15 Priceless Hacks for Parents

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Being a parent isn't a very easy job! But if you’ll use your imagination, you can find a trick for every situation. Watch simple but useful life hacks for parents!
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Mar 25, 2020




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Adulfo Ramirez
Ce lines💙😍😘
Lilibeth Contaoi
Lilibeth Contaoi 14 hours ago
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Tynee Williams
The remote one I will try when I’m a parent
Tynee Williams
And the one where the dad is imatating the kid ima do to lol
Sofia irene
Sofia irene Day ago
Cali Marks
Cali Marks Day ago
Jordyn Dipchan
Now I want my mammy
Toni Hull
Toni Hull Day ago
Non n n nnnn. N n. N u NONCENCE
Jacob Beckelheimer
Ho my god
Jacob Beckelheimer
Shay Castle
Shay Castle Day ago
Chloe Ann
Chloe Ann Day ago
Martin Ngugi
Martin Ngugi Day ago
Kylie Taylor
Kylie Taylor Day ago
Kokoko gj
depaldhir Day ago
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Hasti Salar
Hasti Salar 2 days ago
Mahima Togra
Mahima Togra 2 days ago
Kemi !
Kemi ! 2 days ago
john paul vicente
Sherry Hickman
Sherry Hickman 2 days ago
Hi 👋🏻 woohoo
Elena Mesina
Elena Mesina 2 days ago
When I was a baby mommy daddy
CassCutievlogs youtube
Nanette Long
Nanette Long 2 days ago
Yes woohoo
Eon Chanelle ESCUETA
Then how do u love them lol
Tabinda Baba
Tabinda Baba Hour ago
@E Mill ppppp
E Mill
E Mill 9 hours ago
Eon Chanelle ESCUETA
Umm if u dont eat ur spirit will control you at night and find food when the hhost stop ur gonna be scared
Sistergoal4life 3 days ago
Elizabeth McDonald
Which means I'm a good boy
Elizabeth McDonald
Yes I have not been so annoying after all
Elizabeth McDonald
Yes I'm here too I'm not so annoying as I fart
Alexander Grommesh
Zidharth Labis
Zidharth Labis 3 days ago
Lok the paswerd
M Green
M Green 4 days ago
Churpop Cats
Churpop Cats 4 days ago
Yeah my sister does it 0:26
Sripallavi Kazipeta
Sripallavi Kazipeta
Sripallavi Kazipeta
Erjon Isaku
Erjon Isaku 4 days ago
8years and the same thing 👠👑👢💎👚👙👗👚👛👜❤🙌👫🏃‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️🧚‍♀️👩‍🎤👩‍🌾👿😱🤐😋😍😁😀😅💖😙
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger 5 days ago
Most if not all of these will not work bud i promise you
Kynn Salaam
Kynn Salaam 5 days ago
There’s a Pollum sad in the girls who whatever the person gets sick they want to take it because it’s good and I love it and that’s a friend put the eat OK OK
Tynee Williams
👌 👍 👌 👍 ok
Kylie Rose
Kylie Rose 5 days ago
Huiyyuyiyhb lol
Kynn Salaam
Kynn Salaam 5 days ago
Kynn Salaam
Kynn Salaam 5 days ago
I want something like that like who is Shiva Buckhorn Arizona watch your videos I see SY has movie and I see that he is not the course so who has the corner but I’m just saying that was good but Llego video will be in your
Dropagoldbar 5 days ago
The kid in the thumbnail tho..
Kids Squad
Kids Squad 5 days ago
Cheng Kinki
Cheng Kinki 5 days ago
Jeny Kim Christianingsih
Raquel M. Jackson
Fgvgff gu
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith 6 days ago
but hol dume ideyit
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith 6 days ago
hi man wus up do you want to hire a joke
Safiya Rhodes
Safiya Rhodes 6 days ago
Safiya Rhodes
Safiya Rhodes 6 days ago
katelyn clarke
katelyn clarke 6 days ago
Susana De La Piedra
Just because you're a teenager doesn't mean your free to not to listen to your parents. You still need them and you are still a kid. No excuses for that one, Emi's World.
Mala Rai
Mala Rai 6 days ago
Shaunte Daniels
Shaunte Daniels 6 days ago
Moulya and Juno
Moulya and Juno 6 days ago
Why can't you sleep inside the room 6:47
Aysha Fyrooze
Aysha Fyrooze 6 days ago
I like this video. I love you guys
Trinalfo Yap
Trinalfo Yap 6 days ago
Me to
Henry James
Henry James 7 days ago
I’m not a parent and is just watching this just look at my profile picture
Ranil Nanayakkara
Emi’s World
Emi’s World 7 days ago
I am a teenager so I don’t need to listen to my parents sometimes on Friday night or Saturday night they go out for a week. I don’t have any siblings do you have a twin her name is Emma and my name is Emily!😂
Rebecca Morgan
Rebecca Morgan 2 days ago
@Jocelyn Gape I know right 🤭😹.
Jocelyn Gape
Jocelyn Gape 4 days ago
-3- 7 days ago
Me sees the videos: Wow,this is useless!
Kylie Rose
Kylie Rose 5 days ago
Hey 2020 girl or boy
Cheryl vinyard
Cheryl vinyard 8 days ago
I did this for my brother I did the first won for my baby brother
Lloyd West
Lloyd West 8 days ago
You said Roy did tangled
Lloyd West
Lloyd West 8 days ago
I'm your take going it alone like a of crazy and tangled up
Kylie Rose
Kylie Rose 5 days ago
2020 girl or boy!
Rachielle Jusay
Rachielle Jusay 8 days ago
Me if me and my brother is OK with me without mom
Ngina Musembi
Ngina Musembi 8 days ago
Hi 👋😊 I have to go back to school 😭
Tanya Chhabria
Tanya Chhabria 9 days ago
The first one was amazing
Juan Salazar
Juan Salazar 6 days ago
Qodfbrhffbfufb f
Fionnah Louis
Fionnah Louis 9 days ago
Fionnah Louis
Fionnah Louis 9 days ago
Kendalyn Gamer TV
My mom is going to love that sleeping in life hack I always don't want her to take naps
Tynee Williams
@Brittany Huber what
Mom Mom
Mom Mom Day ago
@Brittany Huber h
Brittany Huber
Brittany Huber 8 days ago
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The Gleniator 80
The Gleniator 80 9 days ago
AEC-Finance Head Office aec
Wow thats crazy
Margarita Rebolledo
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣opening my door and you think you ooooooooooo
DANGGOBOOM roblox 10 days ago
Dude srsly when u are reading Cinderella litterally the boy thats is faking to sleep is a boy dumby get that straight
Ai Leen
Ai Leen 10 days ago
Ai Leen
Ai Leen 5 days ago
nuca gureshidze
nuca gureshidze 10 days ago
my Dalton can't wait till Halloween
👇 your the best I'm just I'm just a noob
Ariel Sanchez
Ariel Sanchez 10 days ago
Wow that's crazy!
ain anwar
ain anwar 8 days ago
I agree.
Lizzy Ortega
Lizzy Ortega 11 days ago
Little boy. Sleele go. To not mom go to I
Lizzy Ortega
Lizzy Ortega 11 days ago
Shania Mayfield
Shania Mayfield 11 days ago
Chloe Mcleod
Chloe Mcleod 11 days ago
Jasbir Kaur
Jasbir Kaur Day ago
No there is a baby in the stroller
Jasmin Morrow
Jasmin Morrow 11 days ago
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Jasmin Morrow
Jasmin Morrow 11 days ago
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Dusty Hughes
Dusty Hughes 11 days ago
Woo hoo how are you today
shailee andrew
shailee andrew 11 days ago
Lp's gy tr
Armili Polaji
Armili Polaji 11 days ago
7:21 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Simone Cheeky
Simone Cheeky 19 hours ago
You love dogs
Tynee Williams
Rebecca Mendoza
Rebecca Mendoza 10 days ago
No ggbfh vff
Rylee Grubb
Rylee Grubb 10 days ago
Jocelyn Gape
Jocelyn Gape 11 days ago
Wait the mom has braces
sachico Maeda
sachico Maeda 2 days ago
sachico Maeda
sachico Maeda 2 days ago
i just saw
Thomas Rathbauer
Thomas Rathbauer 12 days ago
I guese your husbin is your apartment lol
Angela Carter
Angela Carter 12 days ago
Mommy I love you so much bigger than earth😘😍🥰😇🌜
Bandub 4 days ago
YsyUdhi Ok idieididufhjridudj idjeidijdjdjjrjdjxhjdhshdhshdhehhdurhdhhrhrhrjrhrhrjirifurjfjfjjfjfjrjfjfjfjrjjfjrjfjfjcjfjfjfjjfjjdjfjhshdhhdhchhfhfgdbbdbfnjfjjjdhjsjr se udjrififjtjrjdijrj dijdjdudjdjjfhrhhf5jsijdejijidujeeiejdjdjrjfh
Sara Aille
Sara Aille 12 days ago
F minus that’s what you get for getting on your math
Natalie Edgins
Natalie Edgins 12 days ago
You are amazing I think the TicTac idea is a good idea
VADIX GOH 6 days ago
Matus Harcarik
Matus Harcarik 12 days ago
These hacks so cool
briana show
briana show 11 days ago
Dffvjjxjhcbbvv, vvvv
Abdullah Hamaideh
Abdullah Hamaideh 12 days ago
I don't love you
Abdullah Hamaideh
Abdullah Hamaideh 12 days ago
I do not love this channel
Kimberly Picazo
Kimberly Picazo 12 days ago
Ok good are parents are good for son and daugther and baby good luck
poop. AHNAF. 34
poop. AHNAF. 34 12 days ago
poop. AHNAF. 34
poop. AHNAF. 34 12 days ago
HELLO hahaha hahahahaahahahahahahsha
ben smith
ben smith 13 days ago
I LOVE this video
Nathan Heaps
Nathan Heaps 13 days ago
I like the boy doing detected with his big brother
yanping yu
yanping yu 13 days ago
444e is
Tamo Chartolani
Tamo Chartolani 13 days ago
9363 x s sksje
Tamo Chartolani
Tamo Chartolani 13 days ago
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