15 Most Useful Gadgets | Under 25$ on Amazon

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15 Most Useful Gadgets | Under 25$ on Amazon
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Twig by Quirky - amzn.to/2t46TFj / amzn.to/2JhZzh6
Mengo Magnetic Air Vent Mount - amzn.to/2SiEXMl
Powercurl Mini - amzn.to/2SnXXZK
Nite Ize Twist Tie - amzn.to/2WwljvL
Align - amzn.to/2sYqtmF
Brainwavz Headphone Desk Hanger - amzn.to/2G4xzP3
Rapid Slicer Cutter Gadget - amzn.to/2MLK2aC
PowerCurl - amzn.to/2Wxfzlb
Firefly Silicone Solar LED - amzn.to/2WCnGx8
Tactical Credit Card - amzn.to/2SdiW1B
Dual CamJam 1 - amzn.to/2G4xNpk
Crossover for iPhone - amzn.to/2Wwn9Nb
Reflective Socks - amzn.to/2Tp9HIU
Stowables - amzn.to/2WsJDOS
Wrapster - amzn.to/2Tqpc3j
Music Credit
Lensko_Lets - ruvid.net/video/video-mSLuJYtl89Y.html
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Jul 3, 2019




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Comments 521
Future Tech
Future Tech 6 months ago
5:50 Sorry Guys it was a mistake to record. It was 2 hours not 200 hours.
T B 6 days ago
These items are all obviously manufactured in china and they have collectively used an automated voice that sounds vaguely American to sell these items to their target audience. It's not just this video, but all of them. The text reads like chinese product descriptions with the broken English. If this was spoken with a clear chinese accent, how many viewers would bother to watch these?
The Watch Hub
The Watch Hub Month ago
It should be BPA free and not PBA free plastic.
David Edwards
David Edwards Month ago
Perhaps you might want to read the sales pitch before you make the video, because Asians don't spend a lot of getting their English translations correct, and when you read it out as it is written, it makes you sound like an idiot too.
Gabe Elias
Gabe Elias 2 months ago
Future Tech lol
SirPixx 2 months ago
@zederish your fault
PK Lee
PK Lee 17 hours ago
I like your channel. It would be better if you worked on your presentation skills to bringing up to the next level: your pronunciation of some words are incorrect (either US, or British).The word edible is not pronounced 'eat - able' for example. Otherwise, a good channel
Ken Martin
Ken Martin 3 days ago
To many ads.
Daniel 3 days ago
Idea/Feedback: Hey there, I like your videos and it would be so great if you could show the name of the product after you promote it again. This way I don't have to go back to the beginning to get it. Would be awesome. Greetings from Germany
Cody Faust
Cody Faust 3 days ago
These products are fucking pointless
Nihad Sarraf
Nihad Sarraf 3 days ago
A family's love is worth more than all of the money in the world.
LO QUIERO VIP 4 days ago
Que buen vídeo, lo haces genial! 👍
Future Tech
Future Tech 4 days ago
EXL Playz
EXL Playz 6 days ago
You have some “great” grammar. Just listen to yourself.
선성태 7 days ago
There are many interesting Amazon products here. Take a look. www.rennenmall.com
Helen Standing
Helen Standing 7 days ago
Quirky Wrapster can also be a stand for you phone
Sophie Cass
Sophie Cass 8 days ago
5:50 200 hours?! 😂😂
Jess Because
Jess Because 9 days ago
I came for the awesome gadgets, but left with a grammar headache. Way to keep me on my toes, Future Tech!
Captain Ellfin
Captain Ellfin 15 days ago
Why is your grammar worse than my little brothers
Amy Bradley
Amy Bradley 15 days ago
Fun listening to the horrid grammar
Amron Experimental
Amron Experimental 18 days ago
fen fries
fen fries 18 days ago
Evalyn Byler
Evalyn Byler 19 days ago
Hãy nghĩ về hiện tại
AmiChanger 19 days ago
4:25 😈
Leia Ramsden
Leia Ramsden 19 days ago
erry body run!
Leia Ramsden
Leia Ramsden 19 days ago
That's just not English. learn to speak! then find some interesting products... then just forget it your useless.
Pearl Weston
Pearl Weston 19 days ago
Like dạo là nghệ thuật, vừa like dạo vừa comment là nét đẹp văn hoá, người ghi comment được nhiều like là nghệ sĩ thực thụ.
Mark Whelehan
Mark Whelehan 21 day ago
All these are shit
This Old Man
This Old Man 22 days ago
Reading Chinese instructions...😯
Alamelu Rao
Alamelu Rao 22 days ago
Eatable?!!! Lol it’s pronounced like edible!!!
Hola cómo están los invito a seguir nuestro canal PÓNGALE MÁS DISEÑO donde mostraremos productos y gadget para diseño gráfico. Saludos y gracias por el apoyo
Jo Black
Jo Black 23 days ago
Really? Number 1 that crap? 🙄
lamm061 23 days ago
This feels like listening to a chinglish product manual.
Ramon Mateo
Ramon Mateo 23 days ago
Is this guy an AI lol?
Cody White
Cody White 25 days ago
The magnet thing on your phone doesnt seem to smart
Johnny Gutierrez
Johnny Gutierrez 25 days ago
I was 3 minutes in before I realized I'm basically watching ads
محمد أبو علي الحداد بوحميدة
Cable can be used at outdoor trip and be use whenever persons want and much more?
Beakytzw 25 days ago
The narrator also reads out the pigeon English typos! :)
gblan 27 days ago
Quite the high budget production.
Simply just Cait
Simply just Cait 29 days ago
1:13 (ignore this lol)
Roberto Zamudio
Roberto Zamudio Month ago
A stroke I just had have
OldBlue560 Month ago
Am grateful awesome products for. Buy must I soon.
Apanic Month ago
Patrick Chubey
Patrick Chubey Month ago
I like that at least one of these products was made domestically. Want to make America great again, fine, then stop giving away our jobs to foreign countries.
miker706 Month ago
Those rubber twist ties seem to be simple yet the most impressive and useful out of all of these products in this video
Serawit Weldegebrile
At 5:50 you said 200 hundred hours instead of 2 hours
Albert Bouchard
Albert Bouchard Month ago
Please don't ask me to subscribe before I had a chance to evaluate your video. At least wait till the end; and if you insist on being rude, the middle.
JadedFriend1000 // Landen1456
This man said 100 lm for 200 hours 5:48
and i scopp
and i scopp Month ago
9:21 uncomfortable lol
Erich Wagner
Erich Wagner Month ago
So a dude with a perfect American accent speaking like a Russian, someone else wrote the script and this guy can’t speak like himself. Also, this is just a long ad for stupid shit. Whatever you have to do to make money I guess.
Evan Walker
Evan Walker Month ago
Yeah great put a magnet right by you’re iPhone battery, over sometime it’s going to damage you’re battery and other internals
David Apeji
David Apeji Month ago
Seems like a Fiverr voice-over assignment.
GREYDE2 Month ago
Sir night eye😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MD B Month ago
He hates tangles
Brandon Heintz
Brandon Heintz Month ago
My head is hurting from listening to this. I thought either the narrator was having a stroke, or I was.
Hunter J. Short
Hunter J. Short Month ago
Moisture socking feature? That's new and I must now buy these socks for their moisture socking features! Never mind that they are reflective.. 🤣
EliTE RIFTZ Month ago
Are you tired with tied up buds.. Me:Just get wireless cheap ones that are still good as airpods or get airpods
Cattrix999 Month ago
Gads I can tell this is a voice over that was probably computer generated. Sounds very American english, but the grammar and the way the sentences are structured are way weird.
Luz Ceja
Luz Ceja Month ago
Eatables? 😂😂
Chris H
Chris H Month ago
Future Tech? You start off with a clip for _wired_ headphones. That’s where I stopped because you are dumb.
Tim D
Tim D Month ago
The $ sign should be in front of the amount. For example, $25, not 25$!
jessica mceldowney
Proof Google translate is not always accurate
Christian Cameron
Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?
Bob H.
Bob H. Month ago
because more word search better for attention when looking bring up product even when no actual meaning to search algorithm is happen. Chinese_American Amazon English.
Michael Month ago
Bunch of useless crap!
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