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Comments 383
Schamlos ausgenutzt
6:00 tzz i would kick this ballboy in his face.Fucking kid
Coin Stacks
Coin Stacks 8 days ago
Stop using the same content over and over idiot.
PR33CJ4NT 16 days ago
You know what else disrespectful? Clickbait with extra *thicc* girls
Terrence Merrigan 3
You really don't understand any of these lol
TONY SILVA 17 days ago
Neymar meant it as a joke
FrictionP 24 days ago
15 DISRESPECTFUL MOMENTS: 1. Top Extract 2. Top Extract 3. Top Extract 4. Top Extract 5. Top Extract 6. Top Extract 7. Top Extract 8. Top Extract 9. Top Extract 10. Top Extract 11. Top Extract 12. Top Extract 13. Top Extract 14. Top Extract 15. Top Extract
kenny Zheng
kenny Zheng 29 days ago
What's at to zero hand signal?????
CrustyJoker 29 days ago
Ok besides top extract using clickbait and horrific thumbnails and same clips we just gonna ignore how at 2:30 the umpire has like super human fucking strength
Larry Ger
Larry Ger Month ago
Yap fuck dele
MI Five
MI Five Month ago
NoorALI Legend
NoorALI Legend Month ago
You clickbait a lot i unsubscribed
michelle quinto
michelle quinto Month ago
who cares about the thumbnail? let’s spank Her ass and lick it! XD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ChicagoDefense Month ago
Anthony Games
Anthony Games Month ago
Did he call the umpire in baseball a referee
Steven Hollifield
Was gonna sub and like but i dont like clickbait.... bye bye
Sophie A
Sophie A Month ago
I'm upset for 2 reasons: 1. Clickbait with the same thing twice 2. I can't believe you didn't put in the Cameroon player that spat at one of the England women in the Women's Fifa World Cup earlier this year
FlashLG Month ago
He's using the same clips from 10 athletes cheating
lauren solliday
lauren solliday Month ago
isn’t that soccer not football?
YourWhale Frend
YourWhale Frend Month ago
He didn’t give him the ball in time for the game because he’s a Swansea ball boy
Jordan Peet
Jordan Peet Month ago
I had to dislike the video for the way he pronounced Sergio Ramos
Hermanizer 26k
Hermanizer 26k Month ago
The nazi sign thing means something else in Italy. He is probably Italian...
Albert Otero
Albert Otero Month ago
Chance Baker
Chance Baker Month ago
That ball boy was making sure hazard didn’t get that ball. He deserved that
Lilypad 0909
Lilypad 0909 Month ago
I used to dig holes in the ground with my cleats when I played soccer but i didn’t know that it was against the rules so I was really confused when the coaches would yell at me because I thought they were yelling at me for destroying the field but the field was already practically destroyed from all people kicking the ball so hard 😂
Daniel Hardman
Daniel Hardman Month ago
Little punk wants to lay on top of the ball? That's what happens, you get kicked..
Lewis Tom
Lewis Tom Month ago
The clip with the Jets game is incorrect. Commentator say a coach tripped a Jets player intentionally. Watch the coach, he never moved his feet, knee or leg to trip player. Jet player on the other hand was running onto the sidelines and at the last minute moved back on the field to his left to avoid hitting the coach. Still did not see contact. Think he tripped over his own feet.
WillieRants Month ago
Repeats, click bait, blocked channel. How you got 1.3M viewers is beyond me.
WillieRants Month ago
That ball boy was holding up the game. Nobody talks about that. Fuck that ball boy.
Raymundo González Valdés
Fuck you, I hate your fuckin thumbnail.
odin. Month ago
The Chelsea ballboy one was bullshit, the dudes like JUST old enough to be a ball boy and even posted on twitter before the game saying 'Got my last shift at Swansea #NeededForTimeWasting' or something to those lines.. And hazard kicks the ball out from under him, he aint hurt lol
Reverend Beelze'boB'
Watched '10 ATHLETES WHO GOT CAUGHT CHEATING' a few minutes ago. Subbed. Watched this vid, next. Unsubbed. Yer a Wanker.
Zycho Month ago
Good to know theres a misleading thumbnail option in the deception menu when you report this video.
Frank Lipscomb
Frank Lipscomb Month ago
rehash some more material why don't you? 90% same footage with a different title from a month ago. Suck my downvote.
saxo nton
saxo nton Month ago
I still think Hazard did nothing wrong! People cant just be dicks with no consequence!
Joseph Saucedo
Joseph Saucedo Month ago
Same click bait I mean it's RUvid but wtf same content this is literally just a copy of another video of yours
ExpectD Unexpected
Why the hack u used the same vids from last vids wth
Sketchy Month ago
Hazard didn't kick him he kicked the ball the (ball boy) didn't hand over the ball. So he kicked the ball. Also the ball boy planned it... The more you know
Monolith Fan
Monolith Fan Month ago
Take your clickbait thumbnails and shove them with a few nails up your asshole.
Monolith Fan
Monolith Fan Month ago
6:20 To be fair that ball boy deserved it as he was trying to stall the game on purpose.
Akmal hakim
Akmal hakim Month ago
Fuck you for your clickbait and same clip in two different video
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Month ago
6:59 how did he purposely step on his head. I would call that unavoidable. This idiot needs to do more research than a simple google search. There is so much wrong with this list.
Derick Jfan
Derick Jfan Month ago
It’s the same video with only 2 different clips
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Month ago
"this baseball match" does that sound stupid to anyone else?
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Month ago
This idiot can't even get the countries right, even though the flag is right there on the chest.
Michaela Sandoval
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Month ago
This is basically the same list as the one this idiot did for top cheaters in sports. Well done on ripping yourself off. Rehashed clickbait garbage.
bomguy999999 Month ago
Soccer is such a gay ass sport. How do people get so riled up about it!??
Nico's Gameplays
Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the thumbnail And so did you
Trey Goodeb
Trey Goodeb Month ago
Um isn't this the same video of the people cheating it's the same even the dumbnail
ShawdGawd Month ago
At this point bro, tell me who the chick in the thumbnail is... NO MORE CLICKBAIT!!!
sir capitano
sir capitano Month ago
I hate Ramos but that trampling is not on purpose.
MuSIc fOx
MuSIc fOx Month ago
I mean I cheat in monopoly but this is just straight up wrong
Fozzy Month ago
everybody clicked for that booty but CLICKBAIT likes to ruin our day
DeepTV Month ago
Just watched Top Ten Athletes who caught cheating. You just recycled all the clips from that video. Get new content
JeremyF4i Month ago
wow.. pathetic when you have a lack of footage that you have to put half of the videos here from another one of your videos. LOL "10 Athletes who got caught cheating" - ruvid.net/video/video-Qe89Y1p5s2k.html
Mike Russell
Mike Russell Month ago
You suck assholes you piece of shit
Harry Dairy
Harry Dairy Month ago
That ballboy did not want to give the ball to the player i have no sympathy for the ballboy in that situation even after he got pushed down.
Jake Fox-Nania
Jake Fox-Nania Month ago
If you read this your gay
Ludicrous crane
Ludicrous crane Month ago
This is like the same as the cheating video 😂😂
Bronx- Month ago
Ok wow I just want to see that ass but no
Tora Fuliar
Tora Fuliar Month ago
So lame.
Servicka Month ago
U must be the biggest money whore on youtube. unoriginal, clickbait, Recycling content. ridiculous
out the door gamer
6:50 I'm no expert but they seemed to be going a bit fast and I know I wouldn't have been able to stop instantly so it seems like an accident to me
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall Month ago
why usa women cheat usa women's soccer. i look video drug women usa cheat . more enery
jinx might be a midget leprechaun
When the Atletico Madrid striker trampled Ramos it was a revenge attack coz Ramos elbowed the striker earlier in the match in an aerial stand off for the ball
Jewel's life
Jewel's life Month ago
Maybe STOP using the same footage and the same thing nail. If you want viewers because if not, whats the point?
King Yudah
King Yudah Month ago
Racist ass soccer fans in Europe are the freaking worst. Then the commentators don’t make it any better. Always making it seem like it’s the athletes fault those bastards are racist. Smh white people need to disappear so the world can have a peaceful balance again.
ii Greedy
ii Greedy Month ago
trash content your just clickbaiting and uploadind the same clips lol explains why you get nore dislikes than likes
Arick Reifenstal
clickbait REPORTED!
Vixper Month ago
How he say Sergio ramos
Alex Flores
Alex Flores Month ago
Sergio Ramos deserves that and more because he was one of the dirtiest players out there!!
J And J Medina
J And J Medina Month ago
Anyone else watching cuz of the thumbnail nah just kiddin' I didn't P.s. intentionall miss spelled words.
J And J Medina
J And J Medina Month ago
I literally just typed this like a second ago u cant be serious
II blu
II blu Month ago
Hey buddy lmaoo u jus typed so hi
Viperican Month ago
Idk but that an Ace
T Month ago
not once but twice you use the same thumbnail to clickbait , get the fuck out of here
Femi O.
Femi O. Month ago
U talk of horrible athletes but how about horrible RUvidrs who use clickbaites for views
Erin Arnett
Erin Arnett Month ago
Your thumbnails are horrible they just point at random things
STH Razor
STH Razor Month ago
Nice clickbait
LiGTY Month ago
Thumbnail is thiccc
christian aquino
You should get a penalty too for cheating on getting more views by clickbaiting
SubWaey Month ago
stop using these crappy thumbnails
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