12 Mistakes You Make When Charging Your Phone

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How to charge your phone fast? How many times have you been heading out the door only to notice that your phone battery is about to die? Then comes the mad dash to find your charger and plug it in ASAP. But you don’t have time to wait for it to charge all the way! So, what can you do to get a fast charge?
It turns out many phones start to charge faster and more effectively if you take off the case. When you keep certain types of cases on while charging your phone, this can cause your device to overheat. That's why if you feel that your smartphone tends to get too hot while it’s on the charger, try removing the case. If you wanna know what other mistakes you make when charging your smartphone, watch the video!
Not charging your smartphone from a wall socket 0:41
Not charging your portable charger 1:30
Using an improper USB adaptor 2:16
Constantly checking your battery charge level 3:04
Not switching off features you don't need at the moment 3:42
Not turning on Airplane Mode 4:12
Not using Battery-saving mode 5:00
Not removing the case 5:40
Letting your phone get hot 6:15
Using wireless charging 7:03
Not maintaining your battery 7:35
Believing popular hacks that promise to charge your phone in 10 seconds 8:12
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- Charging a smartphone from a laptop with the help of a USB cord is undoubtedly super convenient. But it’ll take as much as one hour longer than when you use a wall socket.
- If you don't have a portable power bank, consider getting one because it’s a great investment.
- You need to get an adaptor that puts out exactly as much power as your phone can handle. Some smartphones have their own wall adaptors but you can also use other models that have similar features.
- Lighting up your smartphone's screen kills the battery almost as fast as using the Internet does. So when you constantly check your battery level as your phone’s charging, you’re only slowing down the whole process.
- If you're in a hurry, it may slip your mind to check if you have some unnecessary apps open and running on your smartphone. Things like Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth just drain your phone's battery power and slow down the charging process.
- When your smartphone is switched on, it needs a lot of energy to function. If you think that turning the display off means your cell phone doesn't expend energy anymore, that's just not true.
- Battery-saving mode can really come in handy when you need to make your phone last for as long as possible. But few people know that switching this mode on can also make charging much faster.
- Remove the cover from your smartphone before you plug it in to charge.
- You shouldn't let your device become too hot when it’s charging. Try to charge it in a cool place.
- Wireless charging is certainly very convenient. At the same time, wireless chargers still can't fill your phone’s battery as fast as usual wired chargers can.
- If you do regular battery maintenance, you'll prolong the lifespan of your phone's battery. On top of that, you won't have any problems with the speed at which it charges.
- And this widely-advertised method of charging your phone in 10 seconds is nothing but a myth.
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Oct 29, 2018




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How long does your mobile phone battery last?
Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn 28 days ago
16 hour
XxGold king bossxX
XxGold king bossxX 29 days ago
0.1 Seconds
MrGrey DEDEDE - Legends
6 hours - 8 hours
Gruff Horizon
Gruff Horizon 2 months ago
2h 37 min
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 19 hours ago
I honestly think most wireless chargers are a gimmick right now I mean they sound cool and look neat but if you look at most wireless chargers they already have a USB port that fits your phone's charging port already so it's right there and you're not using anymore cables and you normally would anyway the only time I've seen wireless charging be a actual benefit in speed and organization with less cable is in my truck 2019 GMC I have a wireless charging area by the cup holders you just put the phone in the slide and it starts immediately wirelessly charging most smartphones but the other type of wireless charging because you already have to put a wire connected to it anyway that's the same size usually is most of the smartphones charging ports it really doesn't make any sense to me but with the truck it's a big convenience and a good and cool idea other than that not really
XxFlameWolfxX 23 hours ago
Yup, Turn on airplane mode, Its the best!
Jesika Islam
Jesika Islam Day ago
I am on a IPad :>
neko kitty
neko kitty 2 days ago
DONT LET IT GET HOT me: you could just get a app that cools it down like I have
Bharat Koyani
Bharat Koyani 4 days ago
Sans The Comic
Sans The Comic 4 days ago
My battery lasts like only 1 hour or 50 mins and sometimes just shutdown when the battery is 30%
Japheth PHYT
Japheth PHYT 6 days ago
The no.1 is not working
Michael Howard
Michael Howard 6 days ago
You need changed your phone to 100% it the best thing to do
Keith Cunningham
Keith Cunningham 8 days ago
Diff ccgcv
Christina Hoyt
Christina Hoyt 8 days ago
Fuc u
Glasses #1
Glasses #1 9 days ago
How to make the video faster: Put it on 2x speed.
Chinkhuslen 10 days ago
Энийг монгол хүмүүс орчуулаад түмэнд хүргэвэл ч лаана даа.
Peridot 7XD
Peridot 7XD 11 days ago
Watching this while charging XD
Birdi Queen
Birdi Queen 13 days ago
My phone is at 1% HURRY
21 Savage 69
21 Savage 69 13 days ago
Phones Could Explode
21 Savage 69
21 Savage 69 13 days ago
All I care is about phones XD
David TripleLazer
David TripleLazer 13 days ago
My phone was on 12%
Sushila Adhikari
Sushila Adhikari 13 days ago
My phone battery is 1%
robloxian193 Fowler
This is stuped it didn't even WORK HE A LIER 🤬🤬🤬
Ekerd Sunshine
Ekerd Sunshine 14 days ago
Curtistine Miller
Curtistine Miller 15 days ago
Smartphones are sooo complicated!
Twitch Elux YT
Twitch Elux YT 15 days ago
24 hours
Kevla Growtopia
Kevla Growtopia 16 days ago
Before 5 seconds he said Do not remove your case I was removing the case just to charge my device 😂
zAuklet UwU
zAuklet UwU 17 days ago
Does this work?
HyperGamerFL 18 days ago
Frank Awesome
Frank Awesome 18 days ago
My phone never heats up
Albinka Vain
Albinka Vain 20 days ago
2 times happend that Randomly come to 99% but Actually lts 0% so comment if this happend to you ever
Cheese Lover
Cheese Lover 21 day ago
mophie makes excellent battery banks
Meow Day
Meow Day 21 day ago
How about just charge it propperly xD
Content Deleted
Content Deleted 22 days ago
Mine is a wall socket except you put it on the floor.
Sinam Limbu
Sinam Limbu 23 days ago
Put the plug and take it out do that two more times then plug the smaller part to your 📱
Sinam Limbu
Sinam Limbu 23 days ago
I did a phone hack
Freya waterman
Freya waterman 23 days ago
Clic’ if u are watching well charging
Gifted Windy Bee
Gifted Windy Bee 23 days ago
*if your app in your phone has 100% battery usage that means the charger cannot charge it unless you playing a different app*
Funny Sis&Bro
Funny Sis&Bro 25 days ago
In my Samsung tablet 1 hours later only charge 20😭😭😭
Funny Sis&Bro
Funny Sis&Bro 25 days ago
My I phone 7 need only some minutes like 30/20 min if I charge when it is 34 then 5 min later it charge 70% and when I charge it in 5% 40 min later 100%
Kristina 26 days ago
I alwayd Make battery Saver It wont work when charging
Elena Chekerovska
Elena Chekerovska 26 days ago
Ok i am watching this cause I left my Phone to charge for 25min and it said that it is charging but it didn't charge 1% but now that I am on my Phone it is charging?!?!
Mantas K.
Mantas K. 26 days ago
i always have battery mode on my tablet
Thrashers 27 days ago
I’m watching this at 0.01% Oh sh-
ANIKETH GAMING 27 days ago
Who is watching this video while charging like the comment
diviinit_ y
diviinit_ y 28 days ago
Try to charge it in a cool place * places phone in the fridge * Me : ahem..
Teresa Kraaij
Teresa Kraaij 28 days ago
Tianna Reid
Tianna Reid 28 days ago
I’m watching this at 1%
Sam Ryan
Sam Ryan 28 days ago
It helped
Mic Viz
Mic Viz 28 days ago
one has to look at the AMP output of a charger or battery pack+ good cables... 3amp (or higher) is the best, while most charger are 1.1 or 1.2 amp...which feeds your phone a slow trickle of electricity, akin a garden hose. Getting a 3amp output charger, is akin using a firehose..feeds a lot more electricity (water) than the garden hose! So stop buying cheap 1.2amp chargers is you want a fast charge!
SShadowBLOX 28 days ago
6 hours
ray mcken
ray mcken 28 days ago
Download a suitable app which makes you device charge faster!
ArK Moha
ArK Moha 29 days ago
Yo my ipads 5%
Jovenh Gaming
Jovenh Gaming 29 days ago
0:05 2 Call Buttons
Sandra Ngongor
Sandra Ngongor 29 days ago
Oliwia Birecka
Oliwia Birecka 29 days ago
I’m so annoyed I can’t charge my phone and listen to music at the same time
BOOTUBE TV Month ago
Great video good advice thank you brightside
BOOTUBE TV Month ago
Turn off background apps
channel gak jelas
ur mom kars
Anchal Rathour
Anchal Rathour Month ago
And by seeing this video my battery is 19 percent LOL
Yasmin DJ
Yasmin DJ Month ago
Im watching this to see my mistakes because im watching this video when my phone is 4%
Siang Guan Teoh
Siang Guan Teoh Month ago
2 days+
DeathMane Month ago
i know a true 3 second charging hack... delete all of your apps! it truly works!
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