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01:21 Matchsticks puzzles
02:42 Trick with sticks
05:05 Where to park a car
07:48 DIY illusions
10:41 Find a cat
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Jun 18, 2018




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Comments 80
Sagayarani Roshan
Sagayarani Roshan 7 hours ago
I see 10 number
FUSION 81 9 hours ago
I did it exactly 12 times but the answer was coming 5 only
FUSION 81 9 hours ago
Age trick didn't work My age is 10 Not 5 And the number I chose was also wrong
miss aadishree
miss aadishree 12 hours ago
4:10 my answer was right !!!!
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 15 hours ago
Age wala kamm nahin kiya
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 15 hours ago
Car wska ans 87 mijhe ye such me atta tha jis jis ko ye atta tha vo like kro
D K Day ago
Plot Twist: The Age Trick tells you the age of your Mind :)
Sy C
Sy C Day ago
I am not 4
Eliška Kalašová
4:09 It's weird that I came up with a number I chose but I didn't fit my age.😐
Jįmïñ Çŕüžø
Am not even 18 dude ..... how it sapose to show 81
Ashwini S
Ashwini S 4 days ago
Not only age trick the whole video was just silly and bored🤮🤮
Ashwini S
Ashwini S 4 days ago
Age is all lies. I am getting wring age .😕☹😤
Make Maths Easy with Urvashi Mam
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Make Maths Easy with Urvashi Mam
Great Trick Teacher but worth exploring another Innovative Technique for Solving "Magic Square Puzzles" in few seconds. Beyond Bookish Knowledge!! Kind have a look at the below video please. ruvid.net/video/video-siiO4foB92A.html Keep Doing the good work and continue sharing as "Sharing is Caring"
Sujata Polkam
Sujata Polkam 5 days ago
Very very nice 👍🏻 I love this one 😍😍🥰🥰😊😊😊🤩
Mareena Issac
Mareena Issac 5 days ago
The age trick was not crct...
Priya s
Priya s 6 days ago
4:1 us fake
Julie Kozy
Julie Kozy 6 days ago
Lol I sent a whole bunch of these cool tricks to my friend and she was so stumped 😂 these are so much fun to try on someone!!! COMMENT AGAIN IF U DID 🤣🤣🤣
bh jijj
bh jijj 7 days ago
Wrong age
Md Chand Pasha
Md Chand Pasha 7 days ago
Ya it's really oh God 😯😯😯😯
yes,the age trick don't work BBBooooooooooo
Right Answer
Right Answer 7 days ago
Nice video
Gamer_ Ashiee
Gamer_ Ashiee 7 days ago
Woah its working
Haj Ra
Haj Ra 10 days ago
woah, at first all of that made me dizzy
Mohamedi Lokhandwala
Your guess your age with math does not work...
Saumya Mani Tripathi
My age is 12 not 7 you are wrong 😡😡
Melissa Stone
Melissa Stone 11 days ago
I know what the mistake is for the 123456789 thing. It is out of rainbow order.
Ayesha Manaloto
Ayesha Manaloto 11 days ago
I think 860 hehe
U r wrong in all because I have been tried tooo ! To slove this pusseles
Jemalyn Gajudo
Jemalyn Gajudo 13 days ago
Yes your right the first number i chose from 1-9 is 7 but the next 2 digits is 16 so it means the sum i get is 716 but i am actually 13 So its wrong
Ahmed Bilal
Ahmed Bilal 13 days ago
I'm not 12 years in old so that age trick is totally wrong.
Taqdees Fatima
Taqdees Fatima 14 days ago
Michelle Jordan
Michelle Jordan 14 days ago
With the age one I got 507 the1 of the numbers is correct others are not
Charlotte Manio
Charlotte Manio 14 days ago
I was so dizzy when I looked at the red dot
Anu Koirala
Anu Koirala 15 days ago
I am 10, not 6 but u got my number that i picked correct
venkat traders
venkat traders 16 days ago
Age trick is waste its not work's 😠
tripti bansal
tripti bansal 16 days ago
ur age trick is really fake👎👎
Fatima Rehan
Fatima Rehan 17 days ago
First one is very good trick 👌🧠👍🏻🤟🏻
V. Vanaja
V. Vanaja 17 days ago
This trick is not working my age is 13 not 07👿😡😠
X TEAM 18 days ago
My age is 12 not 7
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson 18 days ago
How did you know I was thinking of 6!!
sumathy santhanam
sumathy santhanam 18 days ago
5 :00 is wrong 😡😡think wat r u thinking
Renu Sharma
Renu Sharma 18 days ago
No my age is not 08
Kavya Tomar
Kavya Tomar 18 days ago
9-3÷1/3+1=? Ans. =3
Kashish Arora
Kashish Arora 18 days ago
Sangita Baheti
Sangita Baheti 19 days ago
5.3 minute is right answer good
Lily Hu
Lily Hu 19 days ago
Age trick did not work at all, not at all.
Lily Hu
Lily Hu 19 days ago
Not even the first one. I chased 2 but it ended up with 4 I think and my age is not eight!
Anonymous 7726
Anonymous 7726 20 days ago
The age and the math,,, THEY SAID I WAS 1,521😾😿berrrrrur... “To repay, say hi.” “Good-g-g-g-Goodbye...”
Sitaram Kumar
Sitaram Kumar 21 day ago
no i have 2
beena negi
beena negi 21 day ago
Xavier _ Playz
Xavier _ Playz 22 days ago
4:12 is a lie im 10 not 6 lier
Valentina Garza
Valentina Garza 23 days ago
The age trick did NOT work. It only worked on me not my siblings
Prakriti Tamang
Prakriti Tamang 23 days ago
lie about age
Gull Afshan
Gull Afshan 25 days ago
age trick is so so so so wrong
Prisha Jilhewar
Prisha Jilhewar 28 days ago
4:13 it is wrong!!!!! I am not 5!!!!!!!!!! U LIED
Eva Jaisinghani
Eva Jaisinghani 29 days ago
i picked 2 not 7! and I'm 10 not 25!
Roar of the Lions
I'm 9 but it came 86
Roar of the Lions
Archana Duwedi
Archana Duwedi Month ago
Mistake he ans ha
Kk Fouzia
Kk Fouzia Month ago
Trick is not working properly the first number was correct but my age is 13 years not 08 years😡😡
Swati Vishwakarma
Swati Vishwakarma
Age trick wrong I am 10 years old not 06
Poonam khot
Poonam khot Month ago
Plz give ideas of playing in kids party
Poonam khot
Poonam khot Month ago
What's the number of the parking space - 87
Crafts & drawing with Manvita
I see some line
The Fajjar
The Fajjar Month ago
Age trick didn’t work
Yashvardhan Nahar
My age is 11 nor 7
Hafsa Saman
Hafsa Saman Month ago
4:59 its true
Deepa Belagumpi
Deepa Belagumpi Month ago
Age trick is wrong my age is 13 not 08
Dr. M. V. Chakradhar
the math psyche is true
the red dot made me dizzy-_-
Sy C
Sy C Month ago
The age trick didn’t work. My age is 8 not 4.
• FallenLeaf •
4:11 *my age is 04?*
Seher Jain
Seher Jain Month ago
I am 9 *You got it right!*
Kumar Kashyap
Kumar Kashyap Month ago
4:57 True
Pranshu Santosh Telwane
It didn't work my age is wrong
datta katkar
datta katkar Month ago
It is wrong trick to find age
Mamta Sharma
Mamta Sharma Month ago
Visual Animates
Visual Animates Month ago
The age trick didn't work.
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