13 micro-songs to boost your mood

Daniel Thrasher
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May 31, 2020




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Comments 80
Inksquirt357 14 minutes ago
3:37 no joke I thought he said "butts for you ears" XD
Carly Banks
Carly Banks 54 minutes ago
I love this do more
Masha801 2 hours ago
He kind of reminds me of tobuscus
banana 101
banana 101 2 hours ago
The new tobuscus
Trevor Fielding
Trevor Fielding 3 hours ago
Bean paste with a dream. 😂
Tt monkeyking
Tt monkeyking 3 hours ago
This was amazing and it did indeed boost my mood
powerduck3000 4 hours ago
can I get a full song of Big man goes pee pee pee?
Iosif Puha
Iosif Puha 4 hours ago
Whats the original title of the last song that he sings about mangos?
valenlinda L
valenlinda L 4 hours ago
amburx 5 hours ago
What the heck is hummus? Seriously. Also the banana song is the kind of music I aspire to make
Zana Jipsen
Zana Jipsen 6 hours ago
the russell crowe/gerard butler song really got me
Soviet Penguin
Soviet Penguin 6 hours ago
I have no words to explain how happy I am when I listened-
Göre 7 hours ago
I think this made me fall in love with you after all
Peridot Facet 2R7P-5XR
oh the big mangos pepepe and little mangos go wee wee wee because they are wee mangos
Kazoo 9 hours ago
1. "Toilet Check-In" "Have you pooped today" 2. "Avatar Anguish" "I never understood all the hate For the Avatar Not the last airbender but the other one The one with blue people Who did it with their hair" 3. "Cow Confusion" "If cows are black and white Can you see them at night Or do you just see floating white spots" 4. "Ani-Mayday" "When did it suddenly become cool to like anime I think a lot of you out there owe some people an apology" 5. "Russell Butler or Gerard Crowe?" "I still cant tell the difference between Russel Crowe or Gerard Butler I saw one of them at a coffee shop But I still dont know which one" 6. "To Heck with Hummus" "What the heck is Hummus Is it a smoothie Or is it bean paste with a dream" 7. "Bananapanic" "Have you ever finished eating a banana But then, you realized that the end of the banana That theres a little piece of the banana Thats a bit more difficult and texture to eat Like the rest of the banana Its not as soft as the rest of the banana Do you know what im talking about its like a Banana seed" 8. "Remake My Heart, King Kong" "I think what the world really needs right now Is another king kong remake" 9. "Wonders of the Dog World" "Can a dog see a rainbow Or does that depend on the.. dog" 10. "Florida's Weird" "Am I a weirdo Or am I just floridian? Cuz' im all out of bath salts but I wanna eat your face again" 11. "Road Trip Blues" "Is this a fart? Or do I need to pull over I cant hold it much longer Oh my god" 12. "One, Two, Tree" "Theres 2 kinds of people who really love trees Environmentalists and Snoop Dogg Ow" 13. "Big Man Goes" "Yknow sometimes I think And then I put it to song Big man goes pee pee pee Little man goes wee wee wee Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about that? Big man goes pee pee pee Little man goes wee wee wee Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about that?" titles by AwesomePig7
Joyce Dees
Joyce Dees 9 hours ago
Daniel .....you crack me up with your silly antics. I love watching you. You have given me the gift of laughter over and over again. Thanks for the LOL's this morning.
Caden Niles
Caden Niles 10 hours ago
I thought they were going to be actual songs and I was jamming out to the first one then "have you pooped today" came up and I knew I was gonna like this video
fergieson32 11 hours ago
"What the hell is hummus?" I felt that 😊
Louis Haselbauer
Louis Haselbauer 12 hours ago
The Problem with Russel Crowe and Gerard Butler... Thank god somebody understands me! 😂
A Google User
A Google User 13 hours ago
I really liked this, can definitely make more
sksksk 13 hours ago
i need a full version of this 1:56
The Meme God
The Meme God 14 hours ago
1:27 you're not supposed to eat that bit dude
Random Human
Random Human 15 hours ago
I was drinking water and I just laughed so hard it flew out of my mouth
ManlyMan TheMan
ManlyMan TheMan 16 hours ago
rusell crowe and gerard butler. I honestly for a long period of my life got them confused with each other. Also this reminds me of tobuscus when he was at his prime.
Daniel Folwick
Daniel Folwick 17 hours ago
these are great. I actually think these would do well in a comedy album
Lora Coggins
Lora Coggins 18 hours ago
I can't believe this video was made a month and a half ago. To me, it feels like this video was made in 2018.
Mike Gecawicz
Mike Gecawicz 18 hours ago
Anyone else notice the JUUL charging in the background?
Angel Copes
Angel Copes 20 hours ago
Such a masterpiece.
Krypto 301
Krypto 301 20 hours ago
This dude is modern tobuscus and I'm totally here for it
Dan Dan
Dan Dan Day ago
I watch this video everyday, i love this guy, i wish i could have a bromance with daniel trasher. Funniest guy on the piano ever
Paulthefonz Day ago
the firsst one is dangerously close to being the little shop of horrors theme song
Art - N - Animals
... MORE
Katy Bechníková
I have never imagined I would say that but please more nipples in ads.
Feuerstern 575757
HoweyYa Doing
3:10 For my personal pleasure
mimiga Day ago
I like it. I’m letting you know.
Landon Strassheim
What are all these songs parodies of?? I recognized the dog one, but I couldn’t place it.
Angel Cortez
Angel Cortez Day ago
Idk why but I really want you to collab with Jacob Collier on these songs just so he can also sing the Cow song.
sfex9 Day ago
I liked it, just letting you know. And no, I haven't pooped this week.
shannen cj 22
My fav songs : have you pooped today, banana song,we need another kingkong movie, can a dog see a rainbow, is this a fart?, 2kind of trees and big mango ppp yes u heard that right pp= Pee pee ;)
Simone Robinson
Clark Lewis
Clark Lewis Day ago
"what the heck is hummus?" i ask that to myself all the time
Demmi Petch
Demmi Petch Day ago
i got crazy tobuscus vibes from the banana one lol
Bee Ní Mhuireasáin
Was feeling really really down and this actually helped me a lot thank you ♥️
Angelo Abbruzzese
I like it so i let you know
Samael Boix Hanten Kurosu
As a Grindcore musician, i am apalled for this blatant appropiation and softening of our culture.
Port Manteau
Port Manteau Day ago
To Daniel, Daniel's brain, Daniel's hands, Daniel the balloon maker, Daniel the king, Daniel the squire and every other Daniel. WE NEED MORE OF THIS. Also why the fuggin nuggets is this not on Spotify?
Joshua Garr
Joshua Garr Day ago
The banana song gave me Tobuscus vibes. anyone else feel that or am I alone here?
Nida Uzair Irfan Unais
Eli Z
Eli Z Day ago
The new tobuscus
# FOUNDER Day ago
That stare though...
Leonardas Leo
Boys locker room:
Percy Day ago
Can't you play the WHOLE THING?
Tobuscus vibes
Noah Venesile
Angelina Dash
during that banana song, Daniel's voice became very reminiscent to tobuscus during his literal trailers XD
Miles & Jillian Caruso
Petition for big man goes ppp to be a real song
Avery Dubs
Avery Dubs Day ago
my dog [who i got when i was 4] and my grandpa both have stage 4 cancer the really cheered me up
Matt Nipitella
Matt Nipitella 2 days ago
Highkey Tobuscus vibes rn
David Glenn
David Glenn 2 days ago
I like this
pastelXsky 2 days ago
Dylan Ito
Dylan Ito 2 days ago
Navi 2 days ago
Jaque Martins
Jaque Martins 2 days ago
I'm going through a terrible time, and you really make me laugh. Thank you Daniel
Candelaria Migliaro
I need this video to start my day
Denis Mandrysz
Denis Mandrysz 2 days ago
This is what I needed.
Jonas Price
Jonas Price 2 days ago
We need a full version of the last song
Ethan Walter
Ethan Walter 2 days ago
The one about the dark and the rainbow was actually really pretty for a start
TwiS73DShad0wZ 2 days ago
Big man goes Pee Pee Pee, the nurse needs PPE
Immo Hoogerwerf
Immo Hoogerwerf 2 days ago
Spotify link? xD
Brok Weston
Brok Weston 2 days ago
1:57 that’s closer-the chainsmokers
Lps CatLover Animates
All his neighbors be like: Excuse-?
Tiger Studios
Tiger Studios 2 days ago
2:44 Yay one like oh wait that was me...
Blake Dawson
Blake Dawson 2 days ago
I would love these to be made into full songs
Ducky McDuckface
Ducky McDuckface 2 days ago
that was so incredibly profound. please Daniel, I need more of these
Jackson Twyford
Jackson Twyford 2 days ago
I love this video and I definitely want more plz and thank you!
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White 2 days ago
This was so wonderful 😭😭
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Is anybody getting tobuscus flashbacks
Adam O'Rourke
Adam O'Rourke 2 days ago
This was hilarious, I loved it
Port Manteau
Port Manteau 2 days ago
Daniel we need more of this!!!!!
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