16" Macbook Pro First Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Hands on with the 16" Macbook Pro, the newest best Apple laptop!
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Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 5 602
Callisto Lee
Callisto Lee 13 hours ago
Worst macbook model yet
Dodo on the rocks
Just bought mine !!
Roselyn Gilg
Roselyn Gilg 2 days ago
Wow...I just got a cheap MacBook pro through sterissa12 on 1G...so amazing
Stanley jean-baptiste
Watsky in the beginng!
Rabins XP
Rabins XP 3 days ago
I am buying this in few days!
Khalid Hamid
Khalid Hamid 6 days ago
I still use my 15' 2014 Mac pro with broke clicker on trackpad. I use mouse and Mac still Excell in all that I use it for including software development.
Nikita Gaidouk
Nikita Gaidouk 7 days ago
0:40 same what now?
Deadspirit 10 days ago
I wish they just got rid of the touch bar to reduce the price :/
Scrivener Writer
Scrivener Writer 15 days ago
Excellent Review!
Free Course
Free Course 16 days ago
Looking forward to 14 MBP.
Multihunter95bg 21 day ago
How many people are buying the new "You cannot upgrade anything at all & plugin anything fuck you!" MacBook 16"? And you people are glad that this time a 3K dollar laptop works?! LOL
lara wehbe
lara wehbe 21 day ago
i'm not mad i'm disappointed, how can we still have keyboard problem !!!! we invest a LOT and what we get ?!
Grace Tan
Grace Tan 22 days ago
I’m still owning the 2013 MacBook Pro and it’s working fine. Downside speakers are spoilt. Bought the Macbook 2017 for a light usage of works :)
MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro 22 days ago
Just buy me
Ahmed Shafeeu
Ahmed Shafeeu 24 days ago
Dream 💻 ♥️ But can't afford it 😭 Somebody please gift me 😫
Magnus S
Magnus S 26 days ago
Love MacBooks, got the 13" pro myself, but that tiny keyboard on the 16" just looks awfully weird, but that's just my opinion... proportions just off
Soham Gon
Soham Gon Month ago
i want that wallpaper sahre me the link anyone
Matthew LC
Matthew LC Month ago
What kind of keyboard is on your desk?!
kathleensi Month ago
yes!!the speaker is really really good
Tek Minion
Tek Minion Month ago
I have had my Macbook Pro 16inch for almost a week now. I moved on from my 2016 Macbook Pro 13 inch base model, to the Base Model 16 inch 2019. Reason i chose the base model, is because of what I do and what i need to be able to do on the device. My normal daily consists of, creating Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, Media consumption, web browsing, and occational gaming. I was considering going with i9, upgraded graphics, increasing the Ram, but honestly I dont need to. Which was going to be my point when you watch videos like this one, is really consider what you are needing this for and dont get caught up in what reviewers are telling you need. You have to understand, individuals like MKBHD, Johnathan Morrison, Karl Konrad, is that they are always comparing and testing the latest and greatest as where the normal consumer does not. What this translates into, is as informative as they are, they are always infront of the best and looking for the next best, which means that if what they are reviewing does not live up to their expectations or history, they are going to knock that choice and tell you weather or not to buy it. I purchase the base Model 2019 16inch Macbook Pro, and could not be more happier with my decision. I see myself owning this device for a long, long time.
Jay Tea
Jay Tea Month ago
What’s up y'all. I am currently in a pickle trying to decide between 2 MBP configurations. With that in mind, my primary uses for this will be schoolwork, social media, coding, heavy Final Cut Pro (4K use), as well as occasional AfterEffects and PhotoShop. 1st Config: i7 6-Cores, 32GB RAM, 8GB GDDR6 Memory, 512GB Storage ($2,999) 2nd Config: i9 8-Cores, 16GB, 8GB GDDR6 Memory, 1TB Storage ($2,899) So I am deciding between whether or not the 2 extra cores with less RAM will be better than the one with less cores, but with more RAM. With the amount of reviews that I have read, I am not sure which configuration to go with. I am not too worried about storage as I have externals to worry about that. In addition, I am fairly cognizant about having too many programs running as once, so I thought I would be okay with the 16GB RAM anyways. Anyways, that’s what I’m currently contemplating. What are your thoughts on which configuration I should go with - which would be a better value for my workflow/value in this case? Any help will be appreciated - short or length, please educate me. Thank you for your help
Simplicity Month ago
having upgraded 2.9 i7 Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012. still Damn fast like Gonzales. If you buy it buy it with upgraded one!!!!
mohd khalil
mohd khalil Month ago
Where do you get your wallpapers from?
Potluck Month ago
Can someone tell me.. my wife uses a silhouette machine and has to use my laptop to do. But I want her to have her own. Would the air work for that or would she need the pro with the dedicated graphics? Please and thank you 😊
Inayat Ali iNshu
Hi Marques Brownlee i from Oman, I' will perches macbook pro 16" what you can hellp me, i send you mony them you will perches MacBook and deliver in oman,i trust u bro... Tell me something?
Akeem Richards
Akeem Richards Month ago
I never need to watch these videos on tech I don't plan to buy, but I watch anyway, because I enjoy your productions. Keep it comin', good Sir!
Wobbled Month ago
I'm one of probably millions who bought the 15 inch this year, and it's too late to return it. Now I'm stuck with a device that has a design flaw that they spent nearly 4 years trying to fix, instead they ditched it completely, as well as the whole 15 inch product line. Oh and, they refuse to replace 15 inch models with 16 inch models that have the fixed design flaws. Cheers Crapple.
getta samson
getta samson Month ago
awesome Comboo the Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro and the lightblade lamp by lumiy WOWOW
Osiris Month ago
uses intel processor in this day and age
Airi Iyama
Airi Iyama Month ago
Well... time for my wallet to get empty... forever... 😭
Baconface McGee
Baconface McGee Month ago
It’s 98.5 watt hours or something like that...
Ahmed Mudkip
Ahmed Mudkip Month ago
4:20 what's *nuggative* 💀
Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson Month ago
what's that wallpaper? the desert, with the sun in the background?
axestradaa Month ago
where can I find this wallpaper?
Master Swordz
Master Swordz Month ago
blackmagic speedtest for the base model please
Ryan Hong
Ryan Hong Month ago
Early 2014 MacBook Air gang rise up
Rahi Narang
Rahi Narang Month ago
Oh . So it sucks one more inch now.
Nard Dog
Nard Dog Month ago
Bout to get this stallion
Naicol Nark
Naicol Nark Month ago
I will only buy a MacBook when they make a foldable touch screen!....
Muhammadh Imdaadh
Where is ur review bro?
Kumar Yashwant
Kumar Yashwant Month ago
Can you review a Linux based Laptop? Like a System76 laptop for people not very Mac/Windows friendly?
Anot Month ago
No render or specs review, just the outfit?
thepixelpusher Month ago
Already walked away from the gimmicky touchbar!? No wonder app developers didn’t code for it.
kandrika venkat Aditya sarma
The song which he plays to demonstrate speaker quality is called Equilibre by Hocus Pocus.
Jonathan Ritter
Jonathan Ritter Month ago
lol that webcam quality is disgusting
J Month ago
It's a shame that Apple didn't upgrade their display to OLED, I mean the Touch Bar itself is OLED. I like the bigger display of the 16" but the weight gain makes me hesitate buying one.
Sushil Patil
Sushil Patil Month ago
what wallpaper is that @1:05 ?? link plz !!
Shahreyar Jamal
Shahreyar Jamal Month ago
I think there is mo.matt finish on it thats why he is not going to love it
jeffry Month ago
You didnt say which intel cpu they are using u just said i6-i9? God damm u are the worst tech reviewer
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Month ago
But can I improve the chemistry of my relationship with my gf through the 16" screen?
Amrit Sahani
Amrit Sahani Month ago
Hope you enjoy all with the new MacBook pro - may you just confer me to a MacBook which you really don't use
גל בדיחי
גל בדיחי Month ago
can u give me for free MacBook 16' ? (preferred the upgrade one; but the basic is good either ) I always wanted one for editing my painting videos , but can't afford :)
Devil Ly
Devil Ly Month ago
Why can't all Apple workers help the customers buying the Apple products a week before the released date? "No,no don't buy that, there will be a new one coming up soon", I mean come on, at least hint us instead of barging us in...
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Month ago
15-inch or 16-inch, it's still too big for me. Now if Apple came up with a 14-inch MBP with the same footprint as the current 13-inch models...
Everyday Techy
Everyday Techy Month ago
Excellent video I’m still rocking the 2015 13” MBP with a smile on my face and honestly.... It isn’t wind 😁
Peter shr
Peter shr Month ago
Apple lowered the prices of some iPhones, they switched back to scissor keys, im scared
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Month ago
But can I improve the chemistry of my relationship with my gf through the 16" screen?
Jaishree Bahuguna
What's that wallpaper
Epri Wahyu Pratiwi
I love the way how you review the products!
TechRoll Month ago
Can I play Crysis tho..
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Month ago
I'm just disappointed at all the wasted space around the keyboard when they could have easily fit a numpad there
Esteban Ramirez
Esteban Ramirez Month ago
Minute 1:06 wallpaper?
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Month ago
When it comes the keyboard, I’m surprised Apple didn’t tag it with the typical ‘To move forward, you’ve got to go back’ bullshit
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