16” MacBook Pro - Apple’s Last Chance

Dave Lee
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The 16" MacBook Pro sounds like it'll be the best MacBook ever, but it needs an engineering overhaul to get around the thermal limitations of the current design. I WANT TO BELIEVE.
Apple Space Heater - amzn.to/2DRWq50
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19 фев 2019




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Dave Lee
Dave Lee 27 дней назад
The upcoming Intel CPUs are gonna run really hot. Don't screw this one up Apple... THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO REDEEM YOURSELF
Jerry Huang
Jerry Huang 13 дней назад
For thin, mobile, and fashionable, there are MacBook and MacBook Air. It just doesn't make any sense to go through all the troubles to create another product line named MacBook Pro and confuse everyone (themself included) by still trying to make it thinner yet "not Pro". Better cooling, longer battery life, and yes, more useful ports. Bring back the SD card slot, please!
Patt Fabre
Patt Fabre 14 дней назад
PLEASE Apple! less heat and a decent GPUs would be glorious!! I wouldn't mind if they forget about these new CPUs tbh
Pursuit Wind
Pursuit Wind 18 дней назад
Could you add a Chinese subtitle
graphite737 18 дней назад
That is correct, Im sick and tired of not having towers anymore, any time you want to add something you half to shove in in external chassis, Heck they use to sell entry level towers for $1500 not to very long ago!!! What the hell is an Imac pro you can really upgrade?!!
Blair Slavin
Blair Slavin День назад
Good points. Plus extra points for great hair (not a facetious comment...I am loving the tousled hair)
Papyrus The Great
Papyrus The Great 3 дня назад
Gaming laptop?
moontecker 5 дней назад
If Apple comes out 16 inch Macbook Pro, it will be $4000+ so yea no thank you.
speedracer123222 6 дней назад
I would get a 17” laptop no smaller
Princess Hermione
Princess Hermione 8 дней назад
Man sorry to say but the past few years of apple laptops have been disgusting, a total failure and waste of a product.
MichaelKB95 8 дней назад
I want a ticker MBP, Pro functions back so I don’t have to carry 394748 dongles. Oh yea, fix the damn keyboard and constant freezing under heavy load (I’m having this on my maxed out MBP 15” 2018).
misterinspace 9 дней назад
Don’t need a thinner laptop, don’t need the touchbar, don’t need thin bezels. Just need better thermals/performance, better keyboard, and ideally the SD port. Can live without USB, don’t mind replacing my peripherals to type C, as long as I know the rest of the machine is working FOR ME rather than me living up to an Apple vision. All that thin bezeless pazzaz should be a MacBook Air thing. We’re trying to work and these machines are currently simply getting in the way. Love your videos Dave!
Alan 9 дней назад
On the contrary, I think it's just marketing because nobody is making 16" laptop. Airflow is what cools the CPU/GPU, and I fail to see how it would help if the chassis remains as thin which refrains enough airflow, unless they drill some holes in the front to draw in the air and vent it out at the back. However, Apple is about form over substance so I don't see it happening.
bloodySunday77 10 дней назад
Very click-baity title but there are quite a few good points here...
chipchip 9 дней назад
It really isn't...
Paul Donaldson
Paul Donaldson 11 дней назад
Thermal, design and hardware issues are all things that plague Macbooks. Apple has gone form over function, and is only really suitable for the Fanboy/girl now. It's a fashion accessory more than a state of the art hardware platform. I have to give you kudos though Dave. Of all the Apple "Tech" reviewers - your the one I believe to be non-biased and open and I enjoy nearly all your videos. I hope your faith doesn't get burnt by Apple..
S Tea
S Tea 12 дней назад
I'm hoping they will strop screwing people over and come up with a normal keyboard and no stupid non upgradeable feature... indeed last chance for them, i'm tired of waiting for something good to come out
HMS Beagle
HMS Beagle 12 дней назад
Form over Function, That's Apple's design Philosophy. ports are sacrificed for thinnest. terrible keyboard. now it's coming back to bite them.
BonBaisers 12 дней назад
At my office there is maxed MacBook Pro's and maxed Surface Books 2 15. Only 2 of 14 did not go back to Apple for repairs. 1 of 11 Book was repaired (due to liquid damaged, replaced for FREE my Microsoft)... There is more than Thermal issues to address. Book 2 have detachable screen, great chassis, and 1070GTX without any thermal problem at all. Since last year, many of my Apple fan coworkers started to understant that Apple is all about PERCEPTION OF QUALITY and not actual quality. I think that it's a huge mistake to go this road since 2013. Mac OS is imho the only thing that keep the company alive.
Mohan Sethuraman
Mohan Sethuraman 13 дней назад
Poor battery life ... Always running hot ..and a keyboard thats running me crazy ..stuck because of sketch app that's only available for Mac.
Delyan Kostov temporary resident
Delyan Kostov temporary resident 13 дней назад
Sounds logical, and you know what is onother opportunity Apple could use of the real estate that 16' laptop will give them..having in mind the growing trackpads tendency, they might add a even biger one with Pencil support and turn these peace in a beast for the creative market...
rokogoko 14 дней назад
Very weak GPU. It's not good for rendering 4K video. I bought MSI GE75 instead Mac Book Pro. GPU RTX2080 working very fast with 4K video.
harsh zalavadiya
harsh zalavadiya 14 дней назад
I guess there's no need of thinner laptop I'll be happy to use little bit thicker one and of course without that annoying new keyboard and touchbar 😅
Alexander Kuhn
Alexander Kuhn 14 дней назад
I really hope they don't care to much about the thickness this time. If you want a pro machine it's not a big deal if this thing will be < 2 kg or not... Internals matter! Reliable cooling! Eventually some expandable RAM! These slots really don't take so much space - C'mon! The built in battery doesn't even have to blow our minds away. External power banks are becoming smaller and more powerful. So they should really focus on the basics of a versatile pro-user laptop. Shouldn't be that hard in 2019!
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 15 дней назад
Apple will never design a chassis that will be able to cool a cpu like that 9980H. Have you seen windows laptops that have high power cpus. They are thick as hell, multiple fans and alot of heat pipes.
Vander 16 дней назад
Jonathan Morisson might be shaking right now, thinking how to defend apple again! Lol
Litl Cup O' Joe
Litl Cup O' Joe 17 дней назад
What’s the name of those lights in the background?
Richard Getz
Richard Getz 17 дней назад
Apple has been anorexic obsessed for too long.
Sebastian Pritchard
Sebastian Pritchard 17 дней назад
As a hardcore Apple fan, I’ll stay with Apple ‘till the day I die. Unless they stop producing or go main-stream.
paouvous 17 дней назад
intel chip fabrication has been a disaster these last few years. They are stuck on 14nm while on the same time ARM chips have moved from 20nm to 7nm. It is not really Apple's fault that Intel cannot design more efficient chips. Unfortunatelly it seems there is not much money on the PC market either for Apple to make their own chips.. But, maybe some day!
TheFusiform 18 дней назад
Nice thought, but it definitely won't happen. The larger screen will just be the same chassis with smaller bezels because "small bezels look sooooo cool". The more I see reviews on the issue too, this isn't just Apples fault. The customer is demanding these superficial features and reviewers by in large are reinforcing these pointless standards. So, thank god there is at least Dave2d is holding laptop designers feet to the fire over performance issues. But it won't be enough.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 18 дней назад
@1:26 Yes, everyone likes a nice looking computer just like everyone likes a nice looking sledgehammer. ;) That is why the IBM Thinkpads where more geared towards the people who are more likely to use a sledgehammer instead of a nail file. ;)
Sam Sharpe
Sam Sharpe 18 дней назад
Why not just make a 17" one again?
Paul-Sebastian Manole
Paul-Sebastian Manole 18 дней назад
Next Macbooks will have AMD Ryzen chips inside. :P
Masticina Akicta
Masticina Akicta 18 дней назад
... yeah I am sure it is beautiful and has the most perfect screen and so on.. it also probably will come with a CPU lacking enough cooling so that it will have to run on lower/safer speeds so your performance goes bust. A beauty to see, weak when it gets to get things done. That is apple these days with their super thin design ideas. What is wrong with a bit more weight, bit more depth and better cooling? Their 2004 line was functional, good working and had enough cooling to keep its CPU happy. And now it is 2019 and you can't even cool your CPU anymore?
Thorhian 18 дней назад
Wouldn't be surprised if this MBP will be the only x86-64 in their future lineup (or maybe some of their 15" models). I have a feeling the smaller devices will be ARM-based in a year or two.
Josef Josef
Josef Josef 19 дней назад
Kurt Winkelman
Kurt Winkelman 19 дней назад
What's the device on the left side of the table?
Kenny McCann
Kenny McCann 19 дней назад
Glad I waited to buy a new mac. Let's hope they get this right because I want to keep using FCPX
Vignesh Subramaniam
Vignesh Subramaniam 19 дней назад
Please find some information on this and do a review. www.indiegogo.com/projects/aerobook-the-most-affordable-widescreen-laptop#/
Chris Thornborrow
Chris Thornborrow 19 дней назад
Apples solution should be arm.
TomoQuads 19 дней назад
Wrong they will trash intel chips on their future laptop in favor of the type of cpu used on ipad pros
Colton Milne
Colton Milne 20 дней назад
Why 16”? Why not just redesign the 15” chassis for better thermals?
gycy gvufti
gycy gvufti 20 дней назад
Go to LTX or riot
Blood Sweat Steel
Blood Sweat Steel 20 дней назад
Dave Lee: Have you had any issues with your butterfly keyboards?
Swift Boiz
Swift Boiz 20 дней назад
I’m calling it, Apple can make it thinner with more internal volume, just move to a more squared design instead of tapering the bottom. This won’t fix thermal throttling at all, it’ll just mitigate it slightly.
NoOther1 20 дней назад
If Apple released a Macbook Pro "classic" with actual cooling solutions, socketed ram, serviceable battery, a widely used resolution standard, and room for a second hard drive (even if that just means 3 m.2 sockets), I'd be lined up outside the Apple store on release day. Wouldn't even think twice.
Sebastián Haoys
Sebastián Haoys 20 дней назад
Nothing better than watching Dave Lee's videos on a beautiful non-burnt super amoled wqhd+ screen
AlphaStunna 20 дней назад
cole tidwell
cole tidwell 20 дней назад
I feel like the only person that loves the usb c ports. However my job requires that I have the ability to edit videos at home in a traditional sense with studio monitors, a ultrawide monitor, keyboard, trackpad, mouse, desktop style hard drive(for archiving), movie SSD(current work) , and a audio interface. Then the other half of the week I have to edit or use my laptop as a audio control surface for soundboards. And I just leave dongles plugged into my desk so all I have to plug in is my computer and mobile harddrive. Then on the other side, I have a dongle with my soundboard plugged into. So while I lack allot of power and bottleneck my CPU and GPU with intense editing. It fits my lifestyle so well. I hope we keep going down this road, just allow for better cooling in MacBooks.
Hazem Juha
Hazem Juha 20 дней назад
Hi Dave please make review for asus tuf gaming fx505ge
Sandesh Tonde
Sandesh Tonde 20 дней назад
where is Dell XPS 13 2019 review...?
Tinfoilpain 21 день назад
So if I get this right, they want to save face. They can't admit that they fucked up making it so thin for no reason and so they have to create a whole new line... That's vanity at it's peak...
ShamockParticle 21 день назад
I used to buy 17" Macs. The larger battery helped for both long life and faster power (not voltage throttling). At least until they hit 99c or higher which no laptop should do under load. The 87w power brick was underpowered for the 17"ers of the time as well. They got roasting hot to the touch. I'd like to see a thicker chassis with better heat pipes, there's no other way. Just like 12 years ago.
Chad Thundercockovich
Chad Thundercockovich 21 день назад
iSheeps are in for a world of hurt.
Sean T
Sean T 21 день назад
Oh but David, that's where you're wrong... If Apple does a 16" it WILL change the world. Courageous, So courageous.
Why Google?
Why Google? 21 день назад
Please bring back MagSafe connectors!
Well if you want a mac you gota pay that apple tax for old hardware that makes it even better for apple to sell
CHINKY SIGHT 22 дня назад
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Ron C
Ron C 22 дня назад
Introducing world's thinnest laptop(only 4mm) with intel 9th gen cpu the power you need.price $4000 dollar only for laptop.buy your laptop case & use your refrigerator for cooling😏😏.we are not committed for cooling cause we make hot deal products.xDDDD🤪🤪🤪
Ivan Renz Ramos
Ivan Renz Ramos 22 дня назад
can i get a name of that lamp in the background?
Keshav Sapra
Keshav Sapra 22 дня назад
You should make your background lil bright...everything's kinda grayish.. cover your table with a white laminate or solid surface or something.. and offcourse some studio lighting.. and youll be good to go... trust me i'm an architect
Nabil El-Saheli
Nabil El-Saheli 22 дня назад
Good analysis ! For me the best model to this day is the retina mbp with usb ports, hdmi & audio. No need for soo much adaptors and it works well !
Huawei is the best thing to ever happen to Apple. They've (hopefully) forced them to stop selling under-powered overpriced garbage and finally give the people VALUE for their money. #MorePortsLessDongles
Diminish12 22 дня назад
What is the best Video Editing Laptop to get right now? Cause I'm looking at a MacBook Pro but don't know if it's the best option in 2019...
Victor Muthoka
Victor Muthoka 22 дня назад
Just tan into this channel today. Most sober tech reviewer, sorry Verge.
Ali Sleiman
Ali Sleiman 22 дня назад
When you're done with this noob guy watch apple shuts his mouth: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-WVPRkcczXCY.html
SuCKeRPunCH187 22 дня назад
if apple switches from intel to ARM chips, does that mean no more windows on mac via parallels or bootcamp?
Feryjhon 20 дней назад
Windows 10 oficially supports ARM processors, though some apps need to be recompiled or use x86 emulation.
Ali Mohiuddin
Ali Mohiuddin 22 дня назад
hey man i love how you don't have annoying background music. especially considering the fact that I can't listen to music as a Muslim. frikkin amazing.
Aaron 22 дня назад
My 2017 Apple Macbook Pro got way too hot and had to be shut down while this video was playing, no joke. I hate this machine But hey, it was free But still, I hate it
Aaron 21 день назад
+Bibasik7 No, someone else paid for it for me. It was new when I received it.
Bibasik7 21 день назад
If you got it for free, that explains your problem. You got a broken MacBook.
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki 22 дня назад
Last chance as already expired few year ago. never been happier since we remove any Mac from ours offices
Its me Ceo
Its me Ceo 22 дня назад
Apple = dumbass
Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson 22 дня назад
Already jumped ship. Don't care what they do.. It will cost $9000. I can now feed my kids again and have a much better Laptop than before. People just laugh at MacBook Morons at coffee shops now. Almost want to feel bad for them.
hbarudi 22 дня назад
Apple used to have 17 inch laptops but they discontinued those "gaming" laptops for the same reason, but now they are going to bring them back trying to get back some market share lost to microsoft. But the problem was that they became too hot, so apple does continue to have issues with thermals for their performance laptops. If only apple can better innovate, those laptops are very thin and apple does have the ipad with apple pencil, so why not make a tablet mac or better yet remove this restriction on the macOS and allow us to buy it from apple for an expensive price such as $500 and let us install on any pc or hardware of our own choice, why be restricted to apple hardware for their OS. It is a great OS compared to the competition in the OS market, but it being restricted to only apple hardware make it unaffordable for the most of us.
Helder De Almeida
Helder De Almeida 23 дня назад
Never liked apple greedy bastards
spankwalla 23 дня назад
They should have never have got rid of the 17" in a Pro line.
Salsa 23 дня назад
Big baby complaining as usual
James Biser
James Biser 23 дня назад
Maybe apple will actually make a piece of tech i wanna buy
Mat O'Flynn
Mat O'Flynn 23 дня назад
Subscribed! Great insight.
Javier pereira rodriguez
Javier pereira rodriguez 23 дня назад
i wish they would fix their stupid butterfly keyboard and change it because it sucks
Mario Sandoval
Mario Sandoval 23 дня назад
David which Dell has a kickass display and workstation specs..? I think I’ve been waiting 3years for Apple to get it together. Thanks Man!
Desire Lines
Desire Lines 23 дня назад
Who makes those LED lamps in the background?
Desire Lines
Desire Lines 22 дня назад
+Clark James Thanks, I see they were extremely limited edition and no longer available. Boo!
Clark James
Clark James 22 дня назад
ikea spanst
Javier Cárdenas
Javier Cárdenas 23 дня назад
Could you do a Surface Laptop 2 review? You have a Surface Laptop 1 review, but not for the version 2.
vondahe 23 дня назад
Yet another INTELLIGENT analysis and no mindless repeating of rumours. Thank you very much!
Abdul Jalil
Abdul Jalil 21 день назад
Arnold Apostol
Arnold Apostol 23 дня назад
Apple is actually moving to ARM.. give or take 3 to 4 years. That’ll solve their thermal problems from going thin.
Pankaj Ahuja
Pankaj Ahuja 23 дня назад
Intel needs to fuck off, they are right now the worst at producing chips. Like wtf man. They can't do modems even.
Maxwell Archer
Maxwell Archer 23 дня назад
Apple is ligit losing their reputation!
曾達幸 23 дня назад
Totally agree
Meem Ain
Meem Ain 23 дня назад
I don’t care about bezels when it comes laptops
Wil C-137
Wil C-137 23 дня назад
Think they’re sticking with intel?
Jev55 23 дня назад
Apple couldn't care less about making computers anymore LOL It's like Valve and games. Why make the product when you can sell the service? The iTunes Store and Apple store run on multiple platforms now and Apple is pushing into the realm of "only mobile." The "Pro" computers have never sold well and they haven't ever truly cared about them. Look for an Apple streaming service or Apple branded automated cars. Don't hold out that they are going to put any effort into laptops or pc's which to Apple is technology that should have died years ago.
Ntoni0 23 дня назад
We are all waiting for Alienware Area-51M review. Make it happen Dave!
Lazy Gamin / / Meme Lord
Lazy Gamin / / Meme Lord 23 дня назад
Last chance? Lol the iPhone xs was
Walid werfelli
Walid werfelli 23 дня назад
D2D Pls a review on GTX 1660 Ti would it be available on laptops? Value? And utility? Thanks for the great content 😋 Peace
A J 23 дня назад
Make A Review For Asus TUF Gaming Laptop Fx505
Giorgio Vidali
Giorgio Vidali 24 дня назад
What lights are those in the back of your room?
Boma Rinaldy Sangaji
Boma Rinaldy Sangaji 24 дня назад
Review MSI GL63 8SE with RTX about build quality etc pleasee Thankyouu broww
NhCl NightCoreLines
NhCl NightCoreLines 24 дня назад
My Friend : "hey i got New apple laptop The 16" MacBook Pro" Me : "Are you Seven?"
NuEnque 24 дня назад
I CALLED IT 2 YEARS AGO! This is nothing more than a cash grab by Apple. I believe Apple will eventually release the iPhone 3G with the original specs. The iPhone 3G will sell like Hot-Cakes in 2020!
Andre 24 дня назад
Plz make some merch I Fuck with your shit hard
Wenzel Massag
Wenzel Massag 24 дня назад
I've been using the 2016 MacBook Pro 15" with touchbar, I love it. Y'all just need to buy the product before the CPU/GPU get upgraded 😉
utkua 24 дня назад
Intel had a nice, flat roadmap like they did for the last 8 years, 4 cores only, minor adjustments, and why not take some cores back time to time and call dual cores i7 for the good measure, then AMD come up... $350 chip, performed as good as Intel's $1500, and suddenly Intel knows how to make more cores available, but it is too late, too little, their design does not scale, and their chips get hotter and hotter, lower yields, problematic availability not the mention the fact they lied about status of 10nm, they did not even bother working on it properly. Intel is no longer a tech company, it is a cash cow out of milk.
BaldingEagle51 24 дня назад
The "thin" fashion trend is just stupid. Apple should have asked an engineer, just like the other companies that followed suit. As you can probably tell, I'm not a fan of the sacrifices everyone laments that have been offered on the Altar of Anorexia. No ports, worthless keyboards for over a decade now, wimpy batteries with battery swelling, and - as you point out - no room for fast components inside. Apple users don't know what a benchmark even is, so Apple can keep selling half speed aluminium bricks with dinky touch bars.
POTATO 24 дня назад
16”? we just need a thicc 15” MacBook Pro, a real Pro Machine like the old (mid 2012-2015) 15” retina, that was the perfect Pro Combo all was good and reliable and had enough power for anything you throw at it back in the day, and we need ports, that would make myself consider to upgrade my late 2013 15”
David M
David M 24 дня назад
You don't move your hands enough when talking. You need to move them more when explaining things.
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