePlayzYT 2 years ago
I like it. I love it. I need it. This is my dream car!!!
Rich Santoro
Rich Santoro 2 years ago
Cool Mopar. I remember them when they were new. Terrible seats by today's standard though. Fine and dandy in 1970.
Observer 2 years ago
I hate blue, but I like this blue, a lot.
breezy0037 2 years ago
if you are going share all the cars in the brothers collection? how many more episodes are there going to be?
Live Wire
Live Wire 2 years ago
I like the burnout during the title sequence, keep it up. Sure do love those HEMI's too.
BrewBlaster 2 years ago
This car would be the ultimate accessory for the "Sharp Dressed Man"!!!
Luis Hern
Luis Hern 2 years ago
BrewBlaster Every girl crazy bout all this
Just One More
Just One More 2 years ago
What?? no positraction? single tire fryer with a Hemi !?
DogPatch Moving Pictures
I was thinking that too.
bongo7166 2 years ago
I was thinking the same thing....
BrewBlaster 2 years ago
I know they would never do it, but that high-gear rear-end could use the manual Tremec, like you put in that Chevelle recently.
Richard Gill
Richard Gill 2 years ago
T U 2 years ago
Even Ford, & GM guys know deep down they love 70-71 HEMI Challengers, & 70-71 HEMI Cuda’s
T U 2 years ago
andola jackson, to this day I cannot stop staring at pictures of the 71 Cuda. It perfect from every angle.
andola jackson
andola jackson 2 years ago
just look at the tucked bumpers and recessed grills the other guys never came close to the 7071 cuda
Jebediah Gentry
Jebediah Gentry 2 years ago
I LOVE these muscle car of the week episodes, but good Lord, how many different ways can you explain a hemi challenger it's like out all these vids 90% are challengers. I'm my lucky it's my favorite muscle car.
Scott Savinski
Scott Savinski 2 years ago
I was born in "70". My dads friend had a hemi challenger. It wasn't a factory hemi, he bought a hemi & put it in a lime green 70. My dad had a 67 396 Chevelle. Riding in the challenger was no comparison to my dads 67 Chevelle. Even though I was only 6 at the time I knew the major difference in the way the challenger pulled at open throttle. Thanks for the video
Scott Savinski
Scott Savinski 2 years ago
badcactus72 Agreed
badcactus72 2 years ago
Will Butter 396 was a great engine for sure and not to be taken lightly... but stock vs stock it would not touch the elephant motor with similar gearing and vehicle weight
Will The Thrill
Will The Thrill 2 years ago
The L78 396 with 375 horsepower and 430 pounds of torque in a Chevelle would be closer to beating a HEMI challenger
Scott Savinski
Scott Savinski 2 years ago
A 325 hp 396 I highly doubt that it would eat a hemi challenger
Joseph M
Joseph M 2 years ago
The big block chevelle SS used to eat these things up.
Old Town
Old Town 2 years ago
Nice to hear that exhaust. 426 Hemi a badge proud to sport. Only if had one, nice to dream though.
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