12 Most Incredible And Mysterious Discoveries That Scientists Can't Explain

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Everybody loves a good mystery, but only when we get an answer to the mystery at the end of it all. When we as average civilians cannot explain something, we turn to an expert for assistance, but there are some things that even experts and scientists can't provide an adequate explanation for. From strange sculptures carved by our distant ancestors to possible crashed alien spaceships, we've got some genuinely baffling mysteries in this video, so watch it and see if you can provide answers to the riddles that the world's greatest minds haven't solved!

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Feb 7, 2020




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Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins 7 hours ago
There were 4 stone tablets. There were the original set of commandments that were written out, of which Moses smashed at the bottom of the mountain because his brother was worshipping a goat. Then there were the second pair of stone tablets on which God wrote a completely differerent set of commandments which were placed into the ark of the covenant.. If you believe that sort of nonsense
Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins 7 hours ago
A little research would have told you that many ancient civilizations had distinct ceremonial masks, some of which covered the entire head. Because if you notice, from the neck down, those statues look very Samoan. Don't you think?
Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins 7 hours ago
The helicopter hieroglyphs are a result of an older set of glyphs being plastered over then Re-carved to say something else and over time the plaster in certain areas deteriorated in a way that parts of both sets of glyphs together actually didn't resemble anything until about 40 years ago when that type of helicopter had been created
Joel Norman
Joel Norman 19 hours ago
Whoa Nelly scratch my belly holy MOSES SMELL the ROSES whoa Nelly scratch my belly I dig this type of info I'm a follower of JESUS thank you 4 this I will spread you through out the ethos GODS BLESSINGS TO YOUR MINISTRY OF TRUTH CHEERS
Jerry Martinez
Jerry Martinez 4 days ago
Humans had lot of time on their hands ,its nothinh more than creativity with idle hands.
wildfire160 19 days ago
OH for fcuk sake those damn helicopter carvings were debunked ages ago...
Araf Jan
Araf Jan 20 days ago
Indus Valley is in Pakistan
gaikarsudhir333 24 days ago
you are "BAKWAS"
Red Beard
Red Beard 29 days ago
Great Wall can’t be seen from space
Jarnail Sandhu
Jarnail Sandhu Month ago
great wall of china is not visible from "outer space"
robert shuman
robert shuman Month ago
We as human beings, are not that smart,it's not like we can't figure out the past,it's that we destroyed the information, and especially south America. Thinking a white guy will know,is dumb. Even the Ark,I guess,if,a white guy doesn't see it,it's not true? The Slavic ppl,kept the peace,by,ppl minding their own business.
Bart Van Leeuwen
"blah is a question scientists can't answer"... no, it is a question they have not answered yet.
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin Month ago
You can carve Jade with Jade.
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin Month ago
The so called wall in the dessert is an OLD road bed well worn..
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin Month ago
The one in China looks more like a blown tire and a hubcap with edges cut.
Jesse Dover
Jesse Dover Month ago
It's obvious that people had alot more to do with their time before TV & CELL PHONES.🙄
Betty Flipkowski
Betty Flipkowski 15 days ago
Jesse Dover 2
Rene Lima
Rene Lima Month ago
It can't be seen from space, Great Wall.
Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins 7 hours ago
That's correct. The wall at the widest point is only like 15 feet wide at the base. About the size of a one lane road, and we sure as hell can't see any of those from space.
George Allen
George Allen Month ago
the wall of china cannot be seen from space this is just a popular myth
holger jørgensen
There ain't no 'aliens', there is Only the Same Race of eternal living beings. There is two kinds of UFO's, if they is of physical materie, then they is made here, If the are of misty light materie, then they is materialized, (instantly) for some kind of purpose, by developed People, but not for travel. The universe is of organiq nature, developed people travel only by thought-power, according to their ability, they can go anywhere from moment to moment. At the 'Stuff-side', travel is a matter of 'speed and distance', at the Life-side, travel is a matter of ability/condition, and purpose. Science fiction won't bring You anywhere.
Mitchell Bast
Mitchell Bast 2 months ago
Spherical object, looks like an opium poppy.
Patti Simmons
Patti Simmons 2 months ago
This was a very entertaining video! Thank you!
FallokratisLight 2 months ago
My girlfriend has penis.. Who can expain that?????
Drew Miller
Drew Miller 2 months ago
The Great Wall of China is not visible from space. The video of chocked full of misinformation.
Steef Brink
Steef Brink 2 months ago
remember that the reason why they dont want you to know the truth is only when you find out ...you findout that they are useless powergreed humans with an effection for lust...you dont need money its created to keep you under there thumb....people swear of money.. start living as its was meant....if we all do the same..they only will be the 1 % ers that still means the thugs of mankind...politics will only cost your life.. trust on your commen sence... not your goverment ther are only there to gain more greed...
Stephen Pemberton
Stephen Pemberton 2 months ago
4:46 Looks like deadly sphere from movie Phantasm 2
DIY Bronwyn Smith
James Gruenfelder
James Gruenfelder 2 months ago
2:36 to the right, I always see a boat/ yacht not a flying machine like the helicopter to the left or plane/jet below. I've seem this a million times and no one ever sees it as a boat. I find that odd.
C.J Miller
C.J Miller 2 months ago
I see an old Cadillac lol
Philip Brodermann
Philip Brodermann 2 months ago
5:11 "We're still not satisfied that the spherical object looks like it was designed by any earth-bound space-program." Earth-bound space-program designs never incorporate steel or spheres. Everyone knows that.
Farrier 2 months ago
Moghul Emperors crown, or copy. The photos make it look a lot larger than it is.
Atifurgith 2 months ago
Why do you keep showing pictures and clips of everything BUT what you are talking about???
2012listo 2 months ago
The discs in China are called dropa, and are made using sound. They are in memory of one of the flying craft Wan Hu operated. It is the shem of the bible. Wan Hu is Allah, Oannes, Jah, and so many more. I have been in his audience. He walks among us yet.
Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas 2 months ago
That is a stare tha has fallen just my thoughts
Ian Yates
Ian Yates 2 months ago
So Hadrian‘s wall is where they built it did somebody expect you to move😂😂😂😂
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III
Just like the great wall of china CANT be seen from space neither can your fact checking ability be seen from any distance.
john pope
john pope 2 months ago
Fodder for idiots.
Douglas Morgan
Douglas Morgan 2 months ago
I got a great mystery, Why isn't Hillary Killary Clinton in jail yet ?
Johnny Green
Johnny Green 2 months ago
Same reason Epstein killed himself
bleaaarghh 2 months ago
Douglas Morgan y’all have Hillary derangement syndrome
Patrik Lindholm
Patrik Lindholm 2 months ago
'If I can't figure it out, no one can'. Fallacy. Go read a book.
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 2 months ago
what are the movie clips included in the video near the Indus valley info? can someone message me if they know, they look interesting.
Andy 2 months ago
Time traveler: Why does the face look like that? That's not a human face. What secrets do you know? Ancient human: Chill dude, carving is hard lol
Pluggit1953 2 months ago
The Great Wall of China can’t be seen from space - it’s an urban myth!
BongoTM Month ago
depends on your definition of space ;)
BettyGean Libby
BettyGean Libby 2 months ago
Many astronauts have said the China wall is Not visible from space
B G 2 months ago
When the experts don't know they turn to their colleagues, and they say oh now you want my help after you stole my theories and became an expert
Glenn Comber
Glenn Comber 2 months ago
Just to clarify . You cannot see the Great Wall lofts China from space.
Kids Klub Wednesday Klub
李思远 3 months ago
You lost all credibility when you said that the Great Wall of China could be seen from space.
rocco hooiveld
rocco hooiveld 3 months ago
the wall of china is notttt visable from space!!!!.FACT.
Forrest 3 months ago
Wrong you cannot see the great Wall from space
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 3 months ago
The stone sculptures could be of the anunnaki.
Atomic Frog
Atomic Frog 3 months ago
4.42 .. says 'youll have a had time finding a russian satellite design' and shows a russian satellite. 4.47... shows what is clearly the dome cap of the satellite shown in the previous picture, laying on the ground lol
MrZorg 3 months ago
4:52 , fuel tank from a rocket engine.
Larry Olszewski
Larry Olszewski 3 months ago
We haven't found out all of what lives in our oceans and sea's and seeing videos of UFO's coming up out of the ocean and flying off or the opposite of these craft diving into the oceans makes me wonder exactly what the hell are they doing under the waters, Growing some type of creatures or just hiding from the human race, These videos suggesting there are UFO base's under our waters, When will the governments come clean on what walks or swims and flies around on this planet earth? They Know!!!!
martine. mjt
martine. mjt 3 months ago
if there where giants then they would have had giant pot lids!
Ghengis Dhad
Ghengis Dhad 3 months ago
13:22 , anyone know what this Indian image is from? Movie?
Reaconsniper 3000
Reaconsniper 3000 3 months ago
What if the jade disks were just melted in to shape with all the patterns
Rob Vin
Rob Vin 3 months ago
Looks like the lost hat of Spanky MacFarlan from Our Gang.
Willie Beamish
Willie Beamish 3 months ago
So that's where that hat design came from. Ahhhh.
kevin clayton
kevin clayton 3 months ago
It's the name set 1 and ramesse 2.thats been eroded over each other..nothing to do with helicopters tanks ete
Heinrich Muller
Heinrich Muller 3 months ago
that first one would make for a great edition to the show _american gods_
El Pwahpo
El Pwahpo 3 months ago
Didn't know Mexico was part of South America. Super informative video.
Daniel DelPercio
Daniel DelPercio 2 months ago
It's actually North America.
william bruce
william bruce 3 months ago
The great wall of China can not be seen from space. It would be like viewing a strand of hair from a highrise... 😑😑😑
Jacque boyce
Jacque boyce 3 months ago
The modern mind may see modern aircraft or car but look again - they can be types of fish.
Greg Pettit
Greg Pettit 3 months ago
The moment you mentioned that the Great Wall of China can be seen from outer space, you lost me. Most national roads are very much wider and therefore far more easier to see.
52ponybike 3 months ago
Maharashtra India? I just sold an item on eBay that I'll be shipping there tomorrow. Talk about coincidence!
CeCe CC 3 months ago
Not the original 10 Commandments because Moses smashed those when the people were dancing with a golden calf statue. Therefore, they would be the second set.
Charlene Barnes
Charlene Barnes 3 months ago
Can't see the great Wall from space Joe:(
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott 3 months ago
What if the "theorized" Ancient Astronauts" used Stone as their medium, just like we use metal? Just because we cannot use it that way doesn't mean it can't be used in that way by other's, after all, the Moon is on record as being "Hollow", or at least, sounds like it.
Stephen Bartram
Stephen Bartram 2 months ago
God's holy words says that He God spoke it into existence and that it's just a light in the sky Genesis 1:16
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott 3 months ago
Maybe it's a wall that separated one ancient country from another?
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott 3 months ago
Can you imagine what one "Helicopter Gun Ship" could do to an army of 3,000+ year's ago? let alone a whole fleet.
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott 3 months ago
Hello, have you got "Reveal" mixed up with "Reveal"?
john taphouse
john taphouse 3 months ago
Yes the great wall of china can be seen from space, as can any object on the face of the planet, just use google earth or maps to know that. If you mean it can be seen with the unaided eye, then no it cant
Jonej 3 months ago
upvote just because of stargate
David Levesque
David Levesque 3 months ago
On the Egyptian Picts, what many aren't getting is, they were trying to put 3d images tightly squeezed into set areas. Like , you can draw a nice charcoal human face but you have to minimize it down. To where it basically ends up looking like a child's smiley face drawing, just to fit the space you have allowed. So one gets these oversimplified images, that only you, living in the time period understand.
Peter Zak
Peter Zak 3 months ago
It’s a myth that the Great Wall of China can be seen for space it can’t
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher 3 months ago
Weathering, what was I saying about MS being a crock...lying criminals still own the minds of Billions os bah bah black sheep...ewww sad...tragic..GNZ
-4* 3 months ago
Building 7 didn't kill himself ine.uaf.edu/wtc7
george jennings
george jennings 3 months ago
Or a wagon train
george jennings
george jennings 3 months ago
Ark is on oak island
Vera Maier
Vera Maier 3 months ago
Haha, so also Picasso must have seen many strange aliens in his life ... ;-)
Nutty Insomniac
Nutty Insomniac 3 months ago
Well they say he was mad but who's to say he didn't see spaceships & aliens? Maybe that's why he was mad!
Dillinger R.
Dillinger R. 3 months ago
There is no such thing as different races
Dillinger R.
Dillinger R. 3 months ago
@Shane Powers Genetically speaking, race doesn't exist in humans. But they sure do when it comes to racing
Shane Powers
Shane Powers 3 months ago
Horse races, Drag races, motocross races, foot races, greyhound races, even airplane races.
Jessa m
Jessa m 3 months ago
I really dislike the continual 3 second frame changes to non related images. Trust that people have a longer attention span.
Willie Beamish
Willie Beamish 3 months ago
Television has done wondrous things to simplify the human mind... 😄
CuttySobz 3 months ago
Sorry but whoever made this video barely did any research and lots of the info in this video is actually pretty off...
Deibama 3 months ago
What's going on in the picture @ 14:12 ?
PoRter 3 months ago
The narrator sounds like Rogan .like a joke is about to come .
Charlene Barnes
Charlene Barnes 3 months ago
Bro you have to experience DMT
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