12 Mysterious Discoveries in Alaska

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From the discovery of abandoned planes; to the mystery Grolar Bear Sighting; These are 12 MYSTERIOUS Discoveries in Alaska !
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12. Orange Slime
11. King Bear Skull
10. Giant Ragfish
9. New Species of Whale
8. Active Volcanoes
7. North America’s First Inhabitants
6. Grolar Bear Sightings
So what do you get when you cross a polar bear and a grizzly bear? A grolar bear, or some people call them pizzly bears. Whichever name you choose to go with, these hybrids have been spotted roaming the wilderness and small villages in Alaska and they could become more of a common sight to behold. Polar bears appear to be losing food sources in the arctic circle and must head south in search of food or for mating. Residents of the isolated town of Barrow, Alaska, all the way up north claim that these two species have been mating and they give off a a beautiful golden appearance like we see here. It seems to be evidence of species having to adapt to their environments and these hybrids take hundreds of years to develop.
5. Atka Island Abandoned Plane
Due to the sheer size of A laska, driving around streets to reach some destinations is basically impossible. This form of transportation is commonly used to deliver supplies to small towns despite the harsh weather. But this one we see here isn’t a cargo plane. In fact it’s a consolidated B-24 Liberator that was used as a heavy bomber in every branch of the US armed forces. It was often used in the campaign against the Japanese and in antisubmarine operations. This abandoned B-24 is found on the Aleutian Island of Atka and it was forced to crash land in 1942. It was on a weather reconnaissance mission but the weather was the one keeping it from landing at a designated runway. The pilot managed to escape with only a broken collarbone and the site has been managed to keep the plane preserved as a reminder of its service in WW2.
4. The Kruzof Island Discoveries
Alaska is certainly home to some brutal winters and it almost seems like the last place you’d want to be stranded unless you are an experienced survivor. A sailing ship known as the Neva was famous for completing Russia’s first circumnavigation of the world between 1803 and 1807. Four years later when the ship was out at sea again a fierce storm struck off the coast of Alaska, causing the ship to sink. Only 28 out of the 47 crew members were able to make it to land but they would have to survive on a remote Alaska n island. Artifacts from the survivors show that they managed to craft tools from things such as nails in order to make fishing hooks. Other things you see in this such as musket balls, sheet copper, axe heads and spikes were discovered on Kruzof island. No skeletons were found, suggesting that they survived long enough to make it off the island.
3. Frozen Moose Discovery
Normally when you think of Alaska, two things usually pop up in your head. Ice and moose, well here we got both! A teacher on a hike in Northwestern Alaska made a mysterious discovery in November of 2016 when he saw a pair of moose antlers popping up from the ground and went to go investigate. They found themselves a moose popsicle that was buried under 8 inches of ice in some parts. But wait there’s more. They found another frozen moose deeper under the ice with its antlers clashing against the other moose. They said they Their hypothesis was that the moose were getting into a fight, they stumbled into this freezing lake and drowned.
2. A Friendly Blackbear
For many of you who live close to nature you might be a little more accustomed to seeing a site like this! Bears can be seen as a scary nuisance in Alaska but this one is just unbearably adorable. But for this particu lar bear found playing around in a backyard in Alaska, you might find it a tad mysterious but amazing at the same time. It’s seen playing around with an inflatable toy and even goes over to a swing set! Looks like this bear is just looking for a friend!
1.Eskimo Bronze
Possibly the most mysterious artifact found in Alaska date back to 1400 years ago. It’s a bronze buckle found at Cape Espenberg that appears to have made it’s way there from China, well before the Bering Strait land bridge melted. Could the natives in this area have actually made contact with the Chinese! It appeared to have been older than the house they were originally excavating at least a few hundred year and metal crafting was really never apart of eskimo culture. Some believe that it’s likely that the ancient artifact was dropped by a Russian explorer or a whaler. But if that’s not the case, it could be evidence of an advanced trade route between Asia and Alaska during the Bronze age.


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Apr 6, 2017

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The Kulukhon Sisters
Don't call us Eskimos. Call us Native Alaskans.
jivesublime 23 hours ago
What is so "mysterious' about bears in Alaska ?
C Hamiltonart
Please don't use the word eskimo. They Inuit people would actually be offended by that for what it means. Thanks, not trying to annoy you, just inform. Have a great day.
Kenny Wayne & Darlinda Remington III
Your voice is to annoying. It sucks so bad. Bye
Snakekings 5 days ago
The bering strait if it gets cold enough it will freeze over and fun fact the B-24 most likey came from the weider airbase from WW2
Jag3124 Ps
Jag3124 Ps 5 days ago
It was a dolphin
Jag3124 Ps
Jag3124 Ps 5 days ago
I live in Alaska
Anthony Cazares
Anthony Cazares 6 days ago
Isn't that just a kodiak bear
Anthony Cazares
Anthony Cazares 6 days ago
The second clip
Steeple Jack
Steeple Jack 7 days ago
Is this guy's thong binding?
Joseph Bragg
Joseph Bragg 7 days ago
Like everything else in the media I.e. Magazines feeding uou a crock of shit and expecting you to sick it ip hook ,line and sinker best tp avoid bullshit and let him earn a living selling halloween costumes.
ALASKA ASMR 8 days ago
If your from alaska like this comment
Carmen Moore
Carmen Moore 4 days ago
If you're from Alaska, you can like this comment.
Carson Dillard
Carson Dillard 5 days ago
Same it my home state
Snakekings 5 days ago
Alaska Forever mate
Thomas Stanley
Thomas Stanley 10 days ago
I like the Flag. The movies are excellent too. Made better by the Flag
Maryj 10 days ago
You missed the Bomber Glacier, Hatchers Pass in Wasilla, AK. And bears always play with their food just before they eat you.
Mechin Planas
Mechin Planas 11 days ago
This type of videos are just for fun or to kill time for me. I don't get why mix maybe an actual picture with other stuff that are clearly not even the same "whale". It must be to extent the video due to its lack of a lot to say about anything.
Gordon Sirek
Gordon Sirek 11 days ago
The fucking music is annoying.
Susan W Uehara
Susan W Uehara 16 days ago
You guys are so prissy over a mans voice. Just soak up info. Drilling on what you don’t like is a waste of time cause no one cares.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 16 days ago
Number One: A sober person.
Pegasus 17 days ago
Sooooo many inaccuracies in this. One example is from the report on #1. At 8:12 he refers to "fourteen hundred years ago" and then at 8:20 he asserts, "This is well before the presence of the Bering Strait Land Bridge." Even fourteen THOUSAND years ago would not be before the land bridge.
Pegasus 15 days ago
@Susan W Uehara The most recent. The statement I am criticizing would be even more epically wrong the further you go back.
Susan W Uehara
Susan W Uehara 16 days ago
Pegasus Land bridge has appeared many times in last billion years. So which time are you referring too?
Yeah ok
Yeah ok 18 days ago
Dude ur voice makes me block your channel i wish u well in the future
The legendary WAFFLE17
That plane is in Saint George and is a 5 mile walk from a road that u take near there
Billy Joe Wardlow
Billy Joe Wardlow 20 days ago
really?? eskimo? its indigenous people you fuck.
Ron H.
Ron H. 21 day ago
Couldn't stand the voice. Thumbed down.
HaloGaming2.0 22 days ago
I live in Alaska!
Ronald Keller
Ronald Keller 21 day ago
I live in Penna. Stop in
Mike Becket
Mike Becket 22 days ago
Its from the ice age dim nitwit
Mike Becket
Mike Becket 22 days ago
Its alge
Timothy Levit
Timothy Levit 23 days ago
I live in Alaska and can see Russia from the crib
Arctik Klutch
Arctik Klutch 23 days ago
The water melted? 🤔
Carllouise Orbon
Carllouise Orbon 27 days ago
I think the dolphin and whale do some stuff together
Bumblebee Tybs
Bumblebee Tybs Month ago
I'm from Juneau
Black Templar
Black Templar Month ago
Orange Goo? Why not Moose Stew?
drstevenrey Month ago
This voice drives me away. Bye.
Lisa Chiklak
Lisa Chiklak Month ago
I live in dillingham Alaska (Edit) I’m Eskimo(edit 2) or Native American
Derick Philemonof
My Island of St. George Island
ChefGiovanni Month ago
I been to Alaska many times, there are bears bigger than 12 feet tall. Even in the airport there are some bigger. The trick is to always run faster than the other people and go into the wilderness armed to avoid being part of the food chain.
Susan W Uehara
Susan W Uehara 16 days ago
ChefGiovanni Damn!!! Guess I’ll be the sacrificial human cause I can’t 🏃 much. Please send donations to family for sons college fund🐻🐻🐻
First one is dead plankton from very warm ocean and currents pushed the dead plankton further in land
Krystal Ayers
Krystal Ayers 2 months ago
Alaska is much bigger than Venezuela.
Kelli Gray
Kelli Gray 2 months ago
I love our Alaska home. Always an adventure to be had.
MK Biker
MK Biker 2 months ago
Mysterious my arse, dont waste your time! doesnt even know the difference between a B-24 and B-25!!
Nameless Entity
Nameless Entity 2 months ago
My older Cousin lives in the Upper Peninsula ( Michigan ) and Black Bear have made more then one visit to his house, usually at night. But when you live in a forest, you get used to all kinds of visitors. Not sure if I want to personally test this idea but, think Black Bear, smaller then the Brown, might be more timid as well. Seen a house Cat chase one off. Even though he is Senior to me in age, I had to P'shaw my Cousin for not telling that fat, hairy bitch to "get the Hell off my property, you Sum' bitch" Also, why he didn't tear off his tee shirt, march up to that Ursine MF'er and belly bump his ass, back into the forest. My older Cousin was a wild Man....back in the 70's-80's, and it is sad to know he is not that badass anymore. No more feathered hair and Joe Namath style mustache, like Samson losing his power when he lost his hair....no more rockin' for you, Cousin Joey!!
David M
David M 2 months ago
What a horrible speaker this presenter is! Sounds like he is reading everything off a gigantic cue card without even understanding what he is reading.
Patrick Gragg
Patrick Gragg 2 months ago
I hate to burst your bubble but at 4:04 you state that there's that so-called Bering Strait, people lived here ever since the beginning just like they lived in the old countries
David Sparks
David Sparks 2 months ago
B24 has 4 like the crashed one...the aircraft shown is 2 engines...confused...
Michael Dutton
Michael Dutton 2 months ago
Your voice is bad!
Kalinin Dippy
Kalinin Dippy 3 months ago
Information is all good and interesting but this voice is one of the most annoying I could imagine to narrate anything ever.
Relic Hunter
Relic Hunter 3 months ago
"The skull was much more longer" Seriously man, you're grammar is atrocious, and you are trying to be professional aren't you?
bellgab 3 months ago
Need a different narrator. Gives me a headache
Lance Surgeon
Lance Surgeon 3 months ago
You have such an incredibly irritating voice!
Steve  Davis
Steve Davis 3 months ago
In the first clip of the video, I ask , What the heck are S-kee-Moes ??
chrissmithy01 Saddington08
Mysterious Mysterys All this is old stuff borrowed from old posts, new stuff! Not recycled shit! Aussie chrisso 👽🤑
david white
david white 3 months ago
most annoying male voice ever
laid07 4 months ago
1) It's Octopi, not Octopuses. 2) Ice melts, not water. Water evaporates.
Jaden Burns
Jaden Burns 4 months ago
Musayum ?!🤮
Juan Gama
Juan Gama 4 months ago
Name a city that is an oxymoron: UnAlaska Alaska!
This Guy
This Guy 4 months ago
glennw56401 4 months ago
The unnamed village in #10 is Shishmaref.
glennw56401 4 months ago
A black bear playing with a toy is NOT friendly. Bears play just like we do, but a bear is still a bear and it WILL kill you. Don't be STUPID! Respect wildlife for the danger it is. ANY animal in the wild is potentially dangerous. Alaska can kill you even without the aid of a wild animal. Bush Alaska is a dangerous place. I lived there for six years and friends have died for no other reason than that their mechanized transport broke down and left them stranded in the wilderness and/or they were just inadequately prepared.
glennw56401 4 months ago
The Bering Strait freezes over EVERY winter. The early humans crossed over on the Bering Land Bridge. Due to the amount of water locked up in the ice age ice caps, sea level was lower and the land was exposed. BIG DIFFERENCE!
Lucas Lounsbury
Lucas Lounsbury 4 months ago
12. algae , 11 large bears are not a mystery they are well known from fossils. 10. hmm a large fish. well known large fish btw. 9. maybe a wierd whale. 8. volcano's arent mysterious lol, 7. im getting tired of playing captain obvious to this guys extremely boring video of regurgitated common knowledge
Quar ant
Quar ant 4 months ago
Inuit, NOT Eskimos.
microbusss 4 months ago
even tho there isn't any roads to Juneau, Alaska I would try to drive there in a 4WD modified vehicle
GotDramaAllergy 4 months ago
Liked this
not2tees 4 months ago
ThatsMrMoronToYou 4 months ago
Species rhymes with feces. Just sayin'...
Marc Duclos
Marc Duclos 5 months ago
RUvid allows fake news
Weird Trucking Fan
Weird Trucking Fan 5 months ago
Hopefully the B-24 libarator on 5 will be fixed. Well they're gonna need to get the blueprints for it so they can rebuild the back.
Francis Eyre
Francis Eyre 5 months ago
why use such a crap nasal voice (screech)
James Ho
James Ho 5 months ago
Alain Saaiman
Alain Saaiman 5 months ago
I have friendly bears in my back yard every summer. Good thing he didn't mention the yeti, they our best kept secret.
Moriah Thomas
Moriah Thomas 5 months ago
voice is annoying af
XXXTentacion Fan
XXXTentacion Fan 5 months ago
The only reason the two bears mated was because of global warming
cdirth 5 months ago
A friendly black bear? That is the dumbest thing I have heard all day. "go on and swing with the black bear kids, its friendly"
Kevin Glander
Kevin Glander 5 months ago
What is mysterious about a bear in Alaska
Walter Urban
Walter Urban 5 months ago
grolar bear or as some people call them, ____________?
Aki Ami Masen
Aki Ami Masen 5 months ago
A discovery? A truth discovery is about this *American Eye Idiot* who is just can't recognize a difference between USA World War 2 planes from a real Consolidated B-24 Liberator wreck on 05:44 from a North American B-25 Mitchell on that foto in 05:47.
richard defour
richard defour 5 months ago
No mysterious discoveries but real bullshit.
Da Qoraxxx
Da Qoraxxx 6 months ago
This voice is AMAZINGLY FUNNY! :D
Margaret Tarrant
Margaret Tarrant 6 months ago
I live in Alaska
OOF Gacha Kayce OOF
OOF Gacha Kayce OOF 6 months ago
I live in Alaska
375GTB 6 months ago
IDIOTS! IGNORAMUSES! A B-24 is not a B-25....
Adriaan Verburg
Adriaan Verburg 6 months ago
1:29 " It's much more longer." Did I hear that right?
SkydiverClassC 5 months ago
It's no worse than "Using airplanes is commonly used to deliver supplies..." at 5:30
Jay Cooper
Jay Cooper 6 months ago
You might want to do better research, the crashed plane is a b-24, the photo of a plane in flight is a b-25. These are 3 completely different planes.
SkydiverClassC 5 months ago
Bruno 6 months ago
"Besoffen" ?
Milton Todd
Milton Todd 6 months ago
Jer in Wis
Jer in Wis 6 months ago
No, America was populated from the south as islanders crossed the pacific and moved north.
Gunnar Armstrong
Gunnar Armstrong 7 months ago
Ragfish (singular) "were" captured? What a moron. Learn proper English.
Hans Hartfiel
Hans Hartfiel 7 months ago
What a load of crap
Alex Krasnow
Alex Krasnow 7 months ago
everyone is so judgmental.
NOTABOOS 7 months ago
Stupid photo of a B-25 immediately makes the video lose all its credibility.
Bishop Fox
Bishop Fox 7 months ago
Talking about the land bridge.... How does water melt?
#1 Nets fan
#1 Nets fan 7 months ago
I didn’t know Eskimo was a slur word for the natives
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy 7 months ago
This guy should be banished to the wilderness of Alaska so his voice and misinformed facts can never be heard again!
ROBO K 7 months ago
I need larger-than-life toilet rolls for this bull shit lol
Gary Portell
Gary Portell 7 months ago
This guy has a very annoying voice.
SlowRiotNewKanada 7 months ago
That's not the voice of a narrator. That's the voice of an insane drug addict who isn't allowed near elementary schools.
Fock Lung
Fock Lung 7 months ago
95% of that archaeological bullshit is a hoax! 🤯😩🤣🤣🤣
Trevor Newton
Trevor Newton 7 months ago
I live in Alaska and a moose came to our yard and played with a swing
Letsget stoned
Letsget stoned 7 months ago
That voice ain't human. ......
Brian Hill
Brian Hill 7 months ago
eskimos are now called inuit
Admiral Belzediel
Admiral Belzediel 7 months ago
Mystery 1 - Algae bloom. Certainly no mystery. Mysteries 2-12 can, therefore, go fuck a donkey.
Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness
Anyone else notice he said "the water melted" at 4:17?
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