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sehaj gaming
sehaj gaming 13 hours ago
Mozelle Squaire
How to do that that's cool that give me a keep me in contact 😍
Princess of pink You you you you you
Then u put hot glue on something and u put it by your skin i dont think that's save
Unicorn Kaylee Riggs
I like to prank my friends❤️they like to prank me to.😗🤣☺️😃
crazy Gacha
crazy Gacha 6 days ago
Troon Troon are u trying to make use killing the earth?
Manuel Mateo
Manuel Mateo 10 days ago
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Twiz_Evxz Roblox
Twiz_Evxz Roblox 10 days ago
Louise  Hardwick
Louise Hardwick 12 days ago
Diana Sanchis
Diana Sanchis 12 days ago
0:47 That a s not a prank that is being a horrible friend
tidimalo mokgoko
tidimalo mokgoko 13 days ago
like this vidio
Gracie Hay
Gracie Hay 13 days ago
Gev me 10,000000000
N F 14 days ago
Het is leuk 😂
Nevaeh Hollis-Walker
Hey 👋🏽 is
Nicholee Downie
Nicholee Downie 19 days ago
Lol heu
Nicholee Downie
Nicholee Downie 19 days ago
Gust no
princess Jessica Francis
Do one in school prank in school plz
princess Jessica Francis
I always prank my friend
Dana Yates
Dana Yates 22 days ago
You're not strong and independent
Angel Gee
Angel Gee 22 days ago
I pooped in my toylied wathing this video LOL!!😄😄
Sofia Nvarro
Sofia Nvarro 23 days ago
So bitc🐱🐭🐭🐭
Lillian Nowak
Lillian Nowak 26 days ago
I can easily hold a plank for 5 minutes
Mark Anthony Bungay
hey what are you doing with that
Michael Catimbang
i am a pranker
Yantika Babajee
Yantika Babajee Month ago
I don't like jesica because she is ugly
yaya Roblox!
yaya Roblox! Month ago
Girl who pranked Friend by putting match and hairbrush: dang it my plan almost worked Me watching this video: o if your plan would have worked your friend would have third-degree burns on her scalp and no hair
Fatou SARR
Fatou SARR Month ago
She said beetle instead of spider
funny time
funny time Month ago
Just see there faces at 0:37 😂😂😂🤣😂😂
Ricardo Gatica
Ricardo Gatica Month ago
Like troom troom😂😢
Shadowrealm8529 Month ago
When the one when it said scared of bugs I was like my sister
Mya Arroyo
Mya Arroyo Month ago
Why can’t they buy a ice cream cone
Gracie Martin
Gracie Martin Month ago
Is no one going to talk about how crazy that girl is, she knew her friend had a crippling fear of bug so she used a freaking spider to scare her then made fun of her. She tried to set her friends hair on fire and was mad when it didnt work. Also she could've choked her friend with the choco sponge bc what if he took a bite out of it. SHE IS CRAZY WHY DOES SHE HAVE FRIENDS. I mean she probably isnt like this in real life BUT GEEZ. Was there anything else I missed she do that was really crazy. Also the upside down fanta label confused
Velvet._.cake._ Cookies
That fake cone u can tell it’s fake and how is anyone supposed to not know that it’s fake man y’all are dumb
Henry Igwe
Henry Igwe Month ago
how did you get that ideas beacause i am a youtuber but i want some of those ideas too
Muneeza Umair
Muneeza Umair Month ago
I always prank my father😅😅🤣🤣
Alexa Paulina
Alexa Paulina Month ago
Wwmmmmmsmmm,mmmmmmmm, uici
Limo Eliud
Limo Eliud Month ago
Movie emoji’s OK
O k B o o m e r
O k B o o m e r Month ago
In the first one the water bottle full but then poof it was back up who else noticed that like if you did MaGiC
Sui ren Villaflor
So many commercial
Vinh Ha
Vinh Ha Month ago
You meal the best Veto’s⚜️🇻🇳🇺🇸
Daniela the gamer equestrian
Nobody should use matches for a brush,that it freaking stupid.
Maddison Caldwell
Mischa Rylai Dona
love ASMR
love ASMR Month ago
What happened to Christy's hair she have straight hair and then she have a curly hair???
Mohammed abdu
Mohammed abdu Month ago
Who never does the pranks & life hacks but still watchs (i do)
Eesha Rose Marcelo
Why Kristy is so beautiful 💖 (sorry for the spelling) 💩
Aliyah Pepito
Aliyah Pepito Month ago
I hate Jessica👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Crazy videos Banana head
There is nothing that says do with parents or adults you guys are super dangerous
olivera darovic
olivera darovic Month ago
Ja volim da jedem
Justice Murry
Justice Murry Month ago
I wish my mom would let me do this stuff
Shahridan Mohd Saaid
Did u see the cup and the bottle fall when she put it
melody sorian
melody sorian Month ago
Boss 777
Boss 777 Month ago
who sleeps with shoes on
LucyAndSean Month ago
1 like= 1 person who noticed the Fanta label was upside-down 👇🏻
Emilia Yam
Emilia Yam Month ago
This video is cancerous
Selam Berhe
Selam Berhe Month ago
Got a thumbs up if you are a bro put a thumbs down if you're a nude not trying to be mean. I💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Lillian Oesch Anderson
Is it just me or are they psycho path s
Alison Keairns
Alison Keairns 2 months ago
toy "beetle?"
aboubakry sy
aboubakry sy 2 months ago
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