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01:21 Matchsticks puzzles
02:42 Trick with sticks
05:05 Where to park a car
07:48 DIY illusions
10:41 Find a cat
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Jun 18, 2018




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Comments 4 806
muhammad saad
muhammad saad 9 hours ago
Age trick is wrong my age is 10 not 6
JalalpurSanthal 1 Sakeet
Age trick is wrong my age is 13 not a 11
Avtar Singh
Avtar Singh 11 hours ago
Number is 87
As ENES 14 hours ago
1:52 was simple i made
Kush Goyal
Kush Goyal 14 hours ago
Your equation is wrong of calculating age
MochaPlayz Roblox
MochaPlayz Roblox 22 hours ago
Age trick is wrong im 8 not 4 but they have got it right that i picked chose the number and it was right in the first digit
Anna Nirmal
Anna Nirmal Day ago
The age trick got my first one but said I was 8 but I am 12
Shiuli Sahoo
Shiuli Sahoo Day ago
Age trick gave me the age of 79 years old
Rose Kastner
Rose Kastner Day ago
Your trick was not true. When I'm 12 it showed that I'm 9💔 Everyone is asking for the wrong age trick including me also
padma rajini
padma rajini Day ago
The age trick is lie . My age is 29not15
Anni Nasir
Anni Nasir Day ago
Im not 8 im 11
SydneyPlayz -Roblox
The age trick didnt work. The first number i chose is the number at the start,(8) but the rest is 05....... im frickin 9... i havent got my bday get so happy bday for those who had their bday this 2020
Potato Day ago
The age trick tricked me It said I'm 8 But I'm 12
Kunal Sharma
Kunal Sharma Day ago
Why you make the fake video if you can not make the right video then you plz don't make the video
Aman Ansari
Aman Ansari Day ago
9z gamez
9z gamez Day ago
Age wala wrong hai
-Kiwi- Day ago
Please dont look at the first one for to long it will mess with your eyes-
Pankaj Dhanuka
Wasim Ansari
Wasim Ansari 2 days ago
I am not 9 years old I am 12
christy raja jayaseli
Yes i was thinking about the number 6
Rosè 2 days ago
*Ahem* the age trick made me 5 years smaller . I'm 13 and it showed that my age is 8 😶
Humaira Tariq
Humaira Tariq 3 days ago
My age is 11 not 6😡
muhammad hassan
muhammad hassan 3 days ago
age trick totall y wrong
Athena Louise3120
4:58 my final answer was 7
Athena Louise3120
4:13 I got 506 the first digit is right,but im not six years old!!im 10!
vandana poddar
vandana poddar 3 days ago
Age trick didn't work,😠😠😠👎👎💘💘
Mridul Upadhyay
Mridul Upadhyay 4 days ago
Sb room me zoom o gya
Hema Madhwani
Hema Madhwani 4 days ago
No my b-day is wrong
Ved Patil
Ved Patil 4 days ago
Age trick is fake i am 13 i got 08
Nicole Soriano
Nicole Soriano 4 days ago
What the heck!?! The age trick is a fail im 10 not 6 that’s WAYYYYY of
dawood Abdullah
dawood Abdullah 4 days ago
DoNNeY XD 5 days ago
The second and third digit are not my age
Strongdad1 5 days ago
Age trick does not work at all!!!😡😡😡😡
Aquiles Alviola
Aquiles Alviola 5 days ago
The age trick d Probably didnt work because the specific number you had to add when you had your birthday or not is probably outdated
SHAFIUL AZAM 5 days ago
Awesome, amazing math hacks.
izzy 8
izzy 8 6 days ago
Omg it's work
Baljit Kaur
Baljit Kaur 6 days ago
Age trick is not correct My age is 17 not 12 as it says .......
Gacha•cupcake _cutieee
Age trick is not real I'm 13 not 09
Mamatha Manuja
Mamatha Manuja 6 days ago
yohan magi
yohan magi 6 days ago
Physics trick worked
yohan magi
yohan magi 6 days ago
Age trick told me I'm 5 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Am I immature?
Raju Yadav
Raju Yadav 7 days ago
Raju Yadav
Raju Yadav 7 days ago
the number of parking space is 87
Pramila Bhatt
Pramila Bhatt 7 days ago
The spelling of mistake is wrong
LPSJadeAndMore 7 days ago
The age trick FAILED Like I got 305 I chose 9 and it said I was 5- So uhhhh
Nazia Imran
Nazia Imran 7 days ago
My age is 10 not 6
Syed Kamran Hussain Naqvi
Did not work u got the number right but not the age
Sayeeda Fatima
Sayeeda Fatima 8 days ago
The age trick is wrong...😡😡
Ky Ky
Ky Ky 9 days ago
The age trick is wrong
Yaqub Wani
Yaqub Wani 9 days ago
No the number I selected at first is correct (which is easy) but last 2 digits is not my age.
L Cates
L Cates 9 days ago
Bruh, the “We Will Guess Your Age By Math” one is FAKE!! I got a FOUR DIGET number! And it said you had to get a THREE DIGET number. And another thing the number I got was 2440. WHATS UP WITH THAT!?
Emilija 9 days ago
I find the mistake it's me or the word
Sūmmêr_Plāyz Alethewolf
I am 11 and got 7
kids life
kids life 9 days ago
if you are 11 but trick said 7 add thumbs up
kids life
kids life 9 days ago
but it got the first number correct
kids life
kids life 9 days ago
age trick says i 07 but i am 11
Awn Rizvi
Awn Rizvi 9 days ago
It's wrong My age is 13 And it is showing 9
Sara Khan
Sara Khan 9 days ago
5:05 is not true I got 2
Firey Hazel
Firey Hazel 9 days ago
I am 11 not 7!! And i did not do the math wrong because i used siri!!
Happy Life
Happy Life 10 days ago
Age trick is wrong
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