13 Glue Hacks and Crafts / Crafting Life Hacks

Troom Troom
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Today we decided to figure out how else you can use glue. And we came up with a lot of useful ideas! Are you interested? Then watch our new Troom Troom video just now!
Supplies and tools
• Different kinds of Elmer’s glue
• Medical glue
• Hot glue gun
• Glitter
• Printed label
• Acrylic paint
• Parchment paper
• Organza choker
• Spoolie
• Flat pliers
• Metallic pendant base
• Clear plastic
• Dried flower
• Cornstarch
• Glass
• Jewelry supplies
• Paper
• Cup
• Phone case
• Cardboard picture
• Sequins
• Cardboard
• Plastic board
• Utility knife
• Scissors
• Patterned napkin
• Candles
• Food coloring
• Modeling molds
• Face paint
• Foundation
• Colored lipstick
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Jun 21, 2019




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Troom Troom
Troom Troom 3 months ago
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Dogs 1o1
Dogs 1o1 15 days ago
I love y'alls video
Sabrina Lacy
Sabrina Lacy 18 days ago
M K 21 day ago
>{<] [|~^, tikku-ukko
Taqueila Hannah
Taqueila Hannah 24 days ago
My Name is Trinity i Love your 📹
abdulla mohamed
abdulla mohamed Month ago
Ava Grace
Ava Grace Hour ago
hi troom troom can you do hacks about rabbits
Leah McCullough
Leah McCullough 4 hours ago
It’s like they no it’s a joke 🤣😂🤣
KEVIN FISHER 6 days ago
Sally Alexander
Sally Alexander 7 days ago
That mermaid looks like a owl
Dorra Cherif
Dorra Cherif 9 days ago
I love your video
Hailey Maniti
Hailey Maniti 13 days ago
jeon kookie
jeon kookie 13 days ago
I'm sure they made these stuff and they will never use it 😂😂😂😂😂and telling us to use it😂😂😂
Hoàn Nguyễn
Hoàn Nguyễn 13 days ago
Chanda Nandini
Chanda Nandini 14 days ago
Go ahead and do a e gdgggggccggggddccgggmgdsgsh😟😕🥳😣😏🥳🥰❤️👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻👱🏼‍♀️🧚🏿‍♂️ 🍟🍱🧁t
Dee Green
Dee Green 15 days ago
I love these life hacks. I just wish I had the suplies
xpenelopex 15 days ago
4:08 there stuck to the opposite page as well
Ivy Elvira
Ivy Elvira 17 days ago
The more characters the more weird 😝
Sadie Tribe
Sadie Tribe 17 days ago
So just cover everything in glue, and life will be amazing? Ummmmm....
MistyMinCupcake 18 days ago
Can it be any glue
Amberly B
Amberly B 19 days ago
This is only ok if your a teenage girl, if you an adult you look stupid
Sasha Ackerman
Sasha Ackerman 19 days ago
Close your eyes and don't open them! ~opens them~ wOW A ReAL PHoNe!
{Lps MimiTV}
{Lps MimiTV} 19 days ago
I dont think that screen protecter works
Rosa Perna
Rosa Perna 20 days ago
troom troom thumbnails never are in the REAL VIDEO
Anna Agustina
Anna Agustina 20 days ago
Pattie Wachira
Pattie Wachira 20 days ago
I love it 😋😋😉😋😉
Mukta Akter
Mukta Akter 21 day ago
So funny 😅😅😅
laura show
laura show 21 day ago
Gets a fone WoW Thanks just that i would be screaming evean thou i alrady have one
Lexi Gates
Lexi Gates 22 days ago
i think that was amazing
diana lieta
diana lieta 22 days ago
Cal me
Anais butterfly• brooks
No hate just a meme okay but..... These are 13 ways to look like u buy CHEAP stuff from dolls tree Or basically 13 ways to get roasted at school T-T
Reese Gastright
Reese Gastright 23 days ago
I subscribed!😄
Vilma Yco
Vilma Yco 23 days ago
Lorna Cantwell
Lorna Cantwell 24 days ago
I love Troon Troon
Certified 24 days ago
Where are you
Claire McAlpine
Claire McAlpine 24 days ago
She kinda looks old Xd
Claire McAlpine
Claire McAlpine 24 days ago
The blonde xd
Jovi Jones
Jovi Jones 25 days ago
You are so good at these life hacks
Daisy Saravique
Daisy Saravique 25 days ago
Okay first of all if you just wear glue earings everyone will be stalking me and then girls come up to me and say hey what ur secret 😂😉
Marla Silberfein
Marla Silberfein 25 days ago
Love your guys ideas they are brilliant ❤️😜
Lily Miller
Lily Miller 26 days ago
Nature, so beautiful, so vibrant with colors. SO GREAT FOR TAKIN SELFIES. I love this channel so frickin much.
Lily Miller
Lily Miller 26 days ago
she was more excited about the case.... than the PHONE. haha
Ryen Cooper
Ryen Cooper 26 days ago
Who just has medical glue lying around
Ronald King
Ronald King 26 days ago
Alexa faye Guinsad
Alexa faye Guinsad 27 days ago
Jamela Delgado
Jamela Delgado 27 days ago
Ujjal Basak
Ujjal Basak 27 days ago
Larry Lunas
Larry Lunas 27 days ago
If you use hot glue turn into asscesories when you were it when the sun is hot the glue will melt thats dangerous
Princess Suzane Fucal
jill davey
jill davey 27 days ago
Bea Luchian
Bea Luchian 28 days ago
Shubha Binu
Shubha Binu 29 days ago
Eleanor Tun
Eleanor Tun Month ago
Super amazing ,love your life hacks 😍😘😉
CherylBunny Month ago
I don’t think my mom would ever let me put glue on any part of my body on purpose
LindeGirl Month ago
I use glue to glue things. 😂😂
Vladi1104 Vadi
Vladi1104 Vadi Month ago
Who's here before Simplynaillogical trys these
sati gaur
sati gaur Month ago
Who would want to be on this channel when it is SO SO hated
God zilla DOOM sword YT slashDB
That really took you long to make and that’s not really easy to make
ScreamingLegends ASMR
“These words are stuck to my heart..” *and to the inside of the book..*
Nate Larsen
Nate Larsen Month ago
When she was in love she would have gotten her pages stuck together
Rayan Amerr
Rayan Amerr Month ago
مر حول شكرا
Gene Wantland
Gene Wantland Month ago
This is soooooo help ful
Ari Mari Barnu
Ari Mari Barnu Month ago
How many times have people gotten click bate by Troom troom , coment or like.✏ or 👍.
mega fan 3,000
mega fan 3,000 Month ago
Me encanta troom troom
Aki Gacha
Aki Gacha Month ago
People doesn't even notice accessories in real life 😑 her life is in dream world 😂
Johana Noguera
Johana Noguera Month ago
Who would go crazy about glue earing…
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