14-Year-Old Arrested In Stabbing Death Of Barnard Student Tessa Majors | NBC Nightly News

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Tessa Majors was robbed and fatally stabbed in December while walking through a New York City park. The 14-year-old boy will be charged as an adult with two counts of second-degree murder and robbery.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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14-Year-Old Arrested In Stabbing Death Of Barnard Student Tessa Majors | NBC Nightly News




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Comments 80
Daniel Glencross
Daniel Glencross 25 days ago
Shame on NBC for its anti white racism. The perpetrators are black and the victim is white.
John Dockert
John Dockert Month ago
God bless Tessa and her family. Here is some news to cheer everyone up. m.ruvid.net/video/video-K6R0-NrJPR4.html
SoulFor Sale
SoulFor Sale Month ago
This is just like the treyvon martin case where the young black kid is the perpetrator but its systemic white racisms fault
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama Month ago
The rise of rap and hip hop definitely has a hand in this... The youth are being poisoned by this filth.
John Dockert
John Dockert Month ago
If they get released the citizens need to deliver justice
John Dockert
John Dockert Month ago
Euthanize them.
Xxx Tentación
Xxx Tentación Month ago
I know his name he goes to my middle school
Gee Speller
Gee Speller Month ago
Yeah yeah yeah the perfect pale face In the park buying drugs than low life thugs broke try to rob her for them A fight beings instead of giving up the drugs she died for them Enough pale faces your people aren't perfect by no means
Brad P
Brad P Month ago
This is really messed up. if three white kids stabbed a black lady I'm pretty sure everyone would be screaming "it's a hate crime". I haven't heard anything about them going around robbing any black people. and at what point are we going to start holding the parents of minors responsible for their heinous actions. I'm not sure how it works there but I do know that when a juvenile gets in trouble in most states they go after the parents in some way shape or form. This is exactly what Trump is trying to stop. we need to create better environments for people to learn the correct way to live in what not to do to others. A woman lost her life over the property in her purse and her phone. In for what because some greedy children wanted to take her stuff. This is absolutely sickening and this just shows how deep some of these issues go
Voice Of Reality
You have to remember, this supporter of degeneracy was there to buy dope from those she wished to suppress. Who's the victim? Certainly not the priviliged SJW, who by nature, approached the youths in question because she assumed stereotypes.
Jefri soft Lopez / teenage # supreme
Good we found the Suspect
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
Meanwhile, “Child” advocates are working tooth and nail to guarantee Zero Adult Jail Time for Prodigious Rapists and Murderers (BTW Contrary to popular belief, Teens tried and convicted as adults do not serve time in Adult Prison until they are over the age of 18)
Xtina Coe
Xtina Coe Month ago
I just can't....FUCK!!! Thank you for your comment right now, for me, at this moment. Thank you ✌️❣️😢
James Harris
James Harris Month ago
Wish my son got this when he was murdered and all evidence was practically delivered to police by Fed ex, ,my son's hair was not blond, killers was.....isn't that right Ithaca police?
Gee Speller
Gee Speller Month ago
If they had DNA, what took so long? I know they're juveniles, but this is a bit long considering the forensics we have these days.
Chief Tahchawwickah
She was buying drugs from these guys. Her fault -COMANCHE NATION
sabbottart Month ago
I prefer the Wrangler.
Michael Vold
Michael Vold Month ago
Just another Dan thinking he is owed something from somebody else without having to work for it I blame the parents or the lack thereof
deez nutts
deez nutts Month ago
Needs to be executed like all murderers. But he wont
Gee Speller
Gee Speller Month ago
Really not in kkk member cop was put to death start with them
Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.
happymess Month ago
🙁 poor, poor baby... poor, sweet girl... and he's just a kid himself... no happy endings here...
Jenny Titus
Jenny Titus Month ago
New Yorkers need to vote in politicians who will help make the penalties tougher
Yinan Luo
Yinan Luo Month ago
I guess two gallows and ropes shall be in order
RGN BULL Month ago
Is this not going to be a hate crime?
Margo Bradley
Margo Bradley Month ago
A young woman with her entire life before her snatched away by evil , The parents of the criminal children should also be charged with murder
Bohem Month ago
They should also put the parents of those kids in jail.
Chief Tahchawwickah
They should put whites in jail for the murder of millions of Native people -COMANCHE NATION
CMAenergy Month ago
Set a precedence and put those monsters to death
Howdy Doody
Howdy Doody Month ago
Thumbnail the 14-year-old, not the college student you imbeciles.
S B Month ago
He is a disadvantaged youth who mugged his victim in order to get money for textbooks.
jaque kinsey
jaque kinsey Month ago
Justice for emmit til NEVER FORGET... you reap what you sow that’s just the beginning
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@jaque kinsey Stop living in the past, bub. Besides, what does Emmett Till have to do with this case? Absolutely nothing. 🤑🤑
jaque kinsey
jaque kinsey Month ago
HeroDav Snyher I don’t care what year it is history is important always remember the days of old never forget!
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
Off your meds again? It's 2020, not 1955. Stay on topic.
Tim Softaway Jr.
that looks like the same little punk that robbed me 4 months ago
Tim Softaway Jr.
@nirvgorilla yeah I wish
nirvgorilla Month ago
Why didn't you carry a gun and blast him?
cmp0714 Month ago
Wow hes black, that's a shocker. Of course you dont hear the black community in an uproar. Only when it benefits them
jettrod69 Month ago
Just wait, they'll soon claim he's the victim because someone called him a racist slur once when he was about 6 yrs old and had no clue what racism was let alone what the slur was. Remember, only white people can be racist in Canada.... at least thats what our liberal government tells us every day.
wel1968 Month ago
a worthless lil yuk and his family tried to hide him this is what you march in the streets for, this is why you block traffic, this is why you set your cities on fire for... they should have been gathered up, and euthansied 170 years ago
The Realist.
The Realist. Month ago
Harsh, but love the thought process.
Michel Charette
Michel Charette Month ago
Of course this monster's lawyer will launch into the same tired defence beginning with "Your Honour, my client is the victim here, he had a bad childhood ...."
Dennis Andmk
Dennis Andmk Month ago
What a shithole country.
Pedro Falcon
Pedro Falcon Month ago
R.I.P. tess
Dimic Dragan
Dimic Dragan Month ago
Oh man, your society is really f*ed up....
Rum Becker
Rum Becker Month ago
Bloomberg was right!!!
Richard1 Month ago
Teen monsters . Poor girl :(
alfababy Month ago
Rashaun Weaver..........killer...........and go figure, he is black.
Ebony Miss
Ebony Miss Month ago
14?? Wow...
John Pratt
John Pratt Month ago
We in the end times family,men's hearts have wax cold
708 832
708 832 Month ago
Stab that lil punk too, murder for murder
charles onengiya
I hope this ain’t another episode of When They See Us!
Concerned Canadian
Time to start charging all these "children" as adults. Murder is murder, I don't care about the age, colour, religion, upbringing, or mental illness of the offenders.
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@angela merkel How so? Please explain.
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@Chief Tahchawwickah You're still making generalizations. Why does skin color matter to you? If whites held all the power, then there would be no elected officials from other ethnicities. Congressmen, mayors, police chiefs, et al. Stop looking at people by skin color only and start looking at them as people.
Chief Tahchawwickah
HeroDav Snyher You mean just be ok with Whites running everything lol Indoctrination is still a thing in 2020? -COMANCHE NATION
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@Chief Tahchawwickah Wow...you're making a lot of generalizations and assumptions there. Embrace diversity, whether it's Europeans or Hispanics or any other demographic. We are all one. Peace, my friend.
Chief Tahchawwickah
HeroDav Snyher Only Caucasians Are immigrants. Anyone from the southern Americas are Already citizens. Caucasians are european. That’s it -COMANCHE NATION
George Evgeniou
George Evgeniou Month ago
dont worry its only a racist attack if the victim is of a certain race
Chief Tahchawwickah
Louis Abney No Actual Natives are still alive and want Caucasians removed from Native lands -COMANCHE NATION
Louis Abney
Louis Abney Month ago
Comanchee is a Russian bot sowing division
Chief Tahchawwickah
harvey weinstein WHEN? -COMANCHE NATION
angela merkel
angela merkel Month ago
Comanchies robbed and stole from other tribes.
Chief Tahchawwickah
Or called colonialism when you murder Natives. Not to mention she was buying drugs from these guys. -COMANCHE NATION
Cara Garnier
Cara Garnier Month ago
From CBS New York-Police: Rashaun Weaver, 14, Arrested, Indicted In Murder Of Tessa Majors.
Chief Tahchawwickah
Next Caucasians for the murder of millions of Native people -COMANCHE NATION
Eric Devito
Eric Devito Month ago
The comments are Nazi Germany.
aeo719 Month ago
Super predators
Norm475 Month ago
That's what Hillary called them.
T-Shot 39K
T-Shot 39K Month ago
His name is Rashaun Weaver/black male💀
sottovoce Month ago
jaque kinsey When?
@jaque kinsey Living your life as a victim will always makes you a loser...
@jaque kinsey We wuz feeling the beatings
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya Month ago
John Cany , sounds like Jacque believes there should be retribution for speaking the truth. The progressive Left strikes again!
John Cany
John Cany Month ago
Jaques, T-Shot is reporting information about the Suspect that NBC won't. You don't think it's important to report the name and race of a murder suspect?
Nic Ki
Nic Ki Month ago
That looks like the girl that dated Amelia Fart
chip block
chip block Month ago
When I was 13 or 14 years old in the 1960s robbing someone, let alone stabbing someone, was so far away from any thoughts I ever had. I pray that the family of the girl finds peace one day. Also, I pray for the family of the boy that they will find answers as to why this boy did what he did. So sad.
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya Month ago
chip block ,the family hid the boy from the police until the bite wound he received from her healed. They deserve accomplice charges, and jail time.
boy123 321
boy123 321 Month ago
Her death is a reason why I don't want to visit New York City. Such a dangerous city to live in or visit
i s
i s Month ago
No one goes to NYC because its clean and safe.
45 Auto
45 Auto Month ago
I was born and raised in the NYC area. Left many years ago, you are absolutely right.
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker Month ago
Let's hope their fellow inmates find them irresistibly attractive 😠
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@kamizzy He murdered like a big boy, so let him hang out with the big boys. See how tough he is then.
J Month ago
@kamizzy A murderer
kamizzy Month ago
Thats a child you are talking about😬
Jack Crouch
Jack Crouch Month ago
***** HANG HIM ON LIVE TV ****** PAY PER VIEW ***********
Tom Dockery
Tom Dockery Month ago
If they wanted big money,they should have broken into nearby Columbia University to steal Obama's records.They could have gotten a ton online for them.
Eric x
Eric x Month ago
Bbbbut....he was a goodt boy! (Insert three year old school pic here).
Jimmy Two Chins
Jimmy Two Chins Month ago
Not naming the suspect = black male
jettrod69 Month ago
That is standard practice for Canadian media. Only white people, and white names are ever mentioned in Canadian media. If the criminal is black or middle eastern, our media will not mention it at all, dont believe me? Just look at CBC's, or Globals news sites and read the articles regarding violence, theft, murder etc, they won't mention names or ethnicity in any article, unless that person is white of coarse, and if they're white there'll even be a picture of the person, if they're black there will only be a description of their clothes and maybe their age
i s
i s Month ago
@ynfuentes1 Nope. I saw the pics. He's a naygro.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Month ago
@ynfuentes1 Everyone knew he was black for months 😂😂
Allan Ritchie
Allan Ritchie Month ago
@Elias Tornes ... explain, how a white kills a white, its a hate crime???
Allan Ritchie
Allan Ritchie Month ago
@James A ...how if a white kid kills another white person its about race, and he's racist??????
Clem Newton
Clem Newton Month ago
Wow just kids doing stuff sounds like no home life who knows hopefully if this true they never see freedom again
Really Happenings
He just needed a mentor. If only OJ had been available.
Dee John
Dee John Month ago
Yall got her stabber but what happen tothe stabber of the young lady in California oh he probably back on the streets waiting to commit another MURDER
Really Happenings
we got a deep thinker right here
1Sexy Red
1Sexy Red Month ago
This is so heartbreaking... She is a beautiful soul. May GOD hold her family tight.
Robin Sunrise
Robin Sunrise Month ago
Remy 22
Remy 22 Month ago
No mercy for them....
Joze Francizko
Joze Francizko Month ago
Those killers are NOT BOYS. R.I.P. Tessa Majors 🥀
Stevie Antonio
Stevie Antonio Month ago
He just needs mental health evaluation. 💁‍♂️
Tanner Shortnacy
Right before swinging.
Really Happenings
And he'll get it, he just won't have his freedom. The quality of his healthcare is about to go way up.
call me mr Tom Reagan
you know it’s have to be African-American
Bobby B
Bobby B Month ago
Do to his race, NBC is not naming him.
jettrod69 Month ago
Try following Candian media. The only time a persons name or skin colour is ever mentioned is if the person is white, tho occasionally they will mention the name if it sounds like it could be spanish. Just check CBC or Global's news, they'll give a complete description of a suspects clothes, age, size etc, and even say police are looking for witnesses, but they won't dare mention skin colour or name if it sounds like the person os from the middle east or Africa. They also don't allow comments on news stories unless the perp is white. Don't believe me? Just go to their news sites and read it for yourself. We always know if the criminal is middle eastern or black, cuz they won't give their name, even tho they'll describe perfectly every other detail. Its quite racist, but in Canada since only white people are racist, and because every white person is racist according to our media, this is considered perfectly acceptable
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya Month ago
Eric Devito , it has the most likes because it speaks the most truth.
Old King Log
Old King Log Month ago
Funny how NBC had no problem naming that Covington Catholic School kid, and he didn't even stab anyone to death. He just smiled. I wonder why the different reaction? 🤔
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker Month ago
that's ok, ABC News did...
Eric Devito
Eric Devito Month ago
Shameful that this has the most likes
jeremiah johnson
Hmmm lets guess his Race and skin tone ….anyone??
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@deonneb Just look at the news in Chicago on any given day. There's constant mass shootings in the hood.
jeremiah johnson
Dont have to ,Chicago and Detroit have more shootings then all Mass shootings combined
Lysol Month ago
EllenKay Month ago
His 1st name is rashaun.
James A
James A Month ago
It doesn’t fit their agenda so they won’t release it.
David Ellis
David Ellis Month ago
The killer should do life ! His " youth " no excuse for his barbarism.
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@Christopher Gonzalez But he wasn't too young to commit an adult crime.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Month ago
@Christopher Gonzalez And yet none of that is relevant to anything. Good job Einstein.
Christopher Gonzalez
@Hugh Jass According to science, the human brain goes through its final phase of pruning at age 25. At this juncture, your habits, personality, dispositions, and eccentricities become somewhat permanent. I say somewhat permanent because the brain cells and human attitudes are what you'll say plastic: they are malleable. Are age fourteen, the human specie lacks the concept of what Self is, and whether the Self is moral or immoral.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Month ago
@Christopher Gonzalez He literally stabbed someone to death and you're calling someone else barbaric? You are the epitome of what is wrong with society.
Christopher Gonzalez
@brandon musulin You're barbaric.
Matthew Erwin
Matthew Erwin Month ago
I hope it wasn’t a minority !!👍🏻😎
Matthew Erwin
Matthew Erwin Month ago
EllenKay Oh no please not negros !!
EllenKay Month ago
@Matthew Erwin Of African decent.
Matthew Erwin
Matthew Erwin Month ago
L E Oh my god I can’t believe it , which kind ?
L E Month ago
You know it was, buddy
Caryl Ann Compton
Rest In PEACE, Dear Child. So Sorry You Was Robbed Of Your Precious Life.
Gee Speller
Gee Speller Month ago
Wrong don't buy drugs in parks
TheLance3185 Month ago
Very sad.
alex Month ago
Tragic story and horrible crime, but trying 13 & 14 year old kids as adults, is disgusting.
Is that a thing?
@Eric Devito Put your money where your mouth is.. why don't you (sponsor) these kids if they get tried as juveniles? when they get out at 18.. move in with you and your family? you can be responsible for them? for probably ten year probation? How's that work out? I think it's a pretty good idea? you sponsor them and you be responsible for them. And I think the taxpayer should kick in some money to help you out taking care of these murderous kids. I'm totally in 100%
Is that a thing?
@Eric Devito I'm pretty sure My police department does? now they're wearing body cam so they can film it and then my wife can hire a lawyer so she can be a millionaire.. while I'm making delicious tomatoes.. so what's your Stupid point?
i s
i s Month ago
@Eric Devito Nah, they should work next to the murderers family that hid the bite mark from everyone.
Eric Devito
Eric Devito Month ago
@Is that a thing? Murderous police should work at your local department
Is that a thing?
Yeah you're right they should try them as juveniles then they'll be on the streets in 4 years.. but I want them housed right next door to you and your family.. but don't worry their Rehabilitated.
Admiral Crunch
Admiral Crunch Month ago
DEMOCRATS will release him.
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor Month ago
You’re just in your own little gang war. Red vs Blue, and that’s what both parties want so they can control and shape all of your minds. It’s working... horribly if I might say
Admiral Crunch
Admiral Crunch Month ago
@Is that a thing? Yes, none. AQUITTED FOREVER
Is that a thing?
@Admiral Crunch Republicans had the same Witnesses at the house hearings as they did at the Senate hearings.
Admiral Crunch
Admiral Crunch Month ago
@Is that a thing? Yes, like the House Impeachment hearings. Thx.👍
luvperu1 Month ago
Heartbreaking ! Beautiful young lady's life ended... My condolences to her family and friends
Josh Month ago
Try and punish as an adult.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Month ago
@alex He's being charged as an adult... You have mental problems.
Is that a thing?
@David Gomes I have no problem with them being tried as juveniles and being released when they turn 18.. just as long as there are 300 miles from me and next door neighbor's to you.. is that unfair? or would you like them living next door to somebody else like me? These kids are broken and they're not going to be fixed anytime soon..
David Gomes
David Gomes Month ago
I understand that, but the reality is that there are a few very dangerous, derailed minors in this world. As if they were raised in a warzone en indoctrinated in that way. Not ignorant but blinded to see the alternative.
Is that a thing?
@alex. Okay try him as a juvenile and then when he turns 18 let him out.. and give them housing right next door to you and your family. Because he has matured mentally... I am totally for that..
alex Month ago
@David Gomes that's nice. You still weren't an adult, with the impulse control and ability to think through actions and consequences, of an adult.
Rock Steady
Rock Steady Month ago
His name is Rashaun
HeroDav Snyher
HeroDav Snyher Month ago
@Arthur Johnston Let's just say the murderer Rashaun isn't getting a PhD anytime soon.
Elias Tornes
Elias Tornes Month ago
@Arthur Johnston So!?!?!?!?!?As ALWAYS BLACK ON WHITE CRIME!!!
jaque kinsey
jaque kinsey Month ago
Rock Steady don’t forget about emmit til
Arthur Johnston
Arthur Johnston Month ago
Colin Flaherty
Rose Okwelume
Rose Okwelume Month ago
This same issue of teenagers stabbing people is happening in the UK. Im worried about the type of kids we are raising
I'm more worried about you people around
Caryl Ann Compton
That's The Problem ..... They Are NOT Being Raised.
Je'Daii Sicarii
Je'Daii Sicarii Month ago
I think it's funny how the news keeps glancing over the fact that she was there buying drugs.
nirvgorilla Month ago
What a loser generation. Our species is over. Drugged out murderers with bad taste in music, movies, and games.
The Realist.
The Realist. Month ago
@Je'Daii Sicarii You are seriously a POS. Someday karma will catch up to you and I hope it's slow and painful. You worthless Fuc@ing tool.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Month ago
@Je'Daii Sicarii It happens more to whites than blacks... Look up the stats. You believe everything the liberal media tells you 😂. Cnn doesn't report it so it never happens right? Newsflash, they pick and choose what to show to push their false agenda and divide the masses. You are the definition of a brainwashed npc.
Je'Daii Sicarii
Je'Daii Sicarii Month ago
@Hugh Jass Oh yeah...that happens all the time...GTFOH. Where is your fake concern when they aren't white? Cause that's all you guys and gals are showing. Crocodile tears and fake concern. You troglodytes love pumping your chest acting like you are the moral standard when history and current affairs always show other wise.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Month ago
@Je'Daii Sicarii Where is your concern when a white person is unjustly killed by cops?
Scottie Lambert
Scottie Lambert Month ago
Juice this kid until very very dead
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