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Learn more about planning a trip to Japan for the first time:
In this video we list some of our most useful tips for first-time visitors to Japan, specifically those landing at Narita Airport and then travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto. From picking up rail passes, to transportation options, to booking bullet train tickets via a smartphone, hopefully there are a few tips for everyone.
- Video Credits -
Narrator: Sam Evans
Videographers: Andrew Marston & Charles Sabas
Producers: Sam Evans, Stefan Schauwecker & Export Japan

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Mar 27, 2019




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M. Asif khan
M. Asif khan 5 hours ago
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ashok ashok
ashok ashok 6 hours ago
My favorite flaca japan i love you sweet contry
irwanto rasad
wow very useful... i swear someday i will visit japan!
Obaid travel guide
nikaido tv
nikaido tv 2 days ago
As a resident,I have something to advise. 1. Immigration took many time.They check your ID very carefully and maybe check your buggage.But Japanese, they don't check. The case, which one Japanese passager bring drinks after buggage check and every passagers were recheked ,has proven. 2. In many trains,food court service has canceled because of cost,so I suggest to bring food or drinks.
Fate Wielder
Fate Wielder 2 days ago
Does this apply to 2021?
D P 3 days ago
To be honest their overpriced food ticket even if you are a near country I have half Japanese classmates their father could not even take them there
pinoi78 3 days ago
Had to postpone my April 2020 trip to Tokyo for obvious reasons. I eagerly await the notification that Japan will reopen for international travelers.
Cruxo 4 days ago
Kristy Gemmill
Kristy Gemmill 5 days ago
I just want to go to try all of the different foods they offer! I’m tired of seeing these delicious meals online, I want to try them myself! 😋
Kuma40 5 days ago
I thumbed up for this demonstrator for picking one of the best ekiben! Wow, so happy that someone finally chose traditional bento box because I'm tired of seeing sandwiches, riceballs, or full of meats that limit representation of bento images!
TheOrange Weaboo
TheOrange Weaboo 5 days ago
i was thinking where are there masks
sacid 5 days ago
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Ryan Aldridge
Ryan Aldridge 7 days ago
I would like to go to japan sometime it would be great to see things like mount Fuji and hopefully if I start saving money now I could around when I leave college
Jorge Argueta
Jorge Argueta 7 days ago
I love their Discipline ✌
麻呂 之助
麻呂 之助 8 days ago
saritia 9 days ago
I would defnitely wanna visit japan , does the people speak english too
rakesh kumar
rakesh kumar 9 days ago
India could have been this beautiful if we could have a positive political system and people not taking advantage of each other's situations.
ねぎま 9 days ago
日本を旅行する際には、旅行者のための日本政府公式防災アプリ"safety tips"をダウンロードすることをお勧めします。 If you are traveling in Japan, we recommend downloading "safety tips", the official Japanese government disaster prevention app for travelers.
Ali Azizi
Ali Azizi 9 days ago
I wish I could go to Japan the day before I die(from iran)
Amir Williams
Amir Williams 9 days ago
I want to go to Japan and pull up to the Bape store and observe the JDM underground scene🤩
PerfectStar Travel
PerfectStar Travel 10 days ago
once i finish learning japanese i want to go to japan rlly badly it would be rlly fun to be able to interact with the residents and stuff
PupKin 11 days ago
mattheu 12 days ago
I was supposed to be in Japan right now but, COVID-19 ruined it :/
WEEBALO :3 12 days ago
Ramón Cárdenas
Ramón Cárdenas 12 days ago
Like if you wanna travel to Japan and you're not a weeb
Equaals 13 days ago
I am still confused
92 jay
92 jay 13 days ago
Is it true japan dont like foreiner ?
*DARKVOID* 14 days ago
My dream is to be drift king in Japan.
How does one move and successfully live in Japan
Akira Matsui Trader
my house
Kei Yamada
Kei Yamada 17 days ago
This video was very helpful during my first trip to Japan last March. Miss you Sam!
jrob1130 17 days ago
Due to the coronavirus, there are currently no sales on the Shinkansen at this time. Also, almost no one is bringing in a bento to eat on the Shinkansen.
uSeR oRaL
uSeR oRaL 18 days ago
ocean man
Dharmesh Dhonde
Dharmesh Dhonde 19 days ago
GOOD sequence of information 👍
Michael Hoffmann
Michael Hoffmann 20 days ago
A question, as I'm slightly confused: so, the IC card is like a combination of a debit card/EC card with a public/metro transport card that *also* can be used for Shinkansen? Whereas the rail pass is for the main train system *except* Shinkansen? Is the rail pass then even worth it, seeing one would want to ride the super-fast trains as much as possible anyway?
miguel arce
miguel arce 20 days ago
you say lauren daigle
{Anime- God}
{Anime- God} 20 days ago
soon 👌
Michael Petty
Michael Petty 20 days ago
16. Hire a tour guide and let him or her meet you at the airport and take care of everything.
Wattana Kaewkarn
Wattana Kaewkarn 21 day ago
I love Japan.
aguda ibrahim
aguda ibrahim 22 days ago
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Sandeep Gaikwad
Sandeep Gaikwad 27 days ago
I love Japan. I will surely visit Japan. In all countries Japan is my favv. It's my dream. And I am sure Japanese people would be polite to me
The Imposter
The Imposter 28 days ago
I'm 11 years old from Indonesia and I've been to japan in 2016 when i was on 2nd grade on elementary school and i really missed japan and i hope after this pandemic ends i wanna go there once again with my family!😄
みや。 28 days ago
WONDERFUL LIFE 28 days ago
Japan is a great country! I would love to go back there soon😍
Raditan 29 days ago
Oh man good god it looks amazing lol. I'm going next year at the end of July. How much of a nightmare is communication?
EmilioEG87 27 days ago
Not much of an issue. People are helpful, lots of signs in english. Google maps and translate are a godsend and invaluable. Went last November and navigated through Tokyo on my own without knowing a word of Japanese.
Fan Jipani
Fan Jipani Month ago
Wow, you are fantastic, Bravo!
Fan Jipani
Fan Jipani Month ago
Are all these information reliable?
Arin Rumi
Arin Rumi Month ago
I want to go to gollage in japan. Any recomendation for the university? (I'm not even a native english speaker. So I kinda scared to adapt.)
Christine Ouma
Christine Ouma Month ago
Japan here I come
chucky Month ago
Japan I'll be visiting you one day For SURE :')
I'm Repsine
I'm Repsine Month ago
Is there any dubbed version of Tokyo 🙂
Awesome Technical
Its my wish to live in japan with my girlfriend for the rest of life
匿名です Month ago
日光浴びたいから電線に付けてるカメラで見るの止めて欲しいです。 やっぱ朝日浴びないと体調悪くなるので。 そのぶん外歩きまわりたくなってしまいます。 引っ越しまえなんでどんどん物無くなっていって観られて気分良いものじゃないんですがそろそろ玄関から出てからの監視にしてもらえませんでしょうか。
udaysaleen Month ago
he said pick up your ROOOTER 1:58
とりもちお Month ago
Kisan Joshi
Kisan Joshi Month ago
What if you didn't go to Japan
Lorence Valenzuela
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Thanks I got a lot idea on this page and channel.
amatouiroiro amatouiroiro
How do you do ? My name amatouiroiro. I am Japanese. Your video is very nice. Subscribe your video to the channel. I am also posting a video on youtube. If you don't mind, please subscribe to the channel. ruvid.net/show-UCl21u3ZFwS1BykmXypcUgkAfeatured?disable_polymer=1
Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore Month ago
Im thinking about going to japan for a high school graduation party
igris otaku
igris otaku Month ago
I always wish i was born in japan
Binoy Thomas
Binoy Thomas Month ago
Very beautiful place
Pragya Paramita
Pragya Paramita Month ago
JR pass is not allowed for Shinkasen?
Kei Yamada
Kei Yamada 17 days ago
It is. But there are other shinkansen's that are not owned by JR
Z Wu
Z Wu Month ago
Looks almost like heaven for tourists
Jakaria Sahin
Jakaria Sahin Month ago
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Catt Kli
Catt Kli Month ago
Watching this video reminds me that I have only ever left America once and that was to Canada for less than a day. Now I'm kinda scared to go to Japan.
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Style my brand
Style my brand Month ago
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Style my brand Month ago
puedo tener un comentario corazon
Style my brand
Style my brand Month ago
me suscribí
Triph Stavrou
Triph Stavrou Month ago
Hi we’re planning a 2wk trip London to Haneda and thinking of Hakone > Kyoto > Myiajima Island (Hiroshima) > Tokyo. Do you think it’s a feasible itinerary and is Hiroshima worth the 4hr train trip back to Tokyo? Thanks!
Marina Shusharina
Really useful video! Thank you so much! :)
TanduayDancer Month ago
I love Japan and it's culture.
Derek Partington
Another Tip: Don't Travel Here!
Wild Impala
Wild Impala Month ago
Planning to go next may if the virus dies down!
forat gomah
forat gomah Month ago
tucker carlson tonight
Dipti Gosavi
Dipti Gosavi Month ago
Hello to all japanese people
Dipti Gosavi
Dipti Gosavi Month ago
I love Japan ❤️
Dobby is a free elf
I wanna go to Japan but I hate seafood lol I probably wouldn't eat much at all. 😂😂😂😧😧😧
MisterAMC 117
MisterAMC 117 Month ago
All that sounds kinda expensive. Although the IC card sounds really convenient.
Sujay L Karinja
Sujay L Karinja Month ago
Someone show this video to Drone Pratap 😂😂😂
Mr. Yuso
Mr. Yuso Month ago
THIS IS WHY I LOVE JAPAN BANZAI!❤❤ ruvid.net/video/video-hzsP6QOW8rA.html
So nice n superb..really amazing..
nick jubsh6h
nick jubsh6h Month ago
please check out this channel too and if you like please subscribe ruvid.net/show-UCGfM15CKSjHl8bGp16P6P8g?view_as=subscriber
Mr. Yuso
Mr. Yuso Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-ERGCprXBdUU.html THE LAND OF HENTAI
FG CAC Month ago
FIRST TIME TO JAPAN?? Ok, be careful with those thieves and pickpockets in areas like Shinjuku and Shibuya. There is one se asian dude who roams the streets in those area mentioned in a bike. Saw this dude stole someone’s bike and ran off... the next day he’s back in the same area again looking for something to steel and rob... WATCHOUT ! Will take a video soon !
Jon Month ago
rail pass does not always make things cheaper depending ow much train travel you will take. you might want to try a general fare calculating to see the difference between rail pass and individual tickets..
RolandBoholTV Month ago
New subscriber here, Nice video 👍 stay safe and healthy god bless.
japan-guide.com Month ago
Thank you so much, and welcome to the channel!
ubertoby Month ago
What the hell is going on with the Narrators accent? “Qualidy”, “facilidies”, “remode”, to name a few. Also, a top tip is to purchase a ekiben & see Fuji? I can think of 15 better tips off the top of my head now. Perhaps a better title is, “top tips we have B-Roll for”
Pablo Suarez
Pablo Suarez Month ago
16. Use the Japan Travel app to find out which Shinkansen you can use with the rail pass.
Leo Vl
Leo Vl Month ago
My family is going to Japan probably in 2021 once my mom is declared cancer free, so excited for Japan! Hopefully COVID has settled down though...
faith lacayo
faith lacayo Month ago
house of the rising sun
Remie Martin Edang
i wish i could visit japan...
山下美佐子 2 months ago
素晴らしい。 英語は、わからないけど 絵で説明がわかる。 スイカの使い方も 分かりやすかった。😆👍❤️67歳のおばあちゃん👵より。 ありがとうございます。🇯🇵
Tales Oliveira
Tales Oliveira 2 months ago
I was planning and saving money for two years to visit Japan next month... but a wild coronavirus appeared. Now I don't even know if I will survive till next month...
Byakko078 2 months ago
Amazing I love Japan because people in japan they are super polite and super friendly
Lockon Stratos
Lockon Stratos 2 months ago
Already been
AtomOnX 2 months ago
The tech is making my brain go blank
hi_ q.0
hi_ q.0 2 months ago
My dream is going japan . One day i’ll make my dream happen
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