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From paper you can make a stand for your phone, decorations for a party, an organizer for various trifles, a pencil case, and gift wrapping. See how to make a chamomile out of paper, how to make a rose out of a napkin, how to make a paper dandelion, how to make paper calla lily.
I will show you some paper games that will help you to have fun when there is nothing to do. Rectangles. You need a sheet of paper, two pens and dices. Points and boxes. You need a paper sheet and two pens of different colors. The Hangman. Another game with a piece of paper and pens. Rules of the game. One of the players makes a word and marks the space for letters. He also draws a gallows with a noose. The second player suggests a letter that may be in this word. If such a letter is in a word, then the first player writes it above the features corresponding to that letter - as many times as it occurs in the word. If there is no such letter, then he adds a circle in the loop - the head of the hanged man. For each wrong answer, the first player adds one part of the body to the gallows.
2:03 Paper phone stand DIY
4:40 Pencil case DIY
5:25 Toilet paper rose
7:40 Rectangles paper game
8:51 Hangman paper game
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Mar 18, 2019




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Adul Rahiman
Adul Rahiman 5 days ago
What is the name of these designed paper? Pls reply
apocalisis25 5 days ago
You Guys are the best
sumaira khuram sh
sumaira khuram sh 10 days ago
Pinki Ji
Pinki Ji 13 days ago
It is very nice and Best ideas
Genaro Soto
Genaro Soto 13 days ago
A eses pienso que estas ideas son un poco estúpidas algunas🤯
꧁ARTYX꧂ 13 days ago
3:05 is good
Devin Fagan
Devin Fagan 15 days ago
I like your soul
mishka bp
mishka bp 18 days ago
Yasmin's life
Yasmin's life 19 days ago
I thought i clicked on a different video by accident when it said men 😂 but then i saw the comments
Margory Caceres
Margory Caceres 21 day ago
Can yall like do the box thingy majige slower
ガチャHåiłey 22 days ago
It took me so long!I think it’s a waste of time...
Chakib Tirari
Chakib Tirari 22 days ago
And T.
And T. 23 days ago
Nice ❤
Hari Saran
Hari Saran 28 days ago
anamika naznin
anamika naznin Month ago
Fadly Khalid
Fadly Khalid Month ago
So fast 😡
Kids Do Art
Kids Do Art Month ago
LeTs Do AnYtHiNg
Diamond44archer Month ago
"men" REEEEEEEE😱😱😱
Michelle Shaver
Michelle Shaver Month ago
I like how it said "5 MINUTE CRAFTS" MEN" And then a girl show up
Sandhya Kakade
Sandhya Kakade Month ago
Nandlal Sonkar
Nandlal Sonkar Month ago
5:15 they just copied tall box fro Ventuno Art
Trific Month ago
MrsJparry Month ago
Oh ok this makes sense, so it’s called ‘ five minute crafts men ‘ but then shows a woman making everything and girls can use it too. PLS EXPLAIN TO ME. SOMEONE
Rheno Alvaro
Rheno Alvaro Month ago
Hebat 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💞💖💖💖💞
Amil Xannarov
Amil Xannarov Month ago
For men Women can this just well Go girls
Ada Ciraldo
Ada Ciraldo Month ago
Amil Xannarov got
ira Sultana
ira Sultana Month ago
I can't find the paper
Renad Fouad
Renad Fouad Month ago
واو بحبكم
Nathanaël Le Calvez
Très très bonne vidéo mes ses reprise par 5 minute crafte
Sophia Jiang
Sophia Jiang Month ago
Y its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast???????????😣😥
Lps Cokefloat
Lps Cokefloat 2 months ago
Since when did men have pink fingernails I mean like I’m not judgeing
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 2 months ago
For more paper crafts plz visit my channel. ruvid.net/video/video-ZJs2Y8Orq8I.html
Naila Arif
Naila Arif 2 months ago
Kutti kaha ban raha hai
om gurung
om gurung 2 months ago
Raymond lopez
Raymond lopez 2 months ago
prakash kk
prakash kk 2 months ago
How did you closed it
Seema Aggarwal
Seema Aggarwal 2 months ago
It says 5 minute carfts for men but a women is doing everythinh logic 🤨🤨
Kavyya Jain
Kavyya Jain 2 months ago
Who liked 4:39
Md samirul islam ifty
Very nice
SV creative works
SV creative works 2 months ago
I’m supporting everybody that supports me just say done when you have subbed. Let’s all grow.
Momotaz Mitu
Momotaz Mitu 2 months ago
I’m a girl 👧 but i like 5 minute crafts men more than 5 minute crafts girly😋😋😋😋
Evelyn Watson (Student)
Oh my GOSH it goes SO fast
•Cloverz •
•Cloverz • 2 months ago
also i cant make a triangle out of my paper
Evelyn Watson (Student)
It says “crafts for men” I am not a boy and I made the first one pretty easily
Mohammad WASEEH
Mohammad WASEEH 2 months ago
I like this
uriel Solis
uriel Solis 2 months ago
I don't have that kind of paper because i am poor
uriel Solis
uriel Solis 2 months ago
Evie van Ginkel
Evie van Ginkel 2 months ago
Shafiqul islam
Shafiqul islam 2 months ago
I like crafts
Sanjida Islam
Sanjida Islam 2 months ago
Who else is here for the thumbnails?
Lance VlogDrift
Lance VlogDrift 2 months ago
who is here for their kris kringle XD *im from the Philippines*
Lance VlogDrift
Lance VlogDrift 2 months ago
@Elijah and Lucas Policarpio well good luck!
Elijah and Lucas Policarpio
Eşkin Eşkin
Eşkin Eşkin 2 months ago
04:32 çok güzel oldu
Arina_gatchalife lol
For "MEN" ;-;
Meena Salunke
Meena Salunke 2 months ago
4.50 is best
Prasad Rao
Prasad Rao 3 months ago
Don't do that much fast u bull shit I can't understand please breddy
Rock Alfa Gaming
Rock Alfa Gaming 3 months ago
Sub mee please
mhemz arevalo
mhemz arevalo 3 months ago
the 5 minute craft is boiling😭
Bushara Bushara
Bushara Bushara 3 months ago
Usha Navenajana
Usha Navenajana 3 months ago
Iam done all the things in my dreams
Simranjit Kaur
Simranjit Kaur 3 months ago
Says for men shows a woman
Flora Laurian
Flora Laurian 3 months ago
For men? Women can do this just as well. Go Girls!!
Rheno Alvaro
Rheno Alvaro Month ago
You cereze
Ella Murphey
Ella Murphey 2 months ago
Yes I do believe a woman is doing all these crafts anyway so... confusion
Evelyn Watson (Student)
love the spirit!!!
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