150 Meter Starhopper Test

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Starhopper's test flight in Boca Chica, TX.

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Aug 27, 2019




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Poberaganser 27 days ago
Малютка Стархоппер, ветеран Бока-Чика!
Colin Bennun
Colin Bennun Month ago
Well that's one way to throttle a Raptor down to zero at landing.
Milo X
Milo X Month ago
Despite the enormity of SpaceX's achievements, this remains one of my most favorite video, second only behind the dual booster landing from the Falcon Heavy.
stop begging for likes
who's here after sn20 survived re-entry
Stick Mann
Stick Mann 2 months ago
it won't lol
Flexi 2 months ago
Angel Dust 💕
Angel Dust 💕 2 months ago
Long live da spaceX on industry
Bone Z
Bone Z 2 months ago
The legend! The Overseer! The guardian of test vehicles! Hoppy!
Grant Wells
Grant Wells 2 months ago
Back here after sn15 🤩
Brendon Donaldson
Brendon Donaldson 2 months ago
Took a trip down memory lane after sn15 👌 Il be 60 and still watch these with my grandkids.
Ynze Selders
Ynze Selders 2 months ago
It was this livestream that tought me what if feels like to be truly amazed by something.
Ric0 Ric0
Ric0 Ric0 2 months ago
Who's here after SN15, they came so far already in 1,5 years
Chippy 2 months ago
I was never here!!!
Juan Giménez
Juan Giménez 2 months ago
Yasiru Weerasekara
Yasiru Weerasekara 2 months ago
Who's here after SN15 successful test flight & landing
Hori Kingi
Hori Kingi 2 months ago
Good on hoppy there yah go Jeff Bezoey that's how it's done
Boss Empire
Boss Empire 2 months ago
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 2 months ago
Starhopper lives to see SN15 survive!
ThunderDragon 2 months ago
SN15: dad! is that you?
M Kid
M Kid 2 months ago
Here after SN15 made history and landed flawlessly, wow just over 1 year brought us from this to a massive SN15 landing, what a time to be alive
Justin Noker
Justin Noker 2 days ago
And soon SN20 suborbital flight
sn15 Month ago
Thank me
SergejGajičYT 2 months ago
this should be a starship lander
Priti Singh
Priti Singh 2 months ago
Watching this after successful landing of SN15
cool gamer
cool gamer 2 months ago
who is hear after sn15 landed
Falcon X
Falcon X 2 months ago
Who is here after SN15?
INFECTED 2 months ago
One year later starship performed a successful flip maneuver and landing
Embrace_Success 2 months ago
This is how it all began!
Nerd Thom
Nerd Thom 3 months ago
18 months later and starship finally stuck the landing.
Adriaan Van der merwe
Here after SN15 Landed
Irfan Zhafri
Irfan Zhafri 3 months ago
Came here after Starship SN15 successful flight and land. What a great milestone SpaceX. Congratulation SpaceX and Elon.
Only on wheels
Only on wheels 3 months ago
Rewatching this after sn15 landed
Casey Kaplan
Casey Kaplan 3 months ago
starhopper did a wonderful flight!
David Eranosian
David Eranosian 3 months ago
Yeah... SN15 just landed.
Innovation Inc
Innovation Inc 3 months ago
water towers can fly
Ninja SFS
Ninja SFS 3 months ago
Legends are watching in july 2021.
Aris de Kwaadsteniet
Make this a 100 000 likes
Mr.Melonski 64
Mr.Melonski 64 3 months ago
01NS pihsratS
01NS pihsratS 3 months ago
Iti difficult to believe Starhopper survived SN8, SN9, me🙈 and SN11
SpookySem 3 months ago
And it is still with us to this day
Ecpeze 3 months ago
Sn15 will launch this week
Samir Devechi
Samir Devechi 3 months ago
Look at them now... Congrats on being selected for HLS
lyn Hills
lyn Hills 3 months ago
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Danny Coltrain
Danny Coltrain 3 months ago
Most people move those on the back of a big truck.
Boxersteavee 3 months ago
Lol they melted the camera.
Pedro Corrêa Neto PE
Mace 4 months ago
Hoppy survived sn11 thank god. Stay safe
Starhopper 3 months ago
Indeed I did
Hylou 4 months ago
Came here after watching sn11
ORBIT RON 4 months ago
Looks like sn9 audio launch
Pete 2.0
Pete 2.0 4 months ago
King Hoppy . What a trooper !
Kabelo Makgoro
Kabelo Makgoro 4 months ago
Here waiting for SN11 to nail the test flight and landing. We have come a long way in a short while. The future is bright- amongst the stars.
Pivot Tech
Pivot Tech 4 months ago
A flying tin of heinz beans
Noah Greene
Noah Greene 4 months ago
/|• - •|\
JC Davis
JC Davis 4 months ago
1.5 years later and they've landed full scale starship prototypes...absolutely impressive!
Quite Gone Jim
Quite Gone Jim 4 months ago
Remember folks, this is where all of Starship began!
FezaroGaming 4 months ago
0:54 the sound you don't want to hear when flush the toilet
Nagarjun Kashyap
Nagarjun Kashyap 4 months ago
Three generations have risen and fell. But starhopper remains standing. Strong to this day.
Starhopper 3 months ago
Tri Deny Molana
Tri Deny Molana 5 months ago
1:24 that transition
TitanKarkas 5 months ago
Kin dza dza
Armand Omelko
Armand Omelko 5 months ago
this, sn8, sn9, and sn10 were like the wright brothers first flight
BladeCast 5 months ago
Just 1 year and 7 months latter we've made so much progress. 2026 manned mars mission woo.
Starhopper 5 months ago
Who else is here after SN10?
Starhopper 5 months ago
Look That's me
LEmOnLiMe2005'sKID 4 months ago
@SKM you're here? Where is rawknee then?? 😂😂😂
SKM 4 months ago
XDenny 5 months ago
Who looks after the landing of SN10? And after the explosion, due to loss of methane GG
Matyas Friedrich
Matyas Friedrich 5 months ago
From starhopper to sn10 succesfull landing.
Midhun M
Midhun M 5 months ago
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 5 months ago
*wHo'S hErE aFtEr tHe sN10 tEsT fLiGhT*
5 months ago
Thats a beast right there!
SKM 5 months ago
SN10 made Starhopper happy... for 5 minutes...
LEmOnLiMe2005'sKID 4 months ago
Scott Slotterbeck
Scott Slotterbeck 5 months ago
Musk should have stopped there.
This Monstrosity
This Monstrosity 4 months ago
@Scott Slotterbeck they are still figuring out the legs,these are just prototypes
Jim The thing
Jim The thing 5 months ago
@Scott Slotterbeck it’s called a prototype
Scott Slotterbeck
Scott Slotterbeck 5 months ago
@Dominic Starship is a poor design. Too top heavy. Crappy crappy crappy legs. Stick with Falcon heavy. Or scale up Falcon, proven design. Would you ride on that thing?
Dominic 5 months ago
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 5 months ago
Whys that?
eu vendo maçanetas feitas em aço inoxidável
Hopper must be proud of its son rn
supernintendude64 5 months ago
Here after abort 1 on sn10 about an hour out from attempt 2. Don't know what the outcome of sn10 will be yet but an no matter what it is we'll still be able to look at this and think... damn we've come a long way
supernintendude64 5 months ago
@Broccoli_32 hell yeah it did
Broccoli_32 5 months ago
It landed!
Reg 5 months ago
Great Bar Hopper. Impresses the ladies.
Sky High
Sky High 5 months ago
For those who are too lazy to get up and walk over there.
TheBestOfSweden 5 months ago
Thank you for using the Metric system
Nikolas Katsantonis
Nikolas Katsantonis 5 months ago
After having first seen the first carbon fiber part of BFR tank back in 2016, and starhopper in 2019 and sn5-Sn6 in 2020 and early 2021 sn8,sn9 I am quite confident that snX will be a huge success ! Hopefully 2021 will be a year that starship makes it to subspace (just like new Shepard flight profil, and see BN1 fly 150 hop test and BN2 fly a final 1500 m flight just like falcon 9 hopper ) and finally fully construct the orbital launch mount and partially complete the oil rigs, then 2022 would be the year where we finally see starship and super heavy fly together !
Furkan 394
Furkan 394 5 months ago
I'm quite-grown and improved and this boy will soon have successfully landing ~ SN10
Eric G. Davignon
Eric G. Davignon 5 months ago
its space invaders - gotta love a billionaire who pays this much to play a 1980s arcade game...
Reagan K.
Reagan K. 5 months ago
Person: "You should be more polite." Me: "I'll start being polite when water towers fly!" Person: "Watch this."
Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah 5 months ago
Stupid idea
King Smoothy
King Smoothy 4 months ago
And so does your name
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 5 months ago
And so was your comment
Maria Uzcategui
Maria Uzcategui 5 months ago
Who after SN9?
TΩwmaX 6 months ago
Flying water tower
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 5 months ago
Build by a water tower company, now used as a water tower
Zurtle Bojangles
Zurtle Bojangles 6 months ago
If it works on eart, it works twice as well on mas.
Ronark 6 months ago
"if they could get a washing machine to fly, my Jimmy could land it" Close enough.
Thiago Alexandre
Thiago Alexandre 6 months ago
Sn9 boom
SKM 6 months ago
Starhhopper had to see SN9 in the front row...
Joel Franco
Joel Franco 6 months ago
who's here after SN9. RIP
Isaac Madsen - TDA
Isaac Madsen - TDA 6 months ago
who's here before SN9
Max-Q 6 months ago
It’s crazy how much the site has changed since that flight
Anthony Figueroa
Anthony Figueroa 6 months ago
Can’t believe this was in 2019
daniel stine
daniel stine 6 months ago
No matter what they build, hopper will always be my favorite
Starhopper 3 months ago
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 6 months ago
First we see this, And now tomorrow we will see SN9s landing from 12.5km high.
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 6 months ago
@Broccoli_32 Yup I agree I was terribly wrong
Broccoli_32 6 months ago
FAA would like to have a word with you
Swapy Bond - The Biker
This is one of the reasons why alien space crafts don't tilt and explode. Make them wide.
BloxTv - ROBLOX and more
My ears hurt
lane D
lane D 6 months ago
No matter how far we go you’ll always be our flying water tower 😘
Дмитрий Талалай
Pepelach edition
The Kenyan Bill Clinton
Noise and dust though!
Blueberry Neko
Blueberry Neko 6 months ago
What's the problem with that?
jo bee
jo bee 6 months ago
If is not is on the Moon 👏💪
Erik Molnar
Erik Molnar 7 months ago
It looks like a flying trashcan!
Arnold Baeza
Arnold Baeza 7 months ago
Still looks wickedly sick and badass.😝😝😝😝😝
Dokterpedia.net 7 months ago
*No! You can’t just take your spaceship to Walmart! It’s too expensive!* *Elon musk: haha starhopper go brrrrrrr*
Yuibot 7 months ago
Please leave that meme with the other crap in 2020
Sketch 7 months ago
Which one is Bezos company again? This is great!
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 7 months ago
Blue Origin
Graham Kane
Graham Kane 7 months ago
I was waitng for, Michael jackson/ light Man. To step out.
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