15 RAREST Minecraft 1.14 Mobs

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These are the MOST RARE MOBS you will ever find in Minecraft!
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To find any of these mobs in a regular vanilla minecraft 1.14 world is nothing short of amazing! These are all the most rare mobs that exist in minecraft. These 15 mobs are so rare that many people might not even know they exist outside of creative mod. We talk about the different rare foxes, the rare brown panda, and of course the red and brown mooshrooms. But we also tell you the odds of getting a unique fish in minecraft and how rare it is to get a sheep that isn't white. Of course, we share the rarest minecraft mob to exist in the game.
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✅ 15 rare Minecraft Mobs By VelVoxel Raptor ruvid.net/show-UCEH6ORtkeUxwMBQiOrTstdA

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Jun 23, 2019

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Comments 16 433
Logdotzip 21 day ago
Wow! I'm so glad you all enjoyed this video!!! I wanted to let you know Minecraft got a new Combat update.... Check it out and leave your opinions ► ruvid.net/video/video-04uba04ktCY.html
Bearfist 127
Bearfist 127 4 hours ago
@Logdotzip I actually got the 4 baby chickens today out of 9 eggs I threw
Jaime Tay
Jaime Tay 23 hours ago
I never enjoy (oh! 123 comments)
GalaticGacha -
Logdotzip illusor, giant?
Zirsis Foxer
Zirsis Foxer Day ago
Y u bully fox’s
maria dyck
maria dyck 2 days ago
Np I guess
bo t
bo t 24 minutes ago
I saw a baby zombie riding an wolf is that rare?
Sophie G
Sophie G 30 minutes ago
the travelling merchant isn’t rare
Shashi Atma
Shashi Atma 33 minutes ago
Herobrine has left the chat
MichaelDe Wunn
MichaelDe Wunn 40 minutes ago
I remember seeing a giant zombie when i was 7 playing mc in a flat world (and no i didn't know how to type commands back then)
Mk Cat
Mk Cat Hour ago
mob 15#
Argjend Komani
Umm here is what I said once, (I was breeding panders) what if a brown one comes out of know where( the next day) Brown one spawns “doctor I think I have different genitals
Skrattgrisen Hour ago
Texture pack
Skrattgrisen Hour ago
Bayi Cat
Bayi Cat Hour ago
well let, s talk ive seen thoss vilijer a lot off time soooooo im a lucky?
Bayi Cat
Bayi Cat Hour ago
xXjc_620Xx Playz
I saw a skeleton riding a Cave Spider
Jungkookies 123
Jungkookies 123 2 hours ago
What!!!!! I saw a pink sheep
Gia 3 hours ago
But I see pink sheep everywhere I am confusion
Jerbeardino 3 hours ago
I have 6 pet lamas and a jail for wandering traders, that's how often I see them. And I remember seeing killer Benny's and thinking it was herobrien XD ( forgot how to spell )
viktor josevic
viktor josevic 3 hours ago
i found 2 spiders with 2 baby zombies on top of them on my minecraft house
Kiki Kimberly
Kiki Kimberly 3 hours ago
I play Minecraft in my phone in ver 1.11.1 I always found wandering trader
Extreme Brothers
Extreme Brothers 3 hours ago
Nobody Logtopzig:bamboo biome Me:there’s bamboo biomes
Extreme Brothers
Extreme Brothers 3 hours ago
Slogoman found the skeleton trap outside his house
G78 Driq
G78 Driq 3 hours ago
I found a brown panda really easily....
Extreme Brothers
Extreme Brothers 3 hours ago
Is it rare if you find a wandering trader in cave and it’s about 3 blocks close to bedrock by y axis
Extreme Brothers
Extreme Brothers 3 hours ago
I made a new world and I spawn next to a pink sheep and one of my friends said it was really rare
Shock PC
Shock PC 3 hours ago
Dude, seizure warning man. You probably killed someone.
joei denise
joei denise 4 hours ago
wait- water sheep has a 5% chance of spawning! RIP WATER SHEEP RIP JEB_
btw f
btw f 4 hours ago
I got the brown panda
CARDON NORTON 4 hours ago
Haha I saw one of those in my mine the other day
Omega Useless
Omega Useless 4 hours ago
Speaking of spider jockeys I was playing a trial of Minecraft on my pic and found a baby zombie spider jockey which I've never even heard of before.
iimonday x
iimonday x 5 hours ago
Bruh I find like 1 million wandering traders
Savage GOKU BRO 5 hours ago
Saw pink sheep
Kaylee B
Kaylee B 5 hours ago
i genuinely thought pink sheep were removed from the game. i used to find them all the time when i played on xbox but since i started playing on pc i havent found a _single_ one over the course of maybe 3 years.
Angela Merlo
Angela Merlo 5 hours ago
I found a baby zombie that jumped on other zombies backs
Kaylee B
Kaylee B 5 hours ago
in my hardcore world i threw an egg on the ground and got quadruplet chickens. i was so proud of them and gave them all names. learning that my BABIES were that rare makes me 10 times more happy than i am with them but also extremely angry because i got quadruplet chickens from a single egg in my inventory in MINECRAFT but have been playing pokemon for 10 years and havent enountered a single shiny in any of my countless playthroughs.
- Geotude -
- Geotude - 5 hours ago
15:14 epilepsy warning
T Pachinger
T Pachinger 5 hours ago
I found a pink sheep before
Cody K
Cody K 6 hours ago
Lol ive actually seen that it scared the living hell outta me
Tristan Manuel
Tristan Manuel 6 hours ago
Once an ender man stole my cake. Rip cake
BRC 21 Nerf Reviews
Wait I killed the rarest mob in the game yesterday?
Monster Bass
Monster Bass 6 hours ago
I was playing survival regularly and found a pink sheep I didn’t know they were rare so i killed and all my friends got mad at me but i was like “its just a sheep” but now I realize that the spawn rate it 0.164% chance and now im mad at myself
TheScorpion3767 6 hours ago
I found a spider jockey like 30 mins ago
SirPremacy 6 hours ago
Which Minecraft is this. Bedrock or mojang?
Scott LaFleur
Scott LaFleur 6 hours ago
I get like 5 every real life day Edit: forgot to say wandering villagers Edit 2: I’ve seen spider jockey, wandering villager, all those sheep except pink, charged creeper, and skeleton trap
Scott LaFleur
Scott LaFleur 6 hours ago
Edit 3: and chicken jockeys
Josephine Nowak
Josephine Nowak 7 hours ago
I was playing Minecraft one day and I have an egg in my hand and I was opening like a door and like four chickens came outa nowhere and I thought I was going crazy well I was wrong🙃 And tell me why pewds got most of these rare things
Life of That Other Guy
I was making a command block world. One of them was a repeating summon sheep. I found like 5 pink sheep and it was pretty cool.
Heidi Songer
Heidi Songer 7 hours ago
I was making up a game with a lot of sheep, so I’m spawning sheep and I get a PINK!!!! Sheep!!!!!!!!
Heidi Songer
Heidi Songer 7 hours ago
I find wandering traders all the time
Xx Inferno xX
Xx Inferno xX 8 hours ago
We saw this this video today and we saw a pink sheep on the same day in Minecraft.
Toxyuc _
Toxyuc _ 8 hours ago
I always see brown black grey and pink sheep every game
Lemon lime
Lemon lime 8 hours ago
I had the pink sheep spawn in me and my friends survival world
Audrey Kadzhikyan
Audrey Kadzhikyan 8 hours ago
When I broke an egg and I got 4 I literally screamed😂😭
ASuki 8 hours ago
The first ever mob I found in my first survival world was a spider jockey
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