12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

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Published on


Aug 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Jubilee 9 months ago
Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music? In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more. For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598 Los Angeles, CA 90009!
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 3 days ago
Why did Dav have Auto-tune?
lily lashelle
lily lashelle 10 days ago
Mikey has a channel called MyKey and he makes *AMAZING MUSIC* (so does cavetown)
Eric Holder
Eric Holder Month ago
How do I get on one of the musicians ones?
kucing butuh wiskas
Purfecter GTV
Purfecter GTV Month ago
Dayum right
Felix Mikula
Felix Mikula 5 hours ago
Bruh the drummer was sooooo bummed that it made me die of laughter
Dafa Eza
Dafa Eza 6 hours ago
Please subtitle Indonesia!!
Derek Gu
Derek Gu 13 hours ago
See you in 3 years when Dav blows up
Kyle what'smylastname
The guy at 3:29 is her brother, kinda disturbing
Jill Ng
Jill Ng 20 hours ago
I died at SEDO's failed lipsync 😂😂😂
Max Jeneson
Max Jeneson Day ago
The guy at 6:00 sounded so like Tyler Joseph
Spooky Beatss
DAV isn’t blowing up
Marcelo Luscher Condé de Lima
they should be practincing no dating
Áron Fóris
Áron Fóris Day ago
The fact, that the guy at 3:29 is his brother, and she didn't eliminate him in the first round is disturbing
Merp I'magamer
Who else liked Max and Mikey!!! Just me...ok
Internet Gamer
“He’s gonna un-Ravel her and get Debussy” -Eddy Chen (TwoSetViolin) 2020
Emma Lin
Emma Lin Day ago
im here knowing twosetters have invaded the comment section
Effie Gabrielle Blakely
Roman tho
Kurt 2 days ago
i was playing along and we got the same 3 final people lmao
Đăng Ngáo
Đăng Ngáo 2 days ago
Someone please tell me what song did Max play?
Kumar Ghising
Kumar Ghising 2 days ago
The girl has little impression like Manushi Chillar..🙂
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 2 days ago
Omg I never knew Roman was her brother! 😱
Sophia Chen
Sophia Chen Day ago
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 2 days ago
Why is no one talking about Andrew? He seemed liked the sweetest guy and was so cute!
Arij Day ago
nice profile pic
tbh max and mikey were really good
Jazz Crusader
Jazz Crusader 2 days ago
I liked the piano players the most
David Suggs
David Suggs 2 days ago
*Guy gets picked to win out* - *gets really happy* ... *Instantly told he's ugly and wouldn't have been picked if she saw him*
Yash Chopra
Yash Chopra 2 days ago
Jesus Christ, I literally thought that the girl was blind bcoz of the title
Alessandra Devereux
If she doesn't want Max then ill take him
Fred die Forelle
Fred die Forelle 2 days ago
4:27 Omg I hope he's okay. That's so sad, my god. Let the poor boy on the stage he deserves.
Abigail 2 days ago
I like Mikey💗 I never expected Alec to win🙃
Meera Shah
Meera Shah 3 days ago
Golden Games YT
Golden Games YT 3 days ago
Andrew did the best
Violet Robinson
Violet Robinson 3 days ago
ok but i'm in love with max and mikey :)
Ella Ein
Ella Ein 3 days ago
Why is no one talking about Max? He was amazing🥺
Samantha Zhou
Samantha Zhou 3 days ago
the teacher who was playing a thousand miles definitely should've won >:((
Jenna 3 days ago
omg im crying David was so sad
David Lopez
David Lopez 3 days ago
Bruh should of dated Mikey he’s a keeper
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 3 days ago
I really liked that guy Max. Idk why
Ray Hall
Ray Hall 3 days ago
Alec was the worst of them all.
Grant Optana
Grant Optana 3 days ago
Why Roman? HAHAHAH slap like if you felt the same. NOW
GRD V 4 days ago
I really thought she was gonna pick the dude playing the guitar 😑
SkyeMicMac 4 days ago
Anyone else think brenden looks like Chris Pratt?
Pedro Mier y Teran
Yo me hubiera quedado con el que toco una de red hit chilli peppers, él sabe
Brooklyn Mann
Brooklyn Mann 4 days ago
Bruh ngl I love Alec he’s a great pianist but when he said she was ugly I lost it😂
DerLiesl 27 minutes ago
He translated her "I wouldn't have picked you out of a group" to "No offense, you're ugly". It wasn't him remarking on her looks.
Hasin Ishrak
Hasin Ishrak 4 days ago
She isss sssooooo damnnnn beautifulll
Jarjis Naiyar
Jarjis Naiyar 4 days ago
3:30 ..........
Beyroque 4 days ago
BRO POOR DAVID 😭😭 mans got good beat tho 👀
Kelsey Kleynenberg
Poor David :(
deathbyalex 5 days ago
Roman deserved better 😢
allisa playz XD
allisa playz XD 5 days ago
Love it
Three Shooting Stars
can someone tell me if the first guy is auto-tune? or is that his natural voice? 💀
Mistercarl2 5 days ago
Maria is almost exactly like Maria from the book of life
Jasper 5 days ago
max is my dream man ughh
Ash 0215
Ash 0215 5 days ago
Who really thought mark was gonna win after that beautiful duet
Smoofe 5 days ago
1st guy be like nightcore
Ian Wynyard
Ian Wynyard 5 days ago
Get some better musicians. I'll volunteer and blow her socks off.
Ian Wynyard
Ian Wynyard 5 days ago
Mikey is legitimately good. Everyone else should sell insurance.
Arij 5 days ago
hello fellow twosetters
Dalia Friend-goldberg
David sounded so damn depressed. Every like is a hug for David 🤗.
nightspicer 5 days ago
Mikey's songs: 2:09 ("never in my wildest dreams" a cover) 6:00 ("homesick remedy", his original)
Charis Daguman
Charis Daguman 6 days ago
Andrew just won my musical heart
Revy M. Bation
Revy M. Bation 6 days ago
The second dude who played the guitar sounded like sht🤣 no offense
Marquise Riley
Marquise Riley 6 days ago
Do one with Classical musicians
Teddy Bendyourass
11:32 favorite person. Phil gets big points for keeping it real.
Michael Sledge
Michael Sledge 6 days ago
Dang come on Mac was good
BlazingSHADE 6 days ago
4:26 anyone else getting incel vibes from this guy
Cristina 6 days ago
2:00 Brandon reminds me of Chris Pratt xD
Mattanja Bac
Mattanja Bac 6 days ago
7:56 Me looking at the questions on a test I didn't learn for.
Lord Imperator
Lord Imperator 6 days ago
min 1:41 how comes that this blind women can type a text message on her smartphone? i mean she can't see wehre she is typing and i hear no voice from her phone....
emt_ _23
emt_ _23 6 days ago
I would’ve chosen Mikey personally. He has a very calm voice and I really like that kind of voice.
Andy Hanson
Andy Hanson 6 days ago
You are ugly????? Some jokes are best left unspoken
sanic dank
sanic dank 7 days ago
Max Otto
Max Otto 7 days ago
I don't know what it is about that kind of south american accent but daaaaamn
Jack P
Jack P 7 days ago
Who’s here from 2 set 🎻
local asian
local asian 7 days ago
max is underrated
K C 7 days ago
Well they could end up as a really toxic couple 💀
Tactical Elements223s
Somebody boost David’s confidence I feel bad for the guy
The Torpedo 393 oi
What song did the max guy play
Tadakatsu 8 days ago
NO BASS?! Pft smol pp
sour mcnuggets
sour mcnuggets 8 days ago
I must say this lady is very beautiful
M rich
M rich 8 days ago
Aug 11, 2021 (3 years) will come back here to see dave,
abbey stewart
abbey stewart 8 days ago
the guy that sang frank sinatra>>>
Jean Wakim
Jean Wakim 8 days ago
Wtf was the first one
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