14 Amazing Frozen 2 DELETED SCENES You Never Got To See!

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The Frozen 2 Blu-ray release is stuffed with incredible deleted scenes and songs we never go to see in the movie! These are the top 14 cut scenes and songs from Disney's Frozen 2.
Elsa's Dream 0:17
Secret Room 1:36
"Home" Anna Song 3:50
"Unmeltable Me" Olaf Song 5:30
Anna's Sword Attack 6:02
Lord Kristoff & The Nokk 6:37
Alternate Opening Scene 9:00
Mattias Deleted Scenes 10:02
Wind Spirit Deleted Scene 10:26
Iduna & Reindeer Deleted Scene 10:48
Kristoff & Charging Reindeer 10:56
Elsa & Olaf vs Fire Spirit 11:01
Iduna Northern Lights Deleted Scene 11:11
Arendelle Flooded & Elsa's Death 11:21
Frozen 2's Alternate Deleted Ending ► ruvid.net/video/video-Y0zcX1KKoC4.html
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In “Frozen 2,” the answer to why Elsa was born with magical powers is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she sets out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In the highly anticipated sequel, she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Award®-winning team-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez-“Frozen 2” features the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad.
Frozen 2 Bonus Features
Sing-Along Version of the Movie - Sing along with your favorite songs as you watch the movie.
Song Selection - Jump to your favorite musical moments, with on-screen lyrics. Songs include Oscar®-nominated “Into The Unknown,” “All Is Found,” “Some Things Never Change,” “When I Am Older,” “Lost in the Woods,” “Show Yourself,” and “The Next Right Thing”
Outtakes - Laugh along with the cast of “Frozen 2” as they record their lines, sing their songs and have fun in the recording booth.
Deleted Scenes - Check out a few scenes that never made the final cut.
Intro - Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck offer a glimpse into their filmmaking process with scenes that didn't make the final cut.
Prologue - A battle rages between Arendelle and the Northuldra while a mysterious figure challenges King Agnarr.
Secret Room - A secret room reveals even more of Anna and Elsa's past, including a shocking revelation about their mother.
Elsa’s Dream - Anna's playful glimpse into Elsa's dream takes a dark turn.
Hard Nokks - Kristoff reveals his true feelings about life in Arendelle when the Nokk won't take no for an answer.
A Place of Our Own - Elsa uses her magic to relieve Anna's lingering doubts about their parents' faith in her.
Deleted Songs - When it comes to “Frozen 2,” there can never be too much music. Hear some of the songs that got cut from the final film.
Intro - Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck revel in the chance to share a few songs that didn't make it into the final film.
“Home” - Anna savors every moment as she wanders through this kingdom she calls home.
“I Wanna Get This Right” - Kristoff wants everything to be perfect before he proposes, leaving Anna to wonder, “Will it ever be just right?”

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Feb 22, 2020




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Comments 80
Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City 4 months ago
Which of these Frozen 2 deleted scenes and songs did you like?! 😍👍
althena's vlog's
althena's vlog's 5 days ago
@Peyton Harrison your ugly joke your pretty like elsa
Thea Nadong
Thea Nadong 7 days ago
@Bonnie Olivier GAHHHHHHH, I WANT THEM TO MARRY TO SEE THEIR BEAUTIL CHILD :// and no i dont want anyone to die!! :I things are soooooo misunderstanding >:I (dont be mad pls no fight :
Thea Nadong
Thea Nadong 7 days ago
@Bonnie Olivier No! What i mean i i love all of the scene i dont want elsa to die ;-; if elsa would die.... ITS PROBABLY THE END OF THE STORY :( i dont want elsa to die cuz i still want frozen 3 :I where is even the scene where elsa dies? In this vid i dont want her to die ok ;-;
Bonnie Olivier
Bonnie Olivier 8 days ago
@BOOM Crack!!! why do you want them to break up
Bonnie Olivier
Bonnie Olivier 8 days ago
@Jack Miller yeah buuut then Anna and the other guy would break up
K-Popfolife 6 hours ago
This is for kids and they were going to kill Elsa, have Anna and Kristof break up and destroy Arindel? (Sorry I spelled everything wrong)
Ricarda Rattansingh
Ricarda Rattansingh 13 hours ago
i have a question tho...How did anna know who her fathers guard was? I fine that kinda strange if u ask me
M1Gald Day ago
you know if you added all of the deleted scenes everything would fit perfectly.
smile sweet
smile sweet Day ago
I guess this is why the movie seemed so incomplete
Vanillaspicecream lvl. 3
ReasonI won't watch FROZEN2: 14 FREAKING DELETED SCENES!!!
Victoria Segura
Victoria Segura 2 days ago
They did Kristoff dirty, it felt like he became an accessory to the story more than anything important. Their original story and development for him sounds way better.
Blue Mole
Blue Mole 2 days ago
I expected the Lord Kristoff story to happen because it makes more sense and this scene was amazing. His dumb proposal storyline was so unnecessary, especially since he asked her if she wants to marry him one moment after he finds out she will be queen
Meifu-chan UwU
Meifu-chan UwU 3 days ago
7:11 damn Olaf your darkkkkk.....
Neko_Playz 3 days ago
I still can't believe that northoldra (I know I spelled that wrong) is Doloris from West World
Space Galaxy Person
Anybody else realize that the original plot was so much better than the actual movie?
Annie Loli
Annie Loli 4 days ago
The movie gonna be so epic if those deleted scenes were in the movie :(
Mizusenshi 5 days ago
The Secret Room scene ended up being used in the tie-in novel "Frozen II: Forest of Shadows." Elsa's dream may also have inspired Anna's dream in that book of being alone in a dark forest. I do almost prefer "Home" to "Some Things Never Change," now that I've heard it (it's on the Deluxe soundtrack). There IS another Disney song called "Home" though (from the Beauty & The Beast Broadway musical) so maybe that's why they changed the title?
Tarun Sawoo
Tarun Sawoo 5 days ago
Love you Elsa 💝
Cj Regalado
Cj Regalado 6 days ago
Maybe they don't delete the scene. They just think that it will be better if they put those scene on frozen 3 (I wish)
Ashley McLain
Ashley McLain 6 days ago
6:51 Anna's face tho..
Avani Mann
Avani Mann 7 days ago
I would say they should've added the song Anna sang called "home" and the scene when Elsa dies and Arendele is destroyed because I wanted to know how will Anna will do without Elsa and on how they are going to fix Arendele!
Ravinderpal Singh
all except for the break up
gravityxuravity 7 days ago
veggietalesfan65 7 days ago
I feel like knowing all these deleted scenes is necessary to knowing the whole story
sadie breindel
sadie breindel 7 days ago
I love it I can't wait for frozen 3
Богдан Семенов
Why isn't it on Russian?
ZSM TUBE 8 days ago
Bonnie Olivier
Bonnie Olivier 8 days ago
One thing how did you get all that information!?
Bonnie Olivier
Bonnie Olivier 8 days ago
Well thank gosh Elsa didn't died
Naama Zohar
Naama Zohar 9 days ago
love Frosen 2
Jenny Reinstadtler
I would have liked to see the part with the Noc giving Kristoff a ride but they could have kept that part in and just changed part of it not that he was unhappy with his entire life in Arendelle but maybe they could have made it that he was not completely comfortable with his Promotion to Lord because he found that title rather restrictive because that station made him a little self-conscious that many of the people of Arendelle were hoping for him to screw up so that rather of having it as a break up scene it could have been a scene where when he confessed that to Anna after nearly getting drowned by the Noc seen as a part where Anna realizes that Kristoff was trying to hide those insecurities because he felt that she wouldn't love him if she knew and it would have given both of them a chance to develop as characters he learns to not worry about what others think of him and she learns how to be a little more perceptive about how her boyfriend feels and also gives her an idea of what to look out for when they get back to Arendelle and how to help Kristoff adapt which would have given more credence to what Olaf had said about Enchanted forests being places that bring about transformations and helping people grow.
r•e•e•m 11 days ago
But how did u find these!?
marley pacheco
marley pacheco 12 days ago
yeah i was actually excited to see what anna destroy
Angel Abidin
Angel Abidin 13 days ago
Elsa did not sleep when she sings into the unknown like really and Elsa and Anna's mother scarf was already theirs
im daniel
im daniel 13 days ago
Olaf is a Mood.
donnysaxbonk 13 days ago
Olaf’s “then get on” is a cinematic parallel to “Then perish”
Niharika Rai
Niharika Rai 13 days ago
Tum log na movies ko galat saabit Karke na badnaam Karna chate ho.
Darkgen 14 days ago
Are you sure that's the final movie it could be in Frozen 3
Vivienne Li
Vivienne Li 14 days ago
who else thinks that the movie would've been better with these scenes
Eternitae 0_0
Eternitae 0_0 14 days ago
I’m glad they didn’t end up killing off Elsa, however I wish that arendelle did get at least partially destroyed. Like sure it’s their home and stuff but it would be cool to have one of those 5 years later scenes at the end which shows how they’ve built it up better than before, but still having elements of the old kingdom. One other thing is that I wish they focused more on Anna and kristofs relationship, because I couldn’t feel the chemistry that was there in the first movie, but other than that I loved the movie
Mihrinur Ce
Mihrinur Ce 15 days ago
I wish all of them were in the movie
Mouney Donuru
Mouney Donuru 15 days ago
Should've destroyed Arendelle, they should have some kind of consequence for killing northuldra's leader and destroying everything 😔
Koda Cantillo
Koda Cantillo 16 days ago
Emily Bell
Emily Bell 16 days ago
I think Mattias ultimately was not a good character in the movie. I don't think he deserved to be given redemption and honored and allowed to return to Arendale.
so-adorabool 16 days ago
I wish they kept Home. It would've made Anna being queen make much more sense and fit in the story and increase her decision's stakes. It just felt like it was plugged in without any buildup :/ Elsa's dream sequence would also explain the voice more. Again, felt like it was just randomly plugged in.
AKLEEMA WAJID 17 days ago
I wish that the part where Elsa was about to freeze to death was cutted off its sad
shit head
shit head 17 days ago
So when are Kristoff and Ryder getting married?
Melody Lu
Melody Lu 17 days ago
I’d wish that they would put out Anna and kristof break up because that is not fair that Elsa does not have a boyfriend:(
Nuha Hassiem
Nuha Hassiem 17 days ago
Does anyone notice Anna have a tattoo at 5:20
Rai 18 days ago
I think Elsa freezing to death was actually rather morbid. I just mean in the movie it looked like it was really painful and you could feel her terror. I personally think that Arrendale should’ve been destroyed, as well as having Anna express the immense love for her kingdom. I think that would’ve made more sense than “everything stays the same”. Because that doesn’t really show an attachment to her kingdom, it more or less shows an unwillingness to change, but then in the song itself you literally get different changes and see the adaptability of both of them, so the kingdom being put under water from the start just didn’t hold much weight.
Shelby Dahlem
Shelby Dahlem 19 days ago
Anyone else get Rise of the Guardians vibes from the dream scene?
Alyxandra Yatsko
Alyxandra Yatsko 19 days ago
:'( all so sad
Valery Rockelle
Valery Rockelle 20 days ago
You're drawing them not actually showing us them, you just think that happens. ;-;
Kiera Fleck
Kiera Fleck 20 days ago
The first deleted scene is much better than the one in the movie
mikul bekkam
mikul bekkam 20 days ago
King Agnarr looks like Walt Disney he seriously does
Sharm Aeri
Sharm Aeri 20 days ago
They should've added these, I won't mind watching it for 5 hours❤
Emma and evvas! vlog
Dang i wanted elsa to be LGBTQ :
Poochie world
Poochie world 21 day ago
Oh cool. I like frozen two. The soundtrack is awesome.
i really wanted all the deleted scene back accept for the sad ones
TheRussianPrincess 22 days ago
Honestly? The rain freezing into crystals would’ve made so much more sense and a better narrative flow.
Crafty kid kayla
Crafty kid kayla 22 days ago
Piper Ibarra
Piper Ibarra 22 days ago
how do you now this?
ROKSANAS VIDEO 22 days ago
why deleted this scences
Postal Jenkins
Postal Jenkins 24 days ago
I hope they do a repunzle/frozen cross over
Addyson Poling
Addyson Poling 25 days ago
Kristof did ride with the reindeer I think
Nasya Diaz lopez
Nasya Diaz lopez 25 days ago
Omg come on they should have put the dream scene in there they should make a book bc the books always have more information then the movie I really think there should be a third movie
Rehtaeh Black
Rehtaeh Black 26 days ago
I’m glad none of this made it into the movie.
Alexa Kuwata
Alexa Kuwata 26 days ago
I wish Olaf were cut.
Tina Liu
Tina Liu 28 days ago
Are elsa and anna parents still alive
Joan's fun channel
Joan's fun channel 26 days ago
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon 28 days ago
I wish that the added all of the scenes especially when Olaf is standing near Elsa because according to me it showed that Olaf believed in Elsa and would be with her wherever she goes. Again its just my opinion.
Joan's fun channel
Joan's fun channel 26 days ago
nice opinion
Ireen Mulongoti
Ireen Mulongoti 28 days ago
Why did they ever delete those scenes i REALLY Got confused with the movie and did not get anything right
Sybylle 黄沂萱 Ng
Ella Wise
Ella Wise 29 days ago
Wow there is a lot of deleted scenes and songs
Raihno 29 days ago
I kinda wish they made the movie longer
Joan's fun channel
Joan's fun channel 26 days ago
me too
Mareah Lei Esguerra
that Elsa dream is so cool I wish they didn't delete it 😔😔😔
Joan's fun channel
Joan's fun channel 26 days ago
if they didn't delete that scene they would be no into the unkown
Kathrin-Maria Samarra Stehle
It's very hard to make a movie.
Jumper girl
Jumper girl Month ago
Elsa should live in Arendelle with her family.
Tzu Chu
Tzu Chu Month ago
We need a frozen 3 it should be about Samantha
Sabree White
Sabree White Month ago
The movie should have kept Anna's song home, anna using kristofs sword, Kristof's dislike of sophisticated life to an extent, kristofs body type should have stayed stocky and thick, kept gales wind check with the children, the shape shifting spirit. The film should have ended with the damn destroying the town, reinforcing the magnitude of the evil the elder king induced and teaching the lesson of respecting Nature. Then it would feature Anna rebuilding the town with respect to the environment.
Shade Spillz
Shade Spillz Month ago
i’m so mad that dream scene wasn’t in the movie . here’s my honest opinion they should animate every SINGLE deleted anything and make a small movie of JUST deleted scenes/songs.
fathi mary
fathi mary Month ago
Let me tell you that I hate Anna
Ashween Rhoenz
Ashween Rhoenz Month ago
Home shouldn't have been deleted 🥺
Taskeen Fatima
Taskeen Fatima Month ago
We love elsa and we want to know about elsa future and past not Anna we want elsa married in next movie
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