15 Football players who Nearly Died on the pitch

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Football/Soccer players return from Death
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Mar 16, 2017




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Comments 80
Rokonujjaman Master
Rokonujjaman Master 13 hours ago
maria Zavala
maria Zavala Day ago
Off the 12th one landed on his head😮
Sheralle Brissett
I don't like football anymore😭 they could've all died bro I hate this
Jorge Vazquez
Ben Schneider
Ben Schneider 3 days ago
Meetesh Danej
Meetesh Danej 3 days ago
This is why I like to play chess
spaceboyCarlos Enriquez
Actually Not Gonna Lie That Korea Video Wasn't He Almost Died He Got Punched And Got Knocked Up On The Pitch 👇Like If You Argee
andys chanel
andys chanel 4 days ago
irin akter
irin akter 4 days ago
Lalith Prabakaran
Where is Appie Nouri
Yuva Rani
Yuva Rani 4 days ago
Agil Pradana
Agil Pradana 4 days ago
Paling penting pas kejadian seperti itu melakukan penolongan pertama. Patut ditiru yang dilakukan persepakbolaan luar indonesia👍
Daster Monster Not Dance Monster
I have a story about roblox everyone cry in Vr died
Squi Rerl
Squi Rerl 6 days ago
1:30 音やばくね?
Abrar Ji
Abrar Ji 7 days ago
vale cikaqi
vale cikaqi 8 days ago
Benson Abraham
Benson Abraham 8 days ago
5:55 so scary 😨😨 He almost choked to death.
Moe Huss
Moe Huss 9 days ago
oh no HES NOCKED OUT put a finger up his mouth
Khadija Dreyief
Khadija Dreyief 7 days ago
Sometimes its cuz the tongue is blocking the airways so the player cant breathe that's y they put their hands in their mouth to move the tongue
This when you could see your life in a few seconds or flash before your eyes
:PÎCØLÏÑŌ_BR 10 days ago
Baby Sakong
Baby Sakong 11 days ago
For football players that died it’s only a pray for god
Ustabaşı Uehzbbsb
07:12 futbolcu oluyor oyun devam ediyor.Anani sikiyim hakem.neden bakmiyon kormusun.
Jasen Chan Touch
Jasen Chan Touch 12 days ago
Yo give them space let them breathe
Synat Sao
Synat Sao 12 days ago
Say god bye to the world
علي عسيري
علي عسيري 12 days ago
6:54 ☢️
عائشه العنزي
لاعب الاهلي شسمه ؟
Ridho Alv
Ridho Alv 12 days ago
3:05 isnt american football man..
Fahrul Azzam 24
Fahrul Azzam 24 13 days ago
Im no understand speaking you
Alexander Jove
Alexander Jove 13 days ago
Como se llama la cancion del minuto 3:33
Alexander Jove
Alexander Jove 13 days ago
The music name?? Clock 3:33?
Ian Whin Barredo
Ian Whin Barredo 13 days ago
People are really dumb sometime they clap if they see the thing like that😂😤😤
Floating Felipe
Floating Felipe 13 days ago
1 Like = +1 life for each player who almost died
Majidah Azhar
Majidah Azhar 13 days ago
This one 3:10 was the goal keepers fault
Cromulent 8 days ago
It was the defenders fault as the defender shoved the player losing his balance, therefore leading to a worse collision between the striker and the goalie
Saeed Anwar
Saeed Anwar 13 days ago
I love you all humans being my Allah says in quran لقد خلقنا الانسان فی احسن تقویم I make humankind in beautiful shape 💓🇵🇰💓
Nafis naufal
Nafis naufal 14 days ago
OMG!! its so sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😢😢😢😭
Michel Carol
Michel Carol 14 days ago
I like that video because the players who nearly died got respect
Star Kawtar
Star Kawtar 14 days ago
3:23 littelarly looks scaryy😨😨
jaquim silva
jaquim silva 14 days ago
Vocês são uma merda
daryl pillay
daryl pillay 14 days ago
i cant help but flinch to myself .
محمد احمد
محمد احمد 14 days ago
جيزاوي 😂😂😂 ٥:٤٥
Vincenzo Romano z
Vincenzo Romano z 14 days ago
Carlos Garcia Martinez
Que triste que da la cancion pobres hombres lo que sienten se siente feo como les pegan😳😳😳😭😭😭 y los lasniman pobres hombres 😳😳😳😳😳
Carlos Garcia Martinez
Rayyan Hyder
Rayyan Hyder 14 days ago
Im cryimg at age 17
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 15 days ago
Tears from my eyes at 3:25 😢
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma 15 days ago
3.14 man that man is really busted open...my god what force he was hit by 5.04 that stupid idit kicked on his face...is he blind or what....trying to kick ball from that high ...stupid....fuck that bastard
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma 15 days ago
Why the hell that stupid pushed fernando so hard....that stupid man....if i was there i would have beat the hell out of that man...ban him from football...he is not playing like people he is playing like stupid angry mindless man
hafiz Samsudin
hafiz Samsudin 15 days ago
torres part is the saddest
Kein Vesil
Kein Vesil 15 days ago
Juan Estevan Contreras
1:29 of *ROBLOX efect sound*
Сергей Чистяков
Что за уебище Тореса похоронил?
Davide Tedeschi
Davide Tedeschi 15 days ago
7:23 O MY GOOD 😨
Gregg Fridline
Gregg Fridline 15 days ago
Some of these hits, i almost thought they where playing american football without pads.
Yusuf Sözen
Yusuf Sözen 14 days ago
that's called rugby and yeah
Udipta Dekaraja
Udipta Dekaraja 15 days ago
Football is not just a game .. its about emotions ❤
Никола Колев
Thank God they are alive
MÍŠA VÁLEK 16 days ago
Oh shit
Saviour Acolatse
Saviour Acolatse 16 days ago
All thanks to God that they are not dead.🙏🙏🙏
Anne Bowler
Anne Bowler 16 days ago
To much Chelsea players
Anne Bowler
Anne Bowler 16 days ago
Anne Bowler
Anne Bowler 16 days ago
Aiden McEwan
Aiden McEwan 16 days ago
4 players who have played for Chelsea have almost died. Jesus christ
renvtoo 13 days ago
Star Kawtar almost died....
Star Kawtar
Star Kawtar 13 days ago
@Aiden McEwan Oh rip💔😔for them
Aiden McEwan
Aiden McEwan 14 days ago
@Star Kawtar drogba, terry, Torres, cech
Star Kawtar
Star Kawtar 14 days ago
Hristina Arsovska
Hristina Arsovska 16 days ago
Labib Abrar
Labib Abrar 16 days ago
Kudo s one is most heartbreaking
Reus_dj Gaming 57
Reus_dj Gaming 57 17 days ago
Why is no.10’s name ‘........’
Ni Reid
Ni Reid 17 days ago
3:23 that man was bleeding out of his mouth 🙏🏾
KiNG DiNGALiNG 17 days ago
Dang dude... happens so often they all know to make sure he doesn’t swallow his tongue. F’n crazy. Those head collisions are nasty af.... but then a flying knee to the head.
KiNG DiNGALiNG 17 days ago
Dang..that Goalie is a G.
KiNG DiNGALiNG 17 days ago
Come on with the music though. So stupid
Michael Beckford
Michael Beckford 17 days ago
Players that purposefully challenge with intent to cause harm should lose there football licence (banned) and be charged with and a prison sentence depending on extent of serverity and injury. Some of them challenges was disgraceful.
Jxjs Egg
Jxjs Egg 15 days ago
Michael Beckford like mousse sissoko and aurier or rudiger
Saul Romaniz
Saul Romaniz 17 days ago
Like si casi lloras 😭🙅
Natalie Escobar
Natalie Escobar 17 days ago
Mucho asidente donde el partido
Natalie Escobar
Natalie Escobar 17 days ago
Mucho asidente do
Chris Sway
Chris Sway 17 days ago
This ain't shit
Stella Sibley
Stella Sibley 17 days ago
Petr Čech match was only like 23 seconds in
rea mota
rea mota 17 days ago
amen to the other teams
Alejandrina j3hduu4Anyul
Que orrible dejen su like si no.
idk :c
idk :c 18 days ago
Omkar gamer
Omkar gamer 18 days ago
What are teammates doing by finger in mouth anyone explain plzz
saimi 12 days ago
i think they're trying to get the fainted player's tongue out of the way so he would not choke on it! because if you go unconscious your tongue can block your breathing
SPORTS HUB 18 days ago
World cup final Winning goal ruvid.net/video/video-Qd0gHxHa6NM.html
F I 18 days ago
Cecilia Herrera
Cecilia Herrera 18 days ago
que traits el vid
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