14 RAREST Cat Breeds In The World!

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Check out the rarest cat breeds in the world! This top 10 list of bizarre and exotic cat species has some of the most amazing and expensive domesticated animals on the planet!
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14. Serval
Let's start off with easily one of the most exotic cats out there, the Serval. You'd be forgiven for not knowing about this special cat, as it's from Africa. But what I told you that the Serval is actually pretty popular in the US as a pet? It's true.
13. Peterbald
Here's a unique cat that will make you do a double take. the Peterbald are a species of cat that are found mostly in Russia, and have a trait of not having hair. So they're quite literally bald cats. Though, to be fair, not all of them are bald, some do get hair, but they do often lose it.
12. Korat
Though cats are accepted in most cultures in the world, that doesn't mean they don't get their fair share of superstitions attached to them. A black cat for example can be viewed as bad luck, but also, there are good luck cats. One of which is the Korat.
11. Caracals
Heading back to the exotic kinds of cats, the Caracals is one that is both stunning to look at, and is very interesting in terms of how it acts. You see, Caracals are a type of Lynx, another exotic cat that has been known to have some aggressive tendencies at times. Because of this, you might think that the Caracals are the same , but you would be wrong.
10. The Norwegian Forest Cat
Here's a cat story you might like. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of cat that is very popular in Europe. However, during World War II, this particular cat was almost made extinct. It survived however due to the efforts of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club.
9. Serengeti
Sometimes, you're not born into the world an original, you're created, and cats have been breed that way for a long time believe it or not. A great example of this is the Serengeti. This species is a recent addition to the cat world, as they were "developed" in the 1990's by crossing the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair species.
8. Ocelot
Ocelot's are one of the more known exotic species of cats in the world. Mainly because they're gorgeous, and people have tried to make them pets for quite some time...with mixed results. Have you ever seen Archer? Yeah, that's a good example of how not to raise an Ocelot.
7. Ragamuffin
While this may have an odd name, the Ragamuffin is surprising unique in terms of other cats. This particular breed was only recognized in 2003, but has taken the cat world by storm since then. It's a mix of specials including the Ragdoll and certain breeds of street cat, but when you look and touch its fur and see its eyes, it's clear how special it is.
6. Geoffroy's Cat
From a rather big domestic cat to a very small exotic one, let's talk about Geoffroy's Cat. No, this isn't a cat owned by a specific person, but a whole species, and one that measure in as one of the smallest cats on Earth, to the extent that when they're fully grown they only weight at max eight pounds.
5. California Spangled
Developed in the US at the "urging" of anthropologist Louis Leaky, the California Spangled is now one of the rarest cats in the world today. Proving that even cat breeds can go out of style.
As you can see, the California Spangled was made to resemble the cats of Africa.
4. British Shorthair
It's well known that cats live long lives, and have been around for a VERY long time. But this species is one of the oldest known cat breeds ever, the British Shorthair. This cat is so revered in the UK that it's inspired many things, not the least of which was the look of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. Plus, it's the most pedigreed breed in the country.
3. Turkish Van
This one deserves a special spot on my list because of its unique fur and personality. Anyone who's raised a cat knows that though they drink water, they don't bathe in it, right? And only jungle cats will swim in water, right? Wrong! Meet, the Turkish.
2. Egyptian Mau
Another cat that looks like a jungle cat, the Egyptian Mau is unique because its spots are actually natural to it. No breeding or development required. But that's only the start of what makes this cat so special.
1. Bombay
If you have been paying attention, you'll have noticed that people really want miniaturized versions of wild big cats like Lynxs, bobcats, jaguars, lions, etc. Another cat that people have apparently wanted to "miniaturize" is the panther. And because of that, the Bombay was breed.

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mage4005 42 minutes ago
Welche Rasse ist die die man aufn dem thumbnail am Anfang sieht? Witch race are the cats on the thumbnail???
Sybil Sanchez
Sybil Sanchez 5 hours ago
Our cat is a white and grey spotted calico. He is very gentle and we rescued him from the street. We love to hear him meow and he loves to stick out his claws and play. He loves to cuddle and sit with my daughter to be petted.
Al Pacino 502
Al Pacino 502 8 hours ago
Swimming cat please🤩
Rumpus Cat
Rumpus Cat 10 hours ago
My pet korat dante died this summer :(
Addy_cat_playz😄 23 hours ago
My cats are a black cat and a black and white cat 😺 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍
Dilek Yilmaz
Dilek Yilmaz Day ago
The actual breed of Turkish Van is indeed an endangered breed that loves water and is known for its white fur. Many have hetrochromatosis meaning two different colored eyes. As is my Van cat. At some point in history, an English lady brought home that she was told to be a Turkish Van, which has been breeded as the Turkish Van cat shown in the video. The cat have color spots on their face and tail. This is what has now been standardised as the Turkish Van breed. However, they are not the original Van cats that love to swim in the water and are protected in sanctuaries by the Van locals. As a side note it is prohibited to export the Van cat from Turkey due to its threat of extinction.
Kelly Jelly
Kelly Jelly Day ago
Some cats grow wings and it's real
MyRobloxUsername legend8645
Some people never had a chance to fall in the puddle of cuteness=cats well I have
I do not approve over breeding . The poor animals will have faulty DNA .
alyanna le
alyanna le Day ago
But my fav is the ocelot
Pierre Balckmann
Pierre Balckmann 2 days ago
To be honest; I don't like the breeding of animals... You can see on several of the cat's in the video that they don't feel well. Stop the FUCKING breeding!!!
Zare Jone
Zare Jone 2 days ago
Millie M
Millie M 3 days ago
Well i found my cat under a car and we later found out that her owners abandoned her, weird thing is that my mum was going to buy that same species of cat for my birthday.
Millie M
Millie M 3 days ago
I thought my cat was a bengal but now im second guessing myself
alyanna le
alyanna le Day ago
Im a cat expert tell me what it looks like
Millie M
Millie M 3 days ago
Are any of the species of cat friendly XD he didn't describe any of these species friendly
PandA MG
PandA MG 3 days ago
У меня есть California Spangled
Hannah Franson
Hannah Franson 3 days ago
I have a snow bengal, and he is such a lover!
Mirza Ünal
Mirza Ünal 3 days ago
Actually the photos of Turkish Van is wrong. They dont look like that. They have different colours in each eyes. One of the eye can be blue and the other one can be different colour. And also they are full white, there is no different colours on it. Please be careful about choosing photos.
Kathy Pacheco
Kathy Pacheco 3 days ago
I would love any !
navah stephenson
navah stephenson 4 days ago
I got the Egyptian mau
Ambro Martin, Jr.
Great vid... how about the Persian cats? I had one for a long time they R just wonderful cats....Ur opinion!
Derp 4 days ago
british shorthair isn’t rare bruh
Hana Molina Mohammad
6:35 Cats are not jerks you smurth, your a jerk. Cats are clever and adorable! YOU *SMURTH* *AND CATS ARE NOT ANNOYING! THEY ALWAYS MEOW! THERE SUPOSE TO SPEAK LIKE HUMANS LIKE YOU! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!*
don't be shy
don't be shy 6 days ago
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes 6 days ago
Look at those green eyes on the Egyptian mau,
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes 6 days ago
That Norwegian Forest Cat looks gorgeous.. I have an actual Wild Kat that was rescued. Someone was trying to bread them, but they are not native to the Americas and I run wild animal shelter and these idiots thought it was just a house cat. only way to describe em.. it likes me but no one else can get near it. But they are not domesticated and are strong but they are use to being alone.
Samantha Piscina
Samantha Piscina 6 days ago
I have a Norwegian forest cat
V & B Vlogs
V & B Vlogs 6 days ago
I give cats 0-/10
Zentidy 7 days ago
I hear badboyhalo call people ragamuffin but i didnt know it was a cat lol
Salie Parra
Salie Parra 9 days ago
Im watching this vid to know if my cat is rare
Nine Dragons
Nine Dragons 9 days ago
Bombay breeding is horrible because they often have genetic defects which means the breeder must destroy the cats, often they are born with mishapen skulls and bad bone structures which would lead to a life of pain. It's horrific to have to kill them, and it's horrific that's what breeding some breeds leads to. Fuck that. Why create suffering on purpose, for the chance that someone will like a breed later? And the killilng necessary? Disgusting.
Michaela German
Michaela German 9 days ago
I have a main coon and a British short hair. And a regular black cat. Like my profile pic. That's him. My british shorthair isn't like other british shorthairs though, he's extremely muscular, and his character is very different from british shorthairs.
Adnan ganidagli
Adnan ganidagli 9 days ago
My cat is serecety
Rich Tate
Rich Tate 9 days ago
My cat willow is a 7 pound tiger
Daniela Guerrero
Daniela Guerrero 10 days ago
I have never disliked a RUvid video in my life. But the way this commentator speaks about cats, really deserves a hate button. Cats are not jerks.
GD 00Lk
GD 00Lk 10 days ago
My teacher thought that Ocelot doesn't exist she says it's only exist Minecraft
_Bellatrix_ 11 days ago
My cousin has a pretty much pixie Bob cat (it looks exactly like one) idk it looks pretty rare to me
Candace Dreger
Candace Dreger 11 days ago
we have a cat we call Mango. Our Nana looks after it at her place and we play with her when we visit.
Pax Inviscis
Pax Inviscis 12 days ago
My Cat is a dark mess of destruction, a vicious killer and slayer of all things Including my fingers. Any and all those who dare to over pet her beyond a undetermined varied amount of time. Get bit the hell out of.
Magic_Shop 12 days ago
I'm sorry but cats are not jerks. They are more independent and more of a free spirit. They represent introverts with self respect like me . You can't call an animal jerk just because they decide to not follow your rules and do their things 🤷 Also meowing is not annoying.
Koba 101
Koba 101 12 days ago
3:16 the big floppa
bijuthomasjn1 13 days ago
I have a black cat which is extremely so cute it likes to play with me and likes to stay in house instead of cage. My cat is adorable. It has small cute eyes which makes it special to me.
Johnn Smith
Johnn Smith 13 days ago
a friend of mine has a Korat, she showed up on his doorstep one day friendly as can be. young and not fixed. she's a super kool cat.
Ello Ello
Ello Ello 13 days ago
I learned in school about the Turkish van cat
Joe D
Joe D 13 days ago
How about the American Ringtail AKA Sing-a-ling. A cat the acts just like a dog.
Antonio Chavez
Antonio Chavez 14 days ago
The thumbnail looks like baby floppa.
mayapolarbear fan
mayapolarbear fan 14 days ago
Caracal more like BIG FLOPPA that caracal meme
Klikdesainweb 17 days ago
Cat is a sweet pet animal, ever!
Eduardo Mandujano
Eduardo Mandujano 17 days ago
Cats are not jerks i have a white that listenbto me
Louise Brandt
Louise Brandt 17 days ago
Had a cat with spots named Cairo.
Genkiro Senji
Genkiro Senji 18 days ago
and where is the lykoi ?
wetyTahleilyn Montgomery
A exotic cats for ennrd idk how to say it XD Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Crazy videos
Crazy videos 18 days ago
nice subscribe me
wentreemuso 18 days ago
Why the heck is somebody who doesn't like cats doing a video like this? No way would I subscribe. You can take your sarcastic comments and go jump (polite version!!)
Dante McEdgelord
Dante McEdgelord 19 days ago
i took in an abandoned kitten at last halloween, it was nearly frozen to death and starved. now its my happy housecat and is growing pretty fast. it looks mostly like an european shorthaire but has pretty big ears.
Erin Lebo
Erin Lebo 20 days ago
I had a blue gray cat my neighbor stole her
Noregian Tobz
Noregian Tobz 20 days ago
I have two norwegian forest cats, Silke and Snuppa
Kentucky Mama
Kentucky Mama 20 days ago
My left handed Manx lived to be 20 years old. Rescued her from a kill shelter. Only time she was vocal bc she was hungry or wanted out. I'm looking 4 another cat. Had two other cats, 1 live to be 21 & my diabetic male lived to be 19. He was Gr8 abt taking insulin. I did like Egyptian. Maw
Stale French Toast
Stale French Toast 20 days ago
ginge and me
ginge and me 20 days ago
I had a lovely British short hair but sadly she passed away after having her kittens
Moose & Zeus
Moose & Zeus 21 day ago
I have a bengal and 2 savanna’s
Nibedita Dutta
Nibedita Dutta 22 days ago
I really unlike the editor, he said "meow" annoying! (on 11:47) HOW DARE YOU!
Nibedita Dutta
Nibedita Dutta 22 days ago
No sir, cats ain't made to take order They are royal creatures, they give order
6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys
Cats are almost tolerable, Katz and their kin must be extermination or you will be eventually extinct, JQ 😃
Emidio Macedo
Emidio Macedo 23 days ago
my cat is the Laziest cat i ever had... when is saw this i was like i want my cat to be like this
Steven Hammill
Steven Hammill 23 days ago
a homeless lady asked me to take her 3 month old kitten.its a Bombay pedigree. I didn't know it was a rare breed when I accepted. Not your ordinary cat. Very wild side yet very sweet and gentle.
Nick Davis
Nick Davis 24 days ago
Have 2 had 3 flipper boo and goblin goblin died naturally flipper was threw out of her old owners car my grandma odopted her my mom got boo from one of her friends.
Of The i Am
Of The i Am 25 days ago
Lol dang this dude is not a cat person anyone who has raised a cat and really i don't understand why you'd want to! lol He said a few things against cats before so yes this is what he said, it wasn't a mistake haah Kind of a bad idea to narrate an anti cat theme while making a video for people who love cats lol
Of The i Am
Of The i Am 25 days ago
7:42 When he said Geoffroy's cat I thought he meant Jeffrey Star haha
Peter Elliott
Peter Elliott 26 days ago
And she was leash trained. Any of them. Cats speak with eyes and tail
Peter Elliott
Peter Elliott 26 days ago
My little Nishka was a English short. And weighed 7 1/2lbs
Nur Eva
Nur Eva 28 days ago
no. 12 called kucing garong
Rita Ashley
Rita Ashley 28 days ago
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qwq No u
qwq No u 4 days ago
Wait what- 😀
Maximilian van Vliet
omg this guy puts the emphAAAsis on the wrong syllAAAAble.
Mahdi Mahdi
Mahdi Mahdi 28 days ago
Sand cat is rare more then to make it on list
Nyx Jones
Nyx Jones 29 days ago
Whatc about the Fishing Cat?
Mikołaj Konopko
Mikołaj Konopko 29 days ago
What are the cats from main photo?
Tamara KOWLI
Tamara KOWLI 29 days ago
I really want the Bombay cat
Rita Ashley
Rita Ashley 28 days ago
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Nee B
Nee B 29 days ago
Telling me to sub .... Doesn't create the need to sub : ) Just to say : ) Love THIS upload : )
CTRL_ Audio
CTRL_ Audio Month ago
I like cats more than dogs.
Barbara McDaniel
I'd like to hear more about the russian blue please.
your papi
your papi Month ago
You can almost find half these cats in the hood
꧁ Fan art꧂
꧁ Fan art꧂ Month ago
The thing about servels is that they are mostly wild cats
Fun with KT
Fun with KT Month ago
Make more and do about bengle please
Edo Burannko
Edo Burannko Month ago
Well interesting topic, of course, mine will never get into this list both of them come from a shelter that rescued them from the street when they were kittens, both sisters have a brown/black tiger look with stripes of both colors and resemble somehow a tiger in another chroma, one fact is cats are special, not as Dogs, people believes dogs are smart because can learn trick and stuff but is the opposite they are just obedient fools, and they are full dependant of their owners while cats are another story, my cats uses the WC and pull the chain also use a dispenser for food then I only need to fill the container like once a week, once a month they take a bath I just fill with warm water the tube and they likes use soap before jump and have a relaxing bath tube, they sometimes when feels home is too silent turn on the TV, they are just perfect, they do not interrupt me when working in my computer I am a 3D modeler and animator, but they keep an eye on me and care of me, they remind me meal times and when I need to stop and go bed, my daughter says they are terrifying because resemble humans that they act like they were humans and you can feel what they are saying through the way they look at you
Sara Lovel
Sara Lovel Month ago
Learn how to pronounce Serval and Cheshire properly, please.
Cyber Wolf
Cyber Wolf Month ago
An Egyptian mua came into my grandma's backyard one day and It made very good friends with me, she's very sweet and beautiful
Diana Cernea
Diana Cernea Month ago
I love cats. I love this video.
Zentei Rayne
Zentei Rayne Month ago
I actually owned a Norwegian Forest Cat.
a Month ago
Cat : exists Me : *GIBE ME*
Surooka Swan
Surooka Swan Month ago
Cats ftw
Jennifer Costa
Jennifer Costa Month ago
some buddy please breed #3 and #2, THE FASTEST SWIMING CAT THAT CAN BE YOUR CAT
Aya Engel
Aya Engel Month ago
Everyone: has tabby Me: has Norwegian Forest cat
Inyadreams Month ago
All of them are beautiful
Rain Atrops
Rain Atrops Month ago
worst kind of cat video ever seen close ur channel worst worst very worst
John White
John White Month ago
You can raise a tiger from a cub and they will love you.....up to the point they try to show dominance and they kill you.
joe buddha
joe buddha Month ago
I have one Brit that thinks he is a Bengal and a Bengal who thinks he is a Brit ( including the pub screaming ect.). nice copple
Bayar Oyunerdene
ShadeHunter 21
ShadeHunter 21 Month ago
You: Who would ever want to raise a cat? Me: Um, ME. .
Raniela Daro
Raniela Daro Month ago
true ahahahah
Araf nature's love
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