12 of the World's Smallest Toys that Actually Work!

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Care Bears, Jumanji, Yo-Yos and more!
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We're back for a second round of comparing even more tiny toys! Find out each crew member's favorite at the end of the video!
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Jun 8, 2019

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Comments 3 382
Vat19 Month ago
We actually filmed this video just so Jamie could show off his yo-yo skills...😜 Did you see our first tiny toys video? ruvid.net/video/video-s1dSxHaR8wU.html
Sterling Fulton
Sterling Fulton 5 days ago
0:51 I think you mean Commie Bear
jaya sri
jaya sri 5 days ago
Vat19 wow jamie😄😙
Zack Quinlan
Zack Quinlan 6 days ago
Min Lin
Min Lin 7 days ago
At the very end the bloopers Look what Jamie did
Min Lin
Min Lin 8 days ago
I feel like Jamie wrote that
Adventure Doge
Adventure Doge 6 hours ago
I have those tinkertops and I’m 8 except they are called fiddle sticks and you get a lot of things and differing parts and moving parts and yeh
Zoe Ye
Zoe Ye 8 hours ago
I would use all the mini stuff for my American girl doll
Aldo Gutierrez Velazquez
When I saw the mini Gumby and Pokey,it brought back nostalgia.
Destructive Pancakes
G I Toe
Cawfee ._.
Cawfee ._. 15 hours ago
i used to LOVE gumby
NotAttraqqted -
NotAttraqqted - 15 hours ago
11:37 *Spencers Profile picture*
Maja Uhre
Maja Uhre 17 hours ago
I want all the small things
GodOfAllAnimals Gale
Gumby is amazing! I loved the show it was so amazing I love claymation.
Aimee Musgrave
Aimee Musgrave 22 hours ago
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road I'm ride till I cant no more
•_•JaimePerfecfPee UwU•_•
Omg I have the exact my little pony toy don’t judge me I like my little pony
Erwin Makilan
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road old town road
Samy Chavez
Samy Chavez Day ago
Akira Olp
Akira Olp Day ago
That wobble rainbow thing made me mad, the rainbow was reversed on one so it didn't make it the same.
Pro_games YT
Pro_games YT Day ago
I am changing tiny care bear to “tiny Kara bear”
pastel potato
Mommy Ghost
Mommy Ghost Day ago
Jamie keeps on looking at google to know what it’s about and stuff
Bakuhoe Kastuki
I had a glow bear
oh boom boom
oh boom boom Day ago
11:12 i found Spencer!
Lauren Ritchie
Even tho I’m a pre teen I had a glow worm and went every where with it
Chaz The BEAST
You can say i’m gonna ride to home no more
Minami Vaughan
Minami Vaughan 2 days ago
Is the mini Jumanji game still for sale because I went on your website and it didn’t have it. Like the comment if the same thing happened to you!
Noob Animates ツ
At my birthday someone gave me a my little pony and a girl dress because they thought I was a girl lol
Norman Howell
Norman Howell 2 days ago
its im going to take my horse to the old town rode ride tell I cant no more
maile bellamy
maile bellamy 2 days ago
I have the large My Little Pony, and it is from the 80s
Destiny Jones
Destiny Jones 2 days ago
Idk why but the guy with the black hair reminds me of Murphy/keith hall on z nation
Malia Nguyen
Malia Nguyen 2 days ago
The weird thing is that my baby brother actually has both the original toy vacuum and the tiny one what coincidence
Giraffe Awesome
Giraffe Awesome 2 days ago
I once got silly puddy stuck to my teddy bear and my teddy bear stuck to the floor I was five and am still grounded from silly puddy to this day😂
The Hay Maker
The Hay Maker 2 days ago
I was not expecting to see a 70's G.I.Joe And I collect them too
Reyna Callejas
Reyna Callejas 3 days ago
you can use them for barbie
Mckenzie Crain
Mckenzie Crain 3 days ago
Lyrics to old town road- yeah im gonna take my horse to the old town road im gonna ride till i cant no more im gonna take my horse to the old town road im gonna ride till i cant no more i got the horses in the back horse stock is atach hat is matie black got the boots thats black to match riding on a horse HA you can wip yout porgh i been i the valley you aint been up off that porch now cant nobody tell me nothin you cant tell me nothin~ cant nobody tell me nothin you cant tell me nothin riding on a tractor lean all in my bladder cheated on my baby you can go and ask her my life is a moovie bull riding and boobies cowboy hats from Gucci wrangler on my bootie cant nobody tell me nothin you cant tell me nothin cant nobody tell me nothin you cant tell me nothin hat down cross town living like a rockstar spend a lot of money on my brand new guitar baby got a habbit buying diamond ring a her sports bra. Sorry im cut it to late i just got lazy and went back ty o watching your vids shoutout pls
Averi Bush
Averi Bush 3 days ago
I had a glow worm...
Declan d Johnson
Declan d Johnson 3 days ago
they should've done gameboy advance and gameboy micro
Niamh Hern
Niamh Hern 3 days ago
3:36 G.I. Joe’s hand broke 😂 One like= one extra hand for G.I. joe
XxGalaxy Wolf_xX
XxGalaxy Wolf_xX 3 days ago
I have the giant carebear
Jemma Mead
Jemma Mead 3 days ago
I had a glow worm
Aj Harvey
Aj Harvey 3 days ago
10:35 *OH YEAH YEAH*
Jonahp106 3 days ago
And to be honest, not to be mean, but I've seen and played with smaller tinker toys, they are soo tiny 😂
Labriag 1hd
Labriag 1hd 3 days ago
I have my old corn popper from when I was 3
Pringles ForBreakfast
Kara o ya every time
Patricia Rodríguez
I got gumby and pokey too
1ChattyMom 4 days ago
OMG I had my Little pony as a child and it was the original ones
Thegamingguy1101 4 days ago
I have an old GBC that has Pokémon gold in the slot at the moment. Really want to find Tetris lol.
TTW_ Axxaxxin
TTW_ Axxaxxin 4 days ago
11:10 unboxing Spencer be like
super gamer
super gamer 4 days ago
*I LOVE OLD GAMES GAME BOY* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Poppy Is The BEST
I know the full old town road song
Uncharted4 4 days ago
1:45 RDR fans? Anyone?
fnaf 4ever
fnaf 4ever 5 days ago
I love Duncan yoyo's and my last name is duncan
fnaf 4ever
fnaf 4ever 5 days ago
I love Duncan yoyo's and my last name is duncan
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