14 RAREST Cat Breeds In The World!

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Check out the rarest cat breeds in the world! This top 10 list of bizarre and exotic cat species has some of the most amazing and expensive domesticated animals on the planet!
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14. Serval
Let's start off with easily one of the most exotic cats out there, the Serval. You'd be forgiven for not knowing about this special cat, as it's from Africa. But what I told you that the Serval is actually pretty popular in the US as a pet? It's true.
13. Peterbald
Here's a unique cat that will make you do a double take. the Peterbald are a species of cat that are found mostly in Russia, and have a trait of not having hair. So they're quite literally bald cats. Though, to be fair, not all of them are bald, some do get hair, but they do often lose it.
12. Korat
Though cats are accepted in most cultures in the world, that doesn't mean they don't get their fair share of superstitions attached to them. A black cat for example can be viewed as bad luck, but also, there are good luck cats. One of which is the Korat.
11. Caracals
Heading back to the exotic kinds of cats, the Caracals is one that is both stunning to look at, and is very interesting in terms of how it acts. You see, Caracals are a type of Lynx, another exotic cat that has been known to have some aggressive tendencies at times. Because of this, you might think that the Caracals are the same , but you would be wrong.
10. The Norwegian Forest Cat
Here's a cat story you might like. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of cat that is very popular in Europe. However, during World War II, this particular cat was almost made extinct. It survived however due to the efforts of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club.
9. Serengeti
Sometimes, you're not born into the world an original, you're created, and cats have been breed that way for a long time believe it or not. A great example of this is the Serengeti. This species is a recent addition to the cat world, as they were "developed" in the 1990's by crossing the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair species.
8. Ocelot
Ocelot's are one of the more known exotic species of cats in the world. Mainly because they're gorgeous, and people have tried to make them pets for quite some time...with mixed results. Have you ever seen Archer? Yeah, that's a good example of how not to raise an Ocelot.
7. Ragamuffin
While this may have an odd name, the Ragamuffin is surprising unique in terms of other cats. This particular breed was only recognized in 2003, but has taken the cat world by storm since then. It's a mix of specials including the Ragdoll and certain breeds of street cat, but when you look and touch its fur and see its eyes, it's clear how special it is.
6. Geoffroy's Cat
From a rather big domestic cat to a very small exotic one, let's talk about Geoffroy's Cat. No, this isn't a cat owned by a specific person, but a whole species, and one that measure in as one of the smallest cats on Earth, to the extent that when they're fully grown they only weight at max eight pounds.
5. California Spangled
Developed in the US at the "urging" of anthropologist Louis Leaky, the California Spangled is now one of the rarest cats in the world today. Proving that even cat breeds can go out of style.
As you can see, the California Spangled was made to resemble the cats of Africa.
4. British Shorthair
It's well known that cats live long lives, and have been around for a VERY long time. But this species is one of the oldest known cat breeds ever, the British Shorthair. This cat is so revered in the UK that it's inspired many things, not the least of which was the look of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. Plus, it's the most pedigreed breed in the country.
3. Turkish Van
This one deserves a special spot on my list because of its unique fur and personality. Anyone who's raised a cat knows that though they drink water, they don't bathe in it, right? And only jungle cats will swim in water, right? Wrong! Meet, the Turkish.
2. Egyptian Mau
Another cat that looks like a jungle cat, the Egyptian Mau is unique because its spots are actually natural to it. No breeding or development required. But that's only the start of what makes this cat so special.
1. Bombay
If you have been paying attention, you'll have noticed that people really want miniaturized versions of wild big cats like Lynxs, bobcats, jaguars, lions, etc. Another cat that people have apparently wanted to "miniaturize" is the panther. And because of that, the Bombay was breed.

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Bruh4 41
Bruh4 41 10 hours ago
The eygiptim cat is MY COUNTRY EVERYWHERE
draugn 10 hours ago
I wanna catch 'em all
Сергей Гама
Filiberto Ness
09:50 06:24 13:03
EDKskills Day ago
i have a British shorthair
Dianna's Gaming
I used to have a Bombay and now have a Maine Coon and a Siameese
Shaniah Bell
Shaniah Bell Day ago
I have a korat 😊
satanic bunny snuggles
I have 3 cats A brittish storthair and Himalayan mix named nugget and her face isn't smashed just smaller and she got some big beenie boo eyes and the tallest of the 3 A tabby named Lucy or Lucifer but we call her sisi for short she is the one always up to evil and is short like you would look at yet and think she's a kitten but she's almost 2 and is very chonky And a black cat with a weird face like everything is triangle or retangle with this guy his name is selem and he looks thin but also fat and his fur feels like a silky bunny it's so soft dam he cute Sisi and selem might be a couple they snuggle a lot Also once nugget fell off of a shelf and selem walked up to her and started licking her the lil cutie
Daniel Karlsson
Feel like u missed the sand cat.
Makainleewolf Wolf
I have a korat
Quince Cat
Quince Cat 3 days ago
Maine Coons probably aren't rare, but they're pretty cool. I have a Maine Coon kitty! She's adorable!! 7w7
Dorothy De Lange
Dorothy De Lange 4 days ago
I want a caracal when I'm an adult
Dorothy De Lange
Dorothy De Lange 4 days ago
I have a ragamuffen and they are really good pets and very loveabel
Tosha DePeel
Tosha DePeel 4 days ago
Do Bombay cats sometimes act like dogs as well?
Vernon Kyle
Vernon Kyle 4 days ago
12:56 02:28
Persona Nongrata
Persona Nongrata 4 days ago
Tiffany Lowe
Tiffany Lowe 4 days ago
bengal kittens can also be leashed trained to but they cost 25,000 dallors
Adam Volný
Adam Volný 5 days ago
Servals, Ocelots and Caracals are as much domestic cats as Tiger or Cheetah. You could've mentioned Tygers and Leopards.
Tammy Ryan
Tammy Ryan 5 days ago
I don't believe any cat of been born black to be bad or good luck. I've waited 24 years to have a black cat. Black cats are very difficult to adopt because they choose thier families. My black cat is six years old now. And have had the best life ever since leaving my abusive ex husband and been under the protection of my cat ever since as he is the seventh generation grand son of my deceased torteshell cat that passed away in 2011. His grandmother sent him to me after visiting me in my dreams after her death. I love hearing my cats sing.
Cat 5 days ago
You know what’s my favorite breed? It’s rescued
Malachi Wallace
Malachi Wallace 6 days ago
Turkish cat is my favourite cat
Gabriel Madrid
Gabriel Madrid 6 days ago
Missing the Norwegian forest cat had one now passed best kitty ever .
Nijak Play Art
Nijak Play Art 6 days ago
call a video 'rarest in the world' and show Norvegian Forest cats that are super popular in Europe (and admit it themselves). Logic...
Jasmine McAfee
Jasmine McAfee 6 days ago
I love swimming so I want a Turkish Van they are cute.
Low Key Sound System
We just adopted an orphaned Siamese/Tuxedo (?) mix. It's on our IG: instagram.com/LowKeySoundSystem/
Joseph John De Jesus
Luckily we have a Turkish van who really hates bath time 😂😂
Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan 7 days ago
When he said cats are jerks I got mad! Why would you narrate this if you think that?!?
denden s
denden s 7 days ago
How much does a Bombay cat cost
pavle Stanimirović
So this week getting my New Rare Cat which I’ve always wanted guess to win ! Easy check out my Instagram and we can talk all about it ! Who needs to win today ?
pavle Stanimirović
Hey if any one can guess which next cat I’m getting you’ll win in return $1000 in Cat food and who knows maybe Cash 2 ! I just found myself in a good place to obtain any big exotic cat I have Ragdolls 5 of them all super unnatural soft ! My babies are so smart. And created by international known artist PUNCH Approved and check them out @punchapproved IG and #punchcat
NOEL MULLER 7 days ago
I have a 9 month old Himalayan. Such a big boy
Hayley M C Miller
Love the way the narrator says Cheshire 😂
Manuelito Aballe
Manuelito Aballe 8 days ago
Whoa... Nice cats.. I have odde eye cat at home.. New friend here.
Sam T
Sam T 8 days ago
Soooooooo much cuteness! 🐱
Sam T
Sam T 8 days ago
These are the cutest cats in the whole entire world!
The GCL 8 days ago
Caracals are not cat breeds!!!!! They are different species!
The GCL 8 days ago
The Serval isn't a cat breed, it's a whole other species
Dino Muharemi
Dino Muharemi 9 days ago
I'm unsubscribing cause you said cats are jerks when there not
Jesse Roberson
Jesse Roberson 9 days ago
I miss my mau :(
LeAnna Birdsong
LeAnna Birdsong 9 days ago
I have a main coon and a cat that looks like a cow
Star Diamond
Star Diamond 9 days ago
I actually have a Egyptian Mau and I found her in the wild. I had no reason to keep her but she followed me to my house. So I fed her and let her stay in my house. She is the best cat ever.
Maria Ansari
Maria Ansari 10 days ago
you missed the Bengal, what a beautiful cat, elegant, a mind of his own, can be playful, adaptable. The eyes will dazzle you. I had one and he died unfortunately from FIP. It still brings me to tears when I think about him. I remember one day I put up a latter in my living room so my cats can climb up and look out the window and perch on the top. Achilles my bengal was sitting on top and up comes my Tuxedo cat Toby, who also wanted to sit up there. The next thing I see is he fell and hit his head on every rung on his way down, Achilles looked at him like as if he was saying: "Dude, I told you not to come up here, I was up here first!"
Sam 10 days ago
6:40 , WHAT DO YOU MEAN CATS ARE JERKS AFTER ALL!!!! I love cats and if you don't like them then why did you make a video about them!! 😠 I love cats!! 😻😻
Sam 10 days ago
Our first cat, Liza, a Bombay
Bobcat King
Bobcat King 10 days ago
I have a pet bobcat! I know it's not rare as a cat, but pretty damn rare as a pet! ruvid.net/video/video-4KRzGIjvKkE.html
Blue Steel
Blue Steel 10 days ago
Some of these are not breeds of cats, but actually different species of cat.
EvilSecondTwin 10 days ago
Never gave a fuck about cats...and never will. Just watching this video because I want to buy my gf one for her birthday. Saying she loves cats is an utter understatement!
Firetemple Gaming
Firetemple Gaming 11 days ago
i have a really rare longhair siamese
Wirachat Maggi Singer Boonprom
Number 12 Korat from THAILAND 🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷❤️❤️
GenzoZoldack 12 days ago
my cat is a crackhead
Mag C
Mag C 12 days ago
The cat with the black fur and green eyes is a very beautiful cat, reminiscent of a tiger. I liked.
Sir_ Deadpool
Sir_ Deadpool 12 days ago
"Cats are jerks after all" Nick Fury wants to know your location
Judy Pryce
Judy Pryce 12 days ago
I have 2 cats I rescued from the street. Both were very sick for like 4 months. They had muted everywhere plus mange and very undernourished. One of them looks and behaves like a Turkish Van and the other one doesn’t meow he makes bird like sounds. They are both healthy now but it took some doing. They are both happy boys and they make my life better. Thanks for the list. There are at least 4 I would love to have.
Alexander Brightmon
My cat died but she was a pussycat very lazy ^ω^
Stelios Koukias
Stelios Koukias 13 days ago
Great video!!!!The cat it's very nice animal.
Alex F
Alex F 14 days ago
I want the Turkish one 😍
just a random acount
I own a Korat. I love having her, but I wouldn't exactly call her "lucky." She's downright crazy and just plain naughty. Despite that she is a beautiful caring cat.
just a random acount
@Chris Ayala :D
Chris Ayala
Chris Ayala 11 days ago
just a random acount :D
just a random acount
@Chris Ayala ok. If this works you are my new bestfreind.
Chris Ayala
Chris Ayala 11 days ago
just a random acount just do it trust me cats understand cat actions
just a random acount
@Chris Ayala I don't know if I want to his at her. Or swat her,
Sweety 7866
Sweety 7866 16 days ago
SubhanaAllah 😻😻😻
Mnmguy 16 days ago
Meows are cute man, not annoying, cmon
Monarchy is the best!
Half of these cats should never become pets.
Zimba The Lion King
ruvid.net/video/video-uInK_LQ9PfI.html my beautiful Maine Coon
Ebony B.
Ebony B. 18 days ago
WOW I love ❤️💕it
Survival Lynx
Survival Lynx 18 days ago
I want LYNX!!!!!!! not cat...I mean..Coz I already got 4 catten (kitty/cat)
TheDeadCobra 18 days ago
Cats are awesome
Josie Batigas
Josie Batigas 18 days ago
i'm lucky enough that my cats breed a egyptian mau
Sovfi Bear
Sovfi Bear 18 days ago
I own two twin Norwegian forest cats
Sovfi Bear
Sovfi Bear 18 days ago
Bro every time you describe a cat you sound like ur edging
Jaime Plate
Jaime Plate 20 days ago
Cool video about why didn't you put Maine Coons on your list?
anna monaco
anna monaco 20 days ago
serval, caracals, peterbald, bombay. turkish van !!!
Alma Mano
Alma Mano 21 day ago
What about the sand cat
Zack The kid
Zack The kid 21 day ago
My cat is fat and lazy and hes very lucky 🍀 hes a black cat
white pawn
white pawn 21 day ago
Horrible commentary. No solid facts or photos given. Pathetic.
Angie Mac
Angie Mac 21 day ago
We have an Egyptian Mau and a Maine Coon. We were walking our Mau on a leash when the stray Maine Coon adopted us! We are all having fun needless to say 😀
Austin Yep
Austin Yep 21 day ago
Less talking, more cats
M XY 24 days ago
You want me to tell you about my cat He is aggressive, will chase down anything. We dont run next to him so we tip toe at home. Breed -evil over lord
Ethan Schafer
Ethan Schafer 24 days ago
a normal black cat almost looks like a bombay cat lol
Hazel Repo
Hazel Repo 24 days ago
I had no idea how rare my cat was I used cat scanner to ask a professional my cat is an Egyptian mao and he is also super cuddly and also has a really sweet voice
Valerie V2271
Valerie V2271 24 days ago
well species
Valerie V2271
Valerie V2271 24 days ago
my cats name is the ballora cat
Patrícia Balan
Patrícia Balan 25 days ago
My cat was a rescue. He had all the traces os an Egyptian Mao except the color. The yellow spots on the pearly hair were formed only by the end of the hair. Near the skin the hair is white. Espirro (portuguese for Sneeze) was abused by the previous owner and suffered from pneumonia. When I got him he was already old and sick. He was very thin and dirty. It took a long time to get his trust. Every meow sounded different, depending on what he wanted. I thought I was just giving him a good ending for a difficult life, but we got to be together for almost eight years. Pneumonia finally got him last year, but by then nor him nor me were the same as when we found each other. He never ceased to amaze me with his intelligence, agility and beauty.
Mint Brisk
Mint Brisk 26 days ago
The natural born predators have smushed into house pets.
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